İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

northwest corner   (kuzeybatı köşesi)

crowns the hill in the northwest corner of the town.

The northwest corner post bears a bridge plate.

It is located in the northwest corner of Morogoro Region.

southwest corner   (güneybatı köşesi)

A public boat dock is at the southwest corner of the island.

It is located on the southwest corner of E 200 S and S 200 E.

Home plate was in the southwest corner.

northeast corner   (kuzeydoğu köşesi)

The house marked the northeast corner of Murder Bay.

The diamond was in the northeast corner of the property.

At the northeast corner of town, the U.S.

southeast corner   (Güneydoğu köşesi)

In the southeast corner is the S shaped Cutler building (4).

This area has another access from the southeast corner of the site.

Pomeroy is located at in the southeast corner of Sadsbury Township.

each corner   (her köşe)

Bronze fire pots are set on each corner of the podium.

Inside at each corner were sandbag forts with 20mm guns.

It has four towers, one in each corner.

left corner

MARDI was fixed to the lower front left corner of the body of "Curiosity".

The word “Carrefour” is seen in the lower left corner made with blue beads.

Two Chumash people are illustrated in the lower left corner of Baca's mural.

southwestern corner   (güneybatı köşesi)

It is located in the southwestern corner of the state.

In the southwestern corner of the churchyard a well rises.

A small citadel was located in the southwestern corner of the town.

southeastern corner   (güneydoğu köşesi)

It is located in the southeastern corner of the province.

It is -shaped but with a distinctively curved southeastern corner.

During the spring, the Batumi eddy forms in the southeastern corner of the sea.

right corner

“Le8banedre3 leis” is seen in the lower right corner with blue beads.

The poem in the upper right corner was added in 1759 by the Qianlong Emperor.

A corner of Vermeer’s The Music Lesson can be seen in the upper right corner.

first corner

On lap 11, McCoy overtook Biaggi for third place after Biaggi ran wide on the first corner.

The man in the corner takes the third barrel to the first corner and pushes the barrel to the ricker.

This enabled him to make a fast getaway and maintain his pole position advantage heading into the first corner.

northeastern corner   (kuzeydoğu köşesi)

Bowie County is located in the northeastern corner of Texas.

Wallowa County is located in the northeastern corner of Oregon.

This regency is located on the northeastern corner of West Java.

northwestern corner   (kuzeybatı köşesi)

It is also spoken in the northwestern corner of East Equatoria State.

In the northwestern corner of the mosque is the Mamluk-style minaret.

miles, in northwestern corner of the voivodeship, along the Boh river.

around the corner   (köşede)

His professional debut was right around the corner.

Turmoil was, however, just around the corner.

Mabie's actual house, around the corner, was demolished.

every corner   (Her köşe)

Stimulating ideas, as usual, lurk around every corner.

In a month it had carried Walter's name to every corner of the globe.

We must eradicate evil, to extirpate it from every corner of the spirit.

corner kick

The Corinthians gained a corner kick early on, and Cardiff cleared.

He scored with a perfect header from a corner kick served by Banel Nicolita.

In a group stage match against Spain, he scored on a volley off a corner kick.

near the corner   (köşeye yakın)

Union authorities moved the prison near the corner of 10th and Broadway Streets.

His family moved to a house near the corner of Old Youghal Road and Ballyhooly Road.

The location of the adobe is now underneath the 5 freeway, near the corner of Daly & Luisa Sts.).

street corner   (Sokak köşesi)

A polygonal bell tower is on the street corner.

There are food stands on virtually every street corner.

Very often, a "Shadowman" could be found in a dark alley or lurking just around a street corner.

east corner

A 19th century vestry was added on the north east corner.

The physic garden occupied the north east corner of the Abbey.

They can be found in Sub-Saharan African in the south east corner.

west corner

The north west corner is dominated by the embattled so-called "little tower".

On the south west corner is Rugby Park Stadium, a privately operated sports ground.

Pelekanos is in the south west corner of the island, part of the rugged and remote Selino Province.

eastern corner   (doğu köşesi)

The tomb was located the eastern corner of the church and "Misericórdia Velha".

The post became the north eastern corner of the new Australian position at Lone Pine.

Pico Alto, resulted from fissural eruption developing in the eastern corner of the island.

corner tower

The exterior features Flemish-style gables and a corner tower.

This range incorporated an earlier corner tower and the 14th-century chapel.

This castle was destroyed by fire in 1755, with the exception of the corner tower.

western corner   (batı köşesi)

There is access by footpaths to its western corner.

The font, also of Stanwell sandstone, is situated in the south western corner of the building.

In 1979 Mrs Griffiths gave up her interest in the house in return for a piece of land on the western corner of the property.

corner towers

The caravanserai is protected from southeast side with whole corner towers.

Square corner towers dominate the west end with a connecting balustered walkway spanning the gabled elevation.

Henry's alterations included five projecting towers between two existing polygonal corner towers on the river-front.

hand corner   (el köşesi)

It occupies the upper-right hand corner of the Hertzsprung–Russell diagram.

The national flag of Peru is displayed in color, without the shield, in the upper left hand corner.

There is a small opening of the forest on the lower right hand corner that provides a rest for your eyes.

top corner

The monitor was connected via a coaxial cable running off the top corner of the card.

He opened his second season account with Dunfermline with a 30-yard top corner free-kick.

The ball fell to Reid from 30 yards and he scored a volley into the top corner of the net.

northern corner

These excavations were mainly concentrated in the northern corner of the settlement.

In front of the house, the slope exposes the northern corner more than the southern one.

The original studios were located in downtown Reidsville at the northern corner of South Scales and Gilmer Streets.

final corner

The second accident was more serious, with Timo Glock crashing heavily at the final corner.

It's important to carry speed through it, before spotting a braking point for the final corner.

On a drying track, he came from nearly a whole lap down to win at the final corner at the notoriously slippery Donington Park circuit.

southern corner

Sequoia Hall is located on the southern corner of the campus.

On October 9, 2015, Sports Authority opened a anchor store on the southern corner.

The arcades connect the main building with a single minaret in the southern corner.

top left corner

Trait that increased food requirement have corresponding number on the top left corner of a card.

They lie on the imaginary line that runs from the top left corner to the bottom right corner of the matrix.

Advancing to the next level involves staying alive until the timer in the top left corner ticks from 99 to 0.

corner pilasters

The tower's three sections all feature corner pilasters and overhanging eaves.

It has a large pavilion with corbel tables, brick corner pilasters and steeply pitched raking cornice.

Its facade has Greek Revival features, including corner pilasters and a portico sheltering a front entry that is flanked by pilasters and topped by a two-light transom window.

top right corner

The channel had a permanent DOG of the BBC logo in the top right corner of the screen.

The top left corner of the screen shows the collected power-ups; the top right corner contains the radar showing the locations of objects including enemies, power-ups, jet pods and enemy projectiles.

Gradel replaced Jermaine Beckford as a substitute against Southampton, and he made an immediate impact in the same game, minutes after coming on Snodgrass curled a shot into the top right corner to seal Leeds' win.

upper left corner

However, what was not common, was Benvenuto's choice to include the children on the hill in the upper left corner.

For example, the 1485 by Domenico Ghirlandaio includes the annunciation to the shepherds peripherally, in the upper left corner, even though it represents an episode occurring prior to the main scene.

A player uses retrieved items by clicking on it in his inventory (shown on the upper left corner), and then clicking on the element within the environment to interact with the element using the selected item.