credit card   (クレジットカード)

Ryan is the first to receive his credit card.

Her cases focused on the banking and credit card sectors.

Another problem concerned each bank's credit card division.

credit cards   (クレジットカード)

In China, however, credit cards are not so popular.

Many Aeroplan members collect miles via credit cards.

Less than 10% of CB cards were credit cards.

credit union   (信用組合)

Within one year a credit union act had been passed.

A credit union is a non-stock corporation (i.e.

Two years later, a credit union was built.

tax credit   (税額控除)

This tax credit is adjusted for the cost of living each year.

earned income tax credit).

A tax credit is a dollar-for-dollar reduction in the amount of taxes owed.

credit unions   (信用組合(信用金庫)

He was responsible for the organizing of the world's first credit unions.

Group seven: credit unions.

Some credit unions offer home loans in addition to other financial services.

credit rating

Standard & Poor's gives Chile a credit rating of AA-.

Fitch Ratings international rating agency assigned “B-“ credit rating to Rodovid Bank.

Moody’s international rating agency assigned “B3” credit rating to OJSC «RODOVID BANK».

writing credit

Biggs did not receive writing credit for the revised lyrics.

It received no song writing credit.

The song was re-registered in ASCAP with a new writing credit by Mac Davis.

college credit

AP tests are also available to students to gain college credit.

Students can earn transferable college credit while in high school.

Students can take CE classes to earn college credit during High School.

given credit

He was also given credit for saving the city's airport.

Many people have been given credit for creating the idea.

All three men are given credit for the element's discovery.

credit hours

The program involves 75 credit hours.

One term, his course load was 25 credit hours – about two thirds more than normal.

Each course consists of 3 credit hours in total, with total of 15 credit hour in a semester.

credit risk

The variance gamma process has been successfully applied in the modeling of credit risk in structural models.

In September, Shanghai Data Exchange released a credit risk profile product that offers a database of 50 million enterprises.

The actual rate that borrowers and lenders receive on the market will depend on (perceived) credit risk, maturity and other factors.

screen credit

Du Pont wanted on screen credit but Lawrence refused.

A significant screen credit is the 1990 AIDS drama, "Longtime Companion".

His next screen credit was the film "Burglar", released on March 20, 1987.

line of credit

A special line of credit is available for women and young farmers.

Ford secured a line of credit in case they require a bridging loan in the near future.

PayPal Credit is not a credit card but a revolving line of credit offered by Synchrony Bank.

great credit   (偉大な信用)

Childs, who was given great credit for his calm and intelligent ride, commented "I knew this would come.

President Gorbachev, who deserves great credit for reform, perestroika and openness, glasnost, stepped aside.

It's known to the world that three treasures in the world, these two tripods brought great credit to the Pan family.

took credit

Tigers manager George Stallings took credit for the name.

Colbert took credit for Hall's election win on this November 8, 2006 edition of "The Colbert Report".

Falwell took credit for defeating the Dade County gay rights ordinance and the failure of the ERA in Florida.

take credit

We sure not tryin' to take credit for swingin' it."

Non-cohesive teams are more likely to take credit for successes and blame others for mistakes and failures.

He also passes off many of Marty's jokes as his own, and always aims to take credit for other people's work.

credit upon

Maj. BRADY'S bravery was in the highest traditions of the military service and reflects great credit upon himself and the U.S. Army.

His brilliant leadership and fine tactical judgment were decisive factors in the accomplishment of a vital mission and reflect the highest credit upon Lieutenant Colonel Cresswell and the United States Naval Service.

Munnings comments that it was “a story of the dashed hopes of one of our finest landscape-painters; a story reflecting little credit upon members of the Academy.” Within Ann Galbally's book “A Remarkable Friendship – Vincent Van Gogh and John Peter Russell”, there is mention that “…Buxton Knight another friend of Russell and [Tom] Roberts, and known to Edward Combes, became something of a mentor to Roberts, Russell and other visiting Australian students, including E Phillips Fox.

received credit

Prima received credit as a featured artist on the song.

"San Francisco" received credit for downing one of the attacking aircraft.

She received credit in Charlie Chan's "Meeting At Midnight" (1944) series film.

social credit   (社会的信用)

Its policies were a mixture of rural advocacy and social credit theory.

This system has subsequently been referred to in English-language press accounts as the "social credit system".

The Auckland branch was also strongly influenced by the social credit theory of monetary reform, promoted by C. H. Douglas.

credit default

Fiorani, Luciano and Semeraro model credit default swaps under variance gamma.

Synthetic ABS (credit default swaps on ABS) do not qualify as eligible collateral.

In September 2009, Goldman Sachs, among others, created a special credit default swap (CDS) index to cover the high risk of Greece's national debt.

gave credit

", although less prevalent versions of the story gave credit to his wife Mary Jo.

The later king, Shalmaneser II, restored this wall and gave credit to his predecessor in his inscription.

She had a shrewd business sense and Brunner gave credit to her for teaching him skills in practical matters.

credit crunch   (信用収縮)

The housing bubble then led to the credit crunch.

Work was due to start in 2009 but plans were scaled down due to the credit crunch.

In 1982 the two biggest banks were nationalized to prevent an even worse credit crunch.

agricultural credit

Dhawade has no commercial banks or co-operative banks present within the village, but there are 1 agricultural credit societies, 1 non-agricultural credit societies and 3 other credit societies present within the village.

full credit

Eric Hollies deceived me and he deserves full credit."

Eventually in 2011, the Guild gave him full credit for the script of "Roman Holiday".

Arpita Paul gave full credit to the director for the realistic portrayal of her character.

no credit

Using the 0/100 rule, no credit is earned for an element of work until it is finished.

He also starred in "Demon Knight" at the beginning, as a hackman; he received no credit.

Smaller restaurants or small shops often accept only Debit Cards or cash but no credit cards.

songwriting credit

The songwriting credit shows Bob, not Bobby, Cochran.

Powell's first songwriting credit was a jingle for an Allstate commercial.

It is notable as the only song ABBA recorded to have a songwriting credit from Agnetha Fältskog.

claimed credit

Two years later Gary claimed credit for convincing Hampton to run.

Both Lennon and producer George Martin claimed credit for the idea.

Both local rebel groups and the al-Nusra Front claimed credit for the opposition advance.

first credit

His first credit was "The Price of Folly" (1937), based on his play.

Goldenwest was the first credit union in Utah to build its own facility.

He was responsible for the organizing of the world's first credit unions.

consumer credit

LG Card LG Card Co., Ltd. () is South Korea's biggest credit card and consumer credit provider.

Ryan voted against the Credit CARD Act of 2009 which expanded consumer credit card protection plans.

At the time, consumer credit in Australia was primarily loaned in the form of installment sales credit.

credit ratings

In 2004 Botswana was once again assigned "A" grade credit ratings by Moody's and Standard & Poor's.

Under these circumstances, creditors and consequently city governments place a high importance on city credit ratings.

Fitch, Moody's and Standard & Poor's credit ratings agencies downgraded Countrywide 1 or 2 grades, some to near "junk" status.

receive credit

A debate continues about who should receive credit for the discovery.

Lovecraft would later receive credit in the editor's note of the 1939 reprint.

Miller worked on the script (although he did not receive credit) to expand the role.

credit system

About 1885, the traders began to transform from a barter economy to a credit system.

The school offers the basic course offerings of any other high school and a comparable course credit system.

This system has subsequently been referred to in English-language press accounts as the "social credit system".

much credit

... Any time you make a prediction like that people give you probably too much credit for it...

“Does Burns take too much credit for the seemingly substantial work he did on "Negro Digest" and "Ebony"?

While critics frequently assailed Clark's podium leadership, the musicians themselves were given much credit.

credit societies

In 1931 he made Roy Bergengren of the Credit Union National Association to present the value of co-operative credit societies.

Dhawade has no commercial banks or co-operative banks present within the village, but there are 1 agricultural credit societies, 1 non-agricultural credit societies and 3 other credit societies present within the village.