most controversial   (最有争议的)

The film, however, became Capra's most controversial.

Genetically modified crops are publicly the most controversial GMOs.

The story is one of the most controversial Spider-Man stories ever told.

highly controversial   (备受争议)

The invitation proved to be highly controversial.

His legal advocacy remains highly controversial.

The 2010 nullification decision was highly controversial.

controversial figure   (有争议的人物)

Like Mao, he is regarded as a controversial figure.

Ran Min continues to be a controversial figure.

Rees-Mogg is a controversial figure in British politics.

controversial because   (有争议的,因为)

"Baby Doll" was controversial because of its underlying sexual theme.

This act was seen in part as controversial because of its impact to many types of businesses.

The temple event became particularly controversial because it was attended by Vice President Gore.

more controversial   (更有争议)

The second game was more controversial.

Other aspects of his approach were more controversial, even for the times.

One of the more controversial teachings of Young was the Adam–God doctrine.

controversial decision

This was a controversial decision, and was opposed by some people.

Burnett lost a controversial decision to Miletich at UFC Ultimate Brazil.

In a controversial decision, Washington and Mansour fought to a 10-round draw.

remains controversial

The impact of the concession remains controversial.

The role of surgery in AIN syndrome remains controversial.

This question remains controversial.

very controversial

These results were very controversial at the time.

However, these results have been very controversial.

Unai Romano's case has been very controversial.

proved controversial

Some of Jafta's judgments have proved controversial.

This change proved controversial in literary circles.

The documentary proved controversial.

controversial issues   (有争议的问题)

The society addresses controversial issues.

In his talk show, he explores numerous controversial issues.

One such story took place in the controversial issues #96–98 (May–July 1971).

somewhat controversial

Use of a metal bat is somewhat controversial.

Hence its inclusion in fourteener lists has been somewhat controversial.

The placement of "P. auricoma" within "Parasola" is somewhat controversial.

controversial issue

Human rights in Guinea remain a controversial issue.

New composition is a controversial issue within sean-nós song circles.

Political funding was yet another controversial issue surrounding the electoral reform.

controversial circumstances   (有争议的情况)

Thames then lost its franchise in controversial circumstances in 1992.

They were denied by Western Suburbs in controversial circumstances in season 1952.

In the fight, Froch stopped Groves in the ninth round amidst controversial circumstances.

controversial among

While the unit sold well, it was controversial among Atari fans.

Many of the programs are highly controversial among the US public.

The existence of a primordial Martian ocean remains controversial among scientists.

became controversial

However, this government loan later became controversial.

During the late 20th century the use of exonyms often became controversial.

When it was released, it immediate became controversial and even led to boycott.

controversial due

The film remains controversial due to its interpretation of American history.

CT use in spondylolisthesis evaluation is controversial due to high radiation exposure.

The monument is controversial due to allegations that it glorifies Nazism and its Latvian collaborators.

controversial topics

His strong positions on controversial topics has attracted both admirers and critics.

She says she publishes an issue as often as possible, but keeps controversial topics to a minimum.

Other controversial topics are articles of about small schools and minor educational institutions.

considered controversial

The inclusion of Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane was considered controversial.

The lyrics were considered controversial, causing major media outlets to respond.

Based on a popular Sundanese novel, the film was considered controversial by the native audience.

controversial move

Meanwhile, in a controversial move, Lee allowed J.E.B.

In a controversial move, Sampson removed then captain, John Harkes from the squad.

In a controversial move Lehtinen blocked Hill when he tried to pass Lehtinen on the final straight.

controversial topic   (有争议的话题)

Music-induced hearing loss is still a controversial topic for hearing researchers.

The identification of Anantavarman's maternal grandfather is a controversial topic.

The third partition, and the partitions of Poland in general, remains a controversial topic in modern Poland.

controversial subject

Graffiti is a controversial subject.

Science education is a controversial subject in the United States.

Publishing of magic methods has proved a controversial subject at times.

controversial statements

He often made controversial statements to the local media.

Gluck's other controversial statements include, ""Terroir" is rubbish.

This campaign and other controversial statements have led opponents to accuse him of homophobia.

controversial book

They had co-authored the controversial book, "McCarthy and His Enemies", in 1955.

In September 2018 Berhane Abrehe published a controversial book: ”Eritrea Hagerey [Eritrea My Country].

The controversial book reportedly was inspired by an investigation by the FBI with portions of the book having been previously seized.

controversial comments   (有争议的评论)

West uses "Wouldn't Leave" to reference his controversial comments about slavery, and his relationship with Kardashian.

He is well known for his controversial comments on the Palestinian people and on the Muslim community living in France.

Her controversial comments on the lives of rough sleepers and some of them that she met led to a dispute between her, the public and the other volunteers on the show.

several controversial

During a US Congressional delegation's visit to Uzbekistan in February 2013, Rohrabacher made several controversial statements.

Working out of Beeny's Baptist church at 4249 Gibson Avenue, CROSS's St. Louis chapter organized several controversial "home-defense" seminars.

This event will feature open scoring between rounds after the Kansas Athletic Commission gave promoters this option following several controversial scorecards at UFC 247.

still controversial

As recent scholarship documents, the work is still controversial.

For these and other reasons, phylogenetic nomenclature has been developed; it is still controversial.

[...] She's still hot, she's still having hit records and she's still controversial, there's a reason for that."

less controversial

The NCC's rhetoric, however, was less controversial than before the war.

For the purposes of this article, the term "chest voice" is adopted as it is less controversial.

Gerry's first year as governor was less controversial than his second, because the Federalists controlled the state senate.

too controversial

This was deemed too controversial for the time and was changed to a yellow cover with a photo of the group.

<br> "Notes: album recorded in 1971 but turned down by record companies because it was considered too controversial."

This work, like the one he did in Havana, proved too controversial for local authorities that cancelled the planned showings.

controversial nature

Reviews of this work reflected its controversial nature.

His term in office is usually remembered for the controversial nature of his election.

Given the controversial nature of the stoppage, there were immediate calls for a rematch.

sometimes controversial

The titling of early "Doctor Who" stories is complex and sometimes controversial.

For 2000 the team returned to dominance with Huisman and Van Es but it was sometimes controversial.

Martin is a distinguished and sometimes controversial contributor to the field of molecular evolution.

often controversial

He is known for his pessimistic and often controversial sense of humour.

The use of animals for entertainment is often controversial, especially the hunting of wild animals.

Lane, a hearing man, became an often controversial spokesman for the Deaf community and critic of cochlear implants.

extremely controversial

It was also extremely controversial.

The application of labeling theory to homosexuality has been extremely controversial.

However, this is extremely controversial and politically charged, and no scholar agrees with this description.