couple of years   (数年)

Snowfall occurs on average once in a couple of years.

For the next couple of years, he was used irregularly.

Even a dozen interviews could take a couple of years."

married couple   (夫婦)

and Thalia Shawn, a married couple who live nearby.

Mark and Cassie Whitman are a happily married couple.

A married couple are chased by two hunters.

couple moved   (カップルが移動しました)

The couple moved to Brookfield, Connecticut in 1929.

One year later, the couple moved to Mexico D.F.

In 1959, the couple moved to the United States.

couple of days   (数日)

In a couple of days, I'll go to Tangshan to visit Zhang Youren.

As a result of the delay, both men died within a couple of days.

Over the next couple of days the tension in Orangeburg escalated.

couple of months   (数ヶ月)

"This has been a trying couple of months, you know?

We didn't hear it for the last couple of months even."

A couple of months later, Condor’s band Hiatus M broke up.

young couple   (若いカップル)

The young couple married and had another child in 1981.

The story of the film about the love of a young couple.

The young couple was cast as the new lead pair of the company.

couple divorced   (離婚したカップル)

The couple divorced in 1992, but remarried in 1999.

The couple divorced after ten years of marriage.

The couple divorced in 2009; they have a son.

couple married   (夫婦)

The couple married in 1827 and had eight children.

The couple married in 1953, and had two children.

The couple married in 1950 and had four children.

couple of weeks   (数週間)

It was shot in a couple of weeks for TV."

That trip was followed by a couple of weeks spent in Berlin.

A couple of weeks ago I was doing some writing for Rihanna".

next couple   (次のカップル)

For the next couple of years, he was used irregularly.

The next couple added to the cast was Mayoral and Elsa Maria.

The duo shared many adventures during the next couple of decades.

couple lived   (カップルが住んでいた)

The couple lived in New York City and Connecticut.

The couple lived in Venice and had six daughters.

The couple lived in Brooklyn after their wedding.

only a couple   (カップルだけ)

The marriage lasted only a couple of months after the birth.

It is only a couple of km from Kottayam on KK Road (NH 220).

100.7 FM had only a couple of air staffers and was mostly automated.

first couple   (最初のカップル)

They were the first couple eliminated from the competition on September 25.

During the first couple of years the program didn't have a consistent name.

The first style is from his period in Hanoi, and on to his first couple years in Paris.

last couple   (最後のカップル)

We didn't hear it for the last couple of months even."

Each week, a couple will be eliminated until the last couple wins the grand prize.

Over the last couple of decades, the village has undergone some housing development.

couple separated   (分離されたカップル)

The couple separated in 2013, and divorced in 2015.

Following Reed's pregnancy, the couple separated.

The couple separated after ten years in 2011.

couple years   (数年)

Nonetheless he remained out of the limelight for the next couple years.

He made his big league debut a couple years later, on September 4, 1952.

The area was logged for spruce a couple years before it was originally purchased.

couple of times   (数回)

We also played the Celtics a couple of times and beat them.

A couple of times he tried himself in local musical groups.

King Buzzo also appears a couple of times in the song's video.

couple had no   (カップルはいませんでした)

The couple had no children and Miller died in 1987.

She died in August 1933, and the couple had no children.

In 1674 he married Agnes Carter but the couple had no children.

royal couple   (王室のカップル)

The royal couple took great interest in their staff.

The royal couple arrived for their first visit on 8 September 1848.

The scene shows the royal couple bestowing honors and gifts on Meryre.

couple of hours   (数時間)

Finally, a couple of hours later, Tembin started picking up track speed.

The Polish frontier was suddenly just a couple of hours walk to the east.

Callers are known to call a couple of hours before the show is on-air to be put on hold.

couple settled   (落ち着いたカップル)

The couple settled in Shediac, later moving to Rimouski.

In 1938, the couple settled near Taos on the Talpa ridge.

The couple settled in Boulder, Colorado.

within a couple   (カップル内で)

As a result of the delay, both men died within a couple of days.

There are a few rental car agencies within a couple of miles of the station.

In this period, these flies will stay within a couple meters of one another.

couple of seasons   (季節のカップル)

He then had a couple of seasons at Marathón.

For the first couple of seasons, Duthie commentated for the show alongside Colin Murray.

Over the next couple of seasons, attendance sharply declined for the CART-sanctioned race.

couple were married   (カップルは結婚していました)

The couple were married in 1966 by Allen Ginsberg.

The couple were married in 1986 and had two children.

The couple were married on 27 November 1743.

couple went   (カップルが行きました)

The couple went on to have 10 children together.

After their wedding the couple went north to Blackpool.

The couple went their separate ways.

couple announced   (カップル発表)

The couple announced their engagement in January 2010.

The couple announced their engagement in December 2017.

However, after 9 years, the couple announced their separation in 2007.

just a couple   (ちょうどカップル)

After just a couple of years, the Captain Action line declined in sales.

The Polish frontier was suddenly just a couple of hours walk to the east.

Ahmad played at the Roskilde Festival in 2000 under the banner of Freemuse, just a couple of years after the ban.

couple later   (後でカップル)

The couple later divorced and Dafni remarried twice.

The couple later tried to reconcile but without success.

The couple later settle in the US.

couple met   (会ったカップル)

The couple met while they co-starred in "Célestine".

The couple met after Page noticed Portner on Instagram.

The couple met while both were studying in Oxford, England.

couple returned   (カップルが帰ってきた)

The couple returned without completing the mural.

On July 9, 1936, the couple returned to New York.

The couple returned to Saskatchewan later that same year.

gay couple   (同性愛者のカップル)

Aidan and Chris formed "Neighbours"' first ever gay couple.

The purpose of the appearance was to introduce a gay couple that Homer would live with.

They pick up Michael's prescription and check into a hotel, where they are mistaken for a gay couple.

couple of decades   (数十年)

The duo shared many adventures during the next couple of decades.

Over the last couple of decades, the village has undergone some housing development.

For the next couple of decades Colombia, and South America in general, remained largely unexplored.

become a couple   (カップルになる)

Pepe and Pili also become a couple and move in together.

A month later, the two had become a couple.

During this mission, Rogue and Gambit become a couple again.

elderly couple   (老夫婦)

In 2005, elderly couple Faith and William Matheson move into the house.

After which, he came across an elderly couple and flagged down a police car.

The victims were four teenagers in one car, and an elderly couple in the other.

lesbian couple   (レズビアンのカップル)

Some scholars believe the two women were a lesbian couple.

In this case, a lesbian couple P.L.

In late 2006, the tabernacle performed the first religious wedding between a lesbian couple in Latin America.

couple became   (カップルになりました)

The couple became Rhodesian citizens on 16 June 1954.

The couple became engaged in February 2010.

The couple became engaged in 2007.

another couple   (別のカップル)

Beamer, his wife and another couple were visiting San Diego and staying in motor homes at the park.

He did not leave Ljungbyhed but stayed another couple of years and trained to become a flight instructor.

One can only wonder this squad of players could have achieved if given another couple of seasons together.

couple of minutes   (2〜3分)

He fell in love within "a couple of minutes", and she moved into the house over the summer.

Baroja played for a couple of minutes at the end of the game against Asteras Tripolis suffering two-headed muscle injury.

It took a couple of minutes, but Judy managed to unearth a fresh-water spring and was credited with saving everyone's lives.

couple of songs   (数曲)

Even before Gaye's death in 1984, Gaye was mentioned by name in a couple of songs.

I’d always said I want to do a Motown album, but after a couple of songs I’ll go ‘Let’s change it up’."

He also commented that "there are a couple of songs on "Sweetener" that you'd happily leave on the shelf."

between the couple   (カップルの間)

Nick then mediates between the couple after Shane finds the discovery hard to take.

More passionate embraces between the couple are seen before Lewis is seen breaking down in tears.

The marriage ended in 1967 due to Alatriste's infidelities and business problems between the couple.

when the couple   (カップルが)

The ROMM registers marriages when the couple are both Muslims.

This did not change when the couple had a child, Frederick Jess.

Sturm was married to Imad Izemranie from 2007 to 2010, when the couple divorced.

couple then   (カップル)

The couple then run to a cabin where an old man lives.

However, the couple then argues about the child as well.

Recruited by Raytheon, the couple then moved to Massachusetts.

past couple   (過去のカップル)

The girls' volleyball team for Millis has had some success over the past couple years.

He commented that the song was "not the overwrought dance-R&B that’s flooded radio for the past couple of years.

"As some of you may know, Gareth has been living in America for the past couple of years, and recently got married.

couple months   (数ヶ月)

A couple months later, Liu matriculated at Stanford University.

After a couple months back and forth in the Stamford and national papers, Rev.

A couple months after starting, the station replaced him with a British actor.

couple of miles   (数マイル)

Latitude Festival takes place a couple of miles west.

This had been the plan, but only for a couple of miles.

There are a few rental car agencies within a couple of miles of the station.

couple remained   (カップルが残った)

The couple remained married until his death in 2012.

The couple remained together till separated by death.

The couple remained married until Lang's death in 1996.

couple of other   (他のカップル)

Ansil-sa and a couple of other Buddhist temples are located within the park.

And I wrote a couple of other songs that I felt really needed to go on the album."

Joe, however, insists Andy stays and listens to a couple of other Julia recordings.

couple weeks   (数週間)

Sharpton followed suit a couple weeks later.

A couple weeks later, Renthlei joined Aizawl for their I-League campaign.

Speed broke his shoulder in the crash and had to sit out for a couple weeks.

couple of hundred   (数百)

The kingdom itself though is probably a couple of hundred years older than that.

Boaks reckoned that he had given away a couple of hundred pounds in this manner.

Only a couple of hundred Serbs lived in Kaçanik, today there is only one Serb left.

couple more   (さらにカップル)

A couple more short-lived breaks ensued, including one by Portuguese Rui Costa ().

The Serb was relegated back to the bench, recording only a couple more starts in late December and early January.

McHugh would wind up making a couple more starts before being demoted on August 24 to make room for Jeremy Hefner.

couple left   (カップルが去った)

The couple left for America in 1955.

In April, the couple left Madras.

This couple left their life in London to build their dreams in this unique place by the sea.

couple did   (カップルがやった)

The couple did not get along and never had any children.

However, the couple did not reconcile and Lady Astley went to live with Captain Garth.

The couple did not take long to settle in a lush hotel, at 33 Nerviens Street in Antwerp.

couple made   (カップルが作った)

The couple made their home in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn.

The couple made several TV performances with the song in Germany.

Walter became an academic in the UK, where the couple made their home.

couple days   (数日)

She herself also visited Aceh for a couple days after the tragedy.

A couple days after Nikolić's departure, Miroslav Đukić returned to Partizan.

They talk and bond and Sushant invites Aparna to spend the next couple days with him.

couple live   (カップルライブ)

The couple live near Southwold in Suffolk.

The couple live in Helmsdale and have a son named William.

The couple live in London and were married on 5 September 2019.