Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

cover art   (ảnh bìa)

The cover art was created by Aleksandra Spanowicz.

The release features cover art by Jerome B-Patou.

The cover art for the album is by Béatrice Coron.

cover version   (phiên bản bìa)

It is often mistaken as a Green Day cover version.

and also a cover version of "Vad Gör Jag Med Min Kärlek?"

The Wrights recorded a cover version of the song in 2005.

album cover   (bìa album)

The album cover was designed by Jugoslav Vlahović.

Walton Ford was commissioned to do the album cover.

The wrestler on the album cover was The Sandman.

cover versions   (phiên bản bìa)

All the songs from the album were cover versions.

These songs are all cover versions of original songs.

It consists of cover versions of songs by other artists.

front cover   (bìa trước)

The album's front cover was illustrated by Cadão Volpato.

The front cover was done by German artist Florian Bertmer.

The back cover was originally intended as the front cover.

cover up

Miriam is enraged that he used her in his cover up.

Snow, is honest and is not part of the cover up.

Toni sacrifices himself in order to cover up for her.

cover story   (câu chuyện trang bìa)

In 1947, Capp earned a "Newsweek" cover story.

The museum was featured in a 2005 Chicago Tribune cover story.

"Bon" was the cover story in the December 2017 issue of "Classic Rock".

back cover   (cover lại)

On the back cover, the subtitle "The Minus 5 No.

The back cover of the sleeve features two quotations.

Notes Credits were adapted from the album's back cover.

not cover

Unitary authorities do not cover all of England.

The PEPP does not cover tax incentives.

Evidently it did not cover the third or fourth volume at all.

cover songs

Instrumental recordings or cover songs are not eligible.

The majority of tracks featured on "Wasp" were cover songs.

The album also features two cover songs.

cover all

The classes cover all aspects of hotel management.

It will cover all Six Nations matches until 2021.

Unitary authorities do not cover all of England.

cover artwork   (ảnh bìa nghệ thuật)

The cover artwork was produced by Games Workshop.

The cover artwork was painted by Rodney Matthews.

The cover artwork is designed by Steven R. Gilmore.

recorded a cover

Day recorded a cover of The Beatles' "Help!"

The Wrights recorded a cover version of the song in 2005.

For the show, McClain recorded a cover of Taio Cruz's "Dynamite".

released a cover

In October 2017, she released a cover of Drake's "Too Good".

Stromkern released a cover on the 1997 album "Flicker Like a Candle".

In 2004, the group released a cover of Atomic Kitten's "Be with You."

cloud cover   (mây che phủ)

All else being equal (e.g., cloud cover, ozone layer, terrain, etc.

This is due to the frequent light winds and greater cloud cover in summer.

Specific criteria were also set for wind speed, visibility, and cloud cover.

forest cover

It is set amidst a dense forest cover on a cliff.

About (1%) of forest cover is planted forest.

Iceland currently has about 2% forest cover.

cover band

Later he joined "Jaguars", an Elvis Presley cover band.

At the age of 21, Obarski began her career as a cover band singer.

His first group was called "Dynamites" and was a classic rock cover band.

cover album

In 1993, they began on their Mancini cover album.

He released his second cover album in 1998.

has covered the song for their Weezer cover album "You Blue It".

cover features

The cover features adult model and singer Candye Kane.

The album cover features engravings by Albrecht Dürer.

The cover features Bill Miller playing the Native American flute.

air cover

The Israeli air force provided intense air cover during the battle.

British air forces in Malaya were insufficient to provide air cover to Force Z.

Firstly, the British were significantly constrained by the disparity in deployable air cover.

used to cover

The station used to cover the St. John's metro area.

These plaques were used to cover 7 graves.

Cloth has been used to cover billiards tables since the 15th century.

cover the entire   (bao gồm toàn bộ)

His son Antonio expanded the premises to cover the entire block.

those who efficiently cover the entire ice surface during their programs.

Love FM was the first private radio station to cover the entire nation of Belize.

new cover

These manga volumes have expensive paper and new cover artwork.

"Redbox" also contains a new cover version of "Heroes" by David Bowie.

The album was re-released on Rising Records in 1997 with new cover art.

cover of darkness   (che bóng tối)

Under the cover of darkness Priya confesses her love for Raja.

Crossings were mostly made during the winter under the cover of darkness.

The Dutch flagship almost sunk but also escaped under the cover of darkness.

different cover

The international version has a different cover.

The album was reissued in 1987 with a different cover.

It also has been released with different cover artwork.

cover the cost   (bù đắp chi phí)

Many eligibles pooled their money to cover the cost of anyone drafted.

He died in poverty and his friends had to cover the cost of his burial.

MLOs are assessed fees that cover the cost of administering the registration program.

does not cover

The PEPP does not cover tax incentives.

Although the book mentions the five kata, it does not cover them.

The system does not cover plastic surgery or all dental treatment.

snow cover   (lớp phủ tuyết)

Most of Connecticut has less than 60 days of snow cover.

These clear cuts are prominent when a snow cover is present.

It has a moderate amount of heat, with winters not cold enough to sustain snow cover.

cover an area

The ruins of Sechin Bajo cover an area of about .

It will cover an area of some 3,500 dunams (3.5 km).

The mountains cover an area of approximately 500 km².

cover a wide

Thế Giới publications cover a wide range of topics:

Dartmouth's more than 200 student organizations and clubs cover a wide range of interests.

They belong to different families of instruments and can cover a wide range of musical roles.

cover the costs

The quarantine was not free, and Frank was required to pay £12 to cover the costs.

Bosselt began work on the house, but was not able to cover the costs of construction.

They would have to know if revenues would be adequate to cover the costs of running a city.

cover photo   (ảnh bìa)

The cover photo parodied that of the Beatles' "Sgt.

and included a cover photo of a Marilyn Monroe lookalike.

The cover photo was taken by Kim Poor.

included a cover

and included a cover photo of a Marilyn Monroe lookalike.

The EP included a cover of the Neil Young song "Ohio" as well.

It included a cover of the song "Angels" originally performed by The xx.

did not cover

Evidently it did not cover the third or fourth volume at all.

Ceruzzi did not cover the invention of isolation of IC components.

Local academics in general, did not cover anarchism in their works.

performed a cover

Mamamoo's Solar performed a cover at the tv show Duet Song Festival.

Cradock performed a cover to the song "Can't Stop The Feeling" in 2017.

The coaches performed a cover of "Heroes" together at the end of the show.

order to cover   (để trang trải)

Toni sacrifices himself in order to cover up for her.

He later transferred his assets to other firms in order to cover these fraudulent activities.

He also increased taxes and diverted public money in order to cover the salary of his armed guards.

expanded to cover

It was later expanded to cover Mutual and Granville.

Later, the park would be significantly expanded to cover ."

This appointment was later expanded to cover the whole of the South Caucasus.

cover design

Music is provided by Adrian Leung, with cover design by Julia Dowe.

This graph served as the cover design for the 1999 textbook "Thermal Physics" by Ralph Baierlein.

Unlike other refurbished buses of this type, the interior retains blue grab rails and the original seat cover design.

provide cover   (cung cấp bìa)

A few of them advanced toward the outpost to provide cover.

According to Israel, the violent protests provide cover for attacks by militants.

It prefers locations with rocky areas, brush or log piles, and shrubs to provide cover.

ground cover

It can provide good ground cover in a cold situation.

"densa") with a dense ground cover of grasses and shrubs.

Sand pine scrub has little ground cover and is marginal habitat for hispid cotton rats.

cover song

Between each cover song, there are small original interludes by Senor Coconut.

The second cover song was "Roadhouse Blues" by The Doors which featured on the 2nd 12".

The album also has one cover song, "Sana Ngayong Pasko", written and arranged by Jimmy Borja.

original cover

The original cover art depicted Zombie's wife Sheri Moon Zombie.

Though the vinyl release remained unchanged with the original cover art.

The EP also features original cover art by Bonehead (Christina Maycann).

cover most   (bao gồm hầu hết)

Permafrost and tundra cover most of the region.

The cellular phone providers Orange and MTN cover most of the country.

Application fees are estimated to cover most costs for the first three years.

take cover

Suddenly, one of the Sentinels is shot dead, and his comrades take cover.

Michael accidentally fires off his pistol, causing everyone to take cover.

Gen. Romeyn B. Ayres had to take cover in a gully to avoid enfilading fire.

cover the whole

Its large ears cover the whole shoulder.

This appointment was later expanded to cover the whole of the South Caucasus.

These may be around Baku and the central part to cover the whole Azeri aerospace.

cover more

Males always cover more area than females each year.

Wetlands cover more than 30% of Cambodia.

Windshield wipers were extended to cover more of the windshield.

cover during

The Israeli air force provided intense air cover during the battle.

It is nocturnal and prefers to remain under cover during the day and hunt at night.

Cacti in pots may be placed outside in the summer to ornament gardens or patios, and then kept under cover during the winter.

book cover

The cover was designed by the famous book cover artist G.L.

The cover of their book cover had a similar cover to their "Headlines!"

Early work also included illustrations, and book cover designs for Cambridge University Press.

magazine cover   (bìa tạp chí)

Achieving this will reward the player with a magazine cover.

And more recently, Deepika Padukone also shot for the magazine cover.

Alice started modeling in 2013 and also appeared on magazine cover photos.

extended to cover   (mở rộng để trang trải)

Windshield wipers were extended to cover more of the windshield.

The route of LA 46 was then extended to cover the former route of LA 39.

The loan deal was later extended to cover the rest of the 2014–15 season.

cover image   (ảnh bìa)

The cover image is an obvious take on the album cover for "Sgt.

All album art, including the cover image, is by Richard Bernstein.

For issue 5, Critchlow also used his new style for the cover image.

enough to cover

It was not enough to cover all the liabilities Ward entailed.

The purchase price for the home is scarcely enough to cover a small apartment.

Nevertheless, the output was far from enough to cover an ever-increasing demand.

license to cover

KKRR received its license to cover from the FCC on August 27, 2008.

KSBZ received its license to cover from the FCC on October 21, 1991.

WVRV received its license to cover from the FCC on February 24, 2009.

includes a cover

The soundtrack also includes a cover of the Rev.

The single includes a cover of Lady Gaga's "Poker Face".

The single also includes a cover of the English version.

cover artist

The cover was designed by the famous book cover artist G.L.

Child was the cover artist for all three volumes and the author of at least the first volume's introduction.

Issue #11 also received a nomination for a 2001 Will Eisner Comic Industry award for best cover artist (Phil Hale).

featured a cover

"(which featured a cover version of Traffic's "Dear Mr. Fantasy") and "Ride Like Hell".

The album featured a cover of the song "The Other Woman", written by Jessie Mae Robinson.

The EP, which featured a cover of Bathory's "War", was released through Dark Horizon Records in 2001.

single cover

This title was also used on the single cover.

's fansite, posted the picture of the single cover artwork on Facebook.

The single cover depicts actress Yootha Joyce in a still from the 1965 film "Catch Us If You Can".

first cover

Her first cover was of Sam Smith's Lay Me Down.

His first cover was of "Eenie Meenie" by Justin Bieber.

It was the first cover version that the band had chosen to record.

cover illustration   (bìa minh họa)

The cover illustration was designed by Andrew Prewett.

The cover illustration, by Hannes Bok, showed Leeta on her flying steed.

"Gray Lensman" (and its cover illustration) was extremely well received.

only cover   (chỉ bao gồm)

The early warning radars could only cover satellites in low earth orbits.

The above components only cover the scope of customer analysis or marketing analysis.

The insurance will only cover $500,000.00, and so the city in is straits of what to do about the property.

cover stories

He wrote nearly forty cover stories.

Tai hid his spies’ names and created cover stories for his operatives .

He has been featured in cover stories on numerous magic-related publications.

cover was designed

The album cover was designed by Jugoslav Vlahović.

The book's cover was designed by Gnikram Nevets.

The cover was designed by the Stanislav Zakić.

provided cover

The rest of the armored vehicles provided cover from the adjacent abandoned British base.

The forests of Arkansas and the Ozark mountain region have provided cover for clandestine hate groups.

Curtis plays mainly as a midfielder or forward, but has also provided cover as an emergency goalkeeper.

cover featured

The cover featured former UCLA and current Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love.

The cover featured a Rorschach test and lettering by future Nomeansno member Andy Kerr.

The cover featured Ackerman's face superimposed on the robot from the film "Tobor the Great".

including a cover

It features 13 songs including a cover of Devo's 'Ton O' Love'.

There have also been many other cover versions of this song, including a cover by Billy Joel in 1997.

The sessions yielded eight songs, including a cover of Carl Perkins' rockabilly anthem "Blue Suede Shoes".

tree cover

As the tree cover was cleared, it was replaced with pasture.

As of 2018, the city's tree cover is estimated to be around 64.06 sq km.

A 2001 study found Atlanta's heavy tree cover declined from 48% in 1974 to 38% in 1996.

cover only   (chỉ che)

"We cover only the victim, not the aggressor.

The dense forests of the southeast cover only 2.7% of the country.

In 1941 its borders were redrawn to cover only Chingola and Nkana.

cover the council

The parish council has responsibility for local issues, including setting an annual precept (local rate) to cover the council’s operating costs and producing annual accounts for public scrutiny.

cover photograph   (ảnh bìa)

The cover photograph was taken by Aubrey Powell of Hipgnosis.

The cover photograph for issue four was taken in Hoboken, NJ.

The cover photograph is of the band's videographer, Jeannette Lee.

features a cover

The album also features a cover of Bryan Adams' "Summer of '69".

The episode's last scene features a cover of Radiohead's "Codex".

A 2008 commercial for E & J Gallo Winery features a cover of the song.

help cover

Many are free, while others may carry a small charge to help cover expenses.

Depending on the state, Medicaid or Medicare may be used to help cover costs.

She founded it in 2013 using a "Kickstarter" campaign to help cover the cost of the start up.

cover both

The blocks cover both single- and two-seat versions.

The methods used cover both static and dynamic situations.

Under the new system, most territorial authorities cover both urban and rural land.

able to cover   (có thể trang trải)

Only in 1720 was the community able to cover part of its debts.

Bosselt began work on the house, but was not able to cover the costs of construction.

These troops were reportedly able to cover distances comparable to that of light cavalry.

cover name

The unit used the cover name "Ursula".

In respect of her "IM Gisela" cover name there were no significant surprises.

He took her in as a protege after remarking on her many aliases and gave her the cover name of Sarah Walker.

vegetation cover

corresponding to a documented historical vegetation cover.

The main natural vegetation cover in Europe is mixed forest.

They prefer flat, open terrain, with sparse vegetation cover.

cover price   (giá bìa)

Publication year, 1960; cover price 35¢.

The cover price was raised to $5.99.

In November 2008 the paper's cover price was increased from 35p to 38p.

cover shows

The cover shows a photography by Peer Lindgreen.

The game's cover shows deformities within the artwork.

The album cover shows a painting made by Gabriel Jarnier.

cover topics

These classes cover topics in biblical history and Christian and denominational doctrines.

These conventions would cover topics ranging from chapter organization to effective leadership.

Deicide is known for their lyrics, which cover topics such as Satanism, anti-Christianity and blasphemy.

cover depicts

The cover depicts the tattooed torso and arms of a topless woman.

The cover depicts a hooded wolf holding a priest and a devil as puppets.

The cover depicts a large pile of suitcases stacked to look like a man's face.

no cloud cover   (không che mây)

Assuming no cloud cover, most long-wave up-welling radiation travels to space through the atmospheric window occurring in the electromagnetic wavelength region between 8 and 11 μm where the atmosphere does not absorb long-wave radiation except for in the small region within this between 9.6 and 9.8 μm.

ice cover

Almost 85 percent of the ice cover disappeared from October 1912 to June 2011.

Brine permeates through the ice cover and creates a network of channels and pores.

The retreat of the ice cover occurred simultaneously from the north-east, the east and southeast.

engine cover

The engine cover was still metal but other body panels were made from plywood.

The rear engine cover, however, was a hand-formed panel, not a converted front bonnet as was the Radclyffe version.

The concept also featured electrically operated scissor doors and a transparent engine cover to show off the V12 engine.

took cover

The flag-raising soldiers took cover behind the cairn.

The police took cover, returning fire as they retreated.

Other officers and soldiers took cover and returned fire.

intended to cover

It was intended to cover those organizations excluded from the DNCL.

Police theorized that López intended to cover the sign with his blood and brain matter with the gunshot.

This is opposed to a cost-plus contract, which is intended to cover the costs with additional profit made.

album cover art

The album cover art is a spoof on the cover of the classic album "Slayed?"

88", featured album cover art painted by the ex-Clash bassist, Paul Simonon.

After a proposed censoring of the "Home Invasion" album cover art, he left Warner Bros. Records.