İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

significant contributions   (önemli katkılar)

Hoyt made significant contributions in five areas.

He made significant contributions in these sub-fields of astronomy.

He also made significant contributions to the development of XQuery.

outstanding contributions   (olağanüstü katkılar)

He has also made outstanding contributions to the study of the Aymara, Mochica and Chipaya languages.

FarmHouse recognizes the outstanding contributions of both members and non-members of the fraternity.

In 2007, he received the Othmer Gold Medal for outstanding contributions to progress in chemistry and science.

made significant contributions   (önemli katkılarda bulundu)

Hoyt made significant contributions in five areas.

He made significant contributions in these sub-fields of astronomy.

He also made significant contributions to the development of XQuery.

important contributions   (önemli katkılar)

The state also made important contributions to relief efforts.

He made several important contributions to the knowledge of cephalopods.

Tretyakov made important contributions to research of bianisotropic media.

made contributions

Rood has made contributions to several fields of research.

Barwick has also made contributions to algebraic "K"-theory.

He has also made contributions to several scholarly journals.

major contributions   (büyük katkılar)

It recognizes a broadcaster for "major contributions to baseball".

Among Galen's major contributions to medicine was his work on the circulatory system.

He made major contributions to creation of new culture objects (museums, monuments etc.

made important contributions

The state also made important contributions to relief efforts.

Tretyakov made important contributions to research of bianisotropic media.

As a physicist, Professor Ng has made important contributions in his field.

campaign contributions   (kampanya katkıları)

It is funded from her leftover campaign contributions.

WellCare has since halted all Florida campaign contributions.

These include protests, campaign contributions and lobbying, and voting.

many contributions

Taylor made many contributions to the philosophical journal, "Mind".

He has made many contributions in the areas of pure and applied mathematics.

That year he also made his first of many contributions to Mathematical Reviews.

contributions made

He is known for contributions made involving war-related blindness.

Conference proceedings typically contain the contributions made by researchers at the conference.

Considering the contributions made by Ghosh for the people of India, a street was named after him in Kolkata.

contributions include

Other significant contributions include being the first to prove the Fermat polygonal number theorem.

Geodynamic contributions include ideas about how new subduction zones form and the evolution of plate tectonics.

His mathematical contributions include Fox n-coloring of knots, the Fox-Artin arc, and the free differential calculus.

notable contributions

Some of his most notable contributions were the ex and vi editors and the C shell.

In addition to his pastoral work, Father Rekowski made two notable contributions to Kashubian studies.

During his time with Harland and Wolff, Wilson made many notable contributions to the development of shipbuilding.

financial contributions   (finansal katkılar)

In some denominations, such financial contributions often total more than 30 percent of family income.

These financial contributions came to light in the 1990s, when the Sovereignty Commission records were made public.

Indeed, in Cardiganshire, levels of support for the Liberation Society (at least in terms of financial contributions) were low.

made major contributions   (büyük katkılarda bulundu)

He made major contributions to creation of new culture objects (museums, monuments etc.

Kay Sievers made major contributions to Linux's hardware hotplug and device management subsystems.

Fowler and his wife Alexis have made major contributions to her alma mater, San Diego State University.

features contributions

It features contributions from Dirt Nasty, Moka Only and The Grouch.

It features contributions from Cybotron, Badly Drawn Boy and David Holmes.

It features contributions from Dax Pierson, Odd Nosdam, Doseone, and Alias.

other contributions   (diğer katkılar)

Though all of the other contributions are guest vocals, Nicki Minaj contributed a voicemail.

Among other contributions, it advanced the theory of index numbers and generalized welfare economics.

Additionally, the Institute will often publish articles and other contributions sent in from readers.

fundamental contributions

Kaiser provided fundamental contributions to psychometrics and statistical psychology.

He made fundamental contributions in the fields of 3-manifolds and (algebraic) K-theory.

He has made fundamental contributions to the theory of regularization of motion in the gravitational N-body problem.

scientific contributions

Nayak has been awarded many times for his scientific contributions

The majority of scientific contributions by amateur astronomers are in the area of data collection.

He is also the recipient of the Israeli Ergonomics Society award for his scientific contributions to ergonomics.

included contributions

It included contributions from over 60 forestry institutions from all regions of the world.

Like many thinkers of his time, Anaximander's philosophy included contributions to many disciplines.

The album also included contributions from fellow comedians, Peter Grace, Sancia Robinson and Pete Smith.

contributions towards

Regardless, his indirect contributions towards psychiatry were considerable.

He is remembered for his contributions towards the workers' temperance movement.

He particularly made great contributions towards the study of Nizami and Fuzûlî's heritage.

featured contributions

It again featured contributions from Joe Bear, as well as additional guitar by Faith Taylor.

The album featured contributions from Michael Herbage on guitar and Brett Ascott on percussion.

Bill Wells' 2004 mini-album "Pick Up Sticks" featured contributions from Morgenstern on two tracks.

numerous contributions

Bulgaria has made numerous contributions to space exploration.

Banerji made numerous contributions to women's education of Bengal, British India.

He has made numerous contributions to mathematics including: His publications include:

substantial contributions

He has made substantial contributions to the field of behavioral economics.

Garza has made substantial contributions to the empirical study of urban economics.

(Kennedy) Brattle made more substantial contributions to science than any other American of the day.

research contributions

Several of his research contributions have been cited in books and articles.

Weeks' research contributions have mainly been in the field of 3-manifolds and physical cosmology.

His work can be found in over 180 articles in technical journals devoted to original research contributions.

charitable contributions

She has made charitable contributions to Teen Line.

Halloween is also a time for charitable contributions.

Vitale has received multiple awards for her charitable contributions.

contributions to science

Kingsbury received many accolades for his contributions to science and engineering.

(Kennedy) Brattle made more substantial contributions to science than any other American of the day.

For his considerable contributions to science and politics he was made a knight of the Order of St. Olav.

made outstanding contributions

He has also made outstanding contributions to the study of the Aymara, Mochica and Chipaya languages.

The award honors a scientist who has made outstanding contributions to the scientific field of physical optics.

It is awarded to members of the faculty who have made outstanding contributions to the University through their work in research.

voluntary contributions

The construction cost £1075 19s 10d (£1075.99), raised through voluntary contributions.

The club remains not for proof and is funded by subscriptions and voluntary contributions.

The voluntary contributions are expected to reach approximately US$1.6 billion in 2016–2017.

valuable contributions

Their valuable contributions are respected by all Baruas.

Many amateurs make valuable contributions in the field of computer programming through the open source movement.

Nevertheless they provide valuable contributions to resident quality of life, and can be supported by various tax beak incentives.

pioneering contributions

Caloz has done pioneering contributions to the field of electromagnetic metamaterials and smart antennas over the past decade.

She was the lead vocalist in the UK acid jazz band the Brand New Heavies and made pioneering contributions to the genre of acid jazz.

He was also awarded the 2012 IEEE Edison Medal for "pioneering contributions to imaging devices including CCD Imagers, cameras and thermal imagers".

political contributions

From 2009 to 2014, Siebel made a total of $335,300 in political contributions.

Between 1993 and 1997 Schultz received US$1,500 in gambling-related political contributions.

Users can also search by ZIP codes to learn how their neighbors are allocating their political contributions.

most important contributions   (en önemli katkılar)

One of the most important contributions of the Bauhaus is in the field of modern furniture design.

Of all Perry's great talents his most important contributions were as an outstanding administrator.

While Hikmet Demirkol from "Hürriyet" wrote: "It is one of the most important contributions of 2017".

musical contributions

Other musical contributions came from the Sole Bay Jazz Band and the Southwold & Reydon Corps of Drums.

The annual award is presented to students there in recognition of their musical contributions to the campus.

In days of old, the organist would assist the Gallery Gang with their regular musical contributions to worship.

great contributions   (büyük katkılar)

The Dravidians made great contributions to development of Hinduism.

Islamic philosophers also made great contributions to alchemical hermeticism.

The Greeks and Romans made great contributions to the development of adhesives.

distinguished contributions

In 1971, Allen received the "Tony Jannus Award" for his distinguished contributions to commercial aviation.

The Olympic Order is the highest award of the Olympic Movement and is awarded for particularly distinguished contributions to the Olympic Movement, i.e.

In 1986, she received the MidAmerica Award from the Society for the Study of Midwestern Literature for distinguished contributions to the study of same.

seminal contributions   (seminal katkılar)

Daube made seminal contributions to three fields—Biblical and Talmudic law; New Testament studies; and Roman law.

Pati was awarded the Dirac Medal for his seminal contributions to a "Quest for Unification" in the year 2000 along with Howard Georgi and Helen Quinn.

In 1972 the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) acknowledged Dijkstra's seminal contributions to the field by awarding him the distinguished Turing Award.

individual contributions

Monographs or individual contributions to monographs are published in English, French, Italian, or German.

An average of 25 percent of presidential campaign funds in 2012 were made in "small individual contributions."

Goss ran an unorthodox campaign, limiting individual contributions to his campaign to $300 and refusing to run television commercials.

main contributions   (ana katkılar)

In 1971 Walsh said his main contributions to the films were "fantasy...

He made the following main contributions to dynamical systems that deeply influenced the field.

From this time forth Tretyakov actively works in this research direction with the main contributions listed below.

contributions during

Richard Stone of the U.K. led later contributions during World War II and thereafter.

Christopher Fry and Gore Vidal also made significant contributions during production.

The basic PEPP aims at preserving the savers capital at retirement and cover the contributions during the accumulation phase after deduction of all fees and charges.