Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

crew members   (miembros de la tripulación)

The three Soyuz crew members floated into the ISS.

The bodies of only two crew members were recovered.

The CM included living space for four crew members.

cast and crew   (reparto y equipo)

KFC paid for product placement and also fed the cast and crew.

Includes student film news, cast and crew interviews and more.

The majority of the cast and crew were confirmed by December 2018.

crew member   (miembro de la tripulación)

This was in fact a crew member filling in for him.

As of 2013, Walker was a pit crew member for the No.

Irwin and a crew member escorted him to Irwin's boat.

crew chief   (jefe de equipo)

It was run by crew chief / mechanic Ray Nichels.

He was also the crew chief for the 2008 World Series.

Fennig has collected 40 Cup wins as crew chief.

passengers and crew   (pasajeros y tripulación)

All thirty passengers and crew on board were killed.

All 43 passengers and crew on board were killed.

All 85 passengers and crew were removed from the aircraft.

film crew   (equipo de la película)

A film crew was hired to document the effort.

4 for logistics and safety of the film crew.

That caused frequent laughter among the film crew, ruining several takes.

s crew

There were only four casualties among "España"s crew.

One of "Leda"s crew drowned when "Snipe" sank.

However, on 17 January "Batavia"s crew recaptured her.

flight crew   (tripulación de vuelo)

The flight crew consisted of two pilots and a cabin attendant.

These are all used to provide imagery and information to the flight crew.

Memorials to the flight crew of CCCP-09303 were built in Moscow and Lima.

production crew

The production crew referred to these props as "goons".

The song's music video was directed by production crew Syndrome.

The "Daicon IV" film officially credits a production crew of twelve people.

entire crew   (toda la tripulación)

"Shark" was a total loss, but her entire crew was saved.

The entire crew of 52 officers and men were taken prisoner.

The "Empire Spring"′s entire crew of 55 died in the sinking.

crew consisted

The ship's crew consisted of 79 officers and men.

The crew consisted of a pilot and a cabin attendant.

Her crew consisted of 600 officers and enlisted men.

other crew   (otra tripulación)

Captain Henry Baldwin and six other crew were killed.

Nikki and Leo, along with the other crew, all dance together.

crew on board

All thirty passengers and crew on board were killed.

All 43 passengers and crew on board were killed.

None of the 684 passengers or 401 crew on board were injured in the attack.

camera crew

A camera crew decides to document what they are doing.

ground crew

Other ground crew loaded the aircraft with bombs and fuel.

It was joined by the pilots and ground crew from the disbanded No.

On landing, Summers immediately told the ground crew that, "I don't want anything touched!"

crew and passengers

Only four of the 30 crew and passengers aboard survived.

All 51 crew and passengers were killed.

The report from Lisbon stated that 112 crew and passengers had died.

crew were killed

Captain Henry Baldwin and six other crew were killed.

23 of her crew were killed or fatally injured.

crew training

It was used for crew training at Plesetsk Cosmodrome.

The squadron served as the ADC combat crew training squadron for the F-104.

Conducted tactical fighter combat crew training for the 12th Tactical Fighter Wing.

crew aboard   (tripulación a bordo)

She had 239 men of her crew aboard, 50 some being on "Fox".

252 people were rescued from the 338 passengers and crew aboard at the time.

Rumble Bee, a robotic bee, was a member of Commander Dogstar's crew aboard the Indefagitable.

prize crew

The captain of the prize crew was Etienne Dupeyré.

The captain of the prize crew was Nicholas Montalent.

The ship was seized and sent to occupied Norway with a prize crew.

crew numbered   (tripulación numerada)

Their crew numbered 77 officers and enlisted men.

Their crew numbered 46 officers and enlisted men.

Her crew numbered 777 officers and ratings.

officers and crew

Most of her officers and crew abandoned her on 18 July.

(It is not clear whether any of "Queen"s officers and crew also went.)

"Cornwall" and "Dorsetshire" were sunk at 1400; ultimately 424 officers and crew were lost.

other crew members   (otros miembros de la tripulación)

DuBose and other crew members set up red lighting and a fog machine.

There De Mafra, age 53, elected to stay together with 29 other crew members.

Steven and some of the other crew members mutiny and imprison Captain Ralston.

surviving crew

The 19 surviving crew of the destroyer "Akatsuki" were also imprisoned here.

The surviving crew were rescued by and HMCS "Moose Jaw"; 36 crew members were lost.

Then on 11 February the ship "Rose" appeared and rescued Stevens and the 14 other surviving crew.

pit crew

As of 2013, Walker was a pit crew member for the No.

In 1994, the FIA mandated fire suits for F1 pit crew members.

I can't say enough about Adam Stevens and my guys on the pit crew tonight.

joined the crew

He joined the crew of the frigate which sailed to Brazil.

He took another course and joined the crew of a destroyer.

Faye Valentine, Edward Wong, and Ein joined the crew in later episodes.

crew took

The crew took gold at Eton Dorney on 2 September.

Her crew took to her boats and landed on the shore.

Captain Anwyl and his crew took to her long boat.

cabin crew   (tripulación de cabina)

The aircraft also carried four cabin crew and 81 passengers.

Three cabin crew and twelve passengers were killed in the impact.

In 2007, cabin crew threatened strike action over salary changes to be imposed by BA management.

new crew

En route, "Tiru" called at Guam to provision alongside and pick up new crew members.

Drake sees no other option but to ally himself with his new crew, hoping for the best.

Discipline breaks down, the captain is killed, and a nucleus of a new crew forms behind a man named Carl Donnan.

crew did

The crew did not investigate.

He recalled a "general sense of unease on set because the cast and crew didn't know how to behave around him".

Although "U-70" had received the advance warning of the coded message, her crew did not ever see any part of the fleet.

remaining crew

The fate of the remaining crew was unknown.

Depositions from the remaining crew members reported a loss of half the crew.

Many of the remaining crew survived until old age, the last passing away in 2012.

gun crew

The gun crew died almost instantly from shrapnel.

Already lieutenant, left Santo Domingo in October 1813, for the gun crew of Caracas.

Before "Vigilant" reached her station, the gun crew claimed to have fired 14 shots into her.

crew abandoned

Some of her crew abandoned ship via the lifeboats.

Most of her officers and crew abandoned her on 18 July.

"U-76" was forced to the surface, and the crew abandoned her.

crew included

The crew included cinematographer Benoît Debie, assistant director Claire Cobetta, and set decorator Jean Rabasse.

Her captain at the time was John Arthurson from Shetland and her crew included sailors from Britain, Scandinavia, Ireland, and Canada.

Onboard catering crew included a drink steward in the lounge, two cooks, a head waiter, three table waiters in the dining car, and four buffet staff.

crew then

The crew then shut down most LM systems to conserve consumables.

The crew then checked about the weather condition in the area again.

They arrested the trawler's crew then forced the "Estia" to a Canadian harbor.

crew during

Yellow fever plagued the crew during the summer.

Additionally, the fuel cells provided potable water for the crew during the mission.

However, he got his start painting scenery as part of the backstage crew during the silent movie era.

crew survived

37 passengers and two crew survived the disaster.

Only 85 of the crew survived to be taken to Norfolk on 6 August.

Only 16 of the 236 crew survived.

crew chiefs   (jefes de equipo)

Notable crew chiefs for this race were Shorty Johns, Mario Rossi and Jess Potter.

Historically, the wing graduated more than 400 F-16 pilots and 470 crew chiefs annually.

Notable crew chiefs on attendance for this race were Herman Beam, Bud Allman and Bud Moore.

crew were rescued

Her crew were rescued by "Quincy A. Shaw".

Her passengers and crew were rescued.

After a week, the crew were rescued by an Indian navy helicopter.

small crew

"Baseball Punx" was shot over a two-year period, primarily by Jak Kerley with a very small crew.

Ease of operation with a small crew size was possible because of the non-manned main drive engine spaces.

fellow crew   (compañero de equipo)

Borman awoke fully, however, when he started to hear his fellow crew members make mistakes.

Though both of Bush's fellow crew members died, Bush successfully bailed out from the aircraft and was rescued by the .

Following the NTSB investigation and report, the organization implemented additional safety checks by fellow crew members, as well as checks by first responders on the ground when feasible.

train crew

The train crew comprised two men and a boy.

The train crew required hospital treatment but none of the 22 passengers were injured.

The railway is single track with passing loops at Capel Bangor and Aberffrwd which are operated by the train crew.

crew compartment   (compartimento de la tripulación)

A cab unit is a carbody unit with a driving cab, or crew compartment.

The vehicle is divided into two main compartments: power pack compartment and crew compartment.

The crew compartment is divided into the driving compartment, fighting compartment, and troop compartment.

crew made

On Christmas afternoon, the crew made their fifth television broadcast.

In the end, Reid had to scuttle his ship and he and his crew made it to shore.

The Skylab 2 crew made three EVAs, and a total of ten EVAs were made by the three Skylab crews.

skeleton crew   (tripulación esqueleto)

It did, however, manage to limp to Borneo with a skeleton crew.

At the end of 1943, the plant's labour had diminished down to a skeleton crew of 750.

On March 13, 2000 McCaughey assembled a skeleton crew of himself, Buck, Ramberg and R.E.M.

crew began

The crew began production immediately after Cage finished "" (2009).

The STS-135 crew began their day at 07:29 UTC and prepared to dock with the ISS.

After the problem was solved, the crew began preparation for the first Moon walk.