İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

controlled substance   (kontrollü madde)

(Cannabis is listed as a controlled substance.)

As of October 2015 TFMPP is a controlled substance in China.

(THC is listed as a "controlled substance" under Section 58-37-4's.)

randomized controlled   (randomize kontrollü)

Results from three randomized controlled trials have been published.

There are no randomized controlled trials available for the treatment of LMDF.

The 29 meta-analyses reviewed an aggregate of 509 randomized controlled trials (RCTs).

controlled trials   (kontrollü denemeler)

Results from three randomized controlled trials have been published.

There are no randomized controlled trials available for the treatment of LMDF.

The 29 meta-analyses reviewed an aggregate of 509 randomized controlled trials (RCTs).

not controlled

It is not controlled by it.

Ukrainian organizations not controlled by the Soviets were limited or abolished.

Unlike those of radar, LIDAR's frequencies and use are not controlled by the FCC.

tightly controlled   (Sıkıca kontrol edilmiş)

Travel to North Korea is tightly controlled.

News for public consumption was at first tightly controlled by governments.

These negotiations were tightly controlled by AFSCME leadership from outside Baltimore.

remotely controlled   (uzaktan kumandalı)

It was remotely controlled by CEO Alexander Zosel.

Some of these devices can be remotely controlled.

This allows the computer to be remotely controlled by the worm author as a "zombie".

controlled most   (en çok kontrol edilen)

By now, the Taliban controlled most of Afghanistan.

If seizures are well controlled most feel allowing driving is reasonable.

Local and regional governments, and the local nobility, controlled most of the decision-making.

controlled all

By 22 January 1919, the Romanian army controlled all the territory to the Maros River.

The state controlled all the press, no freedom was allowed for independent journalists.

Grand Central Terminal had a master clock that controlled all the clocks at the terminal.

electronically controlled

The engine is mated to an electronically controlled four-speed automatic transmission.

An electronically controlled rear muffler is used to keep the B4 quiet at low road speeds.

From 1987, an electronically controlled fuel pump was used, which increased the torque output by .

still controlled   (hala kontrollu)

Al-Zagal still controlled Baza, Guadix, and Almería.

In 1867, the state legislature was still controlled by ex-Confederates.

However, it fully was still controlled and subordinated to the Moscow's main governing body.

now controlled

Jacob mentions how many of his tribal friends are now controlled by Sam, another Quileute.

The hospital is now controlled by Hartford HealthCare, Connecticut's most comprehensive health system.

The original right-of-way is now controlled by the Union Pacific, which bought Southern Pacific in 1996.

controlled access   (kontrollü erişim)

There is an underground garage with a controlled access.

Macau has fewer than of highways, many of which are partially controlled access.

The legionary base of Melitene controlled access to southern Armenia and the upper Tigris.

randomized controlled trials   (randomize kontrollü çalışmalar)

Results from three randomized controlled trials have been published.

There are no randomized controlled trials available for the treatment of LMDF.

The 29 meta-analyses reviewed an aggregate of 509 randomized controlled trials (RCTs).

controlled through

Pampas grass can be controlled through pesticide treatment.

"Adventureland" is controlled through the use of written commands.

Salinity of the water is controlled through well testing and the use of the artificial lake.

controlled substances

There are five different schedules of controlled substances, numbered IV.

In contrast, amphetamine preparations are classified as Schedule II controlled substances.

Federally, the United States still classifies cannabis and hemp as scheduled controlled substances.

company controlled   (şirket kontrollü)

VisionTV is currently owned by ZoomerMedia, a company controlled by Moses Znaimer.

Jerome's future should have been secure but in 1855 he bought out a failed Bridgeport clock company controlled by P.T.

Ownership of the Texpark site was transferred to 3104854 Nova Scotia Ltd., a numbered company controlled by United Gulf.

remote controlled   (uzaktan kumandalı)

Their knowledge of remote controlled cars is used in "Eleven".

This procedure is remote controlled.

The main station in Ankara had 12 Transmitters, remote controlled.

directly controlled

The movement and attacking of familiars can be directly controlled with the stylus.

At one point the brothers reportedly directly controlled 70% of the national budget.

Unlike those in conventional "Quake" movies, none of the characters were directly controlled by players.

strictly controlled   (sıkı kontrol)

Access to dang'an is strictly controlled.

Much of the economy was centrally organized and strictly controlled.

The sweep flow is strictly controlled by an orifice and is not a function of temperature.

controlled trial   (kontrollü deneme)

E.g., survey data can be merged with randomized, controlled trial data.

One randomized controlled trial of 157 patients with chronic migraine was published in October 2012.

However, without a large controlled trial it is impossible to say whether the drug is truly effective against cancer.

controlled environment   (kontrollü çevre)

Human connection has only ever been speculated but has not occurred in controlled environment.

It also has entertainment systems inside the gondolas as well as a climate controlled environment.

Nurseries provide a controlled environment that is ideal for plant research for ecosystem restoration.

controlled via

Gas supply is controlled via automatic control panel.

The game is entirely controlled via the mouse.

The Stanley Gill game was controlled via the lightbeam of the EDSAC's paper tape reader.

controlled much

By late June, the RPF controlled much of the country and was nearing a complete victory.

Chinese businesses controlled much of the commerce in Ho Chi Minh City and the South generally.

Around the time, the warlord Yuan Shu controlled much of the territories in the Huainan region.

computer controlled

People live in computer controlled houses and are served by robots.

Tempe's old dams were computer controlled to maintain air pressure of .

It also features computer controlled wingmates who assist players in battle.

controlled using

The opponent is controlled using both legs and arms.

The cameras were frequently motion controlled using computers.

The exact transformation is controlled using a second input – the secret key.

team is controlled   (takım kontrol ediliyor)

The women's national team is controlled by Slovak Ice Hockey Federation.

The team is controlled by the Football Union of Russia and affiliated with UEFA.

The Guinea-Bissau national football team is controlled by the Federação de Futebol da Guiné-Bissau.

controlled conditions

Today soy sauce is made under controlled conditions.

It is produced "in vivo" in gypsy moth larvae reared under controlled conditions.

Where it has made falsifiable predictions under controlled conditions, they have been falsified.

carefully controlled

During the 1920s and 1930s, expansion was carefully controlled.

The light undersides of most mammals are due to the carefully controlled action of ASIP.

The city consists of several transparent domes, inside each of which the climate is carefully controlled.

then controlled

The display is then controlled like any other electronic color display.

He then controlled Saxony with the exception of Nordalbingia, but Saxon resistance had not ended.

The well was drilled by Herbert Wylie for the Mexican Petroleum Company, then controlled by California oilman Edward L. Doheny.

effectively controlled   (etkili kontrol)

The Killer Beez effectively controlled the record label Colourway Records.

Between 239 and 249, the regent Cao Shuang effectively controlled the central government and monopolised power.

The south was effectively controlled by the High Priests of Amun at Thebes, who recognized Smendes in name only.

territory controlled   (bölge kontrollü)

However, his authority largely extended only to the territory controlled by his governor, or "voivod".

Between 1980 and 1983, the Salvadoran armed forces were driven out of territory controlled by large FMNL groups in rural areas.

When Kun became aware of Romanian preparations for an offensive, he fortified mountain passes in the territory controlled by the Hungarian Army.

government controlled   (devlet kontrolünde)

right China Radio International (CRI) is a government controlled media outlet.

In 1999 the Australian Wheat Board ceased operation as a government controlled statutory authority.

Priests and bishops were given salaries as part of a department of government controlled by Paris, not Rome.

areas controlled

from areas controlled by Carthage.

It was used as a military textbook in areas controlled by Communists.

Two of them were established in Numidia, behind the coastal areas controlled by Carthage.

not be controlled

The flooding could not be controlled and she later capsized with the loss of 608 men.

His unnatural love for his sister goes unexpressed, however, his jealousy cannot be controlled.

Oxide appears only as an opponent in the game's final race and time trials, and cannot be controlled by the player.

owned and controlled

The land was owned and controlled by women.

A corporation is, at least in theory, owned and controlled by its members.

B Company 2-6 IN "Team Dealer" owned and controlled it Battlespace, Ta'meem.

largely controlled

New Zealand never had an aristocracy but its wealthy landowners largely controlled politics before 1891.

The cities had a quasi-independent status, and were largely controlled by the leading merchants and guilds.

As of 2008, Walikale's cassiterite resources were largely controlled by warlords empowered by the ongoing Kivu conflict.

radio controlled

The operation of drones and similar radio controlled devices is prohibited.

It has since gone on to become one of the most popular downloads related to radio controlled flight.

They were made up of various parts including old shoe boxes and the engines of radio controlled cars.

controlled areas

In March 2017 protesters attacked Akhmetov's offices in Russian controlled areas.

Native language as of the Ukrainian Census of 2001 (this list contains Luhansk People's Republic controlled areas as well):

They are used to give direction and information, warn of hazards and destructions, mark controlled areas, and mark off-limits areas.