Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

district court   (Tribunal de Distrito)

A federal district court was headquartered in Sitka.

Denied by the district court, the plaintiff appealed.

The federal district court denied the motion.

federal court   (Corte federal)

Sagan then sued Apple for libel in federal court.

A federal court appeal was sought by the student.

Klein and Spector brought suit in federal court.

court case   (caso de Corte)

In the 1994–95 British court case, the Rt.

Another court case began in November 2002.

It involved a fierce contest that ended up in a court case.

royal court   (Corte real)

It can also be where the royal court can gather.

Jan Kazimierz was courtier on the royal court.

Away from the royal court her literary activity dried up.

court ruled   (tribunal dictaminó)

In the end the court ruled in favor of the states.

The court ruled in favor of Whitney and ABC News.

The state supreme court ruled on the case again.

court order   (mandato judicial)

She does go to meet him, only because of court order.

The alleged court order was ruled in favor of T-Series.

By court order they were both released on May 17, 1976.

court found   (tribunal encontrado)

The court found all six mutineers guilty of murder.

The court found him innocent in November 2012.

In July 2009, a British court found in favour of Asda.

supreme court   (Corte Suprema)

The state supreme court ruled on the case again.

The request was approved by the supreme court.

She said "She is a former supreme court judge.

lower court   (Tribunal de Primera Instancia)

They also brought suit, but in a lower court.

The NhRP appealed the lower court's decision in Tommy's case.

The lower court found for Nicholson, and the defendants appealed.

court judge   (juez de la corte)

She said "She is a former supreme court judge.

A superior court judge rejected the lawsuit.

His father was a district court judge in Duluth, Minnesota.

trial court   (tribunal de primera instancia)

The trial court granted Dixie's trust's claim.

The case then returned to the trial court.

The trial court ruled adversely, and found for the defendant.

imperial court   (Corte imperial)

After the war, he rose higher in the imperial court.

The imperial court was very conscious of rank.

388, served as a "magister epistolarum" in the imperial court.

court held   (tribunal celebrado)

The court held that Georgia's law was unconstitutional.

The court held that YouTube is protected by the safe harbor of the DMCA.

The court held that the deep linking did not create infringement liability.

basketball court   (cancha de baloncesto)

On the basketball court, he wears black-rimmed goggles.

On the other side of the hill there is a basketball court.

A basketball court is located adjacent to the tennis courts.

food court   (zona de comidas)

New banquet seating is featured in the food court.

Woolworth's eventually became the food court in 1998.

Also in 1999 a Lifestyle Cafe (food court) was added.

court system   (sistema judicial)

In the early 1970s, he left the state court system.

Grenada is a member of the eastern Caribbean court system.

Antigua and Barbuda is a member of the eastern Caribbean court system.

court cases   (casos judiciales)

He handled civil, criminal and family court cases.

Since that time Tyahnybok has won nine court cases in that regard.

Robert Cooley was the Chicago Mafia's "Mechanic"—a fixer of court cases.

high court   (Suprema Corte)

The high court had once again found for the state.

However, he appealed his sentence at high court.

Mr Justice Bennett granted the high court injunction.

tennis court   (pista de tenis)

At that time, it took place on a tennis court.

There was a grass tennis court in the garden.

A public tennis court is located near Seaside Elementary.

court martial   (Corte marcial)

The trial was conducted as a British general court martial.

Mackenzie was not legally empowered to convene a court martial.

However at the court martial, he is found guilty, and is executed.

state court   (tribunal estatal)

In the early 1970s, he left the state court system.

Many class actions are filed initially in state court.

Wilson next petitioned for a writ of habeas corpus in state court.

circuit court   (corte de circuito)

It also provided for a U.S. circuit court for the District of Ohio.

There a United States circuit court tried them for murder and piracy.

He was also adviser to the clerk of the circuit court from 1915 to 1921.

appellate court   (Tribunal de Apelación)

In 2015, the case was brought to an appellate court.

The ruling was affirmed by the appellate court.

The appellate court also found for the state.

appeals court   (Corte de Apelaciones)

He was subsequently overruled by an appeals court.

The appeals court ruled in her favor in 1993.

The Court of Civil Appeals is an intermediate appeals court.

highest court   (Corte Suprema)

The highest court is the Supreme Federal Court.

The state's highest court is the Supreme Court of Alabama.

The country's highest court of appeals is the Supreme Court.

court ruling   (fallo de la Corte)

Soon after the court ruling, Mills left for England.

The reasons of the court ruling were not revealed to the public.

The Göta Court of Appeal later overturned the district court ruling.

court decision   (decision de la Corte)

A court decision ordered his release on January 31 2018.

In February 2016, a court decision to dissolve the party was upheld.

NhRP also filed an appeal to Hercules and Leo's lower court decision.

court proceedings   (procedimientos judiciales)

In subsequent court proceedings, Evans was convicted and fined $4,000.

Since the courts' creation, English had been used in court proceedings.

The province changed the legislation before the court proceedings concluded.

contempt of court   (desacato al tribunal)

He served 60 days in jail for contempt of court.

Both reporters were held in contempt of court.

The contempt of court sentence was served concurrently.

before the court   (ante el tribunal)

Prisoners brought before the court sometimes infected members of the court.

The province changed the legislation before the court proceedings concluded.

Rules regarding representation before the court were approved in September 2015.

home court   (cancha de casa)

Teams in "italics" had home court advantage.

The top seed has home court hosting rights for the tournament.

It served as the home court of the San Juan Knights of the MBA.

court house   (palacio de justicia)

The front of the court house has a three-bay Doric portico.

A court house was situated where Murphy's guest house is today.

He often went to the court house in Woodstock, Vermont to listen to cases.

court ordered   (orden judicial)

The court ordered the company to cease operations.

As such, the court ordered on 20 December 2006 that Thomas be retried.

The court ordered that he be committed indefinitely to a psychiatric hospital.

military court   (corte militar)

The case was brought before a military court and presided over by the Constable of England.

The next month, he went to trial and was sentenced to life imprisonment by a military court.

It took place on September 24-28 (October 6-10), 1884 in Saint Petersburg's district military court.

court painter   (pintor de la corte)

Goya was appointed court painter to Charles IV in 1789.

There he met Louis I of Bavaria's court painter Wilhelm von Kaulbach.

He had immigrated to Sweden in 1618 and became a court painter in 1621.

court of law   (Tribunal de Justicia)

John's case is accepted in the court of law.

Allaham denied the allegations and the lawsuit was dismissed later in court of law.

Frankly speaking marriage is solemnised between man and woman before the court of law.

court decisions   (decisiones judiciales)

All other legislation and court decisions must conform to its rules.

District court decisions are not binding precedent at all, only persuasive.

Therefore, only a small proportion of trial court decisions result in appeals.

court hearing   (audiencia judicial)

The arraignment is a very short court hearing.

The cases were subject to court hearing on 1 July 2014.

The court hearing for both cases was scheduled for 1 July 2014.

county court   (Corte del Condado)

It continued to be used as a county court.

He was named clerk of the county court in Emerson in 1880.

It was home to a county court, private high school and tax office.

court documents   (documentos judiciales)

FACT's involvement in the raid is shown in court documents.

Aaliyah admitted in court documents that she had lied about her age.

Dubay claimed in court documents that he informed his ex-girlfriend he had no interest in becoming a father.

superior court   (Corte superior)

A superior court judge rejected the lawsuit.

This moment in legal history marked Canada’s first superior court open for business.

The case was dismissed in superior court and was appealed to the Connecticut Supreme Court.

court of appeal   (Tribunal de Apelación)

A Supreme Court serves as a court of appeal.

The court of appeal dismissed the appeal on 22 March 2016.

In 1901 he became advocate general at the Bastia court of appeal.

federal district court   (tribunal de distrito federal)

A federal district court was headquartered in Sitka.

The federal district court denied the motion.

The ACLU sued the city in federal district court on June 14, 2016.

criminal court   (Corte Criminal)

On 24 April 2013, First-instance criminal court No.

Brownstone has presided in both criminal court and family court.

judge) at the Châtelet of Paris, the city's civil and criminal court.

bankruptcy court   (Corte de bancarrota)

A bankruptcy court judge approved the bid for an enterprise value of $240 million.

After Penn Central declared bankruptcy, its assets were sold off in bankruptcy court.

This deal would have to be approved by the Republic Windows creditors and the bankruptcy court.

court of appeals   (Corte de Apelaciones)

The country's highest court of appeals is the Supreme Court.

The defendants petitioned the court of appeals for rehearing.

It is the final court of appeals in criminal and civil cases.

court did   (tribunal hizo)

The court did not accept these protestations.

The court did not adopt the ACLU's position.

The court did not answer his question.

court rejected   (tribunal rechazado)

A court rejected their application as nonsensical.

The court rejected her claim and she lost the case.

On 10 December 2008, the court rejected his request.

court records   (registros de la corte)

He fought to have public court records displayed online.

These included court records, indentures, land deeds, wills, etc.

Records of such indentures are among the court records he consulted.

appear in court   (comparecer ante un tribunal)

Parlement visited the brothel after she failed to appear in court.

He was arrested and held at the Midtown North police station to later appear in court.

A very ill Hopper did not appear in court though his estranged wife did – case BD518046.

told the court   (le dijo a la corte)

Davison told the court that he was not guilty of any crime.

Consequently, he told the court, Al Baluchi was unaware of the activities he was taking on his behalf.

Wardell told the court that he had returned home from the pub at 10pm to find his wife being held at knife point.

court decided   (tribunal decidió)

The Probate court decided in their favour in July 1935.

Finally, the court decided that it had jurisdiction over the case.

Mills took Le Breton to court, but the court decided in Le Breton's favour.

appeared in court   (compareció en la corte)

She appeared in court but escaped having to pay any fine.

Following the Woolwich raid, Easterbrook appeared in court.

Nyimpine Chissano appeared in court and refuted all allegations.

court upheld   (tribunal confirmado)

On 16 July 2019 this court upheld the laws.

The court upheld the succession of Taher Saifuddin proper.

A military appeal court upheld the sentences in September.

went to court   (fue a la corte)

The case went to court and the application was refused.

The battle over Cynthia D Hesdra's fortune went to court.

The next day, the riders went to court to get a sentencing.

civil court   (Corte civil)

Jacmel had a civil court building, which was destroyed in the 2010 earthquake.

After going to civil court, this decision was revoked and the club did not lose its license.

Her father is a lawyer practicing in high court and civil court and her mother is a retired teacher.

court sentenced   (tribunal sentenciado)

The secular court sentenced him to the stake.

The court sentenced him to life plus 40 years in prison.

court orders   (órdenes judiciales)

The government generally respected court orders.

Specific performance occurs when a court orders a party to perform a specific act.

Such action should be taken firmly without waiting for formal court orders, he ruled.

court battle   (batalla judicial)

Talbert played with the Leland Giants until a court battle split the team in 1910.

The city clerk refused to register the record of marriage, leading to a court battle.

Decca sued ap for infringement and, in the ensuing court battle, Decca lost the monopoly.

local court   (Corte local)

In 1552 the priory became the location of the local court.

There was widespread anger when the raiders were released by a local court in Canada.

They were reportedly arrested in 2004, tried and sentenced to death under a local court.

court costs   (costos judiciales)

The court costs amount to 2 million €.

Capp was fined $500 and court costs.

He was sentenced to one year of probation and ordered to pay $450 in court costs.

clay court   (cancha de arcilla)

It was the only event of the clay court season played on green clay.

Her clay court season ended at Roland Garros with another loss to No.

He then skipped the European clay court season for the second consecutive season.

court did not   (el tribunal no)

The court did not accept these protestations.

The court did not adopt the ACLU's position.

The court did not answer his question.

court judges   (jueces de la corte)

District court judges are elected for six-year terms.

"FISA court judges hear all of this and they think it's legal," Kerr said.

The president of the Constitutional Court is elected by the court judges for a four-year term.

court dismissed   (corte desestimado)

The court dismissed the case and awarded Wilkin fifty guineas.

The district court dismissed the motion and the defendant appealed.

The court dismissed the case for lack of standing in September 2019.

court during   (corte durante)

Dina Nath retained his position at the court during.

However, he later indicates that he is a Wyldfae and is only called to a court during times of war.

He once famously threw a chair across the court during a game - which was rewarded with an ejection.

court poet   (poeta de la corte)

Sanskrit poet Bhatti was his court poet.

The Kalyani Chalukya court poet Ranna calls him Raṇarāga-siṃha.

The Kannada poet Sumanobana was the court poet of King Vira Narasimha II.

district court judge   (juez de la corte de distrito)

His father was a district court judge in Duluth, Minnesota.

She was the first woman to serve as a district court judge in Cullman County.

A decision as to the outcome was to be made by a United States district court judge.

court against   (corte contra)

His testimony was used in court against the medium.

Bringing him before a special court against his will was a clear breach of that right.

He abstained on the voting on the procedure of the high court against General Boulanger.

court action   (acción judicial)

There was even court action, which the BBC won.

Douglass called for court action to open all schools to all children.

Trans Union requested a review of the compliance order which led to court action.

state supreme court   (corte suprema del estado)

The state supreme court ruled on the case again.

He served as a Justice of the Oklahoma state supreme court (1925-1935).

She was the first woman to become chief justice of a state supreme court.

court granted   (tribunal otorgado)

The court granted resource consent in May 2007.

The trial court granted Dixie's trust's claim.

The court granted the delay over Cardona's objections.

court officials   (oficiales de la corte)

The three women refused to give their names to court officials.

Wenying expressed his views openly, including criticisms of court officials.

Domitian was assassinated on 18 September 96 in a conspiracy by court officials.

volleyball court   (cancha de volleyball)

There is a playground, horseshoe pits and a sand volleyball court.

The park also features two baseball diamonds and a volleyball court.

The base's few amenities included a movie theater and volleyball court.

taken to court   (llevado a la Corte)

Stephen was taken to court in 1905 and fined.

In October, MacLaren was taken to court himself over non-payment of rent.

After the baby dies in her care, she is charged with murder and taken to court.

court denied   (tribunal denegado)

(Ford, 26) In the end, the court denied the case.

The federal district court denied the motion.

The district court denied her motion, and she appealed.

court rulings   (sentencias judiciales)

This opinion has been upheld by numerous court rulings.

The paper also publishes stories on elections, court rulings and the actions of local governments.

If the Act became law, its meaning and effects would probably have been determined by court rulings.

juvenile court   (Corte juvenil)

The eighth accused, Sanji Ram's juvenile nephew, was tried at a juvenile court.

The episode "The Trial" alludes to how ineffectual our juvenile court system is.

In 1971, she was appointed the first woman justice of the peace and judge of the juvenile court in Yukon.

open court   (corte abierta)

At the end of the film they kill the minister in open court.

It has a small open court in front of the three-arched prayer-chamber.

In the centre of the Exchange was an open court, surrounded by a colonnade.

court season   (temporada de la corte)

She began to turn her year around during the grass court season.

Bencic returned to the tour for the Australian hard court season.

It was the only event of the clay court season played on green clay.

first court   (primera cancha)

He was first court painter to Duke William V of Bavaria and later Maximilian I of Bavaria.

Defendants in civil actions usually make their first court appearance voluntarily in response to a summons.

The first court to certify will generally exclude residents of provinces whose courts have certified a parallel class action.

court when   (corte cuando)

This summer she went to court when a controversial case came up.

The two settled out of court when Khan agreed to split her time between both films.

Kenneth Baker was found in contempt of court when his Home Office did the same thing in 1991.

court noted   (tribunal señaló)

The court noted that "one does not quench thirst by withholding water".

Moreover, the court noted that both claims were directed as an unpatentable "mental process".

The court noted that Claim 2 contains language nearly identical to that in Claim 3 will only a few additions.

court concluded   (tribunal concluyó)

The court concluded that it had not been shown on the pleadings that the first plaintiff had "locus standi".

The court concluded that Axmyr murdered both persons with complete disregard for human life and that the victims had suffered before dying.

The court concluded that the non-citizen plaintiffs had no reasonable fear of being detained and thus could not have their challenge of the law adjudicated by the court.

court official   (oficial de la corte)

When Chai became the emperor in 954, Pan was named a court official.

Earlier in her career she worked as a prosecutor and appointed court official.

A court official carried the robes of a king in a "portmanteau" (traveling bag).

new court   (nueva corte)

On February 2, 2008, a new court ruled that the trio committed negligent homicide.

The need for new court facilities and new players will be a key part of our discussions.

Since 2003, the Dutch football Talent of the Year may choose a location for a new court.

court clerk   (escribano)

Allin resigned as circuit court clerk in 1825 and as county clerk in 1831.

South Korea's first female court clerk, Park Gyeong-sun (), began working for Hwang in 1960.

He served for many years as county clerk and circuit court clerk in Mercer County, Kentucky.

court life   (vida en la corte)

The Taira were seduced by court life and ignored problems in the provinces.

Some of her paintings, mainly landscapes and scenes of court life in Pillnitz, were made into prints.

In 1523 Giulio de Medici became Pope Clement VII, and thereafter Sebastiano seems to have been a part of Vatican court life.

hard court   (pista dura)

Her favourite surface is hard court.

Bencic returned to the tour for the Australian hard court season.

Initially it was played in clay courts but it changed to hard court.

special court   (corte especial)

A special court hears cases involving persons under the age of 18.

There were 1,400 people arrested, with 443 tried in a special court.

On 14 May 2008 Omar was sentenced 13 years’ imprisonment by a special court in Dhaka.

court room   (sala de la corte)

"I think they should put us in the court room together!"

Protesters broke into the town's court room and tore down its scales of justice.

On one occasion, Shahid's face is blackened by assailants outside the court room.

municipal court   (la Corte Municipal)

Polak served as a municipal court judge in Côte Saint-Luc from 1969 to 1979.

The people elect the auditor, municipal court clerk, municipal court judges, and city attorney.

court stated   (tribunal declaró)

The court stated that Junior School No.

The court stated, "We are left with no option but to award death penalty.

In their ruling, the court stated, "This is an unusually flagrant example of UCI.

same court   (misma cancha)

Along the eaves of the same court is an old sundial undated.

His service terminated on November 23, 1896, due to his elevation to be Chief Justice of the same court.

Nixon later wound up renominating Byrne to the same court in 1971, with Byrne quickly winning Senate confirmation.

court issued   (emitido por el tribunal)

On December 5, 2014, the appellate court issued its ruling.

Madras high court issued a notice to BCCI after a PIL was filed seeking stay on IPL.

On January 2014, a New York federal district court issued other criminal charges against the drug lord.

appeal court   (Tribunal de Apelación)

Attempts to stop this were overturned by the appeal court.

A military appeal court upheld the sentences in September.

The appeal court affirmed the judgment of the District Court.

higher court   (tribunal superior)

Remanded to a higher court, the defendants were found not guilty.

The verdict was appealed and was set in higher court on 30 October 2017.

The losing party has a right to appeal any order for sanctions in the higher court.

off the court   (fuera de la cancha)

He limped off the court and was helped to the locker room.

"He went to make a move, fell, and threw the ball down hard off the court.

17-ranked Bruins off the court, taking an early lead and leading 51–26 at the half.

court appearance   (comparecencia ante el tribunal)

He was released without being fined or making a court appearance.

Charges were dismissed at their court appearance later that week.

The captain and first officer made a court appearance on 1 May 2008.

constitutional court   (Corte Constitucional)

We got a constitutional court.

It was introduced in Italy in 1993, but overturned by the constitutional court in 1995.

In practice, the Constitutional Law Committee fulfils the duties of a constitutional court.