Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

correspondence between   (correspondencia entre)

He believed in the correspondence between faith and reason.

The correspondence between Franz and Ottla Kafka is preserved.

There is much correspondence between these vowels between dialects.

correspondence course   (curso por correspondencia)

He had studied song and dance by correspondence course.

Born in Harwood, Pennsylvania, Evans studied art from a correspondence course.

After taking a correspondence course in journalism he started writing short stories.

correspondence courses   (cursos por correspondencia)

He furthered his proficiency in the language via correspondence courses.

These programs are correspondence courses, which heavily rely on textbooks.

With his heart set on working in this industry, he decided to take correspondence courses.

personal correspondence   (correspondencia personal)

In some personal correspondence Manik has addressed Sumati Mate as "Leela Gunavardhane".

This early form of slovakization can be observed in detail in noble families' personal correspondence.

Most of the letters feature everyday business and personal correspondence, instructions, complaints, news, reminders etc.

extensive correspondence   (correspondencia extensa)

This includes inter alia An extensive correspondence of William Bausinger with Ernst Kaiser and Eithne Wilkins Kaiser.

He also maintained an extensive correspondence with preservationist John Muir, of whom he was a friend and financial supporter.

Gyllenhaal, however, remained in contact with Linnaeus through an extensive correspondence and continued to work as an amateur naturalist.

private correspondence   (correspondencia privada)

Outside the big cities, private correspondence schools offered a flexible, narrowly focused solution.

It was discussed extensively in scientific circles both in published reviews and in private correspondence.

His claim was revealed to be false in a private correspondence written in 1971 and publicly disclosed in 2007.