contributed significantly   (大きく貢献した)

This contributed significantly to her artistic education.

Australia contributed significantly to the liberation of Borneo.

It contributed significantly to the economic prosperity of the company.

contributed greatly   (大きく貢献した)

"Iris" has contributed greatly to the band's success.

They all contributed greatly to the development of young Aram Nalbandyan.

He has contributed greatly to the growth of Bollywood in France and Europe.

contributed articles   (寄稿記事)

He also contributed articles on African issues to UNIA's the "Negro World."

He contributed articles to the "Revue Biblique" and the "Catholic Encyclopedia".

She has contributed articles to publications such as "The New York Review of Books".

contributed vocals

Guitarist and sound producer Nakajin has also contributed vocals.

He has also contributed vocals to a Rick Wakeman album, "Criminal Record".

Hayward contributed vocals to a song on Rick Wakeman's 1999 album "Return to the Centre of the Earth".

all contributed

They all contributed greatly to the development of young Aram Nalbandyan.

Guitarists Peter Green and Danny Kirwan, and bassist John McVie all contributed to the sessions.

While all of these people did many different things, they all contributed to advancements in medicine.

contributed more

He later contributed more to these and other schools.

These visitors contributed more than billion to Chicago's economy.

The plugboard contributed more cryptographic strength than an extra rotor.

contributed to many

He has also contributed to many sport magazines.

He also contributed to many works in the City Hall of Paris.

He has contributed to many scholarly discourses about cyberculture.

contributed many

Bréhier contributed many articles to the "Catholic Encyclopedia".

The club has also contributed many great players to the Vietnam National Football Team.

Sporting union the famous sports club which contributed many youngsters to the field is here.

contributed to several

He has also contributed to several anthologies.

Congdon has contributed to several books and publications.

He contributed to several other published books among them:

contributed much

Descartes contributed much to iatromechanical theories.

He has contributed much to the field of drug discovery and development.

These events contributed much to the revival of the Altaic self-awareness.

greatly contributed

This episode greatly contributed to the glory of the duke.

Dhaka University greatly contributed to the liberation of Bangladesh.

Although, it likely greatly contributed to Germany's overall economic recovery.

contributed towards

This style may have contributed towards Athenian realism.

He has significantly contributed towards the Agni series of surface-to-surface missiles.

He contributed towards the construction of Chilean houses and the introduction of a "Chilean Mass".

significantly contributed

These women significantly contributed to the cuisine of the region.

He has significantly contributed towards the Agni series of surface-to-surface missiles.

This significantly contributed to Bulgaria's militaristic foreign affairs approach during the first half of the 20th century.

contributed several

In its first and only issue, Mladen contributed several poems and an essay.

He edited and contributed several chapters to the first Icelandic textbook on European integration.

Former Digital Café sound design leader Andrew Benson, also contributed several songs for the game.

factors contributed

Many factors contributed to the growth of the valley.

Multiple factors contributed to the Democratic decline.

Several factors contributed to this shift.

having contributed

He has been described as having contributed to a revival of Coast Salish artistic tradition.

The company is credited for having contributed to the socio-economic development of the Philippines.

He also credits Charles Issawi and J. C. Hurewitz as having contributed to the creation of the book.

contributed to various

She contributed to various journals including "Arevelk" and "Hunchak".

Davidson contributed to various journals that were associated with the military and science.

Besides his solo exhibitions, Raupa has contributed to various exhibitions highlighting graphic arts.

contributed the song

Also in 1991, Gramm contributed the song "One Dream" to the movie "".

Cypress Hill contributed the song "Shoot 'Em Up" to the soundtrack of the movie "Juice".

In 2018, she contributed the song “Moon Boat” to the soundtrack for the film "Leave No Trace".

later contributed

Anne Brooksbank later contributed to the script.

He later contributed more to these and other schools.

Screenwriter Adam Cozad later contributed to the script.

contributed substantially   (かなり貢献した)

She contributed substantially to the income of her family.

FC Kochin had contributed substantially to the advancement of Kerala football within its short span.

As team manager and talent scout, he has contributed substantially to Exeter Chiefs’ current success.

people contributed

The following people contributed to "Face Control:"

The following people contributed to "Sequins 3":

The following people contributed to "Sequins 2":

contributed numerous

Many other model engineers have contributed numerous designs notable for their enduring popularity.

Johnnes has contributed numerous articles to Food & Wine, Gourmet, Wine & Spirits, and "Santé" magazine.

Between 1839 and 1853, he contributed numerous papers, chiefly of a scientific complexion, to the medical journals.

contributed a chapter

He also contributed a chapter to a book "Circle of Unity".

He subsequently contributed a chapter on their importance to the published edition.

He contributed a chapter in Dr. Anne Kwantes' book "Chapters in Philippine Church History."

contributed music

Samuel L. Rothafel also contributed music for the film.

Between 1920 and 1922, Duffield contributed music for West End revues including "Puss!

The noted chant music advocate David Hykes contributed music at the invitation of the director.

contributed to numerous

(2006) (see iTunes), and have also contributed to numerous compilation albums.

He contributed to numerous professional journals and was grantee major patants in his field.

As well as many articles, he wrote or contributed to numerous popular books on natural history, as well as his own travels and experiences.

contributed heavily

Again, automated scripts contributed heavily to the growth.

Tourism has also contributed heavily to the economy of Thiruvananthapuram.

He also contributed heavily to their "" eight-issue volume of character profiles.