contested between

The series was contested between Deportivo Toluca F.C.

The match was contested between Japanese team Kashiwa Reysol, the 2013 J.

These were primarily contested between local-level clubs or regions/states.

unsuccessfully contested

Geoffrey Pattie unsuccessfully contested Barking in 1970.

Save Britain's Heritage unsuccessfully contested the conversion.

At the 1885 general election he unsuccessfully contested North Norfolk.

first contested

In 2002 it first contested in elections and won 5 seats.

He first contested in the 2011 District Council election in Yan Ying.

A men's 200 metres hurdles was first contested in1 1953 but stopped after 1963.

hotly contested

In a hotly contested match, VP came out on top.

That will definitely become a hotly contested location."

However, this discovery was hotly contested.

events were contested

Two events were contested: men's and women's team.

These two events were contested only at the 1900 Summer Games.

In total, 36 events were contested, 21 by men and 15 by women.

teams contested

From the 2018-19 season, the teams contested in three-tiers.

Twelve teams contested the World Cup.

Twelve teams contested the league.

contested the election   (選挙に異議を唱えた)

A total of 9 parties contested the election.

In 1297 de Pairaud contested the election of Jacques de Molay as grand master.

Year 2002-Dr. Dyanand Chadila and his wife again contested the election for M.C.D.

closely contested

The fight was closely contested throughout.

The game itself was closely contested.

Sanader was reelected in the closely contested 2007 parliamentary election.

contested the seat

He again contested the seat in 1924 but lost by 95 votes.

Patten contested the seat of Higgins in Victoria at the 2009 by-election.

A single independent candidate, Attorney-at-law Ralph Francis, contested the seat of Barbuda.

party contested

The party contested the 1982 municipal elections.

The party contested the 2014 general election.

No Islamic party contested the 1999 elections.

successfully contested

In 2012, he successfully contested from Dharamkot.

That time his seat was successfully contested by Republican candidate Lynch.

Blandford had successfully contested the matter in court, even though she had a child by him.

final was contested

The final was contested by the semifinal winners.

The final was contested in a neutral ground as a one-off match.

The final was contested in a single leg format between Liga MX clubs Necaxa and Toluca.

contested election   (争われた選挙)

This was the first time Yorkshire had seen a contested election since 1741.

She unsuccessfully contested election to Rajasthan Legislative Assembly from Kota in 2008.

Rana had contested election for a seat in the provincial assembly in Karachi but lost the election.

contested scrums

number 8 or 10, during the era of contested scrums.

era of contested

number 8 or 10, during the era of contested scrums.

match contested

The bronze medal match contested between Russia and Spain was won by Spain, 93–85.

2018 EFL League Two play-off Final The 2018 EFL League Two play-off Final was a football match contested between Exeter City and Coventry City.

Vitali Klitschko vs. Chris Byrd Vitali Klitschko vs. Chris Byrd, was a professional boxing match contested on 1 April 2000 for the WBO Heavyweight Championship.

candidates contested

A total of 313 candidates contested this election.

2017 was the first time 31 candidates contested from a single ward (164).

A total of 331 candidates contested the remaining 59 seats up for election.

match was contested

The match was contested by Portumna and De La Salle.

The first Ryder Cup match was contested in June 1927.

The match was contested between Japanese team Kashiwa Reysol, the 2013 J.

contested and won

He contested and won all the six Assembly Elections since 1995.

James contested and won the seat at the by-election on 16 December 1775.

She contested and won the Bhopal seat during the Lok Sabha elections of 2019.

not contested

He has not contested any general elections since.

The extradition request was not contested.

However, it has not contested any elections in the region.

contested elections

There were no contested elections for the Shropshire seats in Elizabeth's reign.

The only known contested elections after 1715 were those of 1728, 1735 and 1736.

Ramasamy has contested elections as both an INC and Tamil Maanila Congress (Moopanar) (TMC) candidate.

league was contested

In 2018 the league was contested by six teams from around New Zealand, with a total of 47 matches played between May and August.

The league was contested by 55 teams in 4 divisions with GD Ribeirão, UD Oliveirense, SC Covilhã and CD Olivais e Moscavide winning the respective divisional competitions and progressing to the championship playoffs.

championship was contested

The championship was contested over eight rounds.

The championship was contested over 8 rounds.

The championship was contested over a seven heat series.

contested the league

Twelve teams contested the league.

A total of 17 teams contested the league, with MC Alger as the defending champions.

A total of 16 teams contested the league, with ES Sétif as the defending champions.

seats were contested

27 seats were contested in Western Cape province.

The last time these seats were contested was in 2014.

Five fewer seats were contested because of boundary changes.

highly contested

The offer was highly contested, with some companies near the new tower protesting at its aimed size.

In 2013 he moved up to the highly contested Supersport category with hopes of finishing in the top 5.

In fact the team of 2000–01 defeated the United Colleges by 4–1 in a highly contested 'friendly' match.

again contested

He again contested the seat in 1924 but lost by 95 votes.

In the , he again contested Christchurch East and was 53rd on the party list.

Year 2002-Dr. Dyanand Chadila and his wife again contested the election for M.C.D.

competition contested   (競争する)

List of Ryder Cup matches The Ryder Cup is a golf competition contested by teams from Europe and the United States.

The Super Cup was an annual international rugby union competition contested by national teams from Canada, Japan, Russia and United States.

The Bulimba Cup was a competition contested by the Brisbane, Ipswich and Toowoomba representative rugby league sides which started in 1925.

matches were contested

Eight matches were contested on the event's card.

Varsity matches were contested at Wembley until 1989.

Nine professional wrestling matches were contested at the event.

seats contested

In the recent 2011 general election, it managed to capture 81 of 87 seats contested.

This, however, did not stop Labour winning a comfortable majority of the seats contested.

In the elections to the State Legislature in 1945 it won 12, of the 19 seats contested by its candidates.

when he contested   (彼が争ったとき)

He then ran at Royal Ascot for the third successive year when he contested the Rous Memorial Stakes over one mile.

Connections, however, were not too disheartened and were sure their gelding would come on for the run when he contested the Grade 1 King George VI Chase at Cheltenham.

Indeed, while he contested Canterbury as a Radical at a by-election in 1854, when he contested Beverley again in 1857, he stood as a Conservative despite losing the support of the local party.

then contested

The top four teams then contested the semi-finals.

Pocket Watch then contested the Vicbred Super Series.

It was then contested at each subsequent Summer Paralympics until 1988, with the exception of the 1980 Games.