İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

controversy when   (ne zaman tartışma)

Harbaugh caused controversy when he guaranteed a victory over Ohio State in 1986.

The video also caused minor controversy when scenes contained two women tongue kiss.

The photographs stirred discussion and controversy when they were first exhibited in New York.

caused controversy   (tartışmalara neden oldu)

The song caused controversy for dissing Aggro Berlin.

This article was reprinted in 1930 and caused controversy.

It caused controversy and was replaced by the image of a cat.

controversy surrounding   (Tartışma çevreleyen)

There was some controversy surrounding the auction.

There was some controversy surrounding the song.

There is some controversy surrounding the term Celts.

much controversy   (çok tartışma)

This clash of opinions has sparked much controversy.

Hun Sen and his government have seen much controversy.

The development of Bunker Hill caused much controversy.

subject of controversy   (tartışma konusu)

They continue to be the subject of controversy, e.g.

TCM has been the subject of controversy within China.

It was a subject of controversy for its violent content.

without controversy   (tartışma olmadan)

Simwala's glory days were not without controversy.

Reception of the work was not without controversy.

James' personal life has not been without controversy.

controversy among   (arasında tartışma)

The change, however, stirred up much controversy among candidates.

Himes as a rookie general manager generated controversy among players.

This arrangement sparked controversy among certain groups in San Diego.

controversy regarding   (ile ilgili tartışma)

There is a controversy regarding whether Jesus himself claimed to be divine.

It represented a great controversy regarding the double morality of society.

There is controversy regarding how the records of 1887 should be interpreted.

controversy arose   (tartışma çıktı)

A controversy arose over the writing credits on "Irreplaceable".

Soon a controversy arose as to whom such a monumental discovery should be credited.

In December 2005, controversy arose over the Intercounty Connector's proposed toll rate.

considerable controversy   (önemli tartışma)

The book created considerable controversy in the UK.

His presence generated considerable controversy.

The incident caused considerable controversy.

sparked controversy   (tartışmalı tartışma)

However, this disaster sparked controversy about this law.

The project sparked controversy in the field of architecture.

The play sparked controversy in the United Kingdom in December 2004.

generated controversy   (oluşturulan tartışma)

The incident generated controversy in the local press.

The band's real name generated controversy.

The ending was unpopular, however, and generated controversy.

caused some controversy   (bazı tartışmalara neden oldu)

Maasinhon's win caused some controversy, however.

This caused some controversy, and Kumar was penalised and remanded.

It featured live simulated sex and audience interaction that caused some controversy.

controversy between   (arasındaki tartışma)

This decision caused a controversy between France and Turkey.

This opened up some controversy between divers and the scientific community at the time.

The transferral of the Hlučín Region sparked controversy between Germans, Czechs and Poles.

not without controversy   (tartışmasız değil)

Simwala's glory days were not without controversy.

Reception of the work was not without controversy.

The closure of Chanel College was not without controversy.

controversy due   (süregelen tartışma)

It also generated some controversy due to her racy outfits.

This song generated substantial controversy due to the verse "Você pode fumar baseado".

The project had caused controversy due to the amount of hazardous waste that was being created.

attracted controversy   (çekişmeli tartışma)

This would not be the last time that the band attracted controversy with its album covers.

UCI attracted controversy in February 2010 when students disrupted a lecture by Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren.

In 1888, the band attracted controversy when it refused to perform at multiple events unless they were given adequate pay.

political controversy   (politik tartışma)

The announcement led to major political controversy.

The tour was highly successful but mired in political controversy.

Most investigations made by "Periodismo para todos" generated political controversy.

created controversy   (tartışma yarattı)

His large severance pay also created controversy.

The decision thus created controversy.

Both the silo building itself and the design created controversy.

source of controversy   (tartışmaların kaynağı)

Environmental law is a continuing source of controversy.

However, oil production is becoming a source of controversy.

The Erfurt Theater has been a source of controversy recently.

controversy because   (tartışma çünkü)

The election brought some controversy because one candidate, Michael Barlowe, was openly gay.

However this epistle is not without controversy because there is no evidence of a Greek text.

Redler applied for membership in the party, which fueled controversy because of her past activities.

controversy within   (içindeki tartışma)

TCM has been the subject of controversy within China.

There are two main areas of controversy within nutrition psychology.

The policy has been the subject of some controversy within the press.

great controversy   (büyük tartışma)

The great controversy will be ended and sin will be no more.

This was never proven and is still a subject of great controversy.

It represented a great controversy regarding the double morality of society.

public controversy   (kamu tartışması)

The orthography reform of 1996 led to public controversy and considerable dispute.

The program was the subject of public controversy for its cost to American taxpayers.

Plans for a redesigned interior added during the Calderón administration added fuel to the intense public controversy.

controversy during   (sırasında tartışma)

The film has received positive reviews but had a controversy during production.

Nun's Well became the focus of controversy during the 2010-2011 restoration of the site.

A major controversy during her tenure as mayor was around the decision to build a trash incinerator in Chester.

significant controversy   (önemli tartışma)

However, the latter was removed in 2013 after significant controversy.

The debate over Darwin's ideas did not generate significant controversy in China.

A significant controversy happened over the paper and "Nature"s unprecedented notice.

controversy erupted   (tartışma çıktı)

Minister in 2014, controversy erupted over his educational qualification.

Shortly thereafter, the U.S. media picked up the story and controversy erupted.

When the Kikuyu controversy erupted in 1913 Henson once again found himself at odds with Gore.

major controversy   (büyük tartışma)

I didn't expect that it would snowball into a major controversy", Sablok said.

Because it was such so different, there was major controversy as to who created the five course guitar.

A major controversy during her tenure as mayor was around the decision to build a trash incinerator in Chester.

further controversy   (daha fazla tartışma)

 Her blog post about a yellowface production of The Mikado started a protest and led to further controversy.

"Bismillah" was considered as an early working title for the film, but was not considered as the final title to avoid further controversy.

In 1995, there was further controversy when in 1995 the former B&W vice president and chemical researcher Jeffrey Wigand defected from the company.

minor controversy   (küçük tartışma)

Slapping is a subject of minor controversy in the bluegrass scene.

The video also caused minor controversy when scenes contained two women tongue kiss.

Agnew was involved in a minor controversy regarding an appearance by Lily Allen on "Test Match Special" in 2009.

controversy around   (etrafında tartışma)

The article also detailed the controversy around his funeral.

There is controversy around the notion that 'themes emerge' from data.

The controversy around the public disclosure of sensitive information is not new.

stirred controversy   (karıştırılmış tartışma)

The club, created in 2007, has stirred controversy within the Orange County, CA community.

The original cover featured a nude prepubescent girl, which stirred controversy in the UK, US and elsewhere.

As a result, Rumsfeld stirred controversy as to whether the forces that did invade Iraq were enough in size.

courted controversy   (mahkemede tartışma)

The Ambition and Not Dressing Women campaigns also courted controversy.

Many guests which the Phil has invited over the years have courted controversy.

Heart Attack Grill has deliberately courted controversy as a marketing strategy.

controversy over whether   (olup olmadığı konusunda tartışma)

There is some controversy over whether tool use represents a higher level of physical cognition.

The controversy over whether the game should have been played without fans did not end with the game.

There has been some controversy over whether the Disavow tool has any effect when manipulation has taken place over many years.

embroiled in controversy   (tartışmalara karışmak)

Between 1916 and 1919, Bénédite became embroiled in controversy.

Diderot returned to his efforts only to be constantly embroiled in controversy.

In 2011 Kien was embroiled in controversy when he led the charge to pull clubs out of the Vietnamese football V-League.

led to controversy   (tartışmaya yol açtı)

Its popularity has led to controversy in both countries.

Some musicals have used prerecorded backing track music for shows, which has led to controversy.

This in turn led to controversy as his selection was questioned by the media on the basis of a net performance.

controversy involving   (içeren tartışma)

In 2009, a controversy involving Nokubo negatively affected his career.

In May 2010 Greenberg was linked to a controversy involving White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel.

A controversy involving whether the band was to be taken as a serious rock group developed among critics and fans.

caused controversy when   (zaman tartışmaya neden oldu)

Harbaugh caused controversy when he guaranteed a victory over Ohio State in 1986.

Zero caused controversy when issue 31 included a playable demo of "Cover Girl Poker" on the cover disk.

In 2005 Vera caused controversy when appearing on the cover of Época magazine with the title "I Did Abortion".