contained within   (内に含まれる)

Pressure is contained within the hot tapping machine.

It overlooks the Brouton Bay which is contained within the crater.

It overlaps with and is largely contained within Euregio Egrensis.

album contained   (含まれているアルバム)

The album contained songs for an anime : "Guin Saga"

The album contained seven top 100 hits.

The album contained all fifteen songs plus a hidden bonus track.

contained many   (多くを含んでいた)

The book also contained many allegations against Bonds.

The book contained many revelations.

The album contained many cover versions of songs by other artists.

contained only   (含まれているだけ)

Households which contained only one person was at just 9%.

When it launched in May 2003, it contained only five designs.

The film contained only one song.

contained no

However, the book contained no major scoops.

The release contained no special features except for trailers.

In the 1970s the Ballarat urban area contained no less than 60 hotels.

contained several

The temple contained several precious gems and metals.

It contained several falsified German stamps.

It contained several long poems, some which were written in the late 1980s.

contained more

The game contained more gore than the film, however.

The 608 contained more than 3,000 germanium transistors.

Experts' chunks contained more individual pieces than those of novices.

originally contained

The town originally contained three small settlements.

Some sections originally contained factories and industry.

It was created in year 405 A.D. originally contained 36 letters.

contained all

The album was funded by Colleen and contained all new music.

The album contained all fifteen songs plus a hidden bonus track.

The soundtrack's music contained all original songs by Patsy Cline.

information contained   (含まれる情報)

The biological information contained in an organism is encoded in its DNA sequence.

The information contained in the register is publicly available, except if classified.

The Register is open and the information contained therein will be verified and supplemented.

book contained

However, the book contained no major scoops.

The last book contained La Pothouin.

The book contained many revelations.

contained the following

The canton contained the following communes:

contained a number   (数字が含まれていた)

DeMille's film contained a number of similar themes throughout his career.

The specimen contained a number of crystals associated with carbonaceous material.

Besides the smash "Do Wah Diddy Diddy," it contained a number of fine soul and R&B covers.

contained a large

Instead, the basement contained a large private dining room.

"Alte Silberkaute") contained a large cache of art and artifacts.

Bull's Head housed prostitutes and contained a large, lower-class gambling den.

not contained

It was not contained or prevented from spreading.

Air pollution is not contained and is carried by the wind all over the world.

Equivalently, an edge is a bridge if and only if it is not contained in any cycle.

population contained

The table below lists the largest cities in Greece, by population contained in their respective contiguous built up urban areas, which are either made up of many municipalities, evident in the cases of Athens and Thessaloniki, or are contained within a larger single municipality, case evident in most of the smaller cities of the country.

contained both

This work contained both Milton's English poetry and his Latin poetry.

Promotional singles distributed to radio stations contained both the album version and a radio edit.

It contained both high-level and low-level platforms, until electrification was expanded north of the station.

once contained

The Statehouse sits on land once contained in the Refugee Tract.

The tower once contained the library of the writer Costache Conachi.

Coca-Cola once contained an estimated nine milligrams of cocaine per glass.

building contained

Initially, the building contained one studio.

The new building contained the Trumbull dining hall, common room, and library.

The building contained an apartment on the second floor for the carriage drivers and stable help.

only contained   (含まれているだけ)

Originally the cemetery only contained two major sections.

In 2011 the shortlist produced only contained male competitors, which caused media uproar.

At that time, the field only contained a small hillock and a few isolated elm and oak trees.

still contained   (まだ含まれています)

After a piece of cloth was woven, it still contained oil and dirt from the fleece.

The near-fatal knife was bought at a local store and reportedly still contained a price tag.

The boat still contained fuel in the engine fuel lines, discounting the fuel-starvation theory.

often contained   (しばしば含まれています)

Dry Lake was named for the fact it often contained little water.

The magazine often contained a long novel as the lead attraction.

For example, drinking water in the Middle Ages was dangerous because it often contained pathogens that could spread disease.

floor contained

The second floor contained guardrooms.

The ground floor contained the cells.

Each floor contained a wide balcony that could be used to block the sunlight and the rain.

contained the first

A DVD released on January 3, 2012, contained the first 10 episodes of the third season.

Volume I contained the first 500 episodes, two CD exclusive cartoons, an exclusive G.I.N.A.

It contained the first published reference to Descartes's derivation of the law of refraction.

contained numerous

The de Valliere guns were also highly decorative and contained numerous designs and inscriptions.

Both of these new printings consisted of a single volume, and, according to Tio, contained numerous inaccuracies.

As with other de Valliere guns, the 4-pdr was also highly decorated and contained numerous designs and inscriptions.

edition contained

The first edition contained a Frontispiece of the author.

Each edition contained different cover art.

While every edition contained the track "strings", the limited editions harbored varying b-sides.

contained information   (含まれる情報)

The letter contained information gathered by Colonel Charles Pomeroy Stone and General Winfield Scott.

It also contained information of how to keep a journal on travels and how to maintain a botanical garden.

Each moko was unique and contained information about the person's rank, tribe, lineage, occupation and exploits.

because it contained   (含まれているため)

The only difficulty was the BIOS, because it contained IBM's copyrighted code.

Zanuck said he was attracted to the novel because it contained multiple stories.

It was widely criticised by proponents of a uniform code because it contained no mechanism and provided no timetable for enforcement.

contained songs

The album contained songs for an anime : "Guin Saga"

The concert contained songs written by Kander and Ebb, among others.

It contained songs in Turkish.