counterattack against   (反撃)

Lascombes and Bérard then led their men in a counterattack against a hill overlooking the French position.

Not long after finding their place, the troops began to prepare for a pre-dawn counterattack against the Confederates.

The following day in the morning, Bhakti Thapa, at the age of 74, led a daring counterattack against the British force entrenched at Deothal.

launched a counterattack

In late August, the German army launched a counterattack on Jelgava from the north but it failed to drive back the Soviets.

In late January 1945, as the Germans launched a counterattack at Haguenau Major Schweiter stated "What the hell are you so worried about?

General Tyler moved two regiments from the Coaling to his right and launched a counterattack, driving Confederate forces back nearly half a mile.