not counted   (カウントされません)

Results displayed "(in brackets)" were not counted.

Goals from qualifiers are not counted in this list."

Abandoned or cancelled: Match not counted to average.

counted among   (に数えられる)

Her work is also counted among the New Hague School.

Emeritus ecclesiastics are counted among the latter.

Pamfile himself is counted among prominent folklorists.

counted towards   (にカウント)

Sales of "Fire" counted towards the EP's chart placement.

All races counted towards the final championship standings.

These medals are not counted towards the individual NOC medal tally.

census counted

The 1959 Soviet census counted 42,408 Balkars.

The 1911 census counted 283 Chinese in France.

The 2011 census counted 19,568 inhabitants.

counted as part

Both the C>A and G>T substitutions are therefore counted as part of the "C>A" class.

Also the Alkofen Heights left of the Vils are still counted as part of the natural region of the Neuburg Forest.

Around 100 Aboriginal Australians were killed but not recorded, as Aboriginal people were not counted as part of the population at the time.

not be counted

The Committee ruled that walks in 1887 should not be counted as hits.

But like so many times before, Staubach could not be counted out for long.

a car on a rough road or a wind driven turbine), those cycles can not be counted.