took control   (制御した)

In 1996, the Taliban took control of Afghanistan.

Calderón Guardia quickly took control of the party.

Bass took control of the family business in 1968.

take control   (制御する)

At the other end, Morris began to take control.

She responds that North Wind would take control instead.

That afternoon the Germans began to take control of Namur.

control system   (制御システム)

The trail is part of the local flood control system.

There was a breakdown in the command and control system.

A control system must always have some robustness property.

birth control   (避妊)

They also fought for birth control and abortion freedom.

(See Comparison of birth control methods.)

What good result can we expect if birth control is not adopted?""

lost control   (コントロールを失った)

Late in the race, Ernie Irvan lost control of his No.

He lost control after a wing touched the water.

On 27 July the Ustaše lost control of Drvar.

gained control   (制御を得た)

Nine officially gained control of NWS on 1 July 2013.

BHP Billiton had gained control of the company.

Massoud more and more gained control of Kabul.

control systems   (制御システム)

It is also used for traction control systems of some cars.

The primary mining data comes from version control systems.

Management control systems are used the most in Stage VI (40%).

full control   (フルコントロール)

A manager in full control, loved by the fans still today.

Baker's widow died in 1932, leaving Nugent in full control.

This led to Comcast taking full control of Jones Intercable.

traffic control   (交通規制)

Air traffic control uses primary and secondary radars.

McClintock was an expert in traffic control.

Yatam (ית"מ) volunteers mainly operate in traffic control.

command and control   (コマンドと制御)

There was a breakdown in the command and control system.

Staff training was also increased to improve command and control.

FTR HQR, in turn, exercises command and control over the sector HQs.

flood control   (治水)

The trail is part of the local flood control system.

It's one of sixteen flood control projects in the area.

It impounds the West River of Vermont for flood control.

quality control   (品質管理)

There's certainly no quality control."

His top priority is quality control.

The ISO 9001:2000 quality control system was introduced at the plant.

gain control   (利得制御)

Donald attempted to gain control of the earldom.

To gain control of the Senate, Green's ally, Lt. Gov.

Through this taint, the demons hoped to gain control of her.

direct control   (直接管理)

takes direct control of the Secret Avengers' operations.

Its use as a direct control agent was proven in the field.

The game also gives players direct control over the player character.

overall control   (全体管理)

The election resulted in no overall control.

The Liberal Democrats held overall control of the council.

fire control   (防火)

The fort's last fire control tower was demolished in late 2001.

The original fire control directors were a Flyplane 3 and an MRS 8.

The tank had a new chassis, a 105 mm gun, and a fire control system.

remote control   (リモコン)

Whoever has the remote control controls Gigantor.

A remote control was used to interact with the unit.

These devices allow remote control as well as live view.

control room   (制御室)

This information is relayed to the control room.

The recording studio has a control room and live area.

This crane is operated from a control room.

complete control   (完全な制御)

The Night Riders took complete control of the city.

Poland took over complete control on January 20, 1920.

In 1969, Chrysler Europe took complete control of the company.

taking control   (制御する)

Upon taking control the company raised water tariffs by 35%.

Coombes tells Crawford that he is taking control of the outpost.

Sukarno was in the process of forcibly taking control of the islands.

control tower   (管制塔)

The control tower from the airfield is maintained as a museum.

The fort's last fire control tower was demolished in late 2001.

The air traffic control tower was demolished in the fall of 2013.

air traffic control   (航空管制)

The air traffic control tower was demolished in the fall of 2013.

This excluded air traffic control, which was covered by the state.

In 2014, the FAA modified its approach to air traffic control hiring.

used to control   (制御に使用)

Indian gooseberry was used to control sea sickness.

However, DDT is also used to control malaria.

It is used to control very high population densities, i.e.

assumed control   (想定される制御)

CP assumed control of DM&E and IC&E on October 30, 2008.

The Nazis assumed control over libraries and information.

Lester Levy assumed control of the small NCH sales force.

gun control   (銃規制)

Helmer has long been an advocate for gun control.

Ryan supports gun rights and opposes stricter gun control.

He identifies as strongly pro-life and opposes gun control.

operational control   (業務管理)

DJKM resumed its operational control of CCS in 2017.

At no point was there a question who was in operational control while on patrol.

regained control   (取り戻した)

The Soviets regained control in December 1919.

Wang Jun then killed He Yan and regained control of You.

By 1818, Spain had regained control of all of its colonies.

seized control   (押収)

That quickly disappeared as Tyus seized control of the race.

In 1950, the Communist Party-ruled state also seized control over Tibet.

HTS seized control of Idlib province on January 10 right after the ceasefire.

control group   (対照群)

The control group comments were left alone.

In some instances, having a control group is not ethical.

The other was a control group and received sham stimulation.

regain control   (コントロールを取り戻す)

On 25 August, Yemeni authorities claimed to regain control.

Struggling to regain control, he was slowly able to get his wings level.

However, Tommasi had not given up trying to regain control of the NSWPP.

government control   (政府の管理)

Labour unions came under tight government control.

Labor unions came under tight government control.

Internet is free of government control.

more control   (より多くの制御)

Frederick was gathering forces to assert more control in Italy.

Doge Dandolo still appeared to have far more control over his men.

They offer more control than drivers, but they have a smaller range.

state control   (状態管理)

He advocated for a stronger role for state control in science.

Pigeons were brought under state control for carrying messages.

However, the Swedish government placed the land under state control.

takes control   (制御する)

Hob escapes and takes control of Cain's drug empire.

Vincent then takes control of Chaos and battles Omega.

The player takes control of Axel Foley, the main character of the series.

political control   (政治的支配)

What that means is bringing the police service under greater political control."

A small interlocking elite, known as the Family Compact took full political control.

She teases him as a "West Briton," that is, a supporter of English political control of Ireland.

access control   (アクセス制御)

This is a derivate of the discretionary access control model.

access control, parking, ticketing etc., on their smartphones.

A typical IP access controller supports 2 or 4 basic access control readers.

not control   (制御しない)

The English did not control of Saint-Denis for long.

Second, we cannot control anyone's behavior but our own.

In any case, could not control inflation.

taken control   (奪われた)

The new operators had taken control by mid-September.

By 1972, Schoenfeld and Jacobs had taken control of the organization.

It has taken control of two former British Army barracks in the centre of the city.

flight control   (飛行制御)

In this configuration, the flight control systems must simulate "feel".

Side-sticks or conventional flight control yokes can be used to fly FBW aircraft.

The lighting of the runway can be remotely controlled from the flight control tower.

able to control   (制御できる)

Troy was able to control the marine traffic entering this vital waterway.

The shah expected to be able to control legislation by influencing the Senate.

A central Capture server is able to control numerous clients across a network.

control of all   (すべての制御)

Roosevelt offered Chiang control of all of Indochina.

By 1818, Spain had regained control of all of its colonies.

The state maintains direct or indirect control of all broadcast media.

retained control   (維持管理)

The Conservatives retained control of the council.

creative control   (クリエイティブコントロール)

Warner Bros. then granted Burton a large amount of creative control.

However, they generally had less creative control than the producer.

The move allowed him full creative control over his music and career.

control unit   (コントロールユニット)

A control unit can be designed to finish what it can.

The control unit is the system used for operating the machine.

The remote control unit on his chest kept him from seeing his feet.

ability to control   (制御する能力)

He has the ability to control human minds easily.

It also has the ability to control and manipulate the elements.

RT-M-160 («РТ-М-160») - with the ability to control the rear wheels.

pest control   (害虫駆除)

and are often used as a form of pest control.

This requires even greater nutrient and pest control inputs.

Use is limited to pest control programs by government entities.

control surfaces   (制御面)

Flight control surfaces are effective in every situation.

The control surfaces use aluminum skins.

Horizontal and vertical stabilizers were "all-moving" control surfaces.

no control   (コントロールなし)

The Muslims had no control over the church.

However, the hackers have no control of the encryption key.

His main issues were that he had no control over his works.

effective control   (効果的な制御)

The King had effective control over the Roman East where his military authority was absolute.

It is simply not plausible to argue that Israel exercises effective control over the Gaza Strip."

At every level of the party this was duplicated, with standing committees now in effective control.

biological control   (生物学的制御)

Theory for biological control: Recent developments.

Regulation of an insect population under biological control.

The beetle was introduced in these regions as a biological control.

control panel   (コントロールパネル)

Gas supply is controlled via automatic control panel.

I love peaks in a song – and enhancing them on the control panel.

The clouds servers can be deployed by using the control panel or API.

administrative control   (行政管理)

The company is under the administrative control of Ministry of Steel, Govt.

Litkens, would run the Organisational Centre and have administrative control.

Initially the Institute was under the administrative control of the Government of Manipur.

seize control   (支配権を握る)

Surcouf managed to board his larger opponent and seize control of the "Kent".

Federal attempts to seize control of Laredo, Corpus Christi, and Sabine Pass failed.

Components of the Italian and Yugoslav Communist Parties organized to seize control.

mind control   (マインドコントロール)

Overpowering the Neo Joker, the Joker releases Clayface and undoes the mind control.

Big Hero 6 returns to Japan to seek out the parties responsible for their mind control.

Sharon Carter is believed to have been killed while under the mind control of Dr. Faustus.

maintain control   (制御を維持する)

Rulers relied on the region's pirates to maintain control.

The test pilot was able to maintain control, and climb to a safe altitude.

The pilot was unable to maintain control due to violent buffeting, and he ordered the crew to bail out.

control center   (コントロールセンター)

In 1954, they built a new control center near the dam.

Its territorial control center assumed combat duty in July 2018.

All technological processes are managed in the SCADA control center.

local control   (ローカル制御)

The roadway was turned over to local control in the 1990s.

The roadway was turned over to local control in the 1980s.

Then, in 2008, after many protested, the schools were returned to local control.

greater control   (より大きなコントロール)

He also had improved durability as well as greater control over his powers.

Match has exhibited powers similar to Superboy, but supposedly had greater control.

new trends in consumer demands) earn the highest profits and gain greater control of industry.

total control   (トータルコントロール)

EWTN officially assumed total control on February 1, 2011.

Pennock was in total control.

Prior to the Act, the Arab trustees were in total control of their wakafs.

climate control   (気候制御)

The sheds were placed for climate control, since low temperatures prevented the film from reacting.

Other luxury standard features included heated outside mirrors and an automatic climate control system.

Doors are also used to secure passages into a building from the exterior, for reasons of climate control and safety.

control theory   (制御理論)

Cognitive load also plays a role in ironic control theory.

This was a landmark paper on control theory and mathematics of feedback.

Being fairly new, modern control theory has many areas yet to be explored.

military control   (軍事管理)

Their trade was deregulated once military control ended.

With the end of military control, Steeple Morden was returned to agricultural use.

Myrtle Beach AFB was closed as scheduled, ending military control over the facility.

lose control   (コントロールを失う)

Humanity is fated to lose control of them in the far future.

If the monkey takes too much damage, they will lose control of it.

Stones hitting the car caused him to lose control and hit a utility pole.

gaining control   (制御を得る)

Yanina succeeds in gaining control of the Land of the Ice People.

Turnbull soon bought out the others, gaining control of the Table Company.

The election resulted in the Conservatives gaining control of the council.

control measures   (制御手段)

The Foundation is notable for its support of gun control measures.

These will be monitored and feral animal control measures are in place.

Ryan has supported the rights of gun owners and opposed stricter gun control measures.

social control   (社会的統制)

Amphitheatres also provided a means of social control.

One form of Chamba social control is through the use of cults.

Informal social control is applying pressure to change another person's behavior.

loss of control   (制御不能)

Risk increases with the loss of control from outsourcing work.

Several tools may be used to detect a loss of control of alcohol use.

This caused a loss of control.

losing control   (コントロールを失います)

Khrushchev knew he was losing control.

He was very wary of losing control and kept tight reins in his family.

Ghazali struggled, vomiting and losing control of his bowels as he died.

arms control   (軍備管理)

Bush and Gorbachev agreed to speed up arms control and economic negotiations.

The treaty was the first arms control agreement established during the Cold War.

The island has also been criticised for supposedly lax arms control legislation.

no overall control   (全体的なコントロールなし)

The election resulted in no overall control.

There is currently no overall control on Pendle Borough Council.

The election resulted in the council remaining under no overall control.

took over control   (コントロールを引き継いだ)

Subsequently, the Knights took over control of the town.

In 1917, the United States took over control of all wireless stations.

After owner Frank Navin died in the offseason, Walter Briggs Sr. took over control of the team.

cruise control   (クルーズコントロール)

After halftime, Iowa went on cruise control.

If cruise control was invented for Nevada, Yorkshire was invented for the LFA.

River Plate finished the first half 2-0 and was in cruise control towards its first title.

traction control   (けん引制御)

It has traction control and ABS braking systems.

VDC incorporates a form of traction control.

It is also used for traction control systems of some cars.

control all   (すべてを制御する)

The RSHA, he emphasized, would control all aspects of the program.

They defended from the north-east of the country and the Taliban were never able to control all of Afghanistan.

Choribdongi said that if Wang Janggun went with him to the Dragon Palace, he would be able to control all the treasures of the sea.

attitude control   (姿勢制御)

This failed however due to problems with the attitude control system.

The last experiment, D-10, was to investigate an ion-sensing attitude control system.

The spacecraft eventually ran out of hydrazine fuel for its attitude control thrusters.

order to control   (制御する)

They spay and neuter cats in order to control the feral cat population.

New devices are being developed in order to control the bleeding using negative pressure .

Like their Assyrian relations, the Babylonians had to campaign yearly in order to control their colonies.

border control   (国境警備隊)

It has a special responsibility for the border control at Oslo Airport, Gardermoen.

"P31" was then used to secure the Maltese coast against smuggling and border control operations.

Talas Airport has no customs and border control checks and serves only flights within Kyrgyzstan.

control during   (制御中)

Luna loses control during the interview and shifts back into herself on live TV.

This is meant to help hydraulic control during a dry season with low water levels.

Sikasso was the last city to fall into French control during their invasion of Mali in 1888.

control scheme   (制御スキーム)

The game offers four control scheme presets, and personalized button configurations.

This control scheme is also used in some scenes that are similar to quick time events.

For neophytes and casual players, such a complex control scheme may seem more like work than fun.

better control   (より良い制御)

He later develops better control of his hunger.

So, Dhanush better control his own and choose stories carefully.

They found better control, less hypoglycaemia and 95% acceptance.

difficult to control   (制御が難しい)

However, the craft was very difficult to control.

However, the extent of chlorination is difficult to control.

This makes it more difficult to control the size of the fragments in the marker.

unable to control   (制御できない)

Thakur unable to control this trauma goes into coma.

When she submerged, she was unable to control her depth.

Alec begs her to stop, but she is unable to control herself.

fire control system   (消防システム)

The tank had a new chassis, a 105 mm gun, and a fire control system.

The Mark 92 fire control system was approved for service use in 1975.

The system is a licensed USN version of the Thales Nederland WM-25 fire control system.

damage control   (ダメージコントロール)

"Chandler"s damage control party led the struggle.

This should not be attempted in the damage control setting.

This is referred to by some as damage control ground zero (DC0).

train control   (列車制御)

Automated train control (ATC) ensures that train doors and decals perfectly match up.

The Multiple-unit train control was at that time emerging and not yet a reliable working system.

Nevertheless, the train control system installed for tilting operations is no longer in service.

crowd control   (群衆制御)

Wong is demoted to crowd control for the ruckus.

They also undertook guard, escort and crowd control duties.

The Governor's Horse Guard of Connecticut maintains two companies which are trained in urban crowd control.

control of both   (両方の制御)

The Republican Party took back control of both houses in 2011.

After the war, Australia took firm control of both the Ashes and world cricket.

The Democratic Party regained control of both the House and Senate in this election.

control centre   (コントロールセンター)

The base also served as a regional control centre for aviation.

It acts as operations control centre of Line 1 and Line 2, and maintenance workshop of Shenzhen Metro Line 1.

The VisualWorks Launcher, usually just called "the Launcher", is the control centre for the VisualWorks system.

loses control   (コントロールを失う)

Morales loses control, lunges at the couple.

The sheriff's truck loses control.

The cars on the freeway disappear and George loses control of the car.

motor control   (モーター制御)

His main area of interest is transcranial magnetic stimulation and motor control.

After that, they are then driven into position using a laptop and 56 motor control boards.

The LPC1549-LPCXpresso development board is available from NXP along with a motor control kit.

control equipment   (制御機器)

All armament was removed, and radio control equipment was installed.

Unpowered carriages could also be attached and some had control equipment.

The control equipment was left unaltered, but adjustable couplings were fitted at both ends.

central control   (集中管理)

Although he opposes Marxism, he frequently voices support of increased economic cooperation and central control.

He also established an office to compile and validate estate records with the aim of reasserting central control.

By the 18th century, the Ottoman Empire was driven out of Hungary, and Austria brought the empire under central control.

process control   (プロセス制御)

Each application determines the level of process control.

Realtime computers are used for process control and monitoring.

The field of control within chemical engineering is often known as process control.

fare control   (運賃管理)

The full-time fare control is at the east end.

On either end of the mezzanine is a fare control area.

This station has another fare control area at its extreme north end.

retain control   (コントロールを保持)

Spain attempted to retain control of its colonial empire throughout Franco's rule.

Meanwhile, Constantine II desired to retain control of Constans' realm, leading the brothers into open conflict.

Koch requested authority to retain control over four destroyers, but this was denied by the Allied Naval Council.

pollution control   (公害防止)

However, pollution control has remained somewhat elusive.

The disposal of this extract was to be planned together with the state pollution control agency.

Water quality, erosion, and pollution control have become important issues in China's relations with other countries.

control over all   (すべてを制御する)

So glory be to Him in whose Hand lies control over all things.

They maintained control over all of Afghanistan's major cities.

His goal was to extend his control over all of China, particularly Peking.

control of most   (ほとんどのコントロール)

The war left the Company in control of most of India.

He rapidly took control of most of Venetia and Liguria.

In 1643, Royalist forces won at Adwalton Moor, gaining control of most of Yorkshire.

control points   (制御点)

The majority of control points are equipped with remote control, power-operated switches.

Finally the internal control point formula_8is derived from the previously calculated control points asformula_9

In the endgame, a new enemy faction named the Black Tusk retakes all the control points players had previously liberated.

master control   (主制御装置)

The station also installed entirely digital production and master control rooms.

News 10 Now and R News's technical production and master control operations were merged with Capital News 9.

In addition, Channel Zero is offering the station a $1 million loan and free master control services for five years.