Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

media coverage   (Cobertura mediática)

The invention received significant media coverage.

This march also received widespread media coverage.

The Pro-Truth Pledge has received media coverage.

news coverage   (cobertura de noticias)

They acted quickly to take advantage of the news coverage.

She is a prominent voice in the news coverage about Syria.

KFIZ used CNN Radio for its national news coverage in the 1990s.

press coverage   (cobertura de prensa)

The interview gained considerable press coverage.

Tsang received much press coverage for her creation:

The press coverage was summarised in English.

coverage area   (área de cobertura)

KVLY-TV serves its large coverage area with three translators.

KFYR boasts an enormous coverage area.

This pushed rates down even as density and coverage area increased.

live coverage   (cobertura en vivo)

There are going to be 62 hours of live coverage.

Rob Walker returns as "Darts Extra" host and reporter during the live coverage.

Five months later the channel broadcast live coverage of the Dubai Challenge Cup.

television coverage   (cobertura televisiva)

As of 2012, television coverage is exclusively on NBC Sports California.

Nine cameras and a Jimmy Jib (camera) was set up for live television coverage.

The television coverage was as a "Grandstand" special for the 47th consecutive year.

insurance coverage   (cobertura del seguro)

A lack of insurance coverage for those requiring the drug was also a problem.

For members under 21, Zipcar provides insurance coverage at state-mandated levels.

With no insurance coverage, both "Ruth" and "Gwendoline" were running through Jennings Canyon.

sports coverage   (cobertura deportiva)

The fourteen-game package was a historic first for Black college sports coverage.

Rural areas were especially influenced by sports coverage and the propagation of national myths.

Both radio stations consisted of educational programming, news and sports coverage, as well as music.

extensive coverage   (cobertura extensiva)

Gwanda's extensive coverage of these attacks may have made him a target.

Earlier, Hannity had dedicated extensive coverage to the Weinstein scandal.

Bizarre Magazine ran extensive coverage of the feature, calling it "The Biggest Cult Film Ever".

national coverage   (cobertura nacional)

Like most other local Christian stations, they also use the Internet to gain national coverage.

Note: This list of network deployments does not imply any widespread deployment or national coverage.

The ETC announced 7 September 2006 a program to improve national coverage, and reduce the average distance to 5 kilometers.

provide coverage   (proporcionar cobertura)

It is manned by Watchstanders who work in shifts to provide coverage around the clock.

Renown pianist Antonia "Toñita" Príncipe ("the Princess of the keyboard") would provide coverage in the piano.

While safe from interception, new photosatellites could not be quickly directed to provide coverage of a specific target.

health coverage   (cobertura de salud)

Women are less likely to be offered pensions, health coverage and disability plans.

This is a health coverage for those who are on welfare, poor, disabled, and seniors.

The general legal posture is for states to view life insurance as less of a necessity than health coverage.

received coverage   (cobertura recibida)

It received coverage in Art News in an article called “Trash or Treasure” by Eleanor Heartney.

After its release, the framework received coverage on "The Financial Times" Alphaville web site.

His train journey received coverage in a number of newspapers in the west, including "The Telegraph".

radio coverage   (cobertura de radio)

Westwood One provided nationwide radio coverage of the championship series.

It was the first live 24-hour radio coverage of a breaking news story in Canada.

Westwood One provided nationwide radio coverage of the semifinals and championship.

coverage during   (cobertura durante)

On March 20 and 21, 2003, CBS provided Iraq War coverage during the afternoon sessions.

In both newspapers, different editors had different ideas and focus and varied the newspapers in coverage during their tenure.

Following the 2008 Mumbai attacks, Vishal Dadlani launched a petition to ban live media coverage during the rescue operations.

extensive media coverage   (amplia cobertura mediática)

The workers' action drew extensive media coverage and attracted wide support.

In 2006, two cases of rape of mentally disabled women became subject of extensive media coverage and debate.

PGC 1000714 is an extremely rare double ringed elliptical galaxy, and her discovery generated extensive media coverage.

health insurance coverage   (cobertura de seguro de salud)

By 2011, the campaign resulted in 95% of China's population having basic health insurance coverage.

By the year 2000, social health insurance coverage was available to 82% of the Costa Rican population.

During his speech he proposed an enforced mandate for employers to provide health insurance coverage to all of their employees.

newspaper coverage   (cobertura periodística)

The Branch twice became the object of local controversy, fueled by newspaper coverage.

There was extensive newspaper coverage over 3 days in April 1923 and discussion in the Municipal Commission.

Extensive newspaper coverage bestowed widespread and enduring international notoriety on the Ripper, and the legend solidified.