contracted tuberculosis   (契約結核)

During this time Tsvetaeva contracted tuberculosis.

Lowe announced in a quiet voice that he had contracted tuberculosis.

When ʻAbdu'l-Bahá was seven, he contracted tuberculosis and was expected to die.

contracted to build   (建設契約)

KEC International Limited (KEC), an Indian company, is contracted to build the section from Elboro to Logologo, both in Marsabit County.

China Railway International Group had been contracted to build the airport at a cost of US$318 million, borrowed from the Exim Bank of China.

Benjamin F. Yoakum, a railroad executive who was a director of the C&S, was contracted to build more track in Trinity and Brazos Valley system.

contracted polio   (契約ポリオ)

He contracted polio when he was eight months old.

When Huberty was three years old, he contracted polio.

At about the age of four he contracted polio, which incapacitated his right leg.

contracted pneumonia   (契約肺炎)

Later, Bonington broke two ribs and contracted pneumonia.

In 1873 he contracted pneumonia and died on April 30, 1873.

He contracted pneumonia, and died at Asse on 4 January 1916.

contracted malaria

In 1886 he contracted malaria and went to Madras to recover.

Having contracted malaria, Szekulics fell seriously ill on her way home.

He contracted malaria, and had to recuperate from the disease in Calcutta and Rangoon.