not contest   (コンテストではない)

The party did not contest any further elections.

He did not contest the January 1910 general election.

Chambeshi did not contest the 2006 general elections.

did not contest   (争わなかった)

The party did not contest any further elections.

He did not contest the January 1910 general election.

Chambeshi did not contest the 2006 general elections.

no contest   (コンテストなし)

It resulted in a seven round no contest decision.

He pleaded no contest to misdemeanors, suspended sentence.

His record was 5-0-0 with one no contest.

contest between   (間のコンテスト)

But it soon comes down to a contest between the two lovers.

In 2013, ESPN ran a "Battle of the Uniforms" contest between all 30 Major League clubs.

The Golden Boot trophy was not awarded in the annual contest between the teams until 1996.

won the contest   (コンテストで優勝しました)

The Canadiens won the contest 4–3 in overtime.

Later, they learn that Tomio won the contest.

Ryan subsequently won the contest that year.

contest against   (対抗)

Tasmania lost their opening match 2-0 in a tight contest against Queensland.

In April 2010 he wrestled to a no contest against Gran Apolo for an NWA on Fire event held in Maine.

He drops his contest against the female relative and over time they fall in love and agree to marry.

beauty contest   (美人コンテスト)

She finished second for a Malaysian beauty contest in 2001.

Ilaria won the 2011 Miss Deaf World global beauty contest which was held in Prague.

It was followed by "Carry On Girls", based around a Miss World-style beauty contest.

contest was held   (コンテストが開催されました)

Another fruitless contest was held in the 1980s.

In 1892, a contest was held to find a solution.

The first contest was held in 1967.

contest held   (開催されたコンテスト)

This was the only EOY MI prelim contest held that year.

This is a young CEO hunt contest held in beginning of every year.

The film won best documentary short in an online film contest held by Filmaka.

talent contest   (才能コンテスト)

Ultimately the band enter into a talent contest.

At the age of 12 he won a local talent contest.

The band got together during a high school talent contest.

song contest   (歌のコンテスト)

With Ilanit she participated in the Athens song contest.

is a song by the rock band Lordi, who won the 2006 Eurovision song contest.

That was the first attempt of Israel to sing in English in the Eurovision song contest.

singing contest   (歌のコンテスト)

She was discovered by an agent while performing in a singing contest.

He then entered the first season of the singing contest "Xingguang Dadao".

Once, she joined some friends and auditioned in a singing contest, which she won.

contest the election   (選挙に反対する)

The First Party was unable to contest the election.

This confirmed 12 candidates will contest the election.

No independent candidates registered to contest the election.

pleaded no contest   (コンテストを認めなかった)

He pleaded no contest to misdemeanors, suspended sentence.

He pleaded no contest, was fined $500 and paid $211 in restitution.

Ingels pleaded no contest to making annoying phone calls to Allyson.

leadership contest   (リーダーシップコンテスト)

He however endorsed Boris Johnson in the 2019 leadership contest.

Liberal leadership contest Brodie supported the candidacy of Premier Christy Clark .

In February 2018, Bill English resigned as the leader of the National Party, paving way for a leadership contest.

not to contest   (争わない)

Labor strategically chose not to contest the Sydney by-election.

After deciding not to contest the elections on 26 May 1977, he was succeeded by José Ferreira Queimado.

The intervention of the Labour party was not viewed as a success as they chose not to contest the seat at the 1922 general election.

first contest   (最初のコンテスト)

The first contest was held in 1967.

The first contest was riddles.

After a successful first contest, the second faced several location problems.

contest the seat   (席を争う)

In the third lok sabha elections, he refused to contest the seat in 1962.

On 8 December the former MSP Karen Whitefield was selected to contest the seat.

On Wednesday 8 March, the Irish Nationalist Party in Liverpool decided to contest the seat.

win the contest   (コンテストに勝つ)

He last eliminated Bret Hart to win the contest.

He is convinced the Royals will win the contest.

She went on to win the contest, receiving 137 points in total.

contest sponsored   (スポンサースポンサー)

In 1935 she was on the panel of judges for a literary contest sponsored by the Bronxville Women's Club.

Actor Richard Harris performed the song "My Boy" at a music contest sponsored by Radio Luxembourg in 1971.

In 2008 she was elected "Miss Butt" in a contest sponsored by the brand Sloggi, owned by Triumph International of France.

per contest   (コンテストごと)

Telfair notched 6.8 points and 3.3 assists per contest.

In addition, he averaged 10.8 points and 7.6 rebounds per contest.

Hutchison had a stellar senior year, averaging 20 points and 7.7 rebounds per contest.

close contest   (接戦)

The game was a close contest marked by costly Maryland turnovers and Navy penalties.

The Vols won a close contest, regaining bragging rights for the Third Saturday in October.

Independent candidate Geoff Brock ended up winning the seat from the Liberals in a very close contest.

held a contest   (コンテストを開催しました)

The Pageant-Drama Association held a contest with a $100 prize.

Nakajima confirmed that Toho held a contest to name the monster.

The Parks Department had held a contest in 1913 accepting submission of designs for the park.

before the contest   (コンテストの前に)

The Czechoslovak OK-AMC was crashed during trainings, and had not been repaired before the contest.

Senator Hillary Clinton by double digits in the days before the contest in his home state of Illinois.

Each nation's jury consisted of five music industry professionals who are citizens of the country they represent, with their names published before the contest to ensure transparency.

won a contest   (コンテストに勝った)

Lúcio Costa won a contest and was the main urban planner in 1957, with 5550 people competing.

His design won a contest put on by the city in 1892, but the War Department objected to the design.

GALE later won a contest to sing with Draco Rosa in front of a sold-out crowd at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico.

contest the elections   (選挙に反対する)

She did not contest the elections in 1999 due to old age.

His successor, Andry Rajoelina, also announced his intention to contest the elections.

After deciding not to contest the elections on 26 May 1977, he was succeeded by José Ferreira Queimado.

national contest   (全国大会)

Between 2003 and 2006 there is no Miss Honduras national contest.

She then attended the Royal College of Art after having received a scholarship in a national contest.

In 1902, his widow Maria Cristina initiated a national contest to build a monument in memory of Alfonso.