crown prince   (皇太子)

His son was made the Yuvraj (crown prince) in 2003.

He became the crown prince at the age of four.

Obito remained the crown prince, heir to the new empress.

crown land   (クラウンランド)

In 1849, Küstenland became a separate crown land with a governor in Trieste.

In 1616 the manor was registered as crown land, but it later became privately owned.

The German word "Starostei" referred to the office or crown land district of a Starost.

royal crown   (王冠)

All the helmets made way for one royal crown.

Each corner of the flag had sewn into it a silver royal crown.

The cover depicted an upended royal crown and a broken scepter.

triple crown   (トリプルクラウン)

With that trophy, they finished the season having won the triple crown.

With this triple crown the Hanlan Club disbanded, its mission accomplished.

He joined Johnny Petraglia and Billy Hardwick as the PBA's only career triple crown winners.

tournament to crown   (トーナメントからクラウン)

The show featured a tournament to crown the inaugural Pure Wrestling Champion, with A.J.

At the event, a tournament to crown the inaugural United Kingdom Champion was won by Tyler Bate.

It was the 82nd edition of the soccer tournament to crown the national champion of the United States.

crown lands

Harris was a crown lands surveyor.

At the same time he was merciless in exploiting the crown lands he was entrusted as a starost.

The reserve troops were used to guard the palaces and crown lands, while the main bodyguard protected the king's person.

crown colony   (クラウンコロニー)

In 1940, the island of Jamaica was crown colony under British rule.

At the time it was a British crown colony, having lost dominion status.

In 1797, Trinidad became a British crown colony, with a French-speaking population.

crown jewels

At one point the king secretly and illegally sold crown jewels.

The crown jewels of the Kingdom of Hungary were moved to the Hofburg in Vienna.

The crown jewels were in fact captured in Mattsee, Austria on 4 May 1945 by the U.S. 86th Infantry Division.

imperial crown

Wearing an octagonal imperial crown she is holding a sword and an olive branch.

The House of Habsburg held the imperial crown from 1438 until the death of Charles VI in 1740.

Then, in 1508, this was replaced with Maximilian's imperial crown when he was crowned Holy Roman Emperor.

crown of thorns

Before her are the crown of thorns and the nails.

The fifth and final lancet features Saint Louis who holds the crown of thorns.

Joseph of Arimathea stands above the group holding the crown of thorns and three nails.

crown princess   (王女)

He remained at Stuttgart for some years as Russian minister and confidential adviser of the crown princess.

Word soon reaches him of the presence of the crown princess Thorn, and he orders his men to put her to death.

Because the crown princess Sangramawijaya had renounced the throne, two of her younger half brothers were next in line of succession.

crown jewel   (戴冠用宝玉)

The movie is a crown jewel in Telugu cinema for two reasons.

This system is also used to line up the big crown jewel events.

The Human Genome Project was the crown jewel of 20th century biology.