film critic   (映画評論家)

Ann Hornaday Ann Hornaday is an American film critic.

Saunie Salyer Saunie Salyer is an American film critic.

Adrian Hennigan Adrian Hennigan is a British film critic.

literary critic   (文芸評論家)

Married to the literary critic Călin Teutişan.

He is an Iranian writer and a literary critic.

Gur was also a literary critic for "Haaretz" newspaper.

art critic   (美術評論家)

He was art critic of the "Manchester Evening News".

They were accompanied by the art critic Linda Chase.

He was also a writer and art critic in the art press.

music critic   (音楽評論家)

One music critic compared it to Nicki Minaj's "Starships" (2012).

Grace M. Sartwell married James Redfern Mason, a music critic, in 1902.

Emily Nokes Emily Nokes is a writer, artist, music critic and musician.

outspoken critic   (率直な批評家)

Matoub had been an outspoken critic of this law.

Asher Peres was an outspoken critic of MWI.

He has also been an outspoken critic of Teach for America.

theatre critic

He was also the theatre critic for "The Sunday Times".

They are short story writer, playwright and theatre critic.

His stepfather is theatre critic and playwright Robert Brustein.

vocal critic   (ボーカル批評家)

Al-Miqdad is also a vocal critic of the government.

Lupica has been listed a vocal critic of the steroid era.

Sangaree had been a vocal critic of the government sponsored paramilitary groups.

critic wrote

One critic wrote of this last, "this wasn't the Radiators' best era".

Another critic wrote "The storyline is just stupid and should have never been.

One critic wrote "As the tale of one woman’s struggle, "Banished" is a quick, interesting read.

critic reviews

Live from Chicago" received favorable critic reviews.

The film received negative critic reviews.

It was released on 6 April 2018 to positive critic reviews.

drama critic

Some detail came from Mankiewicz's own experience as a drama critic in New York.

Harold Hobson Sir Harold Hobson (4 August 1904 – 12 March 1992) was an English drama critic and author.

Stephen G. Watts Stephen Glass Watts (19 September 1910 – 1996) was a Scottish author, film and drama critic.

television critic

Film and television critic Matt Zoller Seitz has said it is his favorite film.

In 1992, Moore became television critic for The Associated Press, based in New York.

Once again, television critic John J. O'Connor, of The New York Times, panned the series.

cultural critic

He joined UPROXX as a cultural critic in July 2016.

She is married to cultural critic Stanley Fish.

Phillip Brian Harper Phillip Brian Harper is a literary scholar and cultural critic.

theater critic

In a rave review, theater critic John Simon wrote, "If you like splash, "Moulin Rouge!"

He has, as a cultural journalist and theater critic, previously been active on the website "Nummer".

Edwin Wilson (theater critic) Edwin Wilson was the theater critic for "The Wall Street Journal" from 1972 to 1994.

writer and critic

As a writer and critic she has been very prolific.

Gupta was a noble poet, literature writer and critic.

White hired Edgar Allan Poe in 1835 as a staff writer and critic.

poet and critic

Julia was the niece of poet and critic Matthew Arnold and the sister of Mrs. Humphry Ward.

Gustav Pfizer Gustav Pfizer (1807-1890) was a German poet and critic of the Swabian school.

His older brothers included the poet and critic Matthew Arnold and the literary scholar Tom Arnold.

architecture critic

"Washington Post" architecture critic Benjamin Forgey called it "Tuscan" in style.

Sharon Johnston (architect) Sharon Johnston is an American architect and architecture critic.

"New York Times" architecture critic Paul Goldberger wrote that Television City was "woefully simplistic."

food critic

"Post" food critic Tom Sietsema continued to laud the friendly service.

In 1971, San Francisco food critic Jack Shelton wrote: "the reason for Mama's appeal is Mama herself".

Julie Andrieu Julie Andrieu (born 27 February 1974) is a French television/radio presenter and food critic.

social critic   (社会評論家)

He was an accomplished poet, writer and social critic.

One French Protestant contemporary of his was the lay theologian and social critic Jacques Ellul.

There, it was written that "Frank Zappa was rock and roll's sharpest musical mind and most astute social critic.

prominent critic

He was a prominent critic of the McCarthy Era.

A prominent critic of the European Union, he is a vocal supporter of Brexit.

Noam Chomsky, a prominent critic of Skinner, published a review of Skinner's "Verbal Behavior" two years after it was published.

strong critic

Denktaş was known as a strong critic to his father.

Herbert was a strong critic of the Soviet Union.

He was a strong critic of Prohibition prior to its repeal in 1933.

critic and historian

Girolamo Tiraboschi, an Italian literary critic and historian of Italian literature often quotes his works.

Everything happens according to formula ..." In a later review by film critic and historian Leonard Maltin, he dismissed it as a "Trite programmer."

He was married to Marguerite Terlinden, the daughter of Belgian painter Félix Terlinden and the sister-in-law of the art critic and historian Pierre Francastel.