tries to convince   (説得しようとする)

He then tries to convince Kate to come with him.

Will tries to convince everyone that there is no serpent.

She tries to convince Ecke to take a horse, but he refuses.

able to convince   (納得させる)

She assumes that Mishti will be able to convince Leo to sell.

Bill refuses at first, but Dodo is able to convince him otherwise.

tried to convince   (説得しようとした)

I tried to convince them we weren't Jewish."

Baley has tried to convince both robots to change their stories.

He tried to convince Wolverine to kill him, but Wolverine refused.

managed to convince   (納得させる)

While he managed to convince Rundstedt, they still needed to win over Hitler.

However, she managed to convince her parents and the cousin to cancel the marriage.

He managed to convince a local tavern owner to invest in bringing over some performers.

trying to convince   (説得しようとしている)

We are just trying to convince the network do it again.

Nikhil keeps trying to convince Neha but only gets rejection.

Meanwhile, Anushka's father is trying to convince her to marry.

try to convince   (納得させる)

In that case, she will try to convince her father.

Videos also try to convince would-be martyrs to launch their attacks.

Susan and Edie both try to convince each other that Mike will end up with them.

manages to convince   (納得させる)

She manages to convince Janet that Ace is a heel.

She manages to convince Bobby to sell the ranch to her.

Lightning manages to convince her to free the souls of the dead.

attempts to convince   (説得しようとする)

Daffy storms out, irate, and attempts to convince Elmer that Bugs is lying.

Her attempts to convince John that something is inside the house fall on deaf ears.

Fawcett attempts to convince the members of the RGS to back the expedition, but is publicly ridiculed.

attempt to convince   (説得しよう)

In an attempt to convince her, Paul kidnaps Leanne and locks her in his car boot.

There, Hunter and Sebastian Smythe (Grant Gustin) attempt to convince Blaine to return to the Warblers.

The author states that Ms. Bell then used her skill to attempt to convince Joshua Gardner to marry her.

attempted to convince   (説得しようとした)

Instead, the pope attempted to convince Alfonso X to drop this ambition.

He attempted to convince the confederates to surrender without unnecessary bloodshed.

During Willer's tenure as the president of the DOB, she attempted to convince the group to have a more aggressive political stance.

unable to convince   (納得できない)

At this time, Horace was unable to convince them to publish the Reverend's biography.

Patton traveled to Paducah and met with Leeper, but was unable to convince him to remain a Democrat.

The engineers responsible for AIM claimed that they were unable to convince AOL management that free was the future.

failed to convince   (納得できなかった)

He failed to convince prime minister Palmerston.

However, Touré failed to convince, appearing only in two games.

By August Germany began a bombing offensive on Britain, but failed to convince the Britons to give up.

helped convince   (納得させた)

In fact, seeing footage from the finished segments helped convince the actor to take the role.

Milliken helped convince South Carolina Senator Strom Thurmond to switch to the Republican Party.

NSSL's research helped convince the National Weather Service that Doppler radar was a crucial forecasting tool.

not convince   (納得しない)

But this does not convince her, and she turns against the Vidame.

Seeing that he could not convince St. Barulas to worship the false gods, he had the boy tortured.

She found Murphy's arguments convincing, but suggested that they might not convince gay or lesbian readers.

order to convince   (納得させる)

In order to convince her parents, she presented them a five-year business plan.

They also give Rosa advice on how to look grieving in order to convince the crowd.

FFL uses "pro-women" arguments in order to convince women that abortion is "immoral".