Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

building was constructed

The school building was constructed in two phases.

The original main building was constructed in 1934.

The building was constructed of pure white stone.

constructed between

The church was constructed between 1836 and 1840.

Twenty were constructed between 1892–1893.

It was constructed between 1932 and 1933.

newly constructed

The newly constructed bridge was opened in 2018.

The site was at the end of the newly constructed M275.

A newly constructed commuter station opened on June 30, 2017.

constructed during

He had this house constructed during the period 1860-62.

The airstrip was constructed during Operation Grasshopper.

It was constructed during 1958-1961.

originally constructed

Gairo was originally constructed on unstable ground.

It was originally constructed in gauge.

The depot was originally constructed in 1894 as two buildings.

constructed using

These are usually constructed using BJTs or FETs.

If constructed using puts, it is a bull put spread.

If constructed using puts, it is a bear put spread.

building constructed

It is a one-story building constructed of cut limestone.

It is a three-story frame building constructed about 1890.

A new building constructed in 1926 replaced the original school.

buildings were constructed

Many fine buildings were constructed at Stroud.

Some stone buildings were constructed in the 11th century.

During the 1980s, a total of 13 buildings were constructed.

constructed around   (construido alrededor)

The current Shaw facility was constructed around 2007.

The Smith Mound was constructed around 1000 years ago.

This temple is believed to be constructed around 700 years ago.

buildings constructed

None of the buildings constructed during the 1980s surpassed Silberturm.

It includes buildings constructed from the 1890s into the 1950s, including:

The entire industrial park was razed and high rise office buildings constructed.

designed and constructed

Both types were designed and constructed in Germany.

In 1951 he designed and constructed one of the first buses.

She was built at Brest Dockyard, designed and constructed by Laurent Hubac.

constructed along

A toll house was constructed along the pass.

New cities were constructed along the coast instead of the road.

As Aberdeen grew, many businesses and buildings were constructed along Aberdeen's Main Street.

bridge was constructed

The bridge was constructed above the original river.

The original bridge was constructed in 1929–31.

The -long and -wide bridge was constructed in ashlar.

constructed a new

Using a core from the original, the Lemba priests constructed a new one.

The government constructed a new brick tower in 1857 with a fog bell added in 1878.

The Fire Department constructed a new fire hall, west of town on Cave Hill Road in 1993.

first constructed

He first constructed a log cabin on his property.

Was first constructed to act as city hall.

The bastide hall and the church were often first constructed of wood.

church was constructed

The church was constructed between 1836 and 1840.

The first priory church was constructed out of limestone.

The church was constructed using sandstone.

house was constructed

The house was constructed sometime during the 1840s.

A one-room school house was constructed in 1893.

This house was constructed for Peter Van Dyke in 1873.

constructed across   (construido a través de)

More than of logging roads were constructed across the drainage.

In total, four bridges have been constructed across the Dawson River.

In 1891 an experimental bridge was constructed across the canal at Weed Street.

station was constructed   (la estación fue construida)

The combined cycle station was constructed in the 1990s.

Additionally, a new train station was constructed, called Tanger-Ville.

The research station was constructed during three summer months in 1957.

constructed as part

The night market was constructed as part of the 6th rezoning area.

The station will be constructed as part of Phase 3, consisting of a total of 7 stations.

constructed through

The Line 1 was constructed through a loan given by the Belgian Government.

Recently a new National Highway Link NH-65A is constructed through this town.

A tavern was built in 1735 and King's Highway was constructed through the settlement in 1762.

line was constructed

The line was constructed to a gauge of , and was operated with steam locomotives.

In the time of the First Czechoslovak Republic, a railway line was constructed in Brumov.

The short line was constructed quickly, and an inaugural passenger train ran on 8 May 1858.

constructed near   (construido cerca)

A second campus was constructed near the first one in 1989.

A replica of the fort has been constructed near the original site.

The Afghan Defense University was constructed near Qargha in Kabul.

building is constructed

The roof of the building is constructed of copper.

The building is constructed out of local limestone.

The building is constructed of concrete and timber.

specially constructed   (especialmente construido)

Other trikes include ATVs that are specially constructed for off-road use.

The tester strains are specially constructed to detect either frameshift (e.g.

Most of the circuits currently in use are specially constructed for competition.

recently constructed

Several shrines were recently constructed and several are underway.

A recently constructed or reconstructed Chinese gateway atop mountain.

The stone bridge is part of the new trail that has been recently constructed in the park.

dam was constructed   (la presa fue construida)

Records show the dam was constructed prior to 1868.

Records show the dam was constructed before 1860.

The dam was constructed by Kalingarayan king.

constructed of brick

All buildings were constructed of brick.

It is constructed of brick and sits on a concrete foundation.

The building is constructed of brick and features a crenelated parapet.

constructed within

Over 100 of such mounds can be constructed within one territory.

In 2010 All Saints' Chapel was constructed within the College grounds.

Besides, a children playground will be constructed within the terminal building.

not constructed

A new building was not constructed until 1968.

New school buildings were not constructed.

The pool into which Meneely dived was not constructed to the published standards.

constructed the first

He also constructed the first iron boat.

They constructed the first brewery in the county on this property.

The railroad constructed the first depot in Charlotte that same year.

ever constructed

It was by far the longest railway ever constructed at the time.

In Glen Helen, Red Bull created the biggest course ever constructed.

There is no indication, however, Phillips' suit was ever constructed.

road was constructed   (el camino fue construido)

But in late 1980, this east-west road was constructed.

This road was constructed as a section of a highway connecting Georgetown with Lethem.

The first German limited-access road was constructed after 1929 between Cologne and Bonn.

church is constructed

The church is constructed in stone rubble.

The church is constructed in rubble stone with a slate roof.

The church is constructed in stone with a concrete tile roof.

school was constructed   (la escuela fue construida)

The school was constructed in 1962 and opened in 1963.

The middle school was constructed in 2013 and cost ($).

The current school was constructed in 1971 on N. 18th Street.

constructed of wood

It was a short, square tower constructed of wood.

The bastide hall and the church were often first constructed of wood.

The building was constructed of wood, which is not typical for the steppe Southern Russia.

tower was constructed

The tower was constructed shortly after 1532.

A photo finish tower was constructed in 1952.

The tower was constructed in limestone.

socially constructed

They view them as socially constructed illnesses and psychotic disorders.

The actual determination of cross-dressing is largely socially constructed.

Each highlights what the authors believe to be the socially constructed aspects of gender roles by creating worlds with genderless societies.

temple was constructed

Lord Rama temple was constructed by the Kakatiya Emperors.

The temple was constructed by the Early Chola king Killivalavan.

The temple was constructed by the Medieval Cholas in accordance with contemporary Chola designs.

constructed to house

A building was constructed to house the college in the new campus by January 1953.

In response, in 1881 a Fireman's Hall was constructed to house the village's fire station.

In 2006, a new Fine Arts building was constructed to house the Big Blue Band and Choral programs.

never constructed

The extension of the line to the park was never constructed.

Such facilities were never constructed.

This turnpike was never constructed.

constructed before

Records show the dam was constructed before 1860.

Only the Hurst reservoir was constructed before the money ran out.

Only the Hurst Reservoir was constructed before the money ran out.

then constructed

The bank then constructed four smaller buildings on the current site.

With the building it then constructed at Brush Run, it became known as Brush Run Church.

A third cathedral was then constructed under bishop Grimoard, abbot of Saint-Pierre de Brantôme.

later constructed

A private house was later constructed on the site.

It was later constructed into a palace and named Ahsan Manzil.

Mossy Lea Reservoir was later constructed privately by the Duke of Norfolk.

constructed entirely

The hull and wheelhouse were constructed entirely of aluminium to save weight.

Félicien de Saulcy suggested the temple was originally constructed entirely of white marble.

Unlike the Cornershot which is chiefly made of plastic, the POF Eye is constructed entirely of metal.

constructed several

He designed and constructed several instruments used in astronomy, meteorology, and physics.

Kakatiyas ruled Andhra Pradesh state for nearly two hundred years and constructed several forts.

Upon taking over the enterprise, McKenzie constructed several new buildings which were burnt down soon afterwards.

constructed language

Esperanto grammar Esperanto is a constructed language.

Esperanto is by far the most widely spoken constructed language in the world.

A constructed language could easily fall into more than one of the above categories.

highway was constructed

The highway was constructed and marked as K-238 in 1962.

The highway was constructed from Davidsonville to what is now MD 450 in the late 1920s.

A highway was constructed from MD 2 east to the new terminal along the alignment of the modern US 50 freeway.

houses were constructed

Housing estates and new family houses were constructed.

The first houses were constructed in 1763.

Newer houses were constructed to meet the needs of the influx of workers.

facility was constructed   (la instalación fue construida)

The current Shaw facility was constructed around 2007.

The facility was constructed for the Commonwealth Games in 2014.

A park-and-ride facility was constructed at the Cheeverstown stop.

initially constructed

It was initially constructed at its site on Chapel Row in 1811.

"Ravager" was initially constructed in the U.S. by Seattle-Tacoma Shipbuilding in Tacoma in 1942.

The plant was initially constructed by Northern States Power Company (NSP), now a subsidiary of Xcel Energy.

constructed adjacent

A 25-bed hospital was constructed adjacent to the education block.

The church was constructed adjacent the Hospital of "Santissima Trinità dei Pellegrini".

Memphis Memorial Stadium, now Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium, was constructed adjacent to it two years later.

constructed so

The only such cube constructed so far is order 8.

The trees are constructed so that the interior nodes of one tree correspond to leaf nodes of the other tree.

It is also constructed so that the farthest seat is 35 feet away from the stage, and the closest is two meters.

constructed of red

The cathedral is constructed of red sandstone.

The house was constructed of red brick sitting on a raised basement.

The body of the building is constructed of red brick, laid up in common bond.

often constructed   (a menudo construido)

They are most often constructed of stone.

They are often constructed out of lightweight molded plastic.

Meteorological expressions are often constructed with impersonal verbs in English.

usually constructed

These are usually constructed using BJTs or FETs.

The base is usually constructed of cast metal.

A counter circuit is usually constructed of a number of flip-flops connected in cascade.

constructed and opened

A new wing has been constructed and opened in December 2017.

The centre was constructed and opened in 1970 by The Westfield Group.

Tibetan refugees have constructed and opened many schools and Buddhist temples in Dharamshala.