large crowd   (大群衆)

A large crowd gathers to see and cheer the participants.

The trial began on 24 October 1803 and attracted a large crowd.

The parade grew a large crowd, up to ten thousand people were in attendance.

before a crowd   (群衆の前に)

6), 6–0, before a crowd of 57,732 at Iowa Stadium.

12), 19–0, before a crowd of 82,223 at Ohio Stadium.

9 Purdue, 31–20, before a crowd of 80,411 at Michigan Stadium.

home crowd   (家の群衆)

Buoyed on by the home crowd, Davies did not disappoint.

This all took place in front of the home crowd at League Park.

The home crowd was stunned by the veteran pitcher's obvious mistake.

record crowd   (記録的な群衆)

A record crowd showed up at the San Diego Sports Arena for the championship final.

A record crowd of 25,586 attended a Scottish League Cup tie against Rangers in 1949.

The Frenchman Jean Behra won in 1954, before a record crowd, driving a Simca-Gordini.

largest crowd   (最大の群衆)

Previously, the largest crowd was estimated at 8,300.

I'm wholly prepared to think it was the largest crowd."

To date, this remains the largest crowd in World Series history.

crowd control   (群衆制御)

Wong is demoted to crowd control for the ruckus.

They also undertook guard, escort and crowd control duties.

The Governor's Horse Guard of Connecticut maintains two companies which are trained in urban crowd control.

capacity crowd   (収容人数)

A capacity crowd attended the event, which was televised nationwide by satellite.

Pete, watching her perform to a capacity crowd, gets an idea how to save the circus.

The First Leg was played in front of a capacity crowd at Estadio Azul in Mexico City.

huge crowd   (すごい人込み)

Waves and SeaRock attracted a huge crowd of cheering students.

The funeral mass in the Church of Saint Cross Piaseczno was attended by a huge crowd.

League champions Gamba Osaka in which V-Varen Nagasaki lost 3–1 in front of a huge crowd of 18,153.

crowd of people   (群衆)

Having left, a crowd of people come into view.

Hyde Park has probably never seen a greater crowd of people."

The second chorus again shows a crowd of people running past the band.

crowd gathered   (群衆が集まった)

As he was being helped, a large hostile crowd gathered.

The two fired some shots into a crowd gathered at the Metro Cinema.

An immense crowd gathered in the Champ de Mars to sign the petition.

through the crowd   (群衆を通して)

His description was noted and an OSG sergeant and three OSG officers pursued him through the crowd.

Back at the party, Giovanni searches through the crowd and finds Valentina alone, watching the rain.

After the riders exited the bus, Frederick and the other passengers made their way through the crowd.

sellout crowd   (売り切れの群衆)

The Naturals lost 7-1 in front of a sellout crowd of 7,820.

The Greyhounds lost to the Blue Devils 8–5 in front of a sellout crowd.

The debut bout was won by the Hor-Nots (v the 'Aints) 128-123 in overtime before a sellout crowd.

drew a crowd   (群衆を描いた)

The match in Yallourn was affected by rain, but still drew a crowd estimated at 3,500 people.

This first meeting drew a crowd of more than 500 people and was presided over by Bishop Hugh Boyle.

The 1995 edition was also a success as it also drew a crowd of 11,500 people but was not equivalent to the 1994 tournament.

crowd funding   (クラウドファンディング)

The commission was funded through an online crowd funding campaign.

A crowd funding campaign raised $45,000 to start up the enterprise.

Naya Pata Naya Pata is an independent film to be produced through crowd funding.

attracted a crowd   (群衆を集めました)

The 2006 festival attracted a crowd of around 25,000 people.

The match attracted a crowd of 23,000 and raised £1.1 million.

The race attracted a crowd of 79,126 which included the Prince and Princess of Wales.

crowd of more   (より多くの群衆)

A crowd of more than 4,000 saw Dundee FC beat the locals 16–1 (8–0 at half-time).

This first meeting drew a crowd of more than 500 people and was presided over by Bishop Hugh Boyle.

Donnellan was arrested, but was liberated in a fracas involving a crowd of more than 300 Catholics.