political corruption   (政治腐敗)

is a song against corporate greed, political corruption, and racism.

It satirizes greed and political corruption in post-Civil War America.

The board was created in the wake of several political corruption scandals.

corruption charges   (汚職罪)

He was arrested to face corruption charges in 2015.

He was impeached on corruption charges .

The Taiwan High Court eventually cleared Ma of all corruption charges.

against corruption   (腐敗防止)

The initiatives he took against corruption were not very effective.

Mbah was an active campaigner for human and environmental rights and against corruption.

This essay is a polemic against corruption and Gildas provides little in the way of names and dates.

corruption scandal   (汚職スキャンダル)

It would be the biggest corruption scandal in Latin America.

Holgersson was involved in a corruption scandal in April 2006.

At the beginning of his third year in office, he resigned as a result of in a huge corruption scandal.

allegations of corruption   (汚職の申し立て)

Derek Schofield, embroiled in allegations of corruption).

There are unproved allegations of corruption against Devananda.

From the start, allegations of corruption and pay-offs emerged.

police corruption   (警察の腐敗)

Both investigated police corruption in Durango.

... During ... [2013,] there were reports of excessive force, police corruption, and impunity.

The case is often raised as an example of police corruption and the problems facing Thailand's justice system.

corruption within   (内の腐敗)

The system was developed ostensibly in response to corruption within the Czech political system.

At Wangbu's house, Cardo and Oscar decided to clean up the corruption within the Philippine Government.

Unsurprisingly, Mantuan's attack on corruption within the church reverberated through English literature.

government corruption   (政府の腐敗)

For example, the award-winning Senegalese film "[[Xala]]" takes government corruption as its theme.

Political concerns in China include the growing gap between rich and poor and government corruption.

Following democratic reforms, "La Prensa" continued to report on politics and government corruption.

corruption case   (腐敗事件)

Ortega had also been reporting on this corruption case.

On May 20, 2005, Nazaruddin was suspected in the alleged corruption case at the KPU by the Corruption Court.

In July 2017, ex Deputy Chief Minister Tejashwi Yadav of the RJD was charged by the CBI in a corruption case.

corruption scandals   (汚職スキャンダル)

In addition, corruption scandals are a source of public concern.

The board was created in the wake of several political corruption scandals.

During the 1940s, the HKPF faced a number of corruption scandals involving officers.

charges of corruption   (汚職罪)

In 1726, he had 26 Company servants brought to Batavia on charges of corruption.

Activists have made four serious charges of corruption and abuse of office against Anand.

Dogged by charges of corruption, the Directory collapsed in a coup led by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1799.

alleged corruption   (汚職疑惑)

Further evidence emerged of alleged corruption.

But the arrest and imprisonment of Carmelo achieved much more in society than his alleged corruption.

These theories were based on alleged corruption of the patent examiner Zenas Wilber who was an alcoholic.

accused of corruption   (汚職で告発)

President Temer is himself accused of corruption.

On the other hand, his administrations have been accused of corruption.

In May 2015, 14 people were arrested, including nine FIFA officials, after being accused of corruption.

corruption cases   (破損事例)

Other candidates were also associated with corruption cases.

One of the most important corruption cases in Brazil concerns the company Odebrecht.

The State Court also deals with organized crime, and economic crime including corruption cases.

widespread corruption   (広範囲にわたる破損)

"Tjambuk Api" has been read as a critique of the widespread corruption in Indonesia.

He was elected to the post again in elections marked by widespread corruption and fraud.

In the late 1980s, much of Armenia's economy already was opening either semi-officially or illegally, with widespread corruption and bribery.

corruption allegations   (腐敗疑惑)

Bowles, who was tainted by corruption allegations, had held the office for 20 years.

The corruption allegations against Bin Hammam and Jack Warner were leveled by CONCACAF general secretary Chuck Blazer.

Despite the corruption allegations, the Congress party put him up as a party candidate for the 2014 Lok Sabha Elections.

public corruption   (公共腐敗)

He is not allowed to hold public office due to two convictions for public corruption in 2014 and 2016.

As a native of Lake County, Indiana, public corruption was a major focus during Carter's tenure in office.

As a federal prosecutor, she carried a diverse docket, including public corruption, RICO, drug, and fraud cases.

corruption investigation   (腐敗調査)

He was arrested in April 2009 during a corruption investigation by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police.

In 1939, Suffolk County Sheriff John F. Dowd resigned while under criminal corruption investigation.

In 2004, Republican Governor John G. Rowland resigned during a corruption investigation, later pleading guilty to federal charges.

fight against corruption   (腐敗と戦う)

His film Pratighatana (1985) was the story of a woman's (Vijayshanti) fight against corruption and criminalization of politics in India.

It is acting also as a center of excellence for research on the fight against corruption and for the preparation of anti-corruption proposals.

Ivan Vilibor Sinčić, the president of the party, presented the platform as a new generation of politicians that will fight against corruption and organised crime.