İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

continued to work   (çalışmaya devam)

Großer continued to work for the ARD for 10 years.

There she continued to work on gravitational waves.

He continued to work full time at Seattle Center.

continued to play   (oynamaya devam et)

However, he may have continued to play in Mexico.

He continued to play for the Patriots until 1999.

Gilligan continued to play for Sussex until 1932.

continued to serve   (hizmet vermeye devam etti)

Morse continued to serve in the Senate until 1968.

It continued to serve as an OTU until October 1943.

The squadron continued to serve until the war's end.

continued to grow   (büyümeye devam etti)

The empire continued to grow with no end in sight.

Mammals still continued to grow larger and larger.

The number of professional groups continued to grow.

continued to operate   (çalışmaya devam etti)

The street's brothels continued to operate until WW2.

The mill continued to operate until the 1970s.

McCurdy's continued to operate both stores until 1994.

continued through   (devam etti)

Relations continued through the Sultanate of Sulu.

Such interruptions continued through the evening.

Periodic heavy air attacks continued through April.

continued to use

The Van range continued to use the previous body.

Ma Bufang continued to use this standard in battle.

However, they continued to use New Jersey magnetite.

then continued

She then continued on building her YouTube career.

The Union force then continued toward Big Bethel.

He then continued south towards the Peloponnese.

continued to write   (yazmaya devam et)

Anna Maria kept her health and continued to write.

Even as a centenarian, he continued to write books.

He continued to write for both theatre and film.

continued his studies   (çalışmalarına devam etti)

He continued his studies at Rijksakademie in Amsterdam.

He continued his studies at Pavia University.

Then, he continued his studies in Copenhagen University.

continued to live   (yaşamaya devam etti)

She continued to live in Provence from 1469 to 1480.

Moffat continued to live and work at Fitzroy Square.

His widow continued to live in the house until 1972.

continued to perform   (gerçekleştirmeye devam et)

After she retired to , she continued to perform.

Cryptic Fate continued to perform at concerts.

He continued to perform at the Met for the next 40 years.

continued working

He continued working on the project until 1765.

Since then, she has continued working in the healing arts.

Despite this loss, the other band members continued working.

continued throughout

Transfer activity continued throughout the season.

City expansion has continued throughout this period.

These yearly campaigns continued throughout the decade.

continued to expand   (genişlemeye devam etti)

Since then its development continued to expand.

Both schools continued to expand into the 20th century.

Abercrombie & Fitch Co. continued to expand.

continued to make   (yapmaya devam et)

She continued to make films through the mid-1990s.

Kelly continued to make frequent TV appearances.

She continued to make inroads on the pop chart as well.

continued to develop   (gelişmeye devam etti)

The film industry continued to develop after 1945.

Ravenswood continued to develop during the 1880s.

Throughout the 1950s the sport continued to develop.

continued to hold   (tutmaya devam etti)

Both players continued to hold, creating a tie-break.

He continued to hold the title in 2005, 2006 and 2007.

Mid Canterbury has continued to hold on to it ever since.

continued to run   (koşmaya devam etti)

Mony continued to run the company until his death.

Spillway East continued to run until May 1.

After the accident, trains continued to run from Kearny to Newark.

continued to produce   (üretmeye devam)

They continued to produce his pieces until 1947.

Akai has continued to produce MPC models without Linn.

She continued to produce newspaper and book illustrations for many years.

continued to support   (desteklemeye devam et)

Prince Peter continued to support the Tibetan cause.

While a unionist, Drayton continued to support slavery.

He has continued to support SD since then.

band continued

The band continued to exist after Tolfords death.

The band continued to tour with musician Nicholas Willes.

The band continued to perform until 1981.

continued to appear

She continued to appear in concerts until 1992.

Valli continued to appear in films throughout the 1920s.

The magazine continued to appear until 1876.

continued his education

Later, he continued his education, graduating in 1921.

He continued his education and received an MBA and a JD.

He continued his education at the Medical College of Virginia.

company continued   (şirket devam etti)

The company continued to refine the design into 1968.

The company continued to operate until 1977.

The company continued to operate until 1968.

continued playing

He continued playing after that in minor matches.

She continued playing on the LPGA Tour for 13 seasons.

Joey Villa continued playing as a solo artist.

continued to tour

Acid Mothers Temple SWR continued to tour as well.

"We continued to tour off that song for another year.

The band continued to tour with musician Nicholas Willes.

continued to exist   (var olmaya devam etti)

The estates continued to exist as landed estates.

The band continued to exist after Tolfords death.

MESAN continued to exist, but its role was limited.

continued to teach   (öğretmeye devam et)

He continued to teach as Professor Emeritus.

While studying law in Buffalo, he continued to teach school.

Kimball continued to teach part-time at BYU from 1976 to 1980.

continued his work   (çalışmalarına devam etti)

He continued his work until the end of his life.

He continued his work without any challenges.

He continued his work in physics at Columbia University.

continued to publish   (yayınlamaya devam et)

The newspaper continued to publish for two weeks .

He continued to publish his newspaper and write books.

After he retired, Rédei continued to publish.

continued to fight   (savaşmaya devam et)

When he recovered his sight, he continued to fight.

His queen continued to fight but she too.

Afterward, Carter continued to fight at smaller promotions.

continued writing

He continued writing until his death in 1975.

Growing up, he continued writing and creating short films.

After ABBA, Andersson continued writing music with Ulvaeus.

continued to increase

Eurostar passenger numbers continued to increase.

Production continued to increase, and employment along with it.

Cousins' popularity continued to increase over the following seasons.

continued use

In 1813 the house saw its only sale (for continued use as such).

Local residents were therefore opposed to continued use of the transmitter.

The Tucson resolution explicitly affirmed the continued use of lay ministry.

work continued   (çalışma devam etti)

His work continued through his posting in Vienna.

Conservation work continued to be a theme in Tana's life.

The modernisation work continued until the spring of 2008.

continued her studies

She continued her studies and completed her B.

In 1947, Seidel continued her studies at Kiel.

She continued her studies at the Chicago Art Institute.

continued to provide   (sağlamaya devam etti)

It continued to provide steam service into the 1980s.

The show continued to provide a new set for each new host.

"The bus continued to provide data until at least 25 April 1983."

continued his career

After the war, he continued his career as an artist.

Østby continued his career in sprint canoeing.

He continued his career in the top flight, moving to Madina.

continued during

The push continued during the NWHL All-Star Game.

Fundraising continued during the following years.

Repression continued during the prewar and war years.

continued to maintain   (sürdürmeye devam et)

It continued to maintain the park up to the present day.

NYS&W continued to maintain a freight house at Marion Junction.

Members continued to maintain contact with the church in the west.

continued to record   (kaydetmeye devam et)

In the 1980s, Miles continued to record and tour.

She continued to record into the early 1980s.

The Challengers moved on and continued to record albums.

continued to lead   (liderliğini sürdürdü)

Tehal continued to lead the Jatha towards the Gurdwara.

He continued to lead the U.D.D.

Kyle Busch continued to lead the field when the green flag waved on lap 22.

continued to struggle   (mücadeleye devam et)

He continued to struggle, playing four games in 2001.

Bencic continued to struggle at the beginning of 2017.

He continued to struggle with his hamstring.

continued to receive

Jeyaraj continued to receive threats from LTTE supporters.

"A Whiter Shade of Pale" has continued to receive critical acclaim.

"The Lion's Roar" has continued to receive regional and national awards.

team continued   (takım devam etti)

The team continued until 2014 when it was liquidated.

The team continued to not be able to build momentum in June, posting a 5–6 record.

Although attendance improved considerably with the new ballpark, the team continued to lose.

continued to decline   (gerilemeye devam et)

However, the family incomes continued to decline.

Ridership, unfortunately, continued to decline.

Since the 1950s the population has continued to decline.

continued to act

Flaubert continued to act as his literary godfather.

She continued to act on stage while also appearing on film.

IHME continued to act as the coordinating center for the work.

continued to study

He continued to study physical education there.

He continued to study chemistry at the Astor Library.

During these years he continued to study music.

continued to pursue   (takip etmeye devam etti)

Duke continued to pursue Firefly, who managed to escape.

He continued to pursue his writing, which included poetry.

Outside of publishing, Harman continued to pursue sex activism.

continued to practice   (uygulamaya devam et)

He continued to practice until his retirement in 1963.

Brown continued to practice medicine while coaching at Brown.

He moved to Barinas in late 1796 and continued to practice law.

continued to rise   (yükselmeye devam etti)

The number continued to rise and reached 15,890 in 1939.

Racial tensions continued to rise in the early part of the year.

Economic problems persisted, however, and unemployment continued to rise.

continued in use

The Fairlies continued in use until at least 1914.

The terminal continued in use for bus routes.

It continued in use as a barracks and as a command post.

group continued

The group continued on, with Calderon and Thornton.

The group continued to do well on the charts.

The group continued meeting through 1980.

fighting continued

Sporadic fighting continued in Saigon until March 8.

Heavy fighting continued for another two months.

The fighting continued throughout the night.

still continued   (hala devam ediyor)

Mammals still continued to grow larger and larger.

Protests still continued and several people were killed.

However, it still continued to air some ABC programming.

continued to paint   (boyamaya devam)

Throughout his life, he continued to paint seriously.

Despite his injuries, he continued to paint and write.

However, he continued to paint in his workshop in Istanbul.

continued existence   (devam eden varlık)

The proposal to abolish was rejected by Parliament, which favored its continued existence.

The Hills cloud explains the continued existence of the Oort cloud after billions of years.

In January 1984 there was a major television debate over the continued existence of the line.

family continued   (aile devam etti)

Israel Moremen's family continued to farm on the property.

The family continued its interest in racing, but times had changed.

The Rogers family continued to live frugally, and Henry worked very hard.

continued to build

Paff and the reformers continued to build their organization.

The wing simply continued to build on the 7108th Tactical Wing's missions.

Knight continued to build his case on the evidence gathered by detective work.

continued to take

Salt-making continued to take place near the Adur estuary.

Potter continued to take graduate courses until his death.

Day continued to take on challenging and difficult projects.

continued to improve   (gelişmeye devam etti)

Heathcoat continued to improve his machine.

In 1942 the Slovak–Hungarian relations continued to improve.

The Stewart's continued to improve the buildings on the Minnie Taylor farm.

continued work   (devam eden çalışma)

NPA went into exile and continued work from Sweden.

In early 1876, Dostoevsky continued work on his "Diary".

Wangensteen continued work on prevention of intestinal obstruction.

government continued   (hükümet devam etti)

This form of government continued for nearly a century.

Kriangsak's government continued to be snubbed by the king.

The government continued to seek a sponsor for the proposed institution.

continued to compete

The winner continued to compete in the season finale.

As Carol Frost, she has continued to compete into the Masters age groups.

She continued to compete, seeking to qualify for the 2018 Winter Paralympics.

continued to function

It also continued to function as an episcopal see.

The hospital continued to function until February 1945.

She sold the factories in 1812, and they continued to function until 1912.

later continued

Sawa later continued wrestling in college.

He later continued his education at Raffles Institution in Singapore.

She later continued writing when Tayla's mother encouraged her to continue.

continued performing

He continued performing until his death, in 1995.

Port Melbourne continued performing minor operations.

Abi Ofarim continued performing and recording.

continued development   (sürekli gelişim)

The game is under continued development as of August 2017.

Canadair continued development until the Arrow was cancelled in 1959.

The Spanish government selected the Modelo 2 for continued development in July, 1952.

line continued

The train service on the line continued at a low level.

The platform with a single line continued till the 70's.

The line continued to handle both freight and passengers.

continued north

It continued north along Markham Road to Highway 401.

In 1854, they continued north to the Oregon Territory.

The wagon road also continued north along the Sauk River to Rockport.

continued to dominate   (hakim olmaya devam et)

Republicans continued to dominate American politics until the early 20th century.

The "Concertación" coalition has continued to dominate Chilean politics for last two decades.

The team continued to dominate with victory margins exceeding 20 points in the first five games.

continued success

This was largely due to the continued success of the Immigration Act 1987.

This accounts for Urlus' continued success in a role as lyrical as Tamino.

With continued success in New Zealand Fast Crew entered Australia with "I Got" reaching No.

continued to air

New episodes continued to air until July 30, 2013.

However, it still continued to air some ABC programming.

They also continued to air weekly.

continued growth

With the 20th century continued growth in the population.

The spacecraft represents continued growth of the aerospace industry.

The creative beauty allows the viewers to see the continued growth of its characters.

continued the practice   (uygulamaya devam et)

He retired from public life because of ill health, but continued the practice of law.

Ayer took over the firm and with another employee, Rolland Lamping, continued the practice.

He continued the practice of law in Kansas City, Kansas, until his death there on September 11, 1926.

continued support   (devam eden destek)

Mohamud also reaffirmed Somalia's continued support for the Palestinian Authority.

His continued support of Delacroix as the foremost Romantic artist gained widespread notice.

President Eisenhower pledged his continued support, and a parade was held in Diem's honor in New York City.

series continued

The silent newsreel series continued until 1930.

The Panzerjäger series continued up to the equipped Nashorn.

This series continued until 1929, not long before Zeitlin's death.

form continued

His good form continued with the club, which made HSV fans to nickname him "Frost".

After a resurgence in form in the last few seasons, Town's form continued its upturn in form.

League form continued badly but Hibs reached the Scottish Cup semi-final drawing 0-0 with Rangers.

continued to release

In 2011, La India continued to release new music.

He continued to release albums for the next 30+ years.

Clapton continued to release albums and toured regularly.

continued operations

His son continued operations of the business in 1962.

"Valencia" however, continued operations with the Red D Line.

The newer F-15E fleet was later cleared for continued operations.

continued her education

Throughout her illnesses, she continued her education.

She continued her education with Alfred Cortot and Wilhelm Kempff.

After Ursuline, she continued her education at San Antonio Female Institute.

success continued

with Regis and Kathie Lee" and the success continued.

His success continued with his move to Ethiopia Insurance F.C.

Murphy's success continued in 1924.

although he continued   (devam etmesine rağmen)

Li retired in September 1981, although he continued to hold many honorary positions afterwards.

"The Film Review" was presented by other presenters although he continued to present "Dateline London".

He retired in 1952, although he continued to serve as a part-time member of the board until his death, four years later.

continued to move   (hareket etmeye devam et)

Gebrhiwet continued to move forward to second position.

The project continued to move forward, despite the unresolved financing issues.

Since its inception in 1928, AAAE has continued to move forward and grow, not only in size but in expertise.

war continued

The civil war continued, just as under Henry IV.

As the war continued, the manpower shortages continued.

The conference was to last for as long as the war continued.

continued to remain   (kalmaya devam etti)

The Dutch continued to remain adamant.

Wong continued to remain as chairperson of the Housing Authority as well.

He continued to remain a first team regular, playing in the left–back position.

continued to rule

They continued to rule under the protection of the Chola Empire until 1189 C.E.

However, Barre's Somali Revolutionary Socialist Party politburo continued to rule.

He was defeated near Augsburg in 743 but continued to rule until his death in 748.

continued to carry

It has continued to carry vehicular traffic since.

They continued to carry their former intercept company numbers.

"Lloyd's Register" continued to carry stale data for some time.

production continued

From 1960 on, exports and production continued to grow.

The art production continued also during the Byzantine era.

Martin's tiple production continued off-and-on into the 1970s.

continued up

Rapid growth continued up to the Crash of 1929.

The Panzerjäger series continued up to the equipped Nashorn.

Before dawn the following morning, she continued up the bay.

career continued

Vertov's successful career continued into the 1930s.

Drake's seafaring career continued into his mid-fifties.

Meanwhile, his writing career continued.

continued teaching

Afterwards he continued teaching at the University.

However, the Buddha continued teaching well into his old age.

After his ennoblement, Linnaeus continued teaching and writing.

continued along

French and English hostilities continued along the border.

After WWII, things continued along much the same path until the early 1950s.

Yet, wartime trade of contraband continued along well established family connections.

continued when   (ne zaman devam etti)

Success continued when Neeraj gave hit after hit.

This continued when he founded his own Ensemble La Fenice.

The Browns' success continued when the team entered the NFL in 1950.

continued to represent

He continued to represent Shropshire until 1976.

Dalby continued to represent Northumberland until the end of 1989.

In the 1990s, the republic continued to represent Mahoré in the UN.

school continued   (okul devam etti)

Teachers at his high school continued to encourage his development.

Named Sacred Heart Institute, the high school continued to grow rapidly.

The reformation of Burmese Buddhism through the Sinhalese Mahavihara school continued.

system continued

The system continued to stay till 12 September 2012.

New York's park system continued expansion after World War II ended.

The building of the boulevard system continued intermittently until 1942.

continued operating

Circus World continued operating into 1996.

The company's Ponce facility closed in 2002, but continued operating in Spain.

She continued operating in the gulf until the war with Japan ended in August 1945.

continued to show   (göstermeye devam et)

The play continued to show for three years.

Orton continued to show signs of improvement in the preseason.

El Salvador's balance of payments continued to show a net surplus.