literary criticism   (文芸批評)

It is opinion masquerading as literary criticism."

He was a reformer in field of literary criticism.

In his literary criticism, Nadel analyzes text content.

received criticism   (批判を受けた)

The book received criticism from some journalists.

Worthington received criticism for his performance.

Rasmussen has received criticism over the wording in its polls.

drew criticism   (批判を集めた)

This position drew criticism from a number of corners.

Levitt drew criticism for writing an article called "Hoodwinked?

The length of "The Velvet Rope" drew criticism from certain music critics.

much criticism   (多くの批判)

TIF districts have attracted much criticism.

The novel was also met with much criticism.

La India's involvement with Santería drew much criticism.

faced criticism   (批判に直面した)

It has faced criticism for not having an effluent treatment facility.

The idea of dollar voting has faced criticism for its class implications.

The pair scored easily from the bowling but faced criticism for slow batting.

attracted criticism

She has attracted criticism in media in 2018.

The decision has also attracted criticism.

This designation attracted criticism from cricket statisticians.

heavy criticism

Stoiber's remarks drew heavy criticism in the press.

Silvana's photo received heavy criticism, as did Sânziana's and Laura's.

However, in 1941 the speech received heavy criticism from anti-war elements.

public criticism   (世論批判)

His remarks did not put an end to public criticism, however.

There has been public criticism of FAO for at least 30 years.

Rohrabacher had drawn public criticism for some of his positions.

harsh criticism   (厳しい批判)

The harsh criticism has been matched by later accolades.

The case led to Tan Hiep Phat receiving harsh criticism in the media.

The building began receiving harsh criticism even before it was completed.

widespread criticism   (広範な批判)

This standard was later withdrawn due to widespread criticism.

There was widespread criticism of the incident and the way it was handled.

"Sonho de Menina" received widespread criticism from critics and audiences.

strong criticism

Its final report contained strong criticism of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This statement brought him strong criticism, especially from the Senior Citizens Union (Senioren-Union).

Obama's proposal received both strong criticism and praise from different elements of the Cuban American community.

social criticism   (社会的批判)

Unlike these two, his work was not social criticism.

Costumbrismo and social criticism occupy a fundamental place in his work.

Until 27 April 1990 the film was banned in East Germany because of its social criticism.

came under criticism

The Israeli conduct later came under criticism.

In April 2018, Buduong came under criticism from Ghanaians.

The sixth game in the series, "", also came under criticism.

art criticism

He received his PHD in art criticism.

He occasionally wrote art criticism.

Roditi published several volumes of poetry, short stories, and art criticism.

met with criticism

Gurdon's article was met with criticism by many.

A new mortuary was opened in Kingston by 1905, but met with criticism.

Despite the wild popularity of his shows, Galal has met with criticism.

drawn criticism

Such COIs with industry donors have drawn criticism.

This model has drawn criticism, however.

Wang Guangyi's successful career and fast growing wealth have drawn criticism.

response to criticism   (批判への対応)

It seems to have been a response to criticism that he was not writing about serious issues.

In response to criticism, Jackson said, "I have a lot of gay friends, men and women, and that's why I did it.

The commission was established as a response to criticism from the public and government over media ownership.

severe criticism   (厳しい批判)

The Met received severe criticism for its role in the phone hacking scandal.

However, this interpretation drew rather severe criticism for being premature.

His most severe criticism was 'He—or she—does not know how to join two notes together.'

received some criticism   (批判を受けた)

The use of this method has also received some criticism.

The film footage featured in the game received some criticism for its low quality.

Jackson received some criticism for paying white and non-white volunteers the same salary.

led to criticism

However, his visit led to criticism back in Pasadena.

This has led to criticism of Leigh as being a patroniser of the working class.

The half white-half black makeup led to criticism of the episode as heavy-handed.

criticism against   (に対する批判)

He also considered that it was unfair to raise criticism against Nisman, as he was dead.

These publications came as a partial response to recurring criticism against the ECB's opacity.

The group also began levying criticism against municipal broadband projects using fiber optic cables for connectivity.

textual criticism

His interests include New Testament textual criticism and Greek and Latin palaeography.

Their standpoints were characterized by merging of moralistic judgement into textual criticism.

Exemplar (textual criticism) In textual criticism, an exemplar is the text used to produce another text.

subject of criticism   (批判の対象)

But by 1946 it too was the subject of criticism.

Comcast is frequently the subject of criticism.

However, Williams’ films have also been the subject of criticism.

sharp criticism

was a sharp criticism of the system of "wage-slavery" found in the north.

Sastri's comments evoked sharp criticism from the nationalist poet Subramanya Bharathi.

This decision came under Congressional review in 1955 and drew sharp criticism from Congress.

subject to criticism   (批判の対象)

The film was subject to criticism upon its release.

Aurangzeb has been subject to criticism.

Nonetheless, Estonia's e-Residency system has been subject to criticism.

praise and criticism

The books have received a wide range of praise and criticism.

His use of flowery language to describe it provoked both praise and criticism.

For his leadership during the French campaign Rommel received both praise and criticism.

criticism when   (批判するとき)

The "craic" spelling has attracted criticism when used in English.

During the match, Sadler came under criticism when he conceded two goals before being substituted at half–time.

In the late 1800s "Life in the Iron Mills" received national criticism when published in "The Atlantic Monthly".

considerable criticism

The rules attracted considerable criticism.

These changes were met with considerable criticism by the students.

The book and Pauling himself faced considerable criticism from scientists and physicians.

negative criticism

The violence towards Manuel caused rare negative criticism of the show.

The album was met with a mix of some positive and some negative criticism.

However, McClennen notes that he does not offer only negative criticism of the topic.

come under criticism

This normative use of game theory has also come under criticism.

These findings have however since then come under criticism by Curcuru et al.

The simple form of the documentary hypothesis has come under criticism from within its own constituents as well.

film criticism   (映画批評)

He has been called "the doyen of Slovak film criticism."

He abandoned his formal film studies in his second year, moving into film criticism.

New types of film criticism in the 1970s and the 1980s were influenced by structuralism and semiotics.

media criticism

Following media criticism, the presentation ceremony was cancelled.

Widespread media criticism and calls for Brazier's resignation ensued.

The focus of the show was changed to ongoing events and media criticism.

common criticism

One common criticism of participant observation is its lack of objectivity.

The most common criticism of the A-level system is an accusation of grade inflation.

One common criticism is that the Big Five does not explain all of human personality.

significant criticism   (重大な批判)

In recent years, drug courts and drug court research have become the subject of significant criticism.

The book generated significant criticism, including from Steven Pinker, Daniel Dennett and Elliott Sober.

The lack of an immediate response by what was supposed to be a rapid-response unit aroused significant criticism.

international criticism

The arrest quickly generated domestic and international criticism.

Sonando's arrest quickly generated domestic and international criticism.

The government's actions were the subject of local and international criticism.

criticism due

The Negus suffered criticism due to the expenses involved in fighting the Nationalist forces.

However, it had already drawn criticism due to an old-growth forest located in the path of the route.

The organization has occasionally been the subject of controversy and criticism due to its methodology.

music criticism

Gustave produced his first essays of music criticism in New York.

No subject in the world deserves more rudeness than music criticism."

Hoffmann also influenced 19th-century musical opinion directly through his music criticism.