creating a new   (新しいを作成する)

Its popularity has grown since its invention, creating a new demand.

This is why the exodus is sometimes described as ""creating a new Antwerp"".

In late 1974, ABC Daytime approached Labine about creating a new soap opera.

creating new   (新しい作成)

As a market leader, they keep exploring and creating new products.

She opened a dance studio and began creating new solo pieces again.

Often it is not creating new ones by mutation which takes a long time.

thus creating   (したがって作成)

The agreement came into force on March 12, 1994, thus creating the IAI.

In this they were successful, thus creating the first non-Euclidean geometry.

Second, there was only one road leading to and from the stadium, thus creating a traffic nightmare.

known for creating

She is known for creating large and exotic pieces.

He is known for creating Welch's t-test.

He is best known for creating the ABC dramedy series "Desperate Housewives".

began creating

Valera began creating music in Bordeaux, France.

In 2006, scientists began creating a diatom database.

The government began creating IT parks in Nashik Road.

responsible for creating   (作成する責任)

They learn the reactor was responsible for creating the loop.

He, along with Itcai the Jaguar, is responsible for creating the earth and water.

Rare was responsible for creating games in Nintendo's long-running "Donkey Kong" franchise.

process of creating

Documentary practice is the complex process of creating documentary projects.

Frontogenesis is the process of creating or steepening the temperature gradient of a front.

During the process of creating an avatar, the player is asked for some personal information.

idea of creating

The idea of creating larger league was discussed early in 1951.

"We came up with this idea of creating a fake nation behind this album.

This is how the idea of creating a place for children with disabilities was born.

creating more

The plan involved creating more than seventy storage reservoirs to reduce Ohio River flood heights.

Some high-output pickups employ very strong magnets, thus creating more flux and thereby more output.

Contemporary academic projects have focused on creating more realistic videos and on improving techniques.

creating the first

In this they were successful, thus creating the first non-Euclidean geometry.

Also in 1861, Lincoln signed the Revenue Act of 1861, creating the first U.S. income tax.

The path to creating the first Lithuanian encyclopedia, "Lietuviškoji enciklopedija", was complicated.

thereby creating   (それにより作成)

), thereby creating a more Westernized people for the Mormons to indoctrinate.

Colonialism is based on an imperial outlook, thereby creating a consequential relationship.

This and dam was completed in 1992; thereby creating a reservoir that is the third-largest lake in Turkey.

credited with creating

Derleth is credited with creating the "Elder Gods."

He is credited with creating the Russian oil industry.

His four mouths are credited with creating the four Vedas.

when creating   (作成するとき)

He would not make the same mistake when creating Scientology.

Smith followed an unconventional style when creating the album.

The format used is determined by the user when creating the table.

goal of creating

Some sports have developed with the goal of creating a challenge that players with a disability could enjoy.

With these changes, Six Magics began to compose the lyrics in English and worked to the goal of creating a professional album.

Calleja attacked the Loma de San Diego with about 500 soldiers with the goal of creating an observation post overlooking the city.

creating their own

The group was also interested in creating their own area in Tamil Nadu.

In 2009, the Chicago Cubs expressed interest in creating their own regional cable network.

The South viewed the Wide Awakes as the North's private army, and thus they determined on creating their own.

well as creating   (作成するだけでなく)

The project is expected to have an overall economic impact of $1 million to Chester, as well as creating 100 new jobs.

As well as creating cells, bone marrow is also one of the major sites where defective or aged red blood cells are destroyed.

While on the GPM, Colwell helped draw route maps for the marchers as well as creating art depicting marchers in their everyday lives.

creating what

He plotted these results on a graph creating what is now known as the "forgetting curve".

He shared this idea with Tommy Viator and they began creating what was the beginning of Shrüm.

Jensen transplanted the wildflowers into a corner of Union Park, creating what became the American Garden in 1888.

role in creating   (作成における役割)

The Rufiji River plays a central role in creating this environment.

Bioengineering can play a role in creating successful bacteriophages.

The name was changed to Cygwin32 to emphasize Cygnus' role in creating it.

creating a more

), thereby creating a more Westernized people for the Mormons to indoctrinate.

The curves of the serpent bench form a number of enclaves, creating a more social atmosphere.

Then the new A4 was built east of the city creating a more direct route from Amsterdam to Rotterdam.

creating music

Valera began creating music in Bordeaux, France.

"In about 1992", Shizuka started creating music and composed three songs: , , and .

Kushnier began creating music in 1998, using his home computer to fuse electronica, acoustic folk, and psychedelia.

instrumental in creating

He remains instrumental in creating a music scene where young upcoming artists can thrive.

She was instrumental in creating a theater company including her "GL" castmates performing other works.

She was also instrumental in creating women's spaces and was known for her advocacy of lesbian relationships.

purpose of creating   (作成の目的)

In 1882, he donated of land east of the city for the purpose of creating Wade Park, which was named in his honor.

In the following months, members of the UCS supporters' group met with the purpose of creating a new Clydebank F.C.

The Maple Leaf reservoir was completed in 1910 with the purpose of creating a reservoir for residential and commercial water use.

focused on creating

Hanson’s career has focused on creating humanlike robots.

These arrangements also focused on creating colour contrast.

The pair are focused on creating sociopolitical genre films.

creating his own

While at Avon, Pulling began to think of creating his own school.

Since 2008 he has been creating his own performances as a choreographer.

Dent's psychologist Bartholomew Wolper blames Batman for creating his own rogues gallery.

involved in creating

As a result, Arondeus also became involved in creating forged documents.

They have also been involved in creating social activities and political freedom movements.

Later he was also involved in creating "Bureaucracy" as a parody of events in his own life.

aim of creating

Project Wizard began in 1946, with the aim of creating a missile capable of intercepting the V-2.

The garden's initial site was acquired in 1967 by a local retirement home, with the aim of creating a farm.

IFF was founded as an inter-university institute with the aim of creating connections both between and across disciplines.

aimed at creating

Koinup also features tools aimed at creating a bridge between virtual worlds and the website.

Game Kids was a division of Rooster Teeth Productions aimed at creating kid and family friendly content.

The format is music driven with the addition of Christmas-themed content, all aimed at creating the 'Magic of Christmas'.

started creating

In the 1970s and the 1980s, other companies also started creating new panels.

"In about 1992", Shizuka started creating music and composed three songs: , , and .

Without realizing it, he had started creating his first packaging materials and logos.

creating the new

He is in charge of creating the new Intersect for Fulcrum.

In 1892, John Gilbert Baker assigned the species to "Romulea", creating the new combination "Romulea monadelpha".

The Grace and Mount Carmel hospital staff merged creating the new Grace Hospital at the 6071 West Outer Drive location.

creating a large

This is done by creating a large number of echoes that gradually fade away in volume or "decay".

At some point in antiquity the wall between the two was removed, creating a large tomb with two dromes (entrances).

At Sias, the administration tacitly allows students to live off campus, creating a large community of landlords around the university.

creating art

Albert began creating art during the latter part of his college years at NYU.

Valerie has received many fellowships and awards throughout her years of creating art.

Warlpiri people have a long history of creating art on wooden artifacts, the body, the ground and rocks.

capable of creating

Silverfrost FTN95 is also capable of creating .NET code.

In this version, Byrna uses a robotic suit of armor that is capable of creating snow.

India is also capable of creating tritium more efficiently by irradiation of lithium-6 in reactors.

creating many

Apart from creating many creative works of art, he also authored two books:

In 1996, Louisiana Pacific opened an OSB mill in the RM of Minitonas, creating many new jobs.

Krasić was instrumental in his home debut against Sampdoria, assisting a goal and creating many chances.

intention of creating   (作成の意図)

The Honda Capa was designed with the intention of creating a car that was to be the best size for town driving.

Both countries went through economic reforms and privatisations, with the intention of creating a market economy.

The quarry's workshops at Gilfach Ddu were purchased by the Gwynedd County Council with the intention of creating a Country Park.

creating jobs

The new businesses helped the economy of the port of Gibraltar by creating jobs.

They’re an integral part of Athens, not only in what they’re producing, but in creating jobs.

In Alaska, the Pebble Mine proposal was opposed for endangering commercial fishing, and supported for creating jobs.

without creating

He has the ability to physically penetrate a victim's body and disrupt internal organs without creating a surface wound.

Quota-share reinsurers act as insurance wholesalers, allowing them to earn a return on capital without creating primary insurance distribution.

Tarkovsky claimed that Lem did not fully appreciate cinema and expected the film to merely illustrate the novel without creating an original cinematic piece.

addition to creating

In addition to creating all the bird carvings and their display cases, Spear also helped design and build the museum itself.

In addition to creating the television adaptation, Miller and Wheeler were also expected to executive produce the series as well.

In addition to creating and selling parkas, Bogner also began rebuilding the business by creating other products, such as aprons.

possibility of creating   (作成の可能性)

Under Israeli law, inherited from British Mandate municipal law, the possibility of creating a municipal borough exists.

According to Diderot, without feeling there is a detrimental effect on virtue, and no possibility of creating sublime work.

Her technique combines fluid gesture with hard-edge geometry to explore the possibility of creating complexity through simple forms.

interested in creating

He was also interested in creating musical chords.

In particular he was interested in creating a modern Russian navy.

Carpenter was interested in creating two distinct looks for the movie.

before creating

The model is one of three variations of the device Xiaomi created before creating the Xiaomi Mi 3.

Leigh and his cast immerse themselves in the local life before creating the story" (1994: 7: Watson 29).

Richard Thompson illustrated numerous feature articles in "The Washington Post" before creating his "Cul de Sac" comic strip.

succeeded in creating

By 1973, he had succeeded in creating a separate dermatology department at Howard's Freedmen's Hospital.

The Waseda University (Japan) and NTT Docomo's manufacturers have succeeded in creating a shape-shifting robot "WD-2".

Yet Fra Angelico has succeeded in creating designs which continue to reveal his own preoccupation with humanity, with humility and with piety.

legislation creating   (立法作成)

The President succeeded in getting legislation creating a system of licensure for nuclear plants by the AEC.

In response to the deaths of Luis Baez, Randolph Evans and Eleanor Bumpers, Green authored legislation creating the Center for Law and Social Justice at Medgar Evers College.

In 2016, Walker signed legislation creating a pair of pilot programs to test alternative-care delivery and payment models for Medicaid recipients who have significant or chronic mental illness.

creating such

Well done guys for creating such a well-produced and highly poignant album!"

Biomedical engineers are currently researching methods of creating such organs.

By creating such a systemic infection, P. horiana has the potential to overwinter in plants as a form of protection .

towards creating

The next step towards creating electric keyboards was to apply electric sound technology.

This was the first step towards creating and registering a new "Law on the state language".

The process towards creating an international Arms Trade Treaty began in the United Nations in 2006.