İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

refused to cooperate   (işbirliği yapmayı reddetti)

This was a process they refused to cooperate with.

These plots petered out after Bevin refused to cooperate.

After witnesses repeatedly refused to cooperate with Queens D.A.

not cooperate   (işbirliği yapma)

After World War II, their relations were hostile, so they did not cooperate.

(Unlike horses, cows generally do not cooperate with a farrier when standing.)

She attempted to dissuade him but Martin threatened her if she did not cooperate in the robbery.

agreed to cooperate   (işbirliği yapmayı kabul etti)

They finally agreed to cooperate only in 1931, and the first booklet came out on October 1, 1931.

The Liberal Party and the Social Democratic Party have agreed to cooperate in the drafting of the new legislation.

The charges were kept secret, and Castro agreed to cooperate with the Bronx District Attorney and later with the FBI.