İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

continues north   (kuzeye devam ediyor)

VT 7A, meanwhile, continues north into Shaftsbury.

KY 716 crosses the railroad tracks and continues north.

The roadway continues north as SR 681 (Bear Creek Road).

continues through   (devam ediyor)

The road continues through wooded mountains with a few homes.

The road heads to the east again and continues through residential areas.

It continues through farmland to Ten Mile, where it intersects with SR 68.

continues east   (doğuya devam ediyor)

The roadway continues east as Old Ferry Slip Road.

The geology continues east into Tilgate and Worth Forests.

Anne and continues east until it reaches PR 210 at Giroux.

then continues

It then continues forward on the board as a pawn.

The process then continues in a cyclic fashion.

It then continues towards Graham as a two-lane highway.

road continues   (yol devam ediyor)

The road continues south into Buescher State Park.

South of Frenchtown, the road continues as Route 29.

The road continues through wooded mountains with a few homes.

continues to operate   (çalışmaya devam ediyor)

WGUR continues to operate as a student-run station.

Since then, the HSS continues to operate abroad.

The program continues to operate nearly 40 years later.

continues today

It continues today as Anti-Slavery International.

The industry continues today, though on a smaller scale.

The Kırkpınar tournament continues today in their spirit.

continues to work   (çalışmaya devam ediyor)

She continues to work as a freelance journalist.

She continues to work within the Energy Sector.

Katz continues to work in the special needs profession.

continues to serve   (hizmet etmeye devam ediyor)

Segal continues to serve as the project's director.

It continues to serve as a community social center.

Boyd continues to serve as the group's president.

continues south

The road continues south into Buescher State Park.

The A404 continues south beyond the M40 towards Maidenhead.

The merge continues south for about before I-80 splits east again.

route continues

West of I-94, the route continues as 23 Mile Road.

After crossing the border, the route continues to Ivalo.

The route continues eastward into Rexburg, before turning northward.

highway continues

The highway continues west as WV 9 to Charles Town.

The highway continues due east from this interchange.

The highway continues on for several miles in this way.

continues to grow   (büyümeye devam ediyor)

The Bais Medrash now continues to grow year by year.

Today the city continues to grow and expand.

Art criticism continues to grow and develop alongside art.

still continues   (hala devam ediyor)

The group still continues to ride to this day.

The "Sessions" series still continues to be mixed by a DJ.

He still continues to play cricket.

continues to play   (oynamaya devam ediyor)

Dickey Betts also continues to play the song live.

He continues to play on many recording sessions today.

The club continues to play its home games at the Gabba.

continues along

I-384 continues along the southern part of Manchester.

The service continues along Newhey Road as it returns onto the A640 to Newhey.

When the chorus becomes triumphant again the 'Oss rises and continues along the procession.

continues west

The highway continues west as WV 9 to Charles Town.

The Côte de Nacre continues west from the Touques estuary.

The highway continues west to form a concurrency with US 71B.

continues northeast

SR 91 continues northeast as Veterans Road into Tazewell County.

US 19 continues northeast by the village of Willis before reaching Lebanon.

As NC 42 continues northeast, the highway crosses over the Cape Fear River.

continues to perform

Medlocke continues to perform with Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Alpert continues to perform and teach worldwide.

The band continues to perform, on occasion.

continues to use

South Africa continues to use DDT under WHO guidelines.

In 2011 he continues to use Fuchs as his main amplifier.

Baxters continues to use the Garners brand.

continues to provide   (sağlamaya devam ediyor)

It continues to provide yachting facilities today.

His company continues to provide a variety of services for the railroads.

Prince Edward's Gate continues to provide access through the Charles V Wall.

continues to write

Here continues to write and arrange anthems for choirs.

Fletcher continues to write his strips today.

Schmidt continues to write and record.

continues to hold   (tutmaya devam ediyor)

He continues to hold a yearly class for the society.

ILDC continues to hold a 27% stake in Ma'ariv.

He continues to hold his position as chairman of the board.

continues to run

Josh continues to run and is also spotted by Hunter Scott.

The RB 38 service continues to run between Cologne and Bedburg.

The Lewis family continues to run and maintain Wigwam Village #6.

roadway continues   (karayolu devam ediyor)

The roadway continues east as Old Ferry Slip Road.

Here, the roadway continues as Towne Centre Drive.

Here, the roadway continues as Riverwatch Parkway.

continues to live

She continues to live in Van Buren, on a 23-acre ranch.

She continues to live and work in Chicago.

He continues to live in New Jersey, and works in auto sales.

line continues

Northwards, the line continues to the final station, Grefsen.

The line continues past the Leipzig-Engelsdorf marshalling yard.

The railway line continues further east, but only for freight trains.

continues to make   (yapmaya devam ediyor)

Reles continues to make assassinations at Lepke's direction.

The company continues to make shaving and gardening products.

She continues to make viral videos on her Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.

continues to produce   (üretmeye devam ediyor)

He continues to produce new strips for Sundays.

She continues to produce short films, although at a reduced rate.

Seria Well Number 2 was drilled on 19 August 1929, and, , continues to produce oil.

continues northwest   (kuzeybatıya devam ediyor)

Here, North Belair Road continues northwest of Martinez.

The route continues northwest with US 290 as a limited-access highway.

Now known as Long Pond Road, Route 137 continues northwest through Brewster.

continues to exist   (var olmaya devam ediyor)

As of 2018, it continues to exist as a small press.

These advantages are perpetuated and inequality continues to exist.

The party continues to exist and unsuccessfully competed in the 2002 election.

continues north through

It continues north through Ten Mile, and enters Roane County.

The four-lane divided highway continues north through La Crescent.

The road continues north through more rural areas and curves northeast.

continues northward   (kuzeye doğru devam ediyor)

It continues northward, ascending the Pine Mountain Range.

The highway continues northward through rural Mercer County, roughly following US 19.

As the highway continues northward, the landscape transitions into hilly, wooded terrain.

continues southeast

The highway continues southeast as NC 14/NC 87 toward Eden.

VT 78 then continues southeast to its terminus at VT 105 in Sheldon.

The Little Patuxent continues southeast to join the Patuxent River at Crofton.

continues past

The west end of the aisle continues past the foot of the tower.

The line continues past the Leipzig-Engelsdorf marshalling yard.

The Esk continues past the small villages of Boot and Eskdale Green.

continues to support   (desteklemeye devam ediyor)

The Co-op continues to support electric vehicle adoption.

Pavan continues to support this initiative as a UNEP Goodwill Ambassador.

Lajes Field continues to support the American and Portuguese Armed Forces.

story continues   (hikaye devam ediyor)

The story continues smoothly, until an incident occurs.

The story continues in the "Atomic Edition".

The story continues on to "Serious Sam II".

continues to develop   (gelişmeye devam ediyor)

They believe that this approach continues to develop.

The human immune system continues to develop after puberty.

Unisys continues to develop and market the A-Series, now known as ClearPath.

continues eastward   (doğuya doğru devam eder)

Wyoming Highway 22 continues eastward.

The highway continues eastward through mixed fields and woodland.

The route continues eastward into Rexburg, before turning northward.

continues to tour

Hunter continues to tour across the UK, Europe and North America.

People Show continues to tour nationally, having produced 127 productions.

Today, he continues to tour and perform throughout the United States and Europe.

continues to maintain   (korumaya devam ediyor)

The UN continues to maintain a peace building mission in Bangui.

The university continues to maintain strong ties to its faith-based heritage.

Development efforts migrated to the WHATWG, which continues to maintain a living standard.

continues to expand

CNL continues to expand their presence downtown.

The Compostela Village Project began in 2010 and continues to expand.

Among emerging economies, China's e-commerce presence continues to expand every year.

continues the story   (hikayeye devam ediyor)

The disc also continues the story from the first disc.

"Dawn of Sorrow" continues the story of "Aria of Sorrow".

The film continues the story of the locals' struggle against Donald Trump but goes further afield also.

work continues   (iş devam ediyor)

The development of Christie's work continues apace.

His work continues to get rejected, and he lives in poverty.

The work continues even now with zeal and rejuvenating spirit.

company continues   (şirket devam ediyor)

This company continues to operate today.

The company continues to make shaving and gardening products.

The company continues to print the English daily "Borneo Bulletin".

school continues   (okul devam ediyor)

In its 2016 inspection Ofsted said: "This school continues to be good.

In 2017 the school continues to operate from its 1921 site, and its grounds now cover .

However the school continues to coordinate with Lincolnshire County Council for admissions.

continues to teach   (öğretmeye devam ediyor)

Cech continues to teach undergraduate chemistry at CU-Boulder.

The association continues to teach citizens rights and civic education to this day.

Gildrum manages to twist his orders from Rezhyk and hides Cray in the demon realms and continues to teach him sorcery.

process continues

This process continues until no cards are left in the packs.

The cryogenic process continues this action from ambient temperature down to .

The process continues, resulting in a widening in appearance without speciation.

continues east through

I-264 continues east through a partial cloverleaf interchange with US 17 (Frederick Boulevard).

The right-of-way continues east through Bennington County towards US 7 as VT 313 (Batten Kill Drive).

KY 21 turns to the southeast and continues east through dense forests with some fields and residences.

river continues

The river continues west until its mouth at the head of the Simadal Fjord.

The river continues meandering its way across open farmland towards Brimpton Common.

The river continues through the Lower Gorge to the Indian border at an elevation of .

game continues

The game continues until one player's pieces are all eliminated.

In case (1), the game continues.

These are entered and the game continues based on these entered results.

continues to publish

"The Enquirer-Gazette" continues to publish issues to this day.

He continues to publish scholarly material on the music industry.

The Devault-Graves Agency continues to publish a wide variety of books.

continues to offer

The website continues to offer franchise options.

Wilkins, continues to offer the ISC stream of education.

It continues to offer one of the last flag stop routes in the country.

continues to follow   (takip etmeye devam ediyor)

NC 42 continues to follow NC 22 for .

The DPA continues to follow the same objectives as when it was founded.

continues towards

It then continues towards Graham as a two-lane highway.

The main A6 road continues towards the city centre via the Dungiven Road and the Glendermott Road.

Leaving the city, the tollroad continues towards the south to the junction with the road to Cuernavaca Airport.

band continues

The band continues to perform, on occasion.

The band continues to record and make occasional live appearances.

The band continues to perform live and has released another DVD in 2007.

continues to increase   (artmaya devam ediyor)

The population continues to increase.

Oil exploration is ongoing and the amount of oil continues to increase.

The force is then continues to increase linearly until some predefined value.

continues to host

Guadeloupe also continues to host the Orange Open de Guadeloupe tennis tournament (since 2011).

It hosted the French Cycling Championships in 2009 and continues to host the Tour de Guadeloupe every year.

Sonoma Raceway continues to host amateur, or club racing events which may or may not be open to the general public.

continues to pursue

Meanwhile, Questor continues to pursue the Darkling.

However, Targent continues to pursue them.

He is at large and continues to pursue criminal activities.

continues to receive   (almaya devam ediyor)

The Institute continues to receive substantial gifts from the Huntsman family.

Having sworn off women, D'Elmont nonetheless continues to receive romantic attention.

The issue of rape and prisoners' rights continues to receive national and state attention.

continues to evolve   (gelişmeye devam ediyor)

The spelling of English continues to evolve.

Initial resuscitation of trauma patients continues to evolve.

Trailer Park continues to evolve as a community based project in New York.

continues to appear

The strip continues to appear as re-runs.

He is currently Co-Founder of MEDIAPOP Films and continues to appear in TV and Film.

The term continues to appear as a popular topic tag on both technical and political blogs.

trail continues

To the west the trail continues to the Gokyo Lakes, crossing the Ngozumpa glacier on the way.

At Garnet Canyon, the Tonto Trail officially ends, but a trail continues along the Colorado River to Elves Chasm.

After this, the trail continues uphill and southbound for about 0.6 miles where it comes to its end, reaching Trail #1.