İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

golf courses   (golf sahaları)

Three public golf courses are offered in the city.

The year-round golf courses are major attractions.

training courses   (Eğitim Kursları)

She taught seven basic training courses each year.

The institute offers 3 training courses as full-time.

The school offers vocational training courses.

offers courses   (kurslar sunuyor)

It offers courses from PreSchool to Senior High School.

AACC offers courses for people of all ages.

The university offers courses in Turkish, English and German.

taught courses

He also taught courses at the Allentown Police Academy.

From 1989 to 1993, she taught courses at Paris 8 University.

He taught courses in political philosophy and American politics.

undergraduate courses

The faculty offers primarily undergraduate courses viz.

She enrolled in undergraduate courses at the University of Manchester.

It offers undergraduate courses in B.Tech.-C.S.E, E.C.E and M.E, E.E, C.E.

courses offered

The courses offered by the institute are:

The courses offered by the institute are approved by AICTE.

education courses

Some of these also provide higher education courses (see below).

Open Acadia offers correspondence and distance education courses.

There are over 5,500 students enrolled in tertiary and further education courses.

level courses

The majority of students take A level courses.

The site provided AS and A level courses, amongst others.

take courses

Millennium students can also take courses at Piedmont High.

For STEM, students make take courses in engineering or computer science.

All lawyers are however required to take courses regarding personal law.

degree courses

(They have since emerged as degree courses.)

The university offers degree courses in a variety of disciplines.

It offers four year degree courses in various branches of engineering.

postgraduate courses   (Lisansüstü dersler)

In 1936, Clark attended two six-month postgraduate courses.

The colleges offers 8 undergraduate and 7 postgraduate courses.

The colleges offers 15 undergraduate and seven postgraduate courses.

graduate courses

Potter continued to take graduate courses until his death.

The college offers more than 150 seats in post graduate courses.

This college offers both under graduate and post graduate courses.

online courses   (çevrimiçi kurslar)

The first online courses were offered in 1997.

The college also offers a variety of distance education and online courses.

ACM also offers insurance, online courses, and other services to its members.

courses are offered

Three public golf courses are offered in the city.

Nine advanced placement courses are offered.

Adult high school and GED courses are offered there as well.

took courses

He took courses in philosophy and community administration.

While on sabbatical leave during 1994-95, he took courses in the LL.M.

In 1889, she travelled to Boston, where she took courses in painting and drawing.

language courses

This program is complemented with foreign language courses.

English and German language courses are also part of this programme.

German language courses are provided to interested international students.

college courses

Around 1984, the institution started offering college courses.

They provide nonresidential junior college courses to people living in a particular area.

The backbone of the text is King's teaching notes from several college courses he taught in the 1970s.

courses such

The college offers courses such as:

Our vocational skills training provides courses such as sewing, hairdressing and cooking."

It offers courses such as Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Education, Information Technology and Accountancy.

courses in arts

This college offers different courses in arts, commerce and science.

Government College, Dipka offers undergraduate courses in arts, commerce and science.

This college offers UG, PG, Masters and Doctorate courses in arts, commerce and science.

short courses

Prolonged repetitive courses of treatment appear to be more promising than short courses.

It does this by offering short courses, carrying out research and consultancy works in the beginning.

NIDA also delivers short courses to thousands of students every year across Australia and internationally.

different courses   (farklı kurslar)

They let dreams decide different courses of action in their lives.

This college offers different courses in arts, commerce and science.

For the 2008 edition of the Vintage Yachting Games four different courses were available.

courses include

Master's courses include MA, M.Sc., MBA, LLM and M.Tech.

The new courses include two active learning weekends in Washington, D.C.

Some courses include a unique name for the hole and may have sponsor logos.

college level courses

Cuthbertson's partnership with South Piedmont Community College offers college level courses through the program.

The online academy will contain curricula from kindergarten through high school as well as some college level courses.

Pfohl returned to her high school to begin her education career, teaching girls at Salem Academy and after two years, she began teaching college level courses.

teaches courses   (dersleri öğretir)

She teaches courses at Kyoto Seika University.

He teaches courses in taxation, immigration, citizenship, and national security.

He also teaches courses in legislation and regulation at Willamette College of Law.

vocational courses   (mesleki kurslar)

It offers over 50 PTIB-approved vocational courses, including:

The prison administration offers vocational courses and legal services to the prisoners.

(As it is a college-preparatory high school, it does not offer any true vocational courses.)

academic courses

In 1948, Ponomarev has ended the academic courses.

On average, MCLA offers 300 academic courses each semester.

His research for the military was more advanced than academic courses at that time.

courses of study

In addition, the school offers separate courses of study for women.

Most courses of study are related to computers or digital technology.

He mastered all the courses of study at Drigung kagyud Monastery in Ü-Tsang.

university courses

In 1929 there were ten university courses in medical social work.

The term has also been referred to in newspapers, books and university courses.

The book is also used as a textbook in numerous college and university courses.

courses including

The college offers six undergraduate courses and six postgraduate courses including M.B.A. and M.C.A.

They provide 4 scouting courses including Talent Identification in Football and Advanced Reporting at Hotel Football, Old Trafford.

The school gives other minor courses including foreign language courses in order to keep a high educational standard between their trainees.

other courses   (Diğer kurslar)

There were three other courses in San Antonio at that time, all private.

Admissions for other courses are done after interview at the college campus.

Admission to other courses are based on criteria decided by the Academic Council of the University.

science courses

He has taught online data science courses for DataCamp.

He was educated in Bangalore, excelling the science courses he took in school.

He chose a pre-law major but took mathematics and graduate level computer science courses.

courses through

Tree of Life also offers dual courses through Urbana University in Urbana, Ohio.

Headrick, his son Ken and his friends created object courses through the city and parks.

Cuthbertson's partnership with South Piedmont Community College offers college level courses through the program.

range of courses

A full range of courses did not become available until 1936 when a chemistry lab was installed.

The university offers a diverse range of courses and has a number of institutes affiliated to it.

It offered a similar range of courses to that of the University of Lincoln's current site in Holbeach.

offering courses

In 1974, the center began offering courses off-site at area businesses.

Over the years, the institution has been offering courses in Arts & Commerce.

Twenty-four years earlier, Indiana University also began offering courses in Fort Wayne.

teaching courses

Also he took up teaching courses on Unix, TCP/IP, HP OpenView, VMware.

There are benefits of using film as part of a multimedia approach to teaching courses in popular culture.

He attracted postgraduates from many countries, held numerous teaching courses, and introduced live CCTV workshops.

elective courses   (seçmeli dersler)

English-language elective courses will also be offered by faculty members.

As a result, several state schools offer Hebrew or Jewish Studies as elective courses.

At Mathayom Pai levels (grades 10–12), students are allowed to choose one or two elective courses.

offer courses

Michell began to offer courses in UFOs and ley lines.

The institutes offer courses of a higher technical level.

They offer courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

variety of courses

There are a variety of courses from diplomas through to master's degrees.

He has conducted a variety of courses as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Arab Jordanian Army.

A variety of courses are available, with students receiving additional math assistance in Math Lab.

various courses

Almost 500 students annually study in the various courses.

These run various courses generally lasting between one and three years.

Also a trials competition is held, at the various courses at the bottom.

offers undergraduate courses

It offers undergraduate courses in B.Tech.-C.S.E, E.C.E and M.E, E.E, C.E.

Government College, Dipka offers undergraduate courses in arts, commerce and science.

It is one of the oldest colleges located in the Indian state of Assam and offers undergraduate courses in Arts and Science.

several courses

It consists of several courses of bricks sealed inside with lime plaster.

He also teaches several courses, is an active lecturer at the school, and oversees and conducts field studies.

He also became involved in golf, designing several courses and helping lay foundations for the sport in Asbestos.

diploma courses   (diploma kursları)

Examples of journalism diploma courses are:

SCB Medical College provides degree courses for MBBS, MD, MS, DM, MCh and diploma courses.

Frawley runs his own diploma courses in traditional horary and traditional natal astrology.

new courses

The new courses include two active learning weekends in Washington, D.C.

Government Degree college was opened in 2008 and several new courses were introduced in 2016.

During that school year, new courses were offered namely, BS Biology and BS Nutrition and Dietetics.

courses count

The courses count towards earning a college degree.

The courses count towards high school graduation requirements and towards earning a college degree.

courses count towards

The courses count towards earning a college degree.

The courses count towards high school graduation requirements and towards earning a college degree.

courses taught

In its early years, courses taught were theology, divinity, philosophy, law, and medicine.

Esperanto speakers learn the language through self-directed study, online tutorials, and correspondence courses taught by volunteers.

Examples of courses taught by the Visual Arts department include photography, art history, ceramics, and jewellery, video, and graphic design.

correspondence courses   (yazışma kursları)

He furthered his proficiency in the language via correspondence courses.

These programs are correspondence courses, which heavily rely on textbooks.

With his heart set on working in this industry, he decided to take correspondence courses.

following courses

The following courses have begun in the same year.

The institute offers the following courses:

It is said that the college will offer the following courses.

advanced courses

The book was widely praised and is firmly situated in design libraries and on the reading lists of advanced courses in design studies.

He followed advanced courses of Salvatore Sciarrino, Giacomo Manzoni, Sylvano Bussotti, and studied further with Jean Guillou in Zürich.

After the conclusion of the fundamental courses, to gain access to more advanced courses, it is necessary to be submitted to an evaluation.

water courses

By contrast, many of the water courses in the lowlands tend to be sluggish and meandering.

At Phnom Penh four major water courses meet at a point called the Chattomukh (Four Faces).

It is found from sea level up to 1300 masl and is associated with water courses or humid road cuts.

taking courses

Vishal says that he worked hard for the role by taking courses in acting and dancing.

The third base, located on the western end of Porto Palma, hosts all students taking courses on cabin cruisers.

Some years later, she began taking courses at a Photographer's Association of America school in Winona Lake, Indiana.

engineering courses

Technological University (Pathein) which was founded in 1999, offers engineering courses.

Located in Agadir, it is part of the network of ENSA Four engineering courses are offered

Architectural training at the Institute was clearly subordinate to engineering courses and practical construction training.

offered courses

The school offered courses in fluency and phonics.

This campus offered courses at the trade and technician levels.

It also offered courses in training for the British Merchant Navy.

courses of action   (eylem kursları)

They let dreams decide different courses of action in their lives.

The bailee had three courses of action: (1) the appeal of larceny; (2) the action of trespass; (3) the action of detinue.

At the end of its three-month mandate, the committee is scheduled to publish a report on its findings and recommended courses of action.

road courses   (yol kursları)

20 car on road courses and street circuits.

This was the last season to feature events held on road courses at oval circuits.

However, at the two road courses on the schedule drivers qualified in groups instead of single laps.

summer courses

PCA offers summer courses in art, art history, design, culture, and language city of Paris.

Together with Fernando Ortiz, she gave summer courses on musicology at the Havana University from the 1930s.

Since 1994 to 1996 he has taught at Corsi di Perfezionamento in Bobbio and in 2004 at summer courses Novantiqua in Frascati.

number of courses   (kurs sayısı)

The number of courses offered has continuously grown over the school's history.

For 2017, the network could further increase the number of courses and participants (69 training courses with 1489 participants).

He has lectured frequently on Holmes, Dracula, and the Victorian world and has taught a number of courses for UCLA Extension on Sherlock Holmes.

regular courses

In 2015, Penn Hills High School offered 13 Advanced Placement (AP) courses at a higher cost than regular courses.

In 2014, Mid Valley Secondary Center offered 3 Advanced Placement (AP) courses at a higher cost than regular courses.

In 2013, Line Mountain Junior Senior High School offered 2 Advanced Placement (AP) courses at a higher cost than regular courses.

string courses

The west tower is of three stages divided by string courses and has a ring of eight bells.

It had string courses at the base of the first and second story windows, and a heavy stone course at the base of the third story.

It sits on a random-ashlar foundation, and has yellow-gray stone trim as string courses, doorway and window sills and lintels, and drip moldings.

all courses

Not all courses required to complete a degree may be offered online.

It also stands 8th in Delhi University for all courses as per Nielson survey 2016.

German is not a requirement for admission since all courses are conducted in English.

courses available   (mevcut kurslar)

There was an expansion of courses available with a Department of Film and Theatre, and Department of Paining and Sculpture.

Curricular offerings include 14 Advanced Placement courses and honors-level courses available in most academic disciplines.

As well as contributing to University courses available nearby, the charity offers student placements and engages postgraduate students from various universities in its research program.

core courses

DPE is responsible for teaching several core courses.

The two core courses deal with asset pricing and corporate finance.

Pembine High School requires at least 25 credits in core courses to graduate.

school courses   (okul kursları)

In 1925, the Annex began offering secondary school courses.

Recognised religions and laicism enjoy public funding and school courses.

All senior school courses contribute to earning the ISD High School Diploma.

courses as well   (kurslar da)

Undergraduate degree programs require pre-admission courses as well as a formal application process.

Each of those four streams offers both general courses as well as courses focused on more specific matters.

Currently, the venue holds events such as track days, driving courses as well as historic motorsport events.

attended courses

Simultaneously, she attended courses at the University of Chicago in social work.

He also attended courses at New York University Leonard N. Stern School of Business.

Ian Smith, the future Prime Minister of Rhodesia, attended courses at Gwebi in 1947 and 1948.