cross country   (クロスカントリー)

He also competed in cross country running events.

College cross country meets are held on the course.

The course also hosts LHSAA cross country meets.

cross section   (断面)

The tailboom is aluminum and square in cross section.

Existing land-use data were arrayed in cross section.

A cross section of a polyhedron is a polygon.

cross between   (間を渡る)

The Concept A is a cross between a coupe and a crossover SUV.

It may be considered a cross between Rummy 500 and gin rummy.

Used when sailing downwind, it is a cross between a genoa and a spinnaker.

cross the river   (川を渡る)

High School students must cross the river to Cobram.

Ewell's brigades were hurried forward to cross the river.

It the N-110 and the AP-51 cross the river over concrete bridges.

not cross   (交差しない)

San Ygnacio Creek does not cross any major highway.

When doing so, however, they may not cross party-lines.

H7 does not cross the administrative boundary of Budapest.

cross the border   (国境を越えます)

He planned to cross the border at East Berlin with Pal Benko.

Indian and Nepalese nationals can cross the border unrestricted.

When she was 10, her family put her in a boat to cross the border.

cross country running   (クロスカントリーランニング)

He also competed in cross country running events.

It is home to the Trofeo Alasport, an annual cross country running event.

The scenes with the cross country running were filmed in New Orleans City Park.

cross country team   (クロスカントリーチーム)

Their cross country team has improved in the last three years.

The boys' cross country team won a state championship in 2008.

Varsity Field The men's cross country team was founded in 2010.

cross country skiing   (クロスカントリースキー)

He achieved a bronze in the 5 km cross country skiing.

She has since taken up para-cycling and cross country skiing.

In 2005 Avvakumova changed from cross country skiing to ski jumping.

able to cross   (渡れる)

No foreign army was able to cross the Conwy into upper Gwynedd.

Harvick was able to cross the finish line, scoring a third-place finish.

Most elements of the army had been able to cross White Oak Swamp Creek by noon on June 30.

cross product   (クロス積)

The cross product is not defined in four dimensions.

By the definition of the cross product, the formula_41 vector is perpendicular to both formula_34 and formula_43.

This is a phenomenon similar to the 3-dimensional cross product, and the connection is reflected in the notation for the curl.

red cross   (赤十字)

For the Swedish red cross benefit.

A red cross was a symbol for many Crusaders in the 12th and 13th centuries.

The design was a blue field with a red cross inside an orange circle at the centre.

stone cross   (石十字)

In the middle of this atrium is a large stone cross.

There is also a stone cross 123 cm (four feet) in height.

A stone cross in the churchyard also has listed building status.

wooden cross   (木製の十字架)

On the actual summit is only a small wooden cross.

It is marked by a decaying wooden cross.

Hernando, taking from the church a huge wooden cross, tries to plow the dunes.

cross sections   (断面図)

Cutting an object into slices creates many parallel cross sections.

Although the SI unit of total cross sections is m, smaller units are usually used in practice.

There exist an infinite number of cross sections which yield the two-dimensional Vicsek fractal.

cross border   (クロスボーダー)

The Pakistan Army claimed that there had only been "cross border firing".

Regional, cross border and national services depart from Foyle Street Bus Depot.

Thus most affidavits now require to be apostilled if used for cross border issues.

cross the line   (線を越える)

Passengers now cross the line by a barrow crossing.

Meli cross the line again on the wing to bring the score to 10–18.

You had to cross the line."

did not cross   (交差しなかった)

Once again, the party did not cross the electoral threshold.

The party did not cross the electoral threshold to win any mandates.

This film material appears to show that the ball did not cross the goal-line in full.

trying to cross   (渡ろうとしている)

Many Kelmendi people fled, and some were executed trying to cross the border.

Later in the song, the singer is frustrated by trying to cross the street amidst traffic.

In September 1859 his compass-man drowned in trying to cross the Rio Grande near Cochiti.

cross paths   (クロスパス)

Scott joins the football team, which causes him to cross paths with Chris.

People from all statuses and walks of life cross paths at the coffee shop.

As fate would have it, the younger generation cross paths and love blossoms.

cross the bridge   (橋を渡る)

Today some 10,000 people cross the bridge on a daily basis.

Many Soul Catchers have tried to get him to cross the bridge and failed.

a daily average of 150,000 cars cross the bridge, including 7,000 on the peak hour.

white cross   (白い十字)

The white cross must be of the flag's height.

The medal is suspended by a red ribbon with a white cross.

The medal is suspended from a red ribbon with a white cross.

attempting to cross   (横断しよう)

Boats attempting to cross back to Harrison Island were soon swamped and capsized.

A motorist was drowned inland from Carnarvon while attempting to cross a flooded creek.

One death was reported after a man drowned while attempting to cross a river in southern Bhola Island.

snowboard cross   (スノーボードクロス)

Petrakis is only racing in the snowboard cross.

At Sochi 2014, she finished sixth in snowboard cross.

He was in the banked slalom and snowboard cross races.

attempted to cross   (渡ろうとした)

Two parties attempted to cross the icefield in the mid-1960s.

Procopio's horse drowned as he attempted to cross a slough near Summit Lake.

One death was reported in Bangladesh after a man attempted to cross a swollen river.

attempt to cross   (渡ろうとする)

The next day the militia were about to attempt to cross the coulée.

Constantine sent a small force north of the town in an attempt to cross the river unnoticed.

The enemy made frequent assaults in an attempt to cross the ditch, all of which were repulsed.

ski cross   (スキークロス)

Note, ski cross is included in the alpine ski program.

She competed in the 2018 Winter Olympics, in ski cross.

cross the finish   (フィニッシュを越える)

The first person to cross the finish line wins.

He was the first Irishman to cross the finish line at the 1972 games.

Harvick was able to cross the finish line, scoring a third-place finish.

managed to cross   (なんとかクロス)

He managed to cross the finish line holding off the pack for second place.

At Jenkins' Ferry, Steele managed to cross the Saline River and return to Little Rock.

The Chimera have managed to cross over into North America and threaten to take over the continent.

cross country skier   (クロスカントリースキーヤー)

She is the daughter of cross country skier Guidina Dal Sasso.

He was at some stage married to the cross country skier Monika Debertshäuser.

Hugo Gstrein Hugo Gstrein was an Austrian cross country skier who competed in the 1930s.

tried to cross   (渡ろうとした)

His family first tried to cross the border when David was 11, but they were caught and deported.

On March 13, 1938, he was arrested as he tried to cross the Austrian border at St. Antonien Joch above Gargellen into Switzerland.

On 30 January, Syrian refugees tried to cross the border between Turkey and Syria but were turned back under fire by Turkish forces.

cross each   (それぞれを横切る)

In Bad Dürkheim, "Bundesstraßen" 37 and 271 cross each other.

The objective of the puzzle is to cross each "wall" of the diagram with a continuous line only once.

The town plan is typified by large squares and straight, wide streets that cross each other perpendicularly.