İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

contains many   (çok içerir)

The video contains many scenes involving violence.

The league contains many of the junior RCSL clubs.

It contains many white, filiform spiral threads.

album contains   (albüm içeriyor)

The album contains covers of Karl Gerhard songs.

The album contains his first works as a writer.

The album contains the following twenty songs:

contains only   (sadece içerir)

It contains only one species, Prochita rasnitsyni.

It contains only one species, Emiratomyia arabica.

It contains only one species, Ellisell yochelsoni.

contains the following

The civil parish contains the following townlands:

That article contains the following references:-

The collection contains the following stories:

contains several   (birkaç içerir)

Weil im Schönbuch contains several musical groups.

The centre additionally contains several streets.

This neighbourhood contains several named areas.

contains all   (hepsini içerir)

It contains all the episodes from "Work Sucks!"

The crystal contains all of her real memories.

Also, , since contains all singletons.

contains no   (hayır içeriyor)

The system contains no public limit order book.

The estate itself contains no retail outlets.

It contains no abhinaya (facial expressions).

book contains   (kitap içerir)

The book contains a single poem: "Endocrinology."

This book contains articles into five parts:

The book contains menus served to the royal courts in 1690.

contains a number   (bir sayı içeriyor)

Rhos contains a number of listed public buildings.

The Disc contains a number of magical substances.

Portsmouth Harbour contains a number of islands.

contains more   (daha fazlasını içerir)

Commercial pollucite contains more than 19% caesium.

Tea contains more caffeine than coffee by dry weight.

The park also contains more than 300 species of plants.

contains the villages

The parish contains the villages of Ringwould and Kingsdown.

The parish contains the villages of Child's Ercall and Tibberton, and is otherwise rural.

The parish contains the villages of Berrington, Betton Strange, Cross Houses, and is otherwise rural.

genus contains

The genus contains 2 species restricted to Russia.

The widely distributed genus contains five species.

The genus contains only one species, Eupales ulema.

township contains   (ilçe içerir)

Statesville township contains most of the city of Statesville.

New Hope township contains the town of Love Valley (population of 90 in 2010).

Star Lake Township, Minnesota is named after the lake because the township contains nearly the entire lake.

codex contains

The codex contains Luke and John with some lacunae.

The codex contains: Gospel of Luke 16:21-17:3(?).19-35(?

The codex contains text of the four Gospels.

contains a large

This floor also contains a large Jewish Bible section.

Human blood contains a large amount of oxygen.

Each brick end contains a large double exterior chimney.

park contains

The park contains a Grade II listed war memorial pillar.

The park contains the Gosainkunda lakes, sacred to Hindus.

The park contains 12 attractions and a 23.4 degree theatre.

list contains

The list contains 98 woody and semi-woody plant species.

This list contains the listed buildings dated up to 1800.

This list contains only those affiliated with the NATaT."

contains both

It contains both fresh and salt-water portions.

It contains both large rivers, the Aare and the Reuss.

The campus contains both Ladies' (LH) and Men's hostels (MH-1,2).

contains numerous

Opaque amber contains numerous minute bubbles.

The gulf contains numerous banks, skerries and islands.

European history contains numerous diaspora-like events.

area contains

This area contains the western end of Eglinton West.

The area contains much Forestry Commission managed stock.

The Hornby area contains many sports clubs.

collection contains

The collection contains, amongst other things, ca.

The collection contains the following stories:

The surviving collection contains around 50,000 images.

building contains

The building contains most original cedar joinery.

This building contains grades 3-5 from across the district.

The interior of the building contains several innovative elements.

contains information   (bilgi içerir)

"This article contains information copied from " <BR>

The "Notes" column contains information on each sultan's parentage and fate.

The distance (or cost) matrix contains information about distances of the edges.

parish contains

The civil parish contains the following townlands:

The parish contains various historic estates including:

The parish contains the hamlet of Marley.

now contains

As result of this the lake now contains fresh water.

The stone fireplace now contains a gas fireplace insert.

It now contains a string orchestra, a wind ensemble, and a full orchestra.

contains a single

The book contains a single poem: "Endocrinology."

The fruits are dry and each one contains a single seed.

The BODY contains a single jCard record.

song contains

The song contains replayed elements of "Be Alright" by Zapp.

The song contains a sample of "Mama Tried" by Merle Haggard.

Furthermore, the song contains horn and Mambo horn sections.

church contains

The church contains memorials to Edward Cole ("d".

The church contains memorials to Lady Barbara ("d".

The church contains memorials to Ambrose Warde ("d".

district contains

The district contains nine municipalities.

The regional district contains more than 60 provincial parks.

This district contains the northernmost point of Northeast India.

contains part

It is a palimpsest, the upper text contains part of the Old Testament.

The municipality contains part of the Serra do Rola-Moça State Park, created in 1994.

Ara contains part of the Milky Way to the south of Scorpius and thus has rich star fields.

contains a small

The viharn on the west contains a small museum.

The complex also contains a small museum.

It contains a small fragment of the Gospel of Matthew (16:9-13).

contains elements

"Freedom at 21" contains elements of hip hop music.

"Backtrack" contains elements of soul, jazz and pop.

The album contains elements of rock, country and indie rock.

site contains   (site içerir)

The site contains two bogs; one acidic and one alkaline.

The site contains Late Woodland and Contact period artifacts.

Each dig site contains fossils from three particular dinosaurs.

still contains   (hala içeriyor)

The property still contains deposits of black diorite.

Today only Malha crater still contains a body of water.

The area still contains stored explosives.

constituency contains

As well as Workington itself, the constituency contains the towns of Cockermouth, Maryport, Aspatria and Silloth.

The Lendu constituency contains the polling districts of Pekan Masjid Tanah, Durian Daun, Sungai Baru Hulu and Pekan Lendu.

The Chuah constituency contains the polling districts of Tanah Merah, Kampong Pachitan, Bukit Pelandok, Sungai Nipah and Chuah.

municipality contains

The municipality contains 12% of the Lajeado State Park.

The municipality contains the ruins of the Castellazzo di Camastra.

Aarhus municipality contains 21 postal districts and some parts of another 9.

contains approximately

It contains approximately eight thousand entries.

A single serving contains approximately 30 beetles.

The order contains approximately 780 species.

contains the remains   (kalıntıları içerir)

The second contains the remains of Marley himself.

It contains the remains of many Croatian refugees.

contains the polling   (oylamayı içerir)

The Lendu constituency contains the polling districts of Pekan Masjid Tanah, Durian Daun, Sungai Baru Hulu and Pekan Lendu.

The Chuah constituency contains the polling districts of Tanah Merah, Kampong Pachitan, Bukit Pelandok, Sungai Nipah and Chuah.

The Sungai Udang constituency contains the polling districts of Bukit Terendak, Pekan Sungai Udang, Paya Rumput Jaya and Bertam Hulu.

article contains   (makale içeriyor)

That article contains the following references:-

"This article contains information copied from " <BR>

Rule 5 draft results This article contains a list of Rule 5 draft results.

floor contains

This floor contains models of historical events.

The first floor contains a memorial to Dove and Grogan.

The second floor contains two more bedrooms.

contains the text

The codex contains the text of the four Gospels with three lacunae.

The codex contains the text of the four Gospels on 169 parchment leaves ().

contains various

Section III contains various concluding provisions.

Florence also contains various parks and gardens.

Florence contains various theatres and cinemas.

section contains

This section contains the following chapters.

The final section contains three flood defence structures.

The input-output section contains file-related information.

contains the single

It contains the single species Zundeliomyces polygoni

The album contains the single "The Ballad of Moonbeam Swiner."

The family is monotypic, and contains the single genus Biatorella.

film contains   (film içerir)

The film contains graphic, unsimulated sexual content.

The film contains a lot of pre-code material.

The film contains two songs.

contains at least   (en azından içerir)

This family contains at least 390 species.

It contains at least 70% by weight of a diorgano polysiloxane.

Asioryctitheria contains at least four genera and two families.

contains most   (çoğu içerir)

This plane contains most commonly-used characters.

The building contains most original cedar joinery.

It also contains most of the state's natural lakes.

museum contains

The museum contains over 9,000 pieces, some of which are highly acclaimed.

The museum contains a main hall, great courtyard, (Sawani) and exhibition.

The museum contains records from the time of Ireland's Great Famine of 1845–1852.

set contains

The FRGC data set contains 50,000 recordings.

This set contains symbols for units of measure and currency.

This set contains 2380 pieces.

version contains   (sürüm şunları içerir)

The original LP version contains 10 songs.

The arcade version contains four circuits: France, England, Italy and USA.

The demo version contains 18 official levels, while the full one contains 54.

only contains   (sadece içerir)

The BBC version only contains the driving game.

It only contains a selection of recipients.

In fact, it only contains four stars below (brighter than) magnitude 5.0.

contains a list

Rule 5 draft results This article contains a list of Rule 5 draft results.

Since 2008, its website contains a list of the country's most wanted criminals.

List of bees of Great Britain This page contains a list of bees of Great Britain.

game contains

Rockstar's 2004 "" game contains a Tee Pee Motel.

The game contains many logical-themed puzzles.

The game contains many different enemy types.

currently contains

The school currently contains approximately 1,300 students.

It currently contains only the type species, "Erythromyces crocicreas".

The genus is endemic to Australia, and currently contains six species ( "et al"., 2011).

contains a sample   (bir örnek içeriyor)

The song contains a sample of "Mama Tried" by Merle Haggard.

contains a sample from a 1974 reading by the poet Joanne Kyger.

The song contains a sample of the song 'B.I vs Friendship' by Gang Starr.

contains songs

First album "Iemand" contains songs in Dutch.

As the title suggests it contains songs big in Ibizan DJ sets.

"A Song about a Girls" contains songs in both English and French.

because it contains   (çünkü içerdiği)

was eventually chosen because it contains no abbreviations.

It is viscous because it contains large proteins known as mucins.

The transitional ER gets its name because it contains ER exit sites.

edition contains

The second edition contains many changes to the text.

A limited edition contains a live CD titled "Live War".

The 1866 edition contains 46 poems in addition to "The Prince's Progress."

contains the first

The first chapter contains the first address (2–11) and its effects (12–15).

As the title suggests, it contains the first nine examples of the technique.

This treatise contains the first description of the method of frequency analysis.

cemetery contains   (mezarlık içerir)

The cemetery contains the graves of 1602 soldiers.

The cemetery contains the graves of many of the area's prominent people.

The cemetery contains 4,648 burials, mostly of the Invasion of Normandy.

usually contains

One pack of "thong muan sot" usually contains 6 rolls.

Each district usually contains 3–6 areas.

It usually contains flour, sugar and some type of oil or fat.

contains a variety

The church contains a variety of reredos.

The series contains a variety of theme songs and insert songs.

This territory also contains a variety of fauna like, such as golden eagles.

village contains

The village contains a ruined Byzantine-era church.

The village contains two main settlements.

In fact the village contains numerous spring water fountains.

contains ten

It was released in 1999, and contains ten songs.

This chapter contains ten articles; article 50 to 59.

"LoveLaws" contains ten tracks, nine of which were written by Wayman.

family contains   (aile içerir)

The family contains four genera and seven species.

The family contains five genera and six species:

The family contains two genera and 101 species.

contains much

The area contains much Forestry Commission managed stock.

The STV Player app contains much of the content found on ITV Player.

The bud scar contains much more chitin than does the rest of the parent cell wall.

contains the village

The parish contains the village of Boningale, and is otherwise rural.

The parish contains the village of Clive and the surrounding countryside.

The parish contains the village of Bicton and the surrounding countryside.

work contains   (iş içerir)

Each work contains up to 75,000 individual stitches.

This work contains images of four women, Asian, African, European and Native American.

Persephone states that the copy of Mister Sinister's work contains the future's mutants.

churchyard contains   (churchyard içerir)

The churchyard contains several Yew trees, one ancient.

The churchyard contains a number of Grade II listed monuments.

library contains

The library contains photo-books, fanzines and magazines relating to photography.

The universities library contains 1,265,000 books and 1,108,000 electronic books and periodicals.

Now, the library contains an area of , and has nearly 89 miles of shelves and seating for over 1,400 people.

disc contains

Each disc contains four episodes plus bonus material.

contains large

It is viscous because it contains large proteins known as mucins.

As a result, the basin contains large areas of fertile agricultural soil.

It is landlocked, relatively flat, and contains large tracts of marshy land.

contains the largest

Makhan contains the largest population of Sthapits.

Lake Sevan contains the largest amount of water in the country.

Mallows Bay contains the largest collection of wrecks in the Western Hemisphere.

contains a total   (toplam içerir)

The album contains a total of 13 core tracks.

In humans, the protein contains a total of 206 amino acids.

It contains a total of seven songs including the title track "Blooming Day".

region contains   (bölge içerir)

The Arctic region contains a very fragile ecosystem.

Surficial geology in this region contains a number of fossils.

This region contains Sandakfu ()—the highest peak of the state.

contains around   (etrafında içerir)

The surviving collection contains around 50,000 images.

The wine cellar contains around 400,000 bottles of wine.

It consists of 404 pages and contains around 2,200 entries.

contains a collection

Nowadays it contains a collection of tapestries.

The museum also contains a collection on the history of the institution.

The Kamogawa Room contains a collection of gifts from Manitowoc's Japanese sister city Kamogawa.

shell contains

The Federal 2" 000 buckshot shell contains 4 pellets.

The shell contains air, people, houses, furniture, etc.

The shell contains about two and a half subsequent inflated whorls.

tower contains

The tower contains three bells which are hung dead.

The small, squat tower contains a set of 8 tubular bells.

The 21-story tower contains 90 residences.

contains multiple   (birden çok içerir)

Each genre contains multiple musical mixes that users can access.

This promoter contains multiple binding sites for the FOXP1 transcription factor.

If the model contains multiple parameters, the parameter can be redefined as a vector.

protein contains

This protein contains 10 beta strands and 2 alpha helices.

In humans, the protein contains a total of 206 amino acids.

The protein contains three domains.

contains two species

This genus contains two species.

It contains two species, "Udzungwomyia morogoro" and "Udzungwomyia simoni".

It contains two species, which are known only from the Indonesian island of Flores:

table contains

This table contains one more chance to conceive a boy.

The following table contains the five leading wicket-takers.

The current standard table contains 118 confirmed elements as of 2019.

often contains   (sıklıkla içerir)

Cattle feed often contains citrus pulp.

Stillwater Slough was named for the fact it often contains stagnant water.

The colour composition often contains soft reds, dark olive greens, and blue.

album also contains

That album also contains covers of "Winter" and "Never Satisfied".

The album also contains a cover version of a Major Conflict track, "Outgroup".

The album also contains songs sung in three languages: Italian, English, and Neapolitan.

contains the same

The implant contains the same hormones as contraceptive pills.

Leibniz's improvement of Euclid's axiom contains the same concept.

This row contains the same characters as row 5 of KS X 1001, but in a different layout.

town contains   (kasaba içerir)

The town contains four Maronite Catholic churches.

The town contains the Romanesque church of San Regolo.

The town contains the following churches:

typically contains

The drawer typically contains a removable till.

A permit to work form typically contains these items.

A curry typically contains several spices blended together.

contains the original

The initial VHS release contains the original R-Rated cut.

Recently however , the "Battle Chest" edition no longer contains the original "Diablo".

The current north side, formerly called island 1, contains the original island and the fill around it.

volume contains

Each volume contains a number of spells and rituals.

Each volume contains 4 episodes from the series.

Also, each volume contains on average 18–22 articles.

contains twelve

The dinner contains twelve dishes, one for each Apostle.

The album contains twelve tracks; it opens with "Make Me Know It".

The property contains twelve historically significant structures dating from 1818 to the 1880s.

release contains

This release contains previously unreleased material.

The initial VHS release contains the original R-Rated cut.

In addition to these extras, the Blu-ray release contains a digital copy.

contains material

It contains material from the rock opera.

It contains material from their "A Place in the Sun" and "Atomic" albums.

It was released in 2002 and contains material dating back to her debut release in 1981.

interior contains

The interior contains many works of art.

The interior contains vinyl or cloth seats and the Uconnect 3 5.0BT radio.

The interior contains a gallery which extends around three sides of the church.

contains the most   (en çok içeren)

"Crocidura" contains the most species of any mammal genus.

DFD 0 contains the most important (aggregated) system functions.

This region contains the most hydrophilic portion of the molecule.

contains references

The song contains references to the current social and political climate.

The final scene at Globex contains references to several James Bond films.

The Book of Enoch contains references to Sathariel, thought also to be Sataniel and Satan'el.

page contains

This page contains a chronological summary of major events from the Games.

List of bees of Great Britain This page contains a list of bees of Great Britain.

List of Parasitica of Great Britain This page contains a list of wasps of Great Britain.

head contains   (kafa içerir)

The center of the head contains yellow disc florets.

An ant's head contains many sensory organs.

The head contains two digestive glands and the small lobate stomach that they empty into.

contains four species

It contains four species, two endemic to Australia.

It contains four species across two genera.

The genus contains four species: