Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

country music   (la música country)

The younger Rhett is also a country music singer.

On "Billboard"'s country music charts, it was a No.

But I honestly would love to make country music".

across the country   (a través del país)

They were transported to camps across the country.

A language divide began to grow across the country.

Other stations across the country did much the same.

cross country   (a campo traviesa)

He also competed in cross country running events.

College cross country meets are held on the course.

The course also hosts LHSAA cross country meets.

throughout the country   (a través del país)

Ports throughout the country were severely damaged.

The other courts are located throughout the country.

This pastoral was distributed throughout the country.

around the country   (alrededor del país)

Ray played gigs and festivals around the country.

Bread products are consumed all around the country.

It held a number of hearings around the country.

home country   (país de origen)

His plays have been performed in his home country.

The home country is granted a competitive advantage.

She currently resides in her home country of Denmark.

country house   (casa de Campo)

Today Trenython Manor is a country house hotel.

This country house was also called Castle Gore.

These could be called the true English country house.

native country   (patria)

He had spent only a month in his native country.

He appeared in over 120 films in his native country.

Pachuca in Mexico and Libertad in his native country.

country music artist   (artista de música country)

Daisy Dern Daisy Dern is an American country music artist.

Jason Cassidy Jason Cassidy is an American country music artist.

Dan Seals discography Dan Seals was an American country music artist.

each country   (cada país)

There are two rehearsal periods for each country.

Adoption policies for each country vary widely.

The following is a list of each country's flag bearer.


He frequently phoned the country’s imam for a talk.

They can also vote for their own country’s song.

He was then the country’s youngest council chairman.

country s   (del pais)

He frequently phoned the country’s imam for a talk.

They can also vote for their own country’s song.

He was then the country’s youngest council chairman.

represented his country   (representó a su país)

He represented his country in the Commonwealth Games.

He represented his country at the 2012 Summer Olympics.

another country   (otro pais)

The phone number can be of another country.

She leaves to attend an important ball in another country.

These nations, once separate, are now part of another country.

leave the country   (salir del país)

Sando was ordered to leave the country within 24 hours.

They asked him to leave the country instead.

country music singer   (cantante de musica country)

The younger Rhett is also a country music singer.

He is the younger brother of country music singer Nathan Carter.

Lee Greenwood discography Lee Greenwood is an American country music singer.

own country   (propio país)

They can also vote for their own country’s song.

We need our own country, and once it isn't, it's over.

Yingdi is also a very welcome guest in his own country.

left the country   (deja el pais)

Alessandri left the country immediately for Italy.

Mella left the country, reaching Central America.

In 1948-9, 18,000 Jews left the country for Israel.

host country   (país anfitrión)

The host country, China, rounded out the field.

The host country does retain a competitive advantage.

Also, the host country could send a third team.

first country   (primer pais)

The first country to ratify it was Saudi Arabia in 2016.

Holland has been credited as one of the first country music drummers.

23, becoming Brooks' first country single to not chart on the top 10.

entire country   (todo el país)

The average rainfall for the entire country is about .

After six days' fighting, they occupied the entire country.

Faroese is spoken in the entire country as a first language.

within the country   (en el país)

Missionaries operated freely within the country.

As of 2018, it is one of twenty-one within the country.

Australia has pre-paid mail sack service within the country.

country charts   (cartas de países)

The single reached number 38 on the country charts.

It was his first Top Ten hit on the country charts.

21 on the U.S. country charts with his own version.

whole country   (todo el pais)

There he incited the whole country to revolt.

There are a total of 168 branches in the whole country.

Thus it was able to serve the whole country.

country singer   (Cantante country)

Akins' son, Thomas Rhett, is also a country singer.

Doug Adkins is a country singer, born in Havre.

On June 22, 2013, Decker married country singer Jessie James.

country of origin   (país de origen)

The list is categorized by country of origin or residence.

Sensitivity to country of origin varies by product category.

The country of origin for Vornoff and Strowski is left unnamed.

other country   (otro país)

I do not need Turkey or any other country to guide me."

Whether the other country recognizes dual nationality is irrelevant.

I would bar no other country."

open country   (campo abierto)

Their preferred habitat is fairly open country.

They are slender, ground-feeding insectivores of open country.

They are slender, ground feeding insectivores of open country.

country during   (país durante)

He continued to tour around the country during this time.

She was in the country during the 1982 El Salvador earthquake.

She was flag bearer for her country during the closing ceremony.

new country   (nuevo país)

The creation of a new country necessitated independent structures.

The new country was huge but sparsely populated and ethnically diverse.

The new country became a parliamentary democracy under a 1972 constitution.

country music format   (formato de música country)

The two stations aired a country music format.

That prompted WDGY to change to a country music format.

By 1988, the station was airing a country music format.

country estate   (finca)

Nearby is the village of Goresbridge and country estate of Mount Loftus.

In 1905, the couple purchased this lot of 94 acres for their country estate.

Caillebotte painted this canvas ' at the family's country estate in Yerres in 1878.

fled the country   (huyó del país)

By mid-2012 10,000 Christians had fled the country.

Large numbers of Belgian colonists fled the country.

In the face of this pressure, Serrano fled the country.

represented her country   (representó a su país)

She represented her country in Egpyt on April 2017.

She represented her country at the 2016 Summer Olympics.

She represented her country at the 2012 and 2016 Summer Olympics.

foreign country   (país extranjero)

He tries to act as if he is from a foreign country.

We'd moved to a foreign country where we didn't know anybody.

Different claims of a foreign country are taken into account.

country chart   (carta del país)

His version went to number 83 on the country chart.

The song peaked at number 7 on the U.S. country chart.

It also reached number 2 on the "Billboard" country chart.

country houses   (casas de campo)

Slowly the area became populated with custom country houses.

After World War II, many country houses were being demolished.

The country houses of England have evolved over the last five hundred years.

country club   (Club de Campo)

He owned and managed a country club near Baltimore.

A portion of the steel site was sold to create a country club in 1974.

Furious, Virginia called the country club's manager to get Carlos fired.

only country   (solo pais)

That left WKIS as Miami's only country music outlet.

China is the only country to still have people who still use Laomian.

It is the only country that does not have age restrictions on euthanasia.

outside the country   (Fuera del país)

Rao has also been influenced by many artists outside the country.

13), the protocol for raising it outside the country's borders (art.

The seven tried in absentia were either hiding or outside the country.

country radio   (radio country)

It impacted country radio on November 4, 2019.

It was serviced to country radio on April 30.

It was played in New York and on country radio stations.

country rock   (rock country)

Metasomatic alteration of country rock has taken place.

What resulted was a crossbred genre known as country rock.

independent country   (País independiente)

On 17 August 1960 Gabon became an independent country.

Barbados has been an independent country since 30 November 1966.

In 1960 the Sudanese Republic became the independent country of Mali.

represent the country   (representar al país)

A delegation of 46 athletes were sent to represent the country.

He became the youngest player ever to represent the country at the age of 14.

A team of 9 cyclists (2 women, 7 men) was announced to represent the country in the event.

every country   (cada país)

Not every country allows permanent residency.

Many have settled abroad in almost every country of the world.

Fables can be found in the literature of almost every country.

country code   (código de país)

The country code for Belgian websites is .be.

The Chilean internet country code is ".cl".

The country code top-level domain for the Cook Islands is .ck.

classic country   (país clásico)

In 2001, the station flipped to classic country as "US 102."

The song has become a staple of classic country radio station formats.

WAKO (AM) WAKO (910 AM) is a radio station airing a classic country format.

country format   (formato de país)

But then it briefly tried a country format as KCCW.

KJIB switched to a conventional country format in the early 1980s.

The station picked up the heritage call sign and country format in 1988.

when the country   (cuando el pais)

The mosque was built when the country was the Part of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

All interest in the story died by April 1917, when the country entered into World War I.

One of the widely reported achievements was in 1998 when the country joined the nuclear club.

country to country   (país a país)

The trend however differs from country to country.

Video game laws vary from country to country.

Funeral customs vary from country to country.

small country   (pais pequeño)

It provided the highest results in Olympic sports for the small country.

The term casino may mean a small country villa, summerhouse, or social club.

"He grew up here in a small country town and loved music", Jim Harrell said.

country music group   (grupo de musica country)

(pronounced "ride") is the third studio album by American country music group Trick Pony.

Old Photographs "Old Photographs" is a song recorded by American country music group Sawyer Brown.

Goodbye in Her Eyes "Goodbye in Her Eyes" is a song recorded by American country music group Zac Brown Band.

country home   (casa de Campo)

Boyd died at his country home in Maxpoffle, Roxburghshire on 9 October 1893.

In 1925, Milne bought a country home, Cotchford Farm, in Hartfield, East Sussex.

In 1967, Mrs. de Seversky died at her country home at Asharoken Beach, Northport, L.I.

country running   (país corriendo)

He also competed in cross country running events.

It is home to the Trofeo Alasport, an annual cross country running event.

The scenes with the cross country running were filmed in New Orleans City Park.

country through   (país a través)

The initiative was then followed around the country through the local press.

The Isle of Man donated to assist the activities in the country through Oxfam.

Mobile telephone service is available across the country through various operators.

leaving the country   (dejando el pais)

Darwish has also been subject to travel bans to prevent him from leaving the country.

Frances is torn between going away with her father or leaving the country on vacation with Erica.

According to Dzon, no explanation was given for the decision to bar him from leaving the country.

toured the country   (recorrió el país)

In 1959, a combined Oxbridge side toured the country.

In 1995 she toured the country with the band Direcția 5.

He also toured the country in 2010 releasing single "Du".

flee the country   (huir del pais)

This rampant antisemitism caused Jews to flee the country.

Boswell's response to these allegations was to flee the country.

To avoid prosecution he was prompted to flee the country to Monaco.

country team   (equipo de campo)

Their cross country team has improved in the last three years.

The boys' cross country team won a state championship in 2008.

Varsity Field The men's cross country team was founded in 2010.

country of birth   (País de nacimiento)

The next most common country of birth was England at 9.6%.

The next most common country of birth was England at 5.9%.

The next most common country of birth was England at 5.3%.

country hit   (golpe del país)

4) country hit in 1964 by Stonewall Jackson.

1 country hit in October 1967; the song also peaked at No.

6 country hit, "Down on the Rio Grande."

cross country running   (carrera a campo traviesa)

He also competed in cross country running events.

It is home to the Trofeo Alasport, an annual cross country running event.

The scenes with the cross country running were filmed in New Orleans City Park.

country artist   (artista country)

"Don't Rush" features the country artist Vince Gill.

Keifer has recently worked with country artist Andy Griggs.

It made her the first female country artist to top that chart.

country singles   (solteros del campo)

55 on the U.S. "Billboard" country singles charts.

The song peaked at number 20 on the U.S. country singles chart.

1 country hit singles, 21 Top 40 country singles, and two gold records.

same country   (mismo país)

She also worked with channel AXN in this same country.

In March 2017, he joined Syrianska in the same country.

Some cities may host more than one mission from the same country.

cross country team   (equipo de cross country)

Their cross country team has improved in the last three years.

The boys' cross country team won a state championship in 2008.

Varsity Field The men's cross country team was founded in 2010.

hill country   (zona rural montañosa)

The former municipality is located in the See-Gaster hill country.

Past Glenleith is rough, undeveloped hill country, dotted by small farms.

Caldwell was a lifelong resident of the hill country around Coffeeville, Mississippi.

country without   (país sin)

Soon thereafter, Will leaves the country without notice.

The area had been one of the few areas in the country without access to public television.

A number of foreign missionary groups operate in the country without government interference.

country as well   (país también)

Later, the bacterium was found at other sites in the country as well.

The whole country as well as the capital received the name "Sribogha" or Srivijaya.

Although concentrated in London, the outbreak affected other areas of the country as well.

represented the country   (representó al país)

Bisthamin represented the country at the Asian Rugby tournament in 2007.

Ten swimmers represented the country in the competitions in this edition of the Games.

A Spanish international for 12 years, Pirri represented the country in two World Cups.

country park   (Parque nacional)

At , it is the largest country park in Hong Kong.

The 4.23 square kilometre country park opened in 1931.

Its formal status as a country park dates back to September 2002.

country skiing   (esquí de campo)

He achieved a bronze in the 5 km cross country skiing.

Cross country skiing and ski jumping are common sports.

Cross country skiing, added in 1979, kicks off the Race.

through the country   (a través del país)

The CFM moved through the country at a fast pace in the 1950s.

The storm turned southward through the country, emerging over water on March 26.

Three major rivers run through the country: the Neman, the Pripyat, and the Dnieper.

country song   (canción country)

Like daylight.” "Red" is a country song.

A pop song, a rap song, a country song.

That would be a great country song.'"

country before   (país antes)

He was capped 67 times by his country before this.

They released two albums and toured around the country before breaking up in 2003.

He was educated in his home country before being apprenticed to a tailor at age 14.

country when   (país cuando)

Bahrain became his fifteenth footballing country when he joined Al-Ahli Club.

Their ancestors came to the country when both Sri Lanka and Indonesia were colonies of the Dutch.

He was active in his native country when the west Africa country of Republic of Benin was called Dahomey.

represents the country   (representa el país)

Each entry represents the country served by the participating broadcaster.

It represents the country in international 3x3 (3 against 3) basketball competitions.

The president represents the country and government as a whole in international affairs.

country between   (país entre)

Many of the rest had lived in the country between 20 and 40 years.

Much of the country between the coast and the Ebro Valley is mountainous.

Nevertheless, this system gave the necessary stability to the country between 1875 and 1903.

country including   (país incluyendo)

After meeting the local demand, fishes are supplied all across the country including Dhaka.

He received notable press attention when he would visit a country including Russia, Japan, and the United States.

Most of its socioeconomic indicators are the lowest in the country including income, education, health and housing.

third country   (Tercer país)

In 1993, Brazil became the third country to have 100 stakes.

The Pakistan-Algeria trade is mostly done via third country, i.e.

There is a border checkpoint for customs and third country nationals.

developing country   (país en desarrollo)

The game is set in a developing country where transport economy is vital.

As a still developing country, Iran is considerably behind by international standards.

Light industrial output was vital for a developing country coming from a low capital base.

country became   (el país se convirtió)

In the remaining 63 cases, a country became more democratic.

The new country became a parliamentary democracy under a 1972 constitution.

The country became one of the Jesuit-supported counter-reformation centers.

cross country skiing   (esquí de fondo)

He achieved a bronze in the 5 km cross country skiing.

She has since taken up para-cycling and cross country skiing.

In 2005 Avvakumova changed from cross country skiing to ski jumping.

country songs   (canciones country)

There were two country songs and a bouncy pop tune.

The song reached number 5 on the "Billboard" country songs chart.

Truck driving country songs often deal with the profession of trucking and love.

country in terms   (país en términos)

Ethnic Azeri villages are also among the largest in the country in terms of population.

Monaco is the richest country in terms of GDP per capita in the world according to the World Bank report.

Israel, a leading country in terms of its dairy management techniques, can be a good model for the State to follow.

enter the country   (entrar al pais)

Azerbaijan's diverse landscape affects the ways air masses enter the country.

San Martín's books were deemed too liberal, so he was not allowed to enter the country.

Eventually the Polish government finally allowed them, in stages, to enter the country.

country town   (población rural)

It's sort of a menage a trois outside a country town.

"He grew up here in a small country town and loved music", Jim Harrell said.

She now lives in a small country town in Shoalhaven on the south coast of NSW.

country life   (vida de campo)

The present owners are horse trainers and immersed in the busy country life of the area.

Micah Balwhidder, written by himself) is an 1821 novel of Scottish country life by John Galt.

Besides the theatre he was much attached to country life, and dwelt often with his father at Oakham.

entering the country   (entrando al pais)

In 2006, those agencies screened all cargo entering the country.

Hence, armed groups are regularly entering the country from Chad and Sudan.

In 2008, the number of tourists entering the country had increased to 330,000.

country and western   (país y occidental)

In Buffalo, Brooks performed with a country and western vocal group known as the Hi-Hatters.

In 1975, Tan flew to Nashville, Tennessee, United States, where the country and western action was.

After going solo, Head landed several hits on the country and western charts between 1975 and 1985.

country and abroad   (país y en el extranjero)

As a public speaker, he addressed audiences across the country and abroad.

Celebrated performers from within the country and abroad set the stage on fire.

He lectured widely in this country and abroad and attended many national and international meetings.

large country   (país grande)

Additionally, both states have large country music scenes.

The Soviet Union was the first large country to have a Communist government.

Sydmonton Court Sydmonton Court is a large country house in Hampshire, England.

traditional country   (pais tradicional)

Many traditional country artists are present in eastern and western Canada.

The reserve is situated on traditional country of the indigenous Arakwal people.

An upright bass was the standard bass instrument in traditional country western music.

country due   (país debido)

Ruler Prince Farhad has left the country due to the Ultranationalists.

In June 1994, the World Bank provided $20 million in assistance to the country due to the storm.

Most of the minority, especially Greeks, had to leave the country due to the population exchange.

per country   (por pais)

The top 12 teams (2 per country) and the host country in Preliminaries qualify to the Finals.

It was the first time that the participants per country in each category was limited to three.

Snowboarding has a similar quota program to freestyle skiing, with 26 spots available per country.

country albums   (álbumes del país)

It reached #4 on the "Billboard" country albums chart.

1 on their list of the best country albums of the year.

It peaked at #3 on the "Billboard" country albums chart.

alternative country   (país alternativo)

Sympathy, is a Canadian indie rock and alternative country musician.

Lost Dakotas Lost Dakotas was a Canadian alternative country band in the 1990s.

He is a son of alternative country artist Steve Earle and is named after Townes Van Zandt.

country music duo   (dúo de música country)

Bramlett and Burnette subsequently formed a country music duo, Bekka & Billy.

Bigger (album) Bigger is the sixth studio album by American country music duo Sugarland.

It features appearances from rappers Quavo and Tory Lanez, and country music duo Florida Georgia Line.

country band   (banda de country)

Lost Dakotas Lost Dakotas was a Canadian alternative country band in the 1990s.

Although trained in opera, she sang lead for the Timms Brothers, a country band.

By the early 1960s, however, it was rare for a country band not to have a drummer.

became the country   (se convirtió en el país)

Errol Barrow became the country's first Prime Minister.

The party's leader, Sékou Touré, became the country's first president.

After the independence of Bangladesh, he became the country's second president.