convoy escort   (護衛護衛)

Later that day, she continued on to Guam as convoy escort duty.

The ship initially served as a convoy escort in the Atlantic theatre.

She served primarily as a convoy escort in the Battle of the Atlantic.

left the convoy   (船団を去った)

She left the convoy at the Clyde, arriving that day.

She left the convoy at Invergordon, Ross-shire on 1 February.

On the morning of 9 January 1945, "Barataria", joined by "Currituck", left the convoy and proceeded to eastern Lingayen Gulf, where "Barataria" planted seaplane moorings, anchors, and buoys in the shallow waters south of Aringay Point.

escorting a convoy   (護送団の護衛)

Stone was absent at the time of the attack; he was escorting a convoy to Kingston.

left Jamaica for London escorting a convoy that left on 19 December 1812 and included "William Dent".

In December 1782 she was escorting a convoy of East Indiamen when they stopped at the island of Trinidade.

convoy duty   (コンボイ義務)

On convoy duty, she escorted various ships, including and , between Halifax, Nova Scotia and New York.

For the remainder of the war, "Henley" performed convoy duty along the coast and carried out anti-submarine patrol off New York harbor.

She reported to Okinawa on 8 July for convoy duty between that island and Ulithi until the end of the war, and continued to base on Okinawa as she supported the occupation.

convoy escort duties   (護送護衛業務)

The EIC had "Marquis Cornwallis" built for long-range convoy escort duties.

"Cornwall" was then transferred to the South Atlantic for convoy escort duties.

After a refit in 1917, she conducted patrol and convoy escort duties in the Atlantic.

escorted a convoy   (護送船団を護衛した)

He sailed "Topaze" off Corfu until December 1812 when he escorted a convoy back to Britain.

In October 1944 she escorted a convoy to Gibraltar and in December, convoys on the Murmansk run to the Kola Inlet.

In July, "Kilkis" and a pair of destroyers escorted a convoy carrying 7,000 infantrymen, 1,000 artillerists, and 4,000 mules to Panderma.

convoy bound   (輸送船団)

On 5 September, "Winooski" put to sea with a convoy bound for the British Isles.

On 21 October 1809, she sailed from Toulon to escort a convoy bound for Barcelona.

There, she joined a convoy bound for the Ryukyu Islands and arrived in Kerama Retto near Okinawa on 21 April 1945.

convoy arrived   (船団が到着しました)

The Queen's long-expected convoy arrived at Woodstock on 13 May 1643.

One U.N. aid convoy arrived to Eastern Ghouta in February 2018, only after it had no access for 78 days.

When the convoy arrived at Maiduguri, word about the events quickly spread and anger mounted among the entire 7th Division.

convoy escorts   (護衛護衛)

All served as convoy escorts during World War I.

Meanwhile, other convoy escorts had chased "U-123" away from the scene.

The convoy escorts threatened to ask "Empire Adur" to leave the convoy or sink her.

convoy escort duty   (護送護衛)

Later that day, she continued on to Guam as convoy escort duty.

Some of the losses, in the face of a large and powerful escort force, can be attributed to Captain Thebaud's inexperience in convoy escort duty.

The ship carried out convoy escort duty between Ireland and France, patrolled off the Irish coast for enemy submarines, and went to the aid of vessels in distress.