Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

create a new   (tạo một cái mới)

Y&R was tasked to create a new global brand for Rebisco.

In January 1991 Zone 5 was split to create a new Zone 6.

We have to create a new rating for that.'"

used to create   (dùng để tạo)

The same fibers can be used to create fiber lasers.

DrawPlus can also be used to create GIF animations.

It is also used to create the Parachicos masks.

create new   (tạo mới)

One typical use is to create new control structures.

Artists create new work for a spring exhibition.

Starhunter was forced to retreat and create new medals.

order to create   (để tạo)

She was chosen in order to create a game that was about women.

A user must have a Helios account in order to create an election.

He chose this technique in order to create layers for his painting.

create their own   (tạo riêng của họ)

It also lets users create their own searchable subsets.

Cult films can create their own subculture.

Bobby moves in, and the three create their own household.

helped create

This procedure helped create Agnew's reputation.

He also helped create the Rallye Monte-Carlo in 1911.

He helped create electoral committees in each commune.

decided to create

He decided to create a pen using the same type of ink.

Finally, it was decided to create a 'really splendid' park.

The congress decided to create the post of President of the USSR.

wanted to create   (muốn tạo)

President Guazzini wanted to create identifiable jerseys.

He wanted to create responsibility.

He wanted to create a new architectural style to reflect this new era.

create more

There are minorities here, so should we create more?"

This process could be repeated to create more small cracks.

Supplement companies began to create more powerful forms of pre-workout.

not create

Different techniques do not create rupture.

The Oslo Accords, however, did not create a Palestinian state.

Additionally, the hydrogel must not create toxic waste when degrading.

able to create   (có thể tạo)

Painman is also able to create dummies of himself.

His goal is to one day be able to create a clone of a woolly mammoth.

However, before she died, the daughter was able to create the cursed video.

ability to create   (khả năng sáng tạo)

The ability to create the effect is largely tempo-dependent.

The ability to create custom units was praised, as was the depth of the tech tree.

The mural called “La epopeya del intelecto” deals with the ability to create and invent.

create a more

"And to do that we must create a more secure future."

A "Frozen" Grasshopper adds mint ice cream to create a more dessert-like drink.

In his time as leader though, Lea worked to create a more usual party structure.

attempt to create   (cố gắng để tạo ra)

Avellone decided to attempt to create a sympathetic Sith Lord.

The attempt to create a wartime drama resulted in the film "Marching On!"

Deadpool was being experimented on in an attempt to create a cure for the Legacy Virus.

together to create

These pieces are put together to create a final costume.

The brothers continue to work together to create art from metal drum pieces.

Both Victor and Léonie put their surnames together to create Canard-Duchêne.

help create

All of these same "old" factors help create a "new" story.

This would also help create up to 125 jobs in the local area.

The schools joined and help create the Northeast Ohio Conference.

helped to create

They helped to create the first king of gods.

He also helped to create the signature look of these characters.

She helped to create the annual Women@Imperial and Diverse@Imperial weeks.

merged to create

The town consists of villages that were merged to create Zolote.

In 1971 all three schools merged to create a comprehensive school named Richmond School.

Kang Duk Won Kang Duk Won was one of the original 9 kwans that eventually merged to create the Kukkiwon system.

sought to create   (tìm cách tạo ra)

It sought to create a vendor-neutral online reference of Web platform standards.

As the folk music craze died out, Bonniwell sought to create music with "fuzz and fangs."

The ambitious project sought to create a versatile common fighter for many roles and services.

create his own

He also began to create his own blends.

Erlik hid some inside his mouth to later create his own world.

He also began to create his own designs, developing his own style.

create something

They quote content from various sources to create something "new".

Then I'd go and create something.

He wanted to be original but not "too original" and create something hard to market.

plans to create

Rizwan plans to create a rift between Zara and Kabir.

She plans to create tension in the house.

Miller and Ocelot discuss Big Boss' plans to create Outer Heaven.

effort to create   (nỗ lực để tạo ra)

', a collaborative effort to create a national marine mammal health data repository and visualization tool.

In 2007, the race was lengthened to 228 laps in an effort to create a longer product for time value purposes.

The "self-conscious" effort to impress must, according to Hoffmann, be divorced from the "self-aware" effort to create.

intended to create

It is intended to create islands and a bordering lake.

McGivney intended to create an alternative organization.

The President of the Republic still intended to create a Ministry in his first term.

users to create

FundRazr allows users to create a campaign page for their cause.

Bazaar Android provided the possibility for the users to create their own store.

It allows users to create animated videos using pre-built characters and templates.

commissioned to create

For the latter he was commissioned to create the statue representing Arkansas.

In 2008 Husain was commissioned to create 32 large-scale paintings of Indian history.

In 1816, Woodside was commissioned to create the city of Philadelphia's coat of arms.

attempted to create

Spudich first attempted to create an in vitro setup with actin and myosin.

During this time he attempted to create his legal arguments for the court.

Having lost control of Bob Jane T-Marts, Jane attempted to create a new tyre business using his name.

create the first

They helped to create the first king of gods.

The Cyclops64 project aims to create the first "supercomputer on a chip".

Not only did he create the first goal scored by Zambani Sailota, he scored the second in a 3–0 win.

possible to create

It is also possible to create circular data structures with conses.

It is also possible to create software designed from the ground up to be secure.

In this way, it is possible to create ASCII art where the characters only differ in color.

create the new

"GAS had one week to create the new KITT, and they pulled out all the stops.

The Omoa Works initially prospered enough to create the new community of Omoa Town.

This region has now been merged with the former region 9 to create the new region F.

attempts to create

"R" corresponds roughly to repeated attempts to create and discern a pattern.

During the 1970s, the first attempts to create a parallel narrative were made.

Beginning with the very first research into worms at Xerox PARC, there have been attempts to create useful worms.

began to create

He also began to create his own blends.

He also began to create his own designs, developing his own style.

Supplement companies began to create more powerful forms of pre-workout.

create jobs

Kim said she wants to create jobs and keep taxes low.

The plan is expected to carry through three years and create jobs.

Parchester Village residents lauded this as a boon to fight crime and create jobs.

trying to create

He is trying to create a legend.

The thing which I'm trying to create is of the thirties; Keaton and Chaplin".

TACO was trying to create a distraction for NAF, but bondik saw the Canadian player and took him down.

aims to create

The group aims to create an Islamic state under Sharia law.

He aims to create cocktails that guests can make easily at home.

The Cyclops64 project aims to create the first "supercomputer on a chip".

create what

I create what the drama and the music demand.

He also helped create what became NFL Films.

His idea was to create what would later be called "rock opera".

how to create

Erica continues working with "Stephanie" on how to create art.

The program header table tells the system how to create a process image.

Currently she is researching on how to create a new hybrid system of Zero emission of electric airliners.

tried to create

They tried to create a light two-engine bomber.

Many of the healers tried to create cures for these diseases.

The social engineers of apartheid tried to create a suburb for the white working class.

designed to create

It was designed to create an intimate community that mirrored a "reserve reality."

When opened, the panels are designed to create the illusion of a bird's wings extended.

The interior was designed to create the outdoor nighttime atmosphere of a Mexican village.

did not create

The Oslo Accords, however, did not create a Palestinian state.

The court held that the deep linking did not create infringement liability.

Flook's legislation did not create a university in Corvallis from thin air.

create a sense

The sentences build on each other, as events build to create a sense of the whole.

Instead, Watts was used as a promotional tool to create a sense of hope for long-suffering fans.

The subdivisions of space formed by multiple domes and pillars create a sense of privacy and even intimacy.

efforts to create

While living in London's Saville Street, he took part in efforts to create a home for the city's abandoned children.

Previous efforts to create a second "South Park" film were complicated due to both studios retaining certain rights to the property.

During the time, Felix also became involved with efforts to create the Mexican Space Agency, working with formation committees and Mexican authorities.

create a single

In 1993, Telerate joined forces with Auto Insurance Shopper to create a single company, using the latter's name.

The PSUC and ERC then passed a set of decrees to dissolve the patrols and create a single unified security corps.

In 1990 the First, Second and Third Flotillas were unified to create a single command and formation called the Surface Flotilla.

create music

Masters continues to create music, often of an experimental nature.

He eventually went on to create music for over 3,000 ad jingles and Kannada films.

The group was formed during their teenage years and they worked together to create music.

plan to create

In 2004, a plan to create the Dongshi Forestry Cultural Park was unveiled.

A group of college students plan to create the "perfect student" as a joke.

Rubin and Gavin devised a plan to create a three-dimensional action-platform game.

create awareness   (tạo ra nhận thức)

Besides this, RDT also executed campaigns in order to create awareness.

He collaborated with PETA for a campaign to create awareness about dogs.

He was also aware of importance of the press to create awareness among the dalit community.

create a series

Beavers may create a series of dams along a river.

The sections are set at an angle to create a series of peaks joined at the top.

And Wallace also asked him to create a series of covers for the first three issues.

project to create

He co-founded GlobalFam a non-profit project to create and maintain a computer center for young people in Burundi.

Notable events that have happened to Croydon's skyline include the Millennium project to create the largest single urban lighting project ever.

In April 2018, a Kickstarter project to create a miniatures game using licensed characters from the "Street Fighter" series of video games was launched by Vargas.

inspired to create

She was inspired to create this type of set after a trip to South Africa.

Lead organizer Christine Land was inspired to create the event back in 2000.

He was inspired to create Political Wire by a print Wall Street Journal column called Washington Wire.

create the city

In 1816, Woodside was commissioned to create the city of Philadelphia's coat of arms.

On April 1, 2004, Toi, along with the towns of Amagiyugashima, Nakaizu and Shuzenji (all from Tagata District), was merged to create the city of Izu.

On November 30, 1987 the town of Yatabe merged with the neighboring towns of Ōho and Toyosato and the village of Sakura to create the city of Tsukuba.

create another   (tạo ra một cái khác)

Following the first marathon, motivation was low to continue to create another event.

The inefficiencies associated with rapid growth may create another wave of problems simultaneously.

These six, in turn, create another twelve angels "with each one receiving a portion in the heavens".

create the illusion   (tạo ảo ảnh)

This success may create the illusion that conditioning is "always" possible.

When opened, the panels are designed to create the illusion of a bird's wings extended.

To create the illusion of movement, each drawing differs slightly from the one before it.

desire to create

W. Awdry's desire to create a credible and consistent world for his stories.

Science fiction criticism has come a long way from its defensive desire to create a canon.

Wujcik also expressed a desire to create a book giving greater detail to the Courts of Chaos.

aimed to create

They aimed to create a near future American setting.

Atatürk aimed to create a nation state (Turkish: Ulus devlet) from the Turkish remnants of the Ottoman Empire.

The founders aimed to create an independent source of thought on Canada's trade, investment and political relations with Asia.

create such

Attempts to create such a model established the more general field of celestial mechanics.

The decision to create such a character was backed up by research in the US government study "".

So a hacker can modify and create such macros that the user will activate by using the shortcut key.

opportunity to create

He pursued an opportunity to create a historical monument for the town of Calais.

Badger gave him the opportunity to create the rural lifestyle to which he aspired.

Using Instagram, fans have the opportunity to create a visual inspired by any one word in the song.

create a large

The goal is to create a large splash.

This was chosen to avoiding having to create a large number of animations for 2D.

ASF planned to create a large Swedish chemical group rivaling those in continental Europe.

needed to create

It is the energy needed to create the system.

After the fall of the Western Empire, much of the infrastructure needed to create plate armour diminished.

As a result, the Confederacy needed to create a large Southern prison that could handle a considerable population of inmates.

create a unique

The host country can create a unique team competition for their event.

Thus, the various cultures of Fiji have come together to create a unique multicultural national identity.

Mortar rounds landing on concrete create a unique fragmentation pattern that looks almost floral in arrangement.

create a national   (tạo ra một quốc gia)

Anita's going to create a national gay force".

Main goal of his religious activity was to create a national church in Italy.

It also features a proposal to create a national registry of conscientious objectors.

combined to create

His columns have been combined to create 10 books to date.

Sometimes found materials will be combined to create objects (e.g.

The ribbons of various Soviet orders have been combined to create the Order Ribbon.

way to create

This Raag uses its expertise in this way to create feelings of suspense.

During the late 19th century, creating wide, graceful streets was seen as a way to create a beautiful city.

In 2015 a practical way to create and access magnetic skyrmions under ambient room-temperature conditions was announced.

managed to create

In 1765 they managed to create a tulle-like fabric on a so-called stocking framework.

"-The Milan Film Festival "Edward Quist has managed to create a real jewel of "counter-animation."

Through the late 1990s, BeOS managed to create a niche of followers, but the company failed to remain viable.

helping to create

Myhrvold has described his goal for Intellectual Ventures as helping to create a market for patent-backed securities.

X38 was assembled in 1937 from spare parts, helping to create work for workshops staff at a time of high unemployment.

Poet William Cullen Bryant similarly used his art to glorify the Catskills, helping to create interest in the region as a tourist destination.

power to create

Olive will discover that she has the power to create fire.

Living Goods uses their buying power to create a streamlined supply chain.

The state-sanctioned power to create currency is called the Right of Issuance.

worked to create

Ivens worked to create a better life for the working class of Manitoba.

Restoration has worked to create an idea of what the original home was like.

In his time as leader though, Lea worked to create a more usual party structure.

attempting to create

He lives on the outskirts of town, attempting to create order in his life.

In 1888 Hogg sued the rail companies for attempting to create a monopoly, among other charges.

But one thing is clear: before attempting to create something new, it is vital to have a good appreciation of everything that already exists in this field.

create an environment   (tạo môi trường)

The campus aims to create an environment that will invoke the spirit of innovation, technology and invention.

These buildings help create an environment that is distinctive and lays the foundation for a cohesive community.

players to create

The game allows players to create a party with up to four characters.

The game features a route creator which enables players to create their own races.

The scenario and map editors allow players to create customized scenarios and maps.

create an independent

The Belarusian People's Republic was the first attempt to create an independent Belarusian state under name "Belarus".

The founders aimed to create an independent source of thought on Canada's trade, investment and political relations with Asia.

The London Conference of 1912–13 agreed to create an independent Albania; however both Serbia and Montenegro refused to comply.

does not create

"This Court and other courts have recognized that the singing of a song does not create a trademark."

This is a huge problem, because customers will not follow a process that does not create value for them.

The purpose of the anti-aliasing filter is to ensure that the reduced periodicity does not create overlap.

create many

He was promoted to level designer and helped create many of the multiplayer maps for "".

We had to create many shots and things during post production stage and it took us 3 months.

Other tools are available that have enabled players to create many new LTG (LaserTank Graphics) visual themes.

create a better

Ivens worked to create a better life for the working class of Manitoba.

"Together, we can create a better future for Cambodia’s women and children."

Lea feels that she wants to do more than them in order to create a better world.

necessary to create   (cần thiết để tạo)

Suction (medicine) In medicine, devices are sometimes necessary to create suction.

To confirm this hypothesis, it’s necessary to create a prototype of a Vacuum Balloon, and this is the first goal of the O-Boot project.

At the cellular level, metabolic myopathies lack some kind of enzyme that prevent the chemical reactions necessary to create adenosine triphosphate (ATP).

create art

She was encouraged to create art in her childhood.

Mu Xin used both ink and paint to create art pieces.

I create art, so it will be presented as such.

idea to create

The idea to create a swimming pool was made in 50’s and first works began in 1953.

In 1998, the scene began to grow, the idea to create a collectively run venue in the spirit of 924 Gilman or ABC-No-Rio was hatched.

At the end of the 1950s, Pierre Grouès, a medical philanthropist, had the idea to create a skiing resort to develop the attractiveness of the village.

create additional

Congress can create additional RTC branches, when necessary by passing a law.

Both JSLint and JSHint were lacking the ability to create additional rules for code quality and coding style.

The incorporation of gymnastic movements adapted to baton twirling to create additional elements of risk and excitement.

continued to create

He continued to create medleys into the early 1990s, now under the name UK Mixmasters.

Villarreal continued to create chances, including Robert Pires nearly marking his return to his former club with a goal.

Dixon continued to create simple but powerful compositions in which non-essential elements were distilled or eliminated.

create a separate

However, unlike Samuel Holdheim, he did not want to create a separate community.

He was leader of the movement to create a separate Diocese of Aba, now a reality.

Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer led the movement to create a separate organization that became known as the PGA Tour.

asked to create

In 2014, Crash was asked to create a series of murals for The Little Italy Street Art ( L.I.S.A. )

After being asked to create an album, Andy released his single ""Wasted" in 2008 which was included on .

They were asked to create the star of the show, a new version of the 2008 Ford Mustang called the "GT500KR".

create custom   (tạo tùy chỉnh)

Players may also create custom chants.

Users can easily create custom modules with the built in "Module Creator."

The ability to create custom units was praised, as was the depth of the tech tree.

create its own

The success of "Rango" led Paramount to create its own animation studio, Paramount Animation.

On the JavaScript front, Microsoft reverse-engineered the Navigator interpreter to create its own, called JScript.

The term civilization is defined as a developed human society which managed to create its own culture through people.

required to create

An email account is often required to create an account.

Intense clean up is required to create the final set of triangles.

"Original airdate: 29 October 2012" The remaining designers were required to create an on-trend menswear look for a tradesman.

decision to create   (quyết định tạo)

In 1953, Alexander was involved in the decision to create a new art gallery in Hamilton.

The decision to create such a character was backed up by research in the US government study "".

They made the decision to create a consumable product in a liquid form that could be classified as a supplement.

artists to create

He was one of the first artists to create woodcuts on plywood.

In 1981, he invited prominent media artists to create experimental art projects using Videotex.

The contest featured songwriters who worked together with Filipino artists to create new OPM music.

create and maintain   (tạo và duy trì)

The platform allows individuals and businesses to create and maintain websites.

Now, in order to effectively create and maintain the EA products, a toolset should be selected.

Horton’s quest to create and maintain the Highlander School was opposed by Southern law enforcement.

planned to create

Then, Krishna planned to create an eclipse much before the beginning of the war.

ASF planned to create a large Swedish chemical group rivaling those in continental Europe.

Broome stated that the organization planned to create new on-air content 52 weeks per year.

want to create

They didn't want to create an individual.

I have a better idea of the sound I want to create and legacy I want to leave."

However, unlike Samuel Holdheim, he did not want to create a separate community.

create opportunities

The anchors obstruct the opponent's checkers and create opportunities to hit them as they move home.

It was founded to provide a means to encourage one another professionally and create opportunities to sell their works of art.

Economists have shown that highly skilled workers increase local productivity and create opportunities for the other workers too".

create space

The engine, a 10.45-litre Gardner 6LX, was located beside the driver, with the front axle moved back to create space for the entrance.

Land had been purchased by the end of 1934 and starting in March 1936 the first buildings were demolished to create space at Voßstraße.

He is a hardworking and opportunistic player, who is known for his offensive movement and ability to score goals or create space for teammates.

made to create

Attempts have been made to create GSDs for extinct species such as trilobites.

Proposals have been made to create a third crossing to connect Detroit and Windsor.

Initiatives were made to create schools for the uneducated fraction of the population.

create several

Together they create several evil demons, liliths and vampires.

They form the beginning of his attempt to create several annual cycles of cantatas for the occasions of the liturgical year.

One of the goals of Oakley and Weinstein was to create several episodes in each season that would "push the envelope conceptually."

proposal to create

There is a proposal to create a European Olympic Team.

A proposal to create "Frisco" county, with its seat in Flagstaff was defeated.

It also features a proposal to create a national registry of conscientious objectors.

create a strong

Trigger was forced by Saionji Konzern to create a strong B-Daman to destroy the world.

Stalin used the office of General Secretary to create a strong power base for himself.

The contrasting frames of the shallow-arched windows and the dark highly stylized stucco pilasters create a strong graphic effect.

create works

This inspired him to not only draw, but to also create works in pumice stone, pebbles and clay.

The workshop gave artists for the first time a place of work to create works using engraving techniques.

The work was inspired by the Oulipo group, which seeks to create works using constrained writing techniques.

enough to create

Both were thought to have been strong enough to create 30 km diameter craters.

The Omoa Works initially prospered enough to create the new community of Omoa Town.

At this level, the urethra is considered wide enough to create an adequate stoma, or urethral opening.

create different

Different types of plucking can also create different tones and sounds.

Some mods add bots, while others remove features of the game, and others create different modes of play.

She applies oil paint to the surface using tissue paper, folding or wadding it to create different effects.

create a unified   (tạo ra một thể thống nhất)

Against the opposition of local tribes Ismail Ibn Sharif (1672–1727) began to create a unified state.

Attempts to create a unified field theory based on classical physics are classical unified field theories.

Until now, only Liechtenstein and Switzerland have opted to create a unified protection area (see Unitary patent (Switzerland and Liechtenstein)).

time to create

Coolidge has volunteered his time to create English-language educational programs in Taiwan.

The length of the novel utilizes its themes of time to create a fast-paced plot defined by its brevity.

These smaller entities merged over time to create today's department, which was officially created in 1970.

technology to create

Apple then employed the same technology to create iDVD for the consumer market.

It has been proposed to use modern technology to create CCBT that simulates face-to-face therapy.

directorate is able to use the alien technology to create superheroes and the Red Crawl is apparently defeated.