İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

contrast between   (arasındaki kontrast)

There is no mechanical contrast between layers in this type of fold.

The alternation of light/dark accentuates the contrast between the two groups.

The remaining 20 percent had the most extreme contrast between wet and dry seasons.

stark contrast   (keskin kontrast)

This is in stark contrast to previous elections.

He notes an equally stark contrast in their real identities.

It was in stark contrast to the old church, both inside and out.

sharp contrast   (Keskin kontrast)

He is a dreamer, in sharp contrast to Katie, whose view of the world is realistic.

In sharp contrast, decolonization was an entirely different process of state formation.

David casts them in a soft light, not in the sharp contrast of Brutus or of the Horatii.

contrast to other   (diğerlerine zıtlık)

In contrast to other Swatch families, a digital LCD shows the time.

Lycia did not, in contrast to other Roman provinces, possess a very developed road system.

There are no animals that are dangerous to humans on the island of Crete in contrast to other parts of Greece.

contrast to most   (çoğunun aksine)

In contrast to most of her contemporaries Larcombe played her service underhand.

This work is cast in only one movement, in contrast to most piano trios, which have three or four.

In contrast to most lactic acid bacteria, this bacterium mainly breaks down lipids, forming free fatty acids.

marked contrast   (belirgin kontrast)

In marked contrast to their first bout, the match's reception was negative.

Renée de Maucombe's attitude to love and life are in marked contrast to those of Louise.

This system was in marked contrast to the conflicting, vague orders issued by the French army.

contrast to many

In contrast to many other scooter enthusiasts, "rat" builders view blemishes and unrepaired dents as attractive.

By comparison, Canoga Park has quite cool summer nights, in contrast to many other interior Southern California areas.

In contrast to many of their previous game, the weather was good, and on winning the toss, Hampshire decided to bat first.

stands in contrast

It stands in contrast to demand-pull inflation.

This stands in contrast to monogamy, yet may arise from the same psychology.

This stands in contrast to the popular notion that wisdom increases with age.

direct contrast

Again, the outcome was in direct contrast to the traditional architecture of the period.

Mompremier’s artworks highlights daily Haitian life in direct contrast to her husband’s compositions.

This is in direct contrast to TV Guide's review at the time that Jonas was a fortune-hunter after Jessie's money.

high contrast

It is commonly used to shoot very high contrast scenes.

By combining the optical imaging with ultrasound, it is possible to achieve both high contrast and spatial resolution.

These markings are designed to have high contrast and be highly visible on the road, to deter crime and improve safety.

contrast to previous

This is in stark contrast to previous elections.

In contrast to previous work, it consists of sixteen short pieces.

In contrast to previous BIFFs, BIFF 3.0 was held at a new venue, The Empty Space, Bakersfield.