not continue   (続かない)

After Anwar plays a victim, he cannot continue.

Not that the artist did not continue his work.

Since ITV Local closed, this coverage did not continue.

able to continue   (続けられる)

"Houston" was able to continue service with the ABDA fleet.

She never knew if she would be able to continue going to school.

He was not able to continue and Monaco was disqualified as a result.

decided to continue   (続けることにしました)

Lachenal decided to continue on with Herzog.

Burgoyne decided to continue the advance.

After a few rehearsals, the three decided to continue as a trio.

continue to use   (使い続ける)

However, some brands may continue to use this logo.

Stone wanted to continue to use the name "Christians."

Astronauts would continue to use the CSM as a ferry to the station.

unable to continue   (続行できません)

Due to failing health, she was unable to continue her career.

He attempted to return to the game, but was unable to continue.

After a lengthy delay, the ringside doctor ruled Santana unable to continue.

continue working

He was to continue working for them in a part-time capacity.

He intends to continue working in filmmaking in some capacity.

He threatens Frank's family if he does not continue working for him.

continue to work   (働き続ける)

Newsom said he would continue to work for universal Wi-Fi.

They continue to work together and help each other when needed.

SO.HO will continue to work but will no longer be offered/updated.

continue to operate   (運営し続ける)

The general purpose lanes continue to operate toll-free.

The sisters continue to operate St. Benedict’s Day Nursery.

FirstGroup will continue to operate the service until 2030.

allowed to continue

The segregated work structure and uneven pay scale was allowed to continue.

Thus the British company was allowed to continue as a privileged subcontractor.

FMR was allowed to continue using the Messerschmitt name and logo on the KR200.

order to continue   (続けるために)

Hobbies require a certain level of passion in order to continue engaging in the hobby.

Currently they are looking to find a lead compound in order to continue these studies.

After Armistice, Hale extended her visa in order to continue working in devastated areas.

continue playing

It became reckless to continue playing".

His teammates intervened and convinced him to continue playing.

In February 2019 he said he wished to continue playing for a further year.

continue to grow   (成長し続ける)

Beavers continue to grow throughout their lives.

Her loneliness and yearning for her son continue to grow.

They may continue to grow to lengths of 4.0–4.5 ft (120–140 cm).

continue his studies

He moved to Mumbai to continue his studies.

Later on, he moved to Munich to continue his studies there.

In 1900, Majkowski moved to Greifswald to continue his studies.

continue to play   (遊び続ける)

California and BCH continue to play sporadic dates.

She did however continue to play in the United States.

The three partners continue to play this pioneering role.

continue through

That practice would continue through the 2013 season.

This would continue through the end of 2010.

These parallels continue through both books.

wanted to continue

Stone wanted to continue to use the name "Christians."

Adomaitis wanted to continue his studies and left for Warsaw in 1882.

In Paris Louise wanted to continue her musical education playing piano.

did not continue

Not that the artist did not continue his work.

Since ITV Local closed, this coverage did not continue.

However, he did not continue in the team.

continue to serve

As of 2019, Brittany Ferries continue to serve the route.

Today (2012) the Columban Sisters continue to serve on six continents.

He would continue to serve in the Oregon State Senate until his retirement in 1959.

continue to live

His descendants continue to live in this palace today.

He is gone, but his memory lives, and will continue to live."

Descendants of these families continue to live in the local area.

then continue

Carlo and Nadine then continue to see each other.

Don and Robin then continue their relationship.

They rest around midnight and then continue to graze before dawn.

expected to continue

Square Roots is expected to continue in 2013.

This is expected to continue as global mean surface temperatures increase.

The process of conversion of the former hospital to apartments is expected to continue.

continue to make   (作り続ける)

But of course, we will continue to make "Pikmin" games."

Road cars continue to make up the bulk of Ferrari sales to the present day.

To this day, Daivajña Brahmins continue to make offerings to the Mutt and Lord Hayagriva.

continue to support   (支え続ける)

They continue to support the election commission.

Most proponents of Altaic continue to support the inclusion of Korean.

If those conditions are fulfilled, Cyprus will continue to support Serbia.

continue to exist   (存在し続ける)

Along with Lokomotiv and Askent continue to exist.

However, when he dies, his more freshly woven cloaks continue to exist.

Most Christians believe that death and suffering will continue to exist until Christ's return.

not to continue

Shirov decided not to continue any further.

After a cruel defeat, King Gustavus Adolphus decided not to continue the war with Russia.

Pentti Linkola chose not to continue his zoological and botanical studies after his first year.

still continue   (まだ続ける)

And they still continue to perform, with the same line up in 2018.

In mid-July, it was confirmed that he would still continue to be the captain.

The various families worked the land and still continue to do so till this day.

continue using

The Navy proposed to continue using ammonium picrate.

U.S. Army Ordnance held the same viewpoint and wanted to continue using TNT.

FMR was allowed to continue using the Messerschmitt name and logo on the KR200.

continue his education

In 1840 he went to Naples to continue his education.

Horton sought to continue his education.

Born in Chemitz, Germany, he moved to the U.S. in 1951 to continue his education.

continue their education

Some came to Singapore to continue their education in the private and Christian schools.

These students may then continue their education at KCB in London to receive their university degree.

The school continued until 1962 when it closed; students thereafter went to Lecompton to continue their education.

continue fighting

If the "Earth" has her Shadow Star hit, she will be unable to continue fighting.

These troops were expected to reinforce the Russians and continue fighting the French.

The Golden queen will have none of it however, and commands her troops to continue fighting.

students continue

The students continue to have full access to activities at their high school.

continue operating

Through debtor-in-possession financing, it was able to continue operating rather than to face liquidation.

To continue operating flights to Europe, TAAG wet-leased a Boeing 747-400 from South African Airways (SAA).

Craig and his wife decided to retire in 2011 and none of their children wanted to continue operating the restaurant.

continue his career

He chose however to continue his career as a football player.

In 1980 he moved to the UK permanently to continue his career.

Leaving politics, he moved to Melbourne to continue his career in law.

continue to provide   (提供し続ける)

E-sports such as StarCraft continue to provide additional public benchmarks.

During this migration, DirecTV 10 will continue to provide service to subscribers.

Spain, France, and the European Union continue to provide some project assistance, as do China and Cuba.

continue his work   (彼の仕事を続ける)

He needs $8,000 each month to continue his work.

Not that the artist did not continue his work.

Now living in exile, Hamoud is determined to continue his work with RBSS.

continue to develop   (発展し続ける)

Older children and adults continue to develop an understanding of mechanistic fragments.

The Readings are intended both to commemorate Primakov and to continue to develop his ideas through international dialogue.

The construction of the housing industry only received a small portion of state-allocated funds to continue to develop the industry.

plans to continue

The government plans to continue providing subsidies.

They make plans to continue their work and resurrect Hester.

As of February 11, 2019, Bryant plans to continue acting on the show.

chose to continue

He chose to continue his senior year at college.

LNR chose to continue with this system for subsequent seasons.

continue to run

Barbot and Coletta continue to run DeSoto Records.

They continue to run it to this day.

In practice, this meant that Seward would continue to run things as he had under Lincoln.

continue to fight   (戦い続ける)

More than 20 are killed, and both forces continue to fight in Baghlan.

It secretly ordered the officers Marcellus had sent to continue to fight.

The main characters continue to fight the Daleks until they call the Doctor to save them.

continue to perform

And they still continue to perform, with the same line up in 2018.

Horowitz and Malkine continue to perform together actively into 2009.

As of 2014, Young and Sexy continue to perform in the Vancouver area.

continue north

He was forced to continue north and flew out through the dockside cranes of Rotterdam.

continue north on the one-way pair of Warren Avenue northbound and Central Avenue southbound.

The four highways continue north to east–west Euclid Avenue, where US 11E has its northern terminus.

continue to hold

As of 2008, some alumni continue to hold reunions and other events.

Bullejos would continue to hold the top post for nearly eight years.

Maine would continue to hold elections early, in September, until 1958.

continue the fight   (戦いを続ける)

When Heaml is about to leave, G.J.I provokes him to continue the fight until death.

Time had to be stopped to check on the visibly shaken Bonjasky, but he wanted to continue the fight.

Their objective was to both continue the fight against the Japanese and prepare for the return of the Americans.

did continue

However it did continue locally into the 20th century.

He did continue in 2013 with seventh-tier club Tigerberget FK.

Star did continue to exist as a separate company, operating under the name of the "Star Motor Company Limited".

continue to produce   (生産し続ける)

Evan Goldstein of "The Chronicle" and Tran Huu Dung continue to produce the site.

Bosch sold the patent to Japanese companies that continue to produce injection systems based on D-Jetronic.

Today, the cuntuuje gardens continue to produce a significant quantity and variety of agricultural products.

continue the war

The new government decided to continue the war, which meant more military spending.

After a cruel defeat, King Gustavus Adolphus decided not to continue the war with Russia.

Fleuriot proposed that he then returned to Britain to continue the war against the Saxons.

continue to receive

Transferred officials will continue to receive their salaries.

While abroad in another EU member state, subscribers will continue to receive access but will be limited to catch-up.

A few of these poems are widely dispersed on the internet, and these continue to receive some scholarly acknowledgment.

planned to continue

The tour is planned to continue into 2013.

I-295 was originally planned to continue further south to JFK Airport.

They planned to continue to tour throughout 2013 to support their new record.

continue living

The dead ("wurumbu") are believed to continue living, but they live below the ground.

When Hilda decided to divorce, all four children chose to continue living with their mother.

The couple was required to marry upon joining the Nation of Islam in order to continue living together.

continue her studies

She even travelled with Murray to Tenerife to continue her studies.

Audrey's father, Stanley Sr., sends her to Cebu to continue her studies.

In 1879 she went to Paris to continue her studies under Jean-Jacques Henner.

want to continue

I want to continue training to be ready for the next Paralympics in four years’ time."

The emperor enjoyed his peaceful sleep but did not want to continue bothering his two generals.

"I'm sad to announce that Dan has suddenly decided that he doesn't want to continue with Vib Gyor anymore.

continue the work   (仕事を続ける)

Sister Mary Joseph would become Mother Joseph and would continue the work in Galveston.

Soon after that the developers regrouped to continue the work by the name of "Stratagus".

Fortunately, a new quarterly magazine called "National Affairs" is starting up today to continue the work."

continue without

As a result he was dropped as editor, but the magazine was unable to continue without him.

As Quincy Wright had put it, "this process can no longer continue without interplanetary wars."

The band stated that it would continue without Llanas, with the band's guitar technician Jake Owen filling in.

continue to increase

In spite of this Pandya power continue to increase.

Moore's law predicts that computer speeds will continue to increase.

Among the mollusca, the bivalves continue to increase in numbers and importance.

intended to continue

In the meantime, he intended to continue governing.

Trials of the prototype were intended to continue until 2019.

120 of the 400 stations intended to continue airing the show.

continue work   (仕事を続ける)

He was slated to continue work for the campaign via his polling firm.

He returned to New Orleans in early 1965, where he attempted to continue work with CORE.

He moved from there to Delaware to continue work with Jones, and then in 1959 moved back to Raleigh where he began his own design career.

continue along

For explanations, continue along "It shan't!"

continue along North Greeley Highway.

It has four transverse rows of two scales on the neck, which continue along the back.

continue their journey

Bewchard gives Hawkmoon and D'Averc a ship to continue their journey.

They escape however by leaping from the train and continue their journey on foot (and on a stolen tractor).

Buddy returns to defeat the Windmill People, the two reunite and continue their journey on an abandoned motorcycle.

trains continue

Most trains continue west to Oak Park.

Some trains continue through the Keiyō Line past Nishi-Funabashi to , or .

Some trains continue to Yoshino on the Yoshino Line in early morning and late nights.

agreed to continue

The Clinton campaign agreed to continue with the debate after the apology was offered.

At the end of that time, Laura and Almanzo mutually agreed to continue for one more year, a "year of grace".

After a couple of weeks Ogunsoto agreed to continue his career at Ermionida in the Football League 2 (Greece).

opted to continue

As a free agent from the Sharks, Stortini opted to continue in the AHL, agreeing to a one-year deal with the Charlotte Checkers on July 5, 2017.

In 2005, Boeing opted to continue 767 production despite record Dreamliner sales, citing a need to provide customers waiting for the 787 with a more readily available option.

Un-signed from the Capitals, Simpson as a free agent opted to continue in the AHL joining his fourth club in the Rochester Americans on a one-year contract on August 16, 2018.

continue their studies

The twins decided to retire from acting and continue their studies at public school.

It was, until 1962, home to the laureates of the Abd-el-Tif prize who were offered bursaries to continue their studies for two years in Algeria.

After recording the 10th album (“Song of Peace”), Amar Dadizadeh, Zohreh HassanNia, and Hooman Akhtari left the Ensemble to continue their studies.

continue writing

Atkinson did not wish to continue writing for the second series.

However, Marty returns and decides to continue writing with Spleen.

However, Urie felt compelled to continue writing music during his time off.

continue to maintain   (維持し続ける)

Some households in Nartan continue to maintain the original personal use lands as gardens.

Currently the bishops of the Assyrian Church of the East continue to maintain its apostolic succession.

Small Stone's newer bands, such as Lo-Pan, Backwoods Payback, and Freedom Hawk continue to maintain busy touring schedules.

continue throughout

Protests continue throughout the city.

The project started in May 2012 and will continue throughout the year.

The first homes were handed over in AKOYA in June and will continue throughout 2019.

continue operations

The airline unsuccessfully scrambled to continue operations.

To continue operations, Oliver brought in new workers directly from Europe.

On , the EDCA received approval to continue operations as Drum Corps Europe.

continue to appear

His poems continue to appear in literary journals and anthologies.

(The Bructeri however continue to appear in the record and apparently moved south.)

Chase and Cameron continue to appear occasionally in different roles at the hospital.

continue to rise   (上昇し続ける)

Many branches begin flooding in November and might continue to rise until June.

In LNG storage the pressure and temperature within the tank will continue to rise.

As the enrollment declines, per pupil administrative costs of the schools continue to rise.

continue east

continue east with six lanes.

US 13/SR 166 continue east through wooded areas and reach an interchange with I-64 (Hampton Roads Beltway).

US 460 and SR 24 continue east parallel to the Blue Ridge District rail line through Spout Spring to the town of Appomattox.

wished to continue

In February 2019 he said he wished to continue playing for a further year.

While Pearson at first wished to continue riding, her injuries made that course difficult.

At Festiniog passengers had to transfer to narrow gauge trains if they wished to continue northwards.

refused to continue

After he was convinced he was being used he refused to continue the shows.

Milutinovic refused to continue working for the company, and remained engaged as professor at the University, though no classes were held.

However, upon finding out, Davis refused to continue in the production until he was reinstated, saying later "I told them I couldn't perform.

continue making

Phalke declined the offer and explained Hepworth that he would continue making films in India.

However, even when success allowed access to professional studios, many artists instead chose to continue making lo-fi recordings.

As Mike leaves with his $5 million, he informs Walt that he will continue making hazard payments to Gus's men out of his own money.

likely to continue   (継続する可能性が高い)

Without intervention, this trend is likely to continue.

Revisionism is, perhaps, likely to continue.

Furthermore the price of passion fruit is also unstable and likely to continue to decline.

continue to expand

Despite several hundred being taken every year, numbers continue to expand.

Most populations continue to expand as they recover from previous commercial hunting and environmental threats.

The combustion products continue to expand through the two-stage power turbine which generates shaft horsepower for the aircraft.

people continue

Some people continue to have doubts about Camb's guilt.

Some elderly people continue to wear traditional clothing in their daily lives.

About 30% of people continue to have seizures despite anticonvulsant treatment.

vowed to continue   (続けると誓った)

Her adoptive mother, Lamyai Kaewkerd, vowed to continue her battle in court.

Pashiniyan vowed to continue the protests until he was appointed prime minister.

It vowed to continue the struggle against the dismissals and against the privatization of JNR.

continue development   (開発を続ける)

In 2002, the Committee established an open-ended working group to continue development.

DataCorp's original intention had been to continue development at a major banking data center they owned in Harrisonburg.

Nevertheless, there is substantial existing evidence that ETC technology is viable and worth the money to continue development.

continue running

will continue running, at the current (just before Luclin) point in the timeline.

He decided to continue running for pleasure, entering races and paying his own expenses.

York declared that the university would "remain open" and that certain classes would continue running.

desire to continue

On 12 July 2009 on "" on the TEAM 1040 radio in Canada he indicated his desire to continue with the Canadian national team.

As recently as 2016, Bharat Bala and producer Phillip Lee have expressed their desire to continue the film with a different cast.

The result being a young team with strong aspirations claiming a 2011 league victory with a desire to continue improving through 2012.

continue to pursue

The counsel representing the men said they would continue to pursue full exoneration.

He continue to pursue his Law is University of Glamorgan in South Wales, United Kingdom.

Wright made the decision to leave her children with her husband to continue to pursue her high school degree.

continue south

The two stems meet in Aba Prefecture, and continue south as the Dajin Chuan ().

Welfo remains with her newfound love, Urtica, while Triss and Shogg continue south.

The road used to continue south from the junction with the A60, next to the Little Chef, and overlap the A60.

ability to continue

His father is concerned about Hoke's financial ability to continue raising the girls.

By doing so, through frostbite, he lost the ability to continue his career – and allowed Herzog to triumph in his.

By 2017, membership of the union had fallen, leaving it concerned about its ability to continue as an independent organisation.

continue beyond

Tracks continue beyond the station, where they rise to surface level and go into the depot.

To date, no calendar has been successful enough to continue beyond its initial launch year.

This allows for the students' knowledge to continue beyond what they have learned within the classroom.