İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

cash crop   (ihracata yönelik ürün)

Coffee was an important cash crop of this woreda.

They cultivated blueberries as a cash crop.

The main commercial cash crop is rubber.

important crop   (önemli mahsul)

Potatoes and cereals are the most important crop.

Apples historically were an important crop.

During this era coffee became an important crop for Guatemala.

most important crop   (en önemli mahsul)

Potatoes and cereals are the most important crop.

In Mexico, the most important crop has been and still is maize.

Eventually, this production of coffee would become the state's most important crop.

crop production   (Ekin üretimi)

Climate change will have positive impacts on crop production in Ireland.

The district is thus suitable for intensified farming and crop production.

The Winkler area obtains the most heat units for crop production in Manitoba.

crop yields   (Ekin verimleri)

There was need for extensive improvements in food and crop yields.

Additionally, properly spaced and pruned trees can increase crop yields.

Extreme weather conditions continue to decrease crop yields in the form of droughts and floods.

crop rotation   (ürün rotasyonu)

Drilling and sowing and crop rotation were introduced.

Talking of the wide variety of crops in England, and crop rotation, Professor T.C.

Strict crop rotation is no longer technically necessary or even financially desirable.

crop damage   (mahsul hasarı)

The rainfall caused heavy crop damage in the region.

Damage is mainly confined to pasture, although crop damage can occur.

On the Japanese mainland, there was light crop damage and one serious injury.

crop is rice

Their main crop is rice grow in paddy fields.

The main crop is rice pearl millet but sorghum ("Sorghum bicolor") and black-eyed peas are also grown.

main crop   (ana mahsul)

One main crop that the Chamba farm is guinea corn.

Their main crop is rice grow in paddy fields.

Paddy (Rice) is the main crop grown all around the town.

crop of foals

He is one of Scat Daddy's first crop of foals.

He was from the first crop of foals sired by Citation, who won the 1948 U.S.

He was one of the first crop of foals by the influential sire Sadler's Wells.

first crop

He is one of Scat Daddy's first crop of foals.

The first crop – usually of "grim" (naked barley – "Hordeum vulgare" L. var.

He was from the first crop of foals sired by Citation, who won the 1948 U.S.

crop failures   (kırpma hataları)

Recurrent droughts resulted in crop failures.

Irrigation systems are inadequate, leading to crop failures in some parts of the country because of lack of water.

Times became harder after several crop failures, and many of the men sought work as miners in the nearby gold and silver mines.

crop yield

Yield10 has also commenced development of CRISPR-enabled technology to impact crop yield.

This makes the insect and weed management of crops easier and can indirectly increase crop yield.

Without this protection, beetles are able to eat the soybean leaves freely, resulting in a lower crop yield.

winter crop

Crop (as of 01/01/2016): grain production: 1792 tons yield - 22.0 c / ha; including winter crop 935 tons, yield - 21.0 c / ha.

major crop   (büyük mahsul)

Rice is the major crop and staple food.

The island's major crop, nutmeg, was significantly damaged by Hurricane Ivan in 2004.

The prime cause of the major crop failure of 1932–1933 was plant rust rather than drought.

crop plants

and also many crop plants like "Artocarpus" and "Mangifera".

The Asparagales include many important crop plants and ornamental plants.

Most commercialised GMOs are insect resistant or herbicide tolerant crop plants.

crop failure

Drought and crop failure is also one of the causes of emigration.

This in turn led to widespread crop failure and the death of millions.

For several years there had been crop failure caused by severe winters.

food crop

Rice is the major food crop and staple food of the state.

"Mucuna" is also used as a food crop, e.g.

The effect of biofuel production on other food crop prices is indirect.

crop fields

About 97,000 hectares (240,000 acres) of crop fields were wrecked.

It grows as a common weed in disturbed habitat such as crop fields.

Vongfong flooded of crop fields, and storm flooding also damaged hundreds of reservoirs.