cruise ship   (クルーズ船)

There was no substantial damage to the cruise ship.

It hosts dozens of cruise ship visits each year.

Norman Loftus, heading the cruise ship in "Doctor at Sea".

cruise ships   (クルーズ船)

Three-deck cruise ships built in Austria, 1984–1986.

It is frequently visited by cruise ships.

Ship traffic in the area is seasonally busy with cruise ships.

cruise missiles   (巡航ミサイル)

The destroyers are equipped with Tomahawk cruise missiles.

For the price of one bomber, you can have 200 cruise missiles."

cruise missile   (巡航ミサイル)

It is considered by some to be a precursor of the cruise missile.

India and Russia have jointly developed the supersonic cruise missile BrahMos.

The Royal Air Force uses the Storm Shadow cruise missile on its Tornado GR4 aircraft.

cruise control   (クルーズコントロール)

After halftime, Iowa went on cruise control.

If cruise control was invented for Nevada, Yorkshire was invented for the LFA.

River Plate finished the first half 2-0 and was in cruise control towards its first title.

training cruise

While on a training cruise, she stopped outside Málaga to conduct gunnery training on 16 December 1900.

She took on a contingent of midshipmen from the US Naval Academy for a training cruise that began on 7 June.

The ships left for an overseas training cruise shortly thereafter, entering the Mediterranean Sea on 29 September.

shakedown cruise   (シェイクダウンクルーズ)

After a shakedown cruise, "Howorth" was assigned to Destroyer Squadron 21 (DesRon 21).

After completion of the overhaul Moosally took "Iowa" on a shakedown cruise around Chesapeake Bay on August 25, 1988.

"Susquehanna" sailed for San Diego, California, on 25 June to begin her shakedown cruise which ended one month later.

cruise line

In 1985, Premier Cruise Line became the licensed partner cruise line with Disney.

Acapulco is one of the embarkation ports for the Mexican cruise line Ocean Star Cruises.

Operation started on March 9, 2012, as the first ship of the new CCCL luxury cruise line.

cruise speed

The C-17's cruise speed is about (Mach 0.74).

The Esprit has a cruise speed of .

Maximum cruise speed is .

first cruise

She was five days out of port on her first cruise.

She made her first cruise to southern waters in 1912.

She was three weeks out of Marblehead on her first cruise.

cruise lines

He has also served as consultant and adviser to various cruise lines.

He has founded various maritime health and wellness companies and is a medical adviser for major cruise lines.

Since the early 2000s the port has increasingly become a destination for cruise lines operating in the Baltic Sea.