councillors were elected

Three councillors were elected for each of the wards.

Three LibDem councillors were elected in 2014, but none in 2018.

Five Conservative councillors were elected at the 1983, 1987 and 1991 elections.

councillors elected

The parish has 8 councillors elected at-large.

UKIP lost 145 seats, having only 31 councillors elected.

Croydon London Borough Council has seventy councillors elected in 24 wards.

city councillors

The current city councillors for the ward are Azra Ali (Labour), Ben Clay (Labour) and Bev Craig (Labour).

The plenary, formed by the 41 city councillors, has advisory, planning, regulatory, and fiscal executive functions.

Barcelona is governed by a city council formed by 41 city councillors, elected for a four-year term by universal suffrage.

councillors are elected

Since the last boundary changes in 2002, 63 councillors are elected from 21 wards.

Three councillors are elected every four years to represent the ward on the Council.

Four of the twenty two town councillors are elected from the Foryd and Bodfor wards.

number of councillors   (議員数)

For 2018, Milton reduced the number of councillors from 11 to 9.

At the same time the number of councillors would be reduced by a third.

The Rural District Council comprised a number of councillors and a chairman.

local councillors

The area falls within the Princes Park ward for local councillors.

In 2008, this government approved a thirty percent increase in pay for the mayor and local councillors.

Each ward was represented by three local councillors, giving Wythenshawe 21 of the 99 seats on Manchester City Council.

elected councillors

It has no members of parliament and no elected councillors in local government.

The ward elected councillors to the Vale of Glamorgan Borough Council from 1983.

Ashley ward is represented by three elected councillors on Bristol City Council.

councillors representing

The District Council consists of 30 councillors representing 13 wards.

It consists of 16 councillors representing the two wards of Clifton and Townstal.

Until 2014 he was one of three councillors representing the Harborne ward in the west of the city.