Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

construction began   (comenzó la construcción)

By 1914 construction began on a local train depot.

Its construction began in 1632 and ended in 1672.

In 1937, construction began on a domed observatory.

began construction   (comenzó la construcción)

The French then began construction of Fort Duquesne.

GGP began construction on the mall in late 2017.

It began construction in 2000 and was finished in 2003.

construction work   (trabajo de construcción)

The construction work was completed in around 1931.

Actual construction work began on March 15, 2018.

A. Jones started construction work the following day.

design and construction   (Diseño y construcción)

Thomas Drew consulted on the design and construction.

Leavitt's suit was of his own design and construction.

It won the combined design and construction Saltire Award.

construction projects   (proyectos de construcción)

Not all public construction projects are functional.

Xu Zhigao thus began palace construction projects at Jinling.

During 2005, a number of major construction projects started in Darwin.

construction permit   (permiso de construcción)

The unbuilt construction permit was sold to W.R.A.

The construction permit was granted in February 1991.

In 1992 the station had a construction permit for 2.5 kW.

during construction

In 1998, this treasure was found during construction works.

This structure supported the stone arch during construction.

The project employed about 6,000 people during construction.

during the construction

It was razed in 1966 during the construction of Milford Lake.

The Bay was created during the construction of the Rideau Canal.

It was razed in 1966-1967 during the construction of Milford Lake.

new construction

In 1881, Carl Röchling began new construction.

Afterwards, most new construction used bricks.

The new construction was in the Gothic style.

construction company   (compañía de construcción)

Lok Fai (Bak Man-biu) is one of these construction company owners.

Gaffney was a Tammany Hall alderman and construction company owner.

By 1970 a Korean construction company was building three buildings.

construction site   (sitio de construcción)

They then kill the boss of the dam construction site.

Test boring at the construction site commenced in July 1978.

Ravi finds his father as a worker on a dam construction site.

construction of new

These floods led to the construction of new flood defences for Exeter.

These needs were met after the construction of new academic buildings in 1955.

Viollet-le-Duc supervised the construction of new defensive works outside Paris.

construction project

The initial construction project had been rushed.

Estimated RM7,000,000 is needed for the construction project

Estimated RM7,000,000 is needed for the construction project.

construction industry

Most laser levels are used in the construction industry.

All parties wanted to stimulate the construction industry.

At the age of 22, he moved on to the construction industry.

road construction   (Construcción vial)

The state has been a pioneer in road construction.

Thus, the MCC would not complete road construction.

The earthwork was destroyed in the 1880s by road construction.

construction materials

Cacti are used as construction materials.

He was involved in the production of construction materials.

Horses and donkeys pull carts, primarily to transport construction materials.

construction workers

General contractors often start out as construction workers.

This is where the first construction workers of Brasília used to live.

It soon became a recreation center for 1200 railroad construction workers.

construction costs

Total construction costs for MOCC were $61.8 million.

The construction costs ultimately totaled $1.5 million.

Bishop Medley himself paid most of the construction costs.

construction was completed

It was only in 1947 that its construction was completed.

Building construction was completed by P.W.

The construction was completed in 1334.

original construction

It was added to several times since its original construction.

The porch and vestry have been added since the original construction.

The same stones from the original construction are still in place today.

construction started

The mosque's construction started on 30 August 2008.

The construction started after the war in 1949.

The Grönskär lighthouse construction started in 1769.

currently under construction   (actualmente en construcción)

There are no extensions currently under construction.

The area for Line 3 are currently under construction.

A resort hotel is currently under construction.

ordered the construction

He ordered the construction of the Badshahi Mosque in Lahore.

Berwick first ordered the construction of a line of circumvallation.

He ordered the construction of the large Taynal Mosque in Tripoli in 1336.

construction cost   (costo de construcción)

The total construction cost was 35,180,000 Yuan RMB.

The construction cost is budgeted at US$300 million.

The total construction cost was $28.2 million.

construction works

The construction works were completed in April 2003.

The construction works are planned to begin in 2019.

The construction works are estimated to cost up to €307m.

still under construction   (todavía en construcción)

The school was still under construction.

Many were still under construction when the war ended in 1945.

Some provincial expressway routes are still under construction.

started construction

The JMSDF started construction of a since FY1977.

The EMG-5 started construction before March 2012.

It started construction in 2005 and opened in 2009.

begin construction   (comenzar la construcción)

Phase 2 did not begin construction.

Authorization to begin construction was given by public law on 9 June 1960.

They hope to begin construction in 2019 with a completion date of fall 2020.

construction worker   (Obrero)

He was a construction worker by profession.

He was the son of construction worker Ole Andersen and Josefine Hansen.

He became a construction worker, bush worker and miner, and served in the military in 1918.

construction rate   (tasa de construcción)

, the construction rate of new housing units was 5 new units per 1000 residents.

, the construction rate of new housing units was 6.5 new units per 1000 residents.

, the construction rate of new housing units was 6.2 new units per 1000 residents.

construction techniques

Improved construction techniques were also requested.

Yet in other countries canals grew in size as construction techniques improved.

Earth is the most typical fill material used in bag-wall construction techniques.

building construction

Contracts were let for building construction in September 1931.

It introduced powerful parametric tools for plant modeling and building construction.

The building construction work started with the funds from Sri Subash Nayak, the then-M.P.

included the construction

This included the construction of major portions of Manhattan's East River Drive.

The original development of Crane Island included the construction of an airstrip.

This included the construction of an extra incineration line at the Teesside plant.

railway construction

This was later relocated due to railway construction.

The railway construction is being undertaken as 13 individual projects.

Gigot came to Canada in 1864 and was employed in railway construction until 1873.

cost of construction   (costo de construcción)

The estimated cost of construction was £3 million.

The total cost of construction was $17.2 million.

The cost of construction was estimated at £240,000.

oversaw the construction

He oversaw the construction of a church in Turin, .

Beightler oversaw the construction and completion of the Ohio Turnpike.

He oversaw the construction of telephone cables from Brest, France to Dakar, Senegal.

including the construction

In October 2001 a £7.5 million redevelopment of The Place, including the construction of six new dance studios, was completed.

In 1993, architect Hans Kollhoff's master plan for a major redevelopment including the construction of several skyscrapers was published.

Since this move, the campus has expanded several times, including the construction of a new upper school building in 2000 and a theatre in 2010.

construction sites

who worked at construction sites at Ukrainian territory.

", cycling, construction sites, etc.).

These trailers are often seen on agricultural fields or at road construction sites.

construction and maintenance   (construcción y mantenimiento)

IGSU is accountable for the construction and maintenance of public ABC shelters.

Privatization may also extend to all levels of infrastructure construction and maintenance.

In recent years, Greece has become a leader in the construction and maintenance of luxury yachts.

amateur construction

The aircraft is supplied as plans for amateur construction.

time of construction

she has a beam of and a draft of at the time of construction.

There is no estimated time of construction for any of these churches.

At the time of construction, Indiana Avenue was called Mechanics Street.

construction and operation   (construcción y operación)

Nevertheless, the casino was approved for construction and operation.

Building construction and operation (electricity usage, heating, etc.)

Despite the cost of its construction and operation the tunnel is not tolled.

construction material

Clay is an ideal construction material for combinations with heating and cooling.

By the mid-1870s steel was used as a construction material alongside iron and wood.

Beavers do not necessarily use the same trees as construction material and as food.

construction companies

Many large construction companies operate in the town as well.

Kazic has since worked with several construction companies in Germany.

Ivone Grassetto, owner of one of the biggest Italian construction companies.

construction phase   (fase de construcción)

Now the toll has entered the construction phase.

to enable the Stanhope Scheme to commence its construction phase.

The project is now in the construction phase and due to open mid 2018.

before construction

The seventh, TK-210, was scrapped before construction was finished).

Even before construction, property values began to rise on the west side.

The site, which was marshy and uneven, was drained and filled in before construction began.

major construction   (construcción mayor)

Dar es Salaam has had a major construction boom.

During 2005, a number of major construction projects started in Darwin.

In the early 21st century, the city has had more major construction in the downtown area.

completed construction

Local contractors completed construction two years later.

The railroad had only just completed construction of its docks at Aspinwall.

In 2006, the company Bouygues completed construction of the first Ice Palace.

construction equipment

Volunteers started to acquire additional railroad and construction equipment.

There was a variety of construction equipment, mobile bridging, trucks, and prime movers.

All the construction equipment required, along with trained operators, had to be brought in.

years of construction

The cathedral was finished in 1888 after 25 years of construction.

It was opened in June 1999, after 2 years of construction, and covered .

The 600 MW plant began power generation in July 2012 after four years of construction.

initial construction   (construcción inicial)

The initial construction project had been rushed.

The reason for the initial construction of the logo is contested.

A number of alterations have taken place since the initial construction.

began the construction

In 1645, the Great Fifth began the construction of the Potala Palace in Lhasa.

For this insult, Dakodonu killed Dan and began the construction of his palace on the spot.

Württemberg began the construction from Ulm to Mengen, while Baden delayed its part of the project.

construction methods

The construction methods created suspicion to state examiners.

Walls were erected by one of the following three construction methods.

Some of the outbuildings stand on older foundations than what their construction methods suggest.

construction firm   (empresa constructora)

George Wimpey George Wimpey was a British construction firm.

The facility was built by Kozuva, a private Turkish construction firm.

Local construction firm Hall & Boyce received $5,377 to complete the church.

construction process

The builder commissioned a time study of the construction process.

Taiko are categorized into three types based on construction process.

There were several other controversies related to the construction process.

phase of construction   (fase de construccion)

UJA continues to fundraise to begin the second phase of construction.

The smaller northern prayer hall dates to the first phase of construction.

The first phase of construction is budgeted to cost US$1.6 million (approx.

construction date

An earlier construction date in the 2nd or cannot therefore be excluded.

The construction date of "1741" is scratched in a brick above the side door.

The actual construction date is unknown, but believed to be around 1880-1900.

frame construction

It was a wooden frame construction at a cost of $1,250.

From then on, New York thoroughly embraced skeleton frame construction.

It is of heavy timber frame construction, and features large arched double hung windows.

construction of several

The 14th and 15th centuries mark the construction of several chapels.

In former times, this promoted the construction of several water mills along its course.

In 2015, the school completed the construction of several new classrooms and an additional storey.

construction contract   (contrato de construcción)

The construction contract was won by S. R. Haworth for $31,300.

The MBTA awarded a $22.5 million construction contract in August 2019.

In that case, it was noted that the firm ceased construction contract work in 1966.

supervised the construction

He had personally supervised the construction of Smt.

He supervised the construction of the temple.

In 1322, master Fashi () supervised the construction of the temple.

when construction   (cuando la construcción)

The plant was renamed from Twin Oak to Oak Grove when construction restarted in 2007 by Luminant.

The building was moved 30 meters to the southeast, and was moved back when construction was completed.

Municipal by-laws restricted new housing to existing residents until 1989, when construction was again permitted.

construction business   (negocio de la construcción)

In 2007 he admitted being in construction business.

He now runs a construction business in London.

He owns oil and construction business inside the KSA and in several other countries.

before the construction

Trial pits are dug before the construction.

It was called "Diepensee" before the construction of the line from Grünau.

The Straßenmühle was built in 1714, two years before the construction of the present Protestant church.

until the construction

It was the longest tunnel in the world until the construction of Biassa II tunnel, La Spezia, Italy.

It was the tallest together with the UOB Plaza and Republic Plaza until the construction of Guoco Tower in 2016.

It was the home of Beitar Jerusalem Football Club until the construction of Teddy Stadium in Malha in the 1990s.

bridge construction

The rapid pace of bridge construction has continued.

The shallow river banks meant difficulties in any bridge construction.

In recent years, integral bridge construction has also become popular.

construction period   (Período de construcción)

The construction period is 21 months.

During the construction period, about 750 new jobs are expected to be created.

Construction began in 1997 and planned a construction period of about three years.

saw the construction

1874 saw the construction of the first breakwater.

1335 saw the construction of the south aisle of the chapel.

1475 saw the construction of the north crossing of the transept.

wooden construction

Its simple wooden construction demands less care and maintenance than a katana.

Two-spar rectangular wing of wooden construction, canvas and plywood covered, were fitted.

Two-spar rectangular wing of wooden construction, covered with canvas and plywood in front.

planning and construction

Archibald Robertson supervised the planning and construction of Fort Bute.

These disciplines allowed for the planning and construction of power plants.

The planning and construction supervision was Schlaich, Berger and Partner, Stuttgart.

construction took

The construction took little more than a year.

This construction took the form of the Davis Diamond complex.

The construction took four years and lasted from 1981 to 1984.

date of construction

Historians cannot agree on its date of construction.

Opinion differs as to its date of construction.

The estimated date of construction is around the 5th century AD.

start of construction

This process anticipates a start of construction in 2017.

This protest may have delayed the start of construction on Contract B.

The following year saw the groundbreaking and start of construction for Tower Hall.

construction program

A 936 km railroad construction program, the Trans-Gabon Railway, began in October 1974.

That year, Stosch's naval construction program called for a tender for the new torpedo boats.

Trujillo also carried out an important housing construction program and instituted a pension plan.

highway construction

After the highway construction, developments and infrastructures followed around the VDC areas.

CLSM as a highway construction material is becoming more widespread throughout the United States.

Brazil's railway system has been declining since 1945, when emphasis shifted to highway construction.

school construction   (construcción escolar)

They also assist in school construction.

The school construction was started in 1989 and the first block was completed in 1991, hence opening on 1 December 1990.

The number of district employees has been rising in recent years due to new school construction, and the expansion of existing schools.

railroad construction

It soon became a recreation center for 1200 railroad construction workers.

He had previously gained experience in railroad construction in the American Midwest.

A 936 km railroad construction program, the Trans-Gabon Railway, began in October 1974.

construction boom   (auge de la construcción)

Dar es Salaam has had a major construction boom.

In the following years, Erfurt saw a construction boom.

As a result, South Brisbane experienced a construction boom.

used in construction

Forest products are mainly logs used in construction.

The timber is locally used in construction.

construction time

The construction time was a record breaking 14 months.

Initial factory estimated construction time was 1200 hours.

This meant there was a significant decrease in the construction time.

construction of many

He participated in the construction of many churches in Naples.

In recent years the village has rapidly increased in size with the construction of many new homes.

Nevertheless, they supported Hugh before he left Ireland in the construction of many castles in Leinster.

following the construction

So, although the first batch of twenty were allocated Earl names, following the construction and naming of no.

Its former rural community partly remains following the construction of nearby motorways and gravel pit extraction.

The last traces of the perimeter of the structure were destroyed in 2000 following the construction of new industrial buildings.

brick construction

The original brick construction is in poor repair.

The station's two chimneys were each high and of brick construction.

After this time the settlement was very poor and used dried brick construction.

whose construction

Al-Mansur left Baghdad, whose construction he was supervising, for Kufa.

The version at Disneyland is the only Disney castle whose construction was overseen by Walt Disney.

For the Basilica della Ghiara (whose construction only started 1597), he painted a facade ("dell Occa").

dam construction

They then kill the boss of the dam construction site.

Ravi finds his father as a worker on a dam construction site.

They telephone a dam construction site and offer themselves as prostitutes.

approved the construction

In november 2016, Tampere city council approved the construction of a new light rail system.

In 2012, the Aquino government approved the construction of the second phase of the Casecnan project.

Which is named after the previous principal Ian MacDonald who approved the construction of the building.

residential construction

It is on the outskirts of the town of Copperopolis, and it is in a zone slated for residential construction.

Some newer residential construction may also be found along the Woodward corridor, and in the far west and northeast.

In this example, the progress of three residential construction projects are compared by aligning the starting dates.

steel construction

Two bridges were built in tubular steel construction.

Stainless steel construction is used for some sub-variants.

They were of steel construction.

construction management

Menshikov assigned overall construction management to Ivan Zarudny.

Project and construction management was handled by Constech Management Group.

The contract includes the design, construction management and project management of the facilities.

engineering and construction

is a firm that provides architecture, engineering and construction services.

Its founders included engineering and construction companies, intending to promote the Severn Barrage.

U.S. engineering and construction firm Fluor Corporation was awarded the offsites and utilities contract.

construction method

The construction method gave way to bending rather than cutting the radius.

Cold moulding is a modern construction method, using wood as the structural component.

While at Renkus Heinz, Jonas Renkus patented a new triple lamination construction method in 1980.

construction commenced

Soon the land was purchased and construction commenced.

The construction commenced at the new locale during March 1922.

The construction commenced in 1596.

due to construction

The route's JFK Terminus was moved to Terminal 5 on May 30, 2012, due to construction at Terminal 4.

Hereke station was closed down on 1 February 2012 due to construction of the Ankara-Istanbul high-speed railway.

Köseköy station was closed down on 1 February 2012 due to construction of the Ankara-Istanbul high-speed railway.

actual construction

The actual construction date is unknown, but believed to be around 1880-1900.

Duluth's bridge was inspired by the one in France, though the actual construction is quite different.

The actual construction was done by two Dutch (joint venture) specialist companies, Van Oord and Boskalis.

through the construction

The Brazeau Reservoir was created on the lower course through the construction of the Brazeau Dam.

King Lothar secured the south of the archbishopric through the construction of a series of castles.

The project will create a new lane of traffic along the Canal through the construction of a new set of locks.

concrete construction

The abutments, wing walls, and piers are all of concrete construction.

The main shed was now of concrete construction long and wide across 13 tracks.

This one was a concrete construction on an embankment to serve the village of Ilton.

fund the construction   (financiar la construcción)

The orphan tax was used to fund the construction of the Exeter canal.

Croatian singer Marko Perković, who was born in Čavoglave, helped fund the construction of this church.

They donated €7,000 to the local community to thank them for the hospitality, and to fund the construction of a pedestrian plaza.

then under construction

Ms. "Haai", which was then under construction.

The issue of what was tallest became moot when Burj Khalifa, then under construction, exceeded the height of the CN Tower in 2007 (see below).

Fourteen further examples were then under construction and appeared under Thompson's successor Arthur Peppercorn, between July 1946 and September 1947.

start construction

The club plan to move to a new stadium, though this is yet to start construction.

Four other routes were planned to start construction in 2011 and to be finished by around 2020.

Meanwhile, the government of Malawi was negotiating for international funding to start construction.

funded the construction

Tsar Nicholas II funded the construction work.

The Romana family funded the construction of a couple of Protestant churches.

The same bond funded the construction of a fourth station at 3251 N. Harbor Blvd.