within the context   (コンテキスト内)

dominance), and within the context of a population.

Other writers have viewed "Ben-Hur" within the context of Wallace's own life.

However "null set" is a distinct notion within the context of measure theory.

historical context   (歴史的背景)

Fear is affected by cultural and historical context.

The historical context is as follows:

In historical context, the book was written during 1971 in Allende's Chile.

social context   (社会的状況)

That was the first instance of their interaction in a social context.

"Apprenticeship in thinking: Cognitive development in social context."

People changed their in-group identification, depending on the social context.

cultural context   (文化的背景)

Fashion relates to social and cultural context of an environment.

Feminist views on sexuality vary, and have differed by historical period and by cultural context.

Over time, the cultural context shifts and morphs: new leaders, new technologies, new values, new awareness.

political context   (政治的背景)

It is the political context of the time that decided his future.

He published his findings in 1921, and framed them in a decidedly political context.

Another Nepalese term is "Adivasi Janjati" (; ), although the political context differed historically under the Shah and Rana dynasties.

broader context

They have been used to treat the implied broader context.

Many references to data warehousing use this broader context.

The bra–ket notation continues to work in an analogous way in this broader context.

wider context

Hawking put the Paralympic Games into the wider context of society.

In a wider context, there was an attempt to base all of mathematics on Cantor's set theory.

In the wider context, the First Family may comprise the head of state or head of government's parents, siblings and extended relatives.

larger context

Translation needs a larger context to determine aspect.

Urban geography deals both with cities in their larger context and with their internal structure.

However, now this field of research was put into the larger context of self-organized and nonlinear phenomena.