cultural heritage   (文化遺産)

The grave site is registered as cultural heritage.

are all part of the cultural heritage of the Arabs.

The museum is a |regional cultural heritage museum.

cultural events   (文化行事)

Many cultural events have been held in both countries.

The building is used for cultural events such as concerts.

Meghna tells Surya that she has seen him at a few cultural events.

cultural or natural   (文化的または自然)

The place possesses uncommon, rare or endangered aspects of the cultural or natural history of New South Wales.

social and cultural   (社会的および文化的)

Fashion relates to social and cultural context of an environment.

gender, genetic predisposition), social and cultural factors (e.g.

The mosque provides facilities for social and cultural activities.

cultural center   (文化センター)

Zone 2: Multifunctional cultural center.

Plans are afoot to turn it into an American cultural center.

The House of Humour and Satire is a cultural center in Gabrovo.

cultural activities

French domination did not deter Milan's cultural activities.

Mahrail is famous in the district for its cultural activities.

He was also involved in the cultural activities in his school.

cultural life   (文化生活)

It became the focus on cultural life in the city.

Holstebro has a rich and varied cultural life.

Xirivella has a very active cultural life.

cultural history

It is a city with a long cultural history in China.

He also wrote biographical compositions and essays on cultural history.

Social, economic, and cultural history also began to grow in prominence.

cultural identity   (文化的アイデンティティ)

The Alpine region has a strong cultural identity.

This story has become a central theme in the United States cultural identity.

The civilization in which someone lives is that person's broadest cultural identity.

cultural institutions

The following cultural institutions are based in Lamego:

There are several cultural institutions in and around the city.

Australian Jewry has a number of important social and cultural institutions.

political and cultural

), which outlined his political and cultural vision of Italy.

Other trends include outright absurdity, and political and cultural satire.

Since 1996, Yasser Khalil has covered political and cultural affairs in Egypt.

cultural group

From these unions, a new cultural group was formed, the Mestizo class.

African Americans are the majority racial and cultural group in Baltimore.

Even though dance traditions may be limited to one cultural group, they all develop.

class of cultural

The place is important in demonstrating the principal characteristics of a particular class of cultural places.

cultural centre

As such, it is also a cultural centre of the city.

It now houses the cultural centre of the village.

This is acting as a cultural centre of Keezhur.

cultural and political

The royals are considered cultural and political icons in Faridkot.

He was also a cultural and political commentator on WNYC, WADO, and other radio outlets.

Today, the Southern Basque Country within Spain enjoys an extensive cultural and political autonomy.

other cultural   (その他の文化)

There are other cultural, literary societies and interest groups.

It continues to be used for exhibitions and other cultural events.

There are also more modern Ute handicrafts and other cultural items.

cultural diversity   (文化的多様性)

Globalization and multi cultural diversity can exist.

Build on cultural diversity, youth, skills and energy 6.

These cultural events in Alberta highlight the province's cultural diversity.

cultural or spiritual   (文化的または精神的な)

The place has a strong or special association with a particular community or cultural group for social, cultural or spiritual reasons.

community or cultural   (コミュニティまたは文化)

The place has a strong or special association with a particular community or cultural group for social, cultural or spiritual reasons.

cultural exchange   (文化交流)

It is marked by economic and cultural exchange.

In 1363, he went to Yuan China as an ambassador for cultural exchange.

It was made while Aubert was on a cultural exchange residency in Kangiqsujuaq in 2012.

historical and cultural

Astara district has ancient historical and cultural monuments.

It encompasses ecological, landscape, historical and cultural values.

He wrote a large number of Armenian-language historical and cultural studies.

cultural studies

as they intersect with cultural studies.

He wrote a large number of Armenian-language historical and cultural studies.

Johansson notes that "more recent analyses within media and cultural studies (e.g.

cultural differences

In the end, cultural differences prevented Farial going further.

This discipline questions translation through cultural differences.

These cultural differences lead to deep misunderstandings between the two forces.

economic and cultural

It is a great tourist, economic and cultural pole.

It is marked by economic and cultural exchange.

The town experienced an economic and cultural upswing.

cultural values   (文化的価値観)

It encompasses ecological, landscape, historical and cultural values.

Macrosystem refers to the cultural values, customs and laws of society.

Consequently, cultural values such as the Betawi culture is threatened.

cultural significance   (文化的意義)

It also had cultural significance and was seen as beautiful.

These coat colors carried vastly different cultural significance.

Sacred sites and sites of cultural significance have also been affected.

cultural and social   (文化的および社会的)

The principles of agroecology are also integrally cultural and social.

It was also used as a meeting place for the cultural and social elite from Kyoto.

He ended by appealing to Americans’ cultural and social instincts to improve their situation.

cultural traditions   (文化的伝統)

The lyrics are tributes to the cultural traditions of Punjab.

African-American names are part of the cultural traditions of African Americans.

Conceptually, Hussein draws inspiration from his native Arawak cultural traditions.

cultural places

The place is important in demonstrating the principal characteristics of a particular class of cultural places.

cultural and historical

Fear is affected by cultural and historical context.

The destroyed ritual items of great cultural and historical importance and beauty.

Relations are based on a long shared border and common cultural and historical interactions.

important cultural

Boudica has remained an important cultural symbol in the United Kingdom.

In the administrative area Radošina are many important cultural landmarks.

He is brother of important cultural figure of SFR Yugoslavia, Slobodan Novaković.

cultural practices

Neologisms stabilize as English is made to adapt to local sociopolitical and cultural practices.

While both sides have the same predominant religion, social and cultural practices differ greatly.

This book looks at, analyzes, and raises questions regarding racial culture and cultural practices.

cultural development   (文化的発展)

Fire was an essential tool in early human cultural development.

After 1945 Kumanovo experienced fast economic, administrative and cultural development.

Hip Hop had a large influence on the cultural development of Kirchheim in the 1980s and 1990s.

cultural and religious

John was also a great cultural and religious patron.

Social, cultural and religious events are regularly organised by the alumni association.

It is a singular combination of philosophical, nationalistic, cultural and religious elements.

cultural influence

While on hiatus, Lee began to grow as a cultural influence.

Four periods of cultural influence have occurred, animist, Hindu, Islamic, and Western.

It was part of a cultural counter-offensive, intended to free Chile from American cultural influence.

many cultural

There are many cultural variations in emotions.

The organization organized many cultural and other events.

There are many cultural references in the track titles as well.

religious and cultural

He has also contributed to the discussion of religious and cultural diversity.

They use their naturally molted feathers for religious and cultural ceremonies.

He's certainly not a racist; the question is fundamentally religious and cultural.

cultural and economic

The trends are linked with cultural and economic factors.

Nitra is its seat, largest city, and cultural and economic center.

Fort Wayne is the cultural and economic center of northeastern Indiana.

various cultural

The school takes part in various cultural festivals and events.

It has various cultural assets and is equipped with a rest area.

The theater organization grew to include various cultural offerings.

cultural and educational

The central area of Siheung lacks cultural and educational facilities, except for the central area.

As a cultural and educational centre, the corporation includes also a Suzuki Academy and an Art School.

The objectives of these nonprofits are varied, but focus generally on cultural and educational activities.

cultural groups

Polynesia divides into two distinct cultural groups, East Polynesia and West Polynesia.

The Alaska Native Heritage Center celebrates the rich heritage of Alaska's 11 cultural groups.

Some cultural groups have sought to revive the custom at Uisneach and perhaps at the Hill of Tara.

cultural landscape

The cultural landscape of Upper Austria sets an example in music education all over Europe.

He is credited with creation of the term "cultural landscape", which is one of the turning points of geographical history.

These two processes defined Iberia's cultural landscape – Mediterranean towards the southeast and Continental in the northwest.

cultural issues

Each Agency may vary due to specific social and cultural issues unique to that location.

The show takes "a satirical look at social and cultural issues from Cenac's unique perspective.

Each issue is themed and contains critical commentary about the city and broader cultural issues.

cultural influences

The Andes Mountains form a north-south axis of cultural influences.

The most important cultural influences came from the Chinese culture, and from Islam.

The culture is predominantly a mixture of West African and British cultural influences.

different cultural

unit along with different cultural houses.

Silla has different cultural associations.

These coat colors carried vastly different cultural significance.

cultural property

Kawagoe Festival is designated as a national important intangible folk cultural property.

The appearance of this samurai residence has also been well kept and is considered prefectural cultural property.

At the time, Nazi-looted Jewish cultural property was being uncovered in salt mines, bunkers, and castles across Europe.

cultural context   (文化的背景)

Fashion relates to social and cultural context of an environment.

Feminist views on sexuality vary, and have differed by historical period and by cultural context.

Over time, the cultural context shifts and morphs: new leaders, new technologies, new values, new awareness.

cultural centers

Volgodonsk is one of the major cultural centers of Rostov Oblast.

Partial list of major international cultural centers in New York City:

Avondale has a number of strong and simultaneously diverse cultural centers.

cultural norms   (文化的規範)

For many learners, this includes language acquisition, cultural norms, and manners.

These disruptions to cultural norms affect people's senses of cultural and self identity.

Beauty standards are rooted in cultural norms crafted by societies and media over centuries.

educational and cultural

HNU actively carries out a wide range of international educational and cultural exchanges.

The urban educational and cultural opportunities of Aarau were extended through numerous new institutions.

They are governed by the Brussels Region for economics affairs and by the Flemish Community for educational and cultural issues.

cultural festival

Yagvik is the cultural festival organized every year at the college.

It is a cultural festival that is held annually to celebrate music, dance and art.

The annual sports, technical and cultural festival of the college is known as Trinity.

cultural event   (文化イベント)

A cultural event usually follows on the next day.

Up to forty rock bands take stage in what become major cultural event.

Festival is an innovative cultural event which has been well received.

cultural references

The episode features numerous cultural references.

There are many cultural references in the track titles as well.

Several cultural references emphasise the elephant's size and exotic uniqueness.

cultural figures

He also composed over 40 tombeaux dedicated to various cultural figures.

Many cultural figures had already declared solidarity with the opposition movement.

It was initiated by the Toronto Legacy Project to commemorate the outstanding cultural figures of the city.

major cultural   (主要文化)

Today, it is a major cultural capital of the United States.

Volgodonsk is one of the major cultural centers of Rostov Oblast.

The city is a major cultural and entertainment hub in Metro Manila.

rich cultural

The village has rich cultural talents in Yakshagana.

This region has a very rich cultural tradition.

It is renowned for its rich cultural heritage.

cultural anthropology   (文化人類学)

She also studied cultural anthropology at UCLA.

He then ties this back to his work on first century cultural anthropology.

Participant observation is one of the principle research methods of cultural anthropology.

cultural programs

He has presented cultural programs both on Radio and TV.

A lot of cultural programs will be held during this period.

During her school days, Vani participated in various cultural programs.

cultural institution

In 1990, the museum-reserve became an independent cultural institution.

Then, in 1999 the ICA won a competition to build a new cultural institution building on Boston's Fan Pier.

!scope="row"|2012 The Ateneo Puertorriqueño (Puerto Rican Athenaeum) is a Puerto Rican cultural institution founded in 1876.

natural and cultural

This park has been minimally disturbed despite disturbed natural and cultural surrounds.

Today, this location is a natural and cultural monument of Shkodër County listed as "Ahu i Gerçës".

The visitor center features exhibits about the natural and cultural history of the site, including a petroglyph display.

cultural capital   (文化首都)

Thrissur is also known as the cultural capital of Kerala.

The city is also the cultural capital of the Netherlands.

Today, it is a major cultural capital of the United States.

cultural ties

Some of these cultural ties continued also in the Middle Bronze Age.

Conversely, cultural ties between New York and Puerto Rico are strong.

New York and Tampa), both due to cultural ties and the migration patterns.

cultural organizations

The Aberdeen area has several cultural organizations.

Most of other social and cultural organizations were banned as well.

Bitola was also the headquarters of many cultural organizations at that time.

cultural monument   (文化財)

The Niederburg is a protected cultural monument.

The Oberburg is a protected cultural monument.

In 2009 it was declared a cultural monument.

literary and cultural

Special emphasis is being given on literary and cultural activities.

Krishnakumari has been an active participant in literary and cultural events.

Bhisham Sahni was associated with several literary and cultural organizations.

cultural aspects

There are technical and cultural aspects to producing maps.

The song describes life in India, and speaks of many cultural aspects.

The Epie-Atissa share cultural aspects of both the Ijaw and the Engenni.

cultural and linguistic   (文化的および言語的)

The cultural and linguistic links were still maintained.

India is a country with numerous distinct cultural and linguistic groups.

The roommates develop a unique companionship as they struggle together through their cultural and linguistic challenges.

cultural exchanges

Third, expanding cultural exchanges.

The historical cultural exchanges between the countries continued.

HNU actively carries out a wide range of international educational and cultural exchanges.

cultural background

The shared cultural background facilitated mutual trust.

It is also helpful to rebuild past societies’ cultural background.

The houses were built according to people's ability to pay, tastes, and cultural background.

importance of cultural

In the 20th century, the Egyptian Government and archaeologists alike recognized the importance of cultural respect and integrity in excavations.

The place has a strong or special association with a person, or group of persons, of importance of cultural or natural history of New South Wales's history.

artistic and cultural

His was an artistic and cultural family as his father was a photographer.

Eurasians in Singapore have also made their mark in the artistic and cultural domains.

Its 28-page booklet reflects the artistic and cultural concerns of the team about this recording.

local cultural

Tourism revenue can provide a potent incentive to preserve local cultural distinctives.

In 1983, South Philadelphia-based ODUNDE Inc. was formed to support local cultural activity.

Appropriate and acceptable costume is subject to changes in fashion and local cultural norms.

cultural phenomenon   (文化現象)

During 1915, Chaplin became a cultural phenomenon.

His pop anthem 'American Pie' is a cultural phenomenon".

Food writers regard food as a substance and a cultural phenomenon.

cultural tradition

This region has a very rich cultural tradition.

Unlike other Ijaw tribes, the Bassan do not have a cultural tradition of common origin.

In many countries, imbibing alcoholic drinks in a local bar or pub is a cultural tradition.

cultural icon

Their sports cars are regarded as a British cultural icon.

However, the original advertising has become a cultural icon in France.

The GPZ900R was featured in the movie "Top Gun", becoming a cultural icon.

cultural and artistic

It served as a venue for the royal parties and gatherings of the cultural and artistic elite.

Arts of West Bengal The Indian state of West Bengal has a rich cultural and artistic heritage.

The Festival was conceived to meet different cultural and artistic events of international order.

cultural change

He initially struggled with the cultural change.

This process of enforced cultural change was called "lotu".

Her outfit was changed in "X-2" to reflect the cultural change that occurred between the two games.

cultural resources

The centre works to retain and develop regional cultural resources, including traditional and tribal arts.

A survey for cultural resources within 151 acres of the area found two prehistoric transient camps and a historic cabin complex.

Mercer added cultural planning has to be "the strategic and integral use of cultural resources in urban and community development."

cultural impact   (文化的影響)

The movie had a significant cultural impact among urban Indian youth.

The cultural impact of art was so attractive that comes up in cemeteries.

"The Little Nyonya" has had notable cultural impact in Singaporean media.

cultural backgrounds

They generally had numerous locations and cultural backgrounds, and were often relating to crime and detective work.

With a population of 1,353 girls, the college attracts students from a wide geographical area and from diverse cultural backgrounds.

It is important that the instruments used to screen students are valid, reliable, and sensitive to students from diverse cultural backgrounds.

new cultural

Baseball has also inspired the creation of new cultural forms.

The new cultural centre "Stormen" (the storm) was opened in 2014.

From these unions, a new cultural group was formed, the Mestizo class.

cultural critic

He joined UPROXX as a cultural critic in July 2016.

She is married to cultural critic Stanley Fish.

Phillip Brian Harper Phillip Brian Harper is a literary scholar and cultural critic.

significant cultural   (重要な文化)

The movie had a significant cultural impact among urban Indian youth.

It is Jamaica's "most significant cultural, artistic and scientific organization".

The dwelling is historically significant in the early development of the county, and a significant cultural resource.

cultural movement

Andorra participated in the cultural movement of the Catalan Renaixença.

The black is beautiful cultural movement sought to dispel this notion in the 1960s.

Though removed from the cultural movement, the scientific understanding advanced considerably.

cultural importance

It "must be regarded as an event of cultural importance.

Nedroma became a UNESCO World Heritage in 2002 for its cultural importance.

Khorasan has had a great cultural importance among other regions in Greater Iran.

national cultural   (国民文化)

He served as Parliamentary State Secretary for national cultural heritage from 1 January to 26 May 2002.

During its long history (d. March 18, 1917), Excélsior has given voice to the main characters of the national cultural environment.

Well-known in the national cultural scene, he lived in Caivano and there he spent his last years in solitude and away from the spotlight.

linguistic and cultural   (言語的および文化的)

It also wants to protect the linguistic and cultural diversity within the EU.

Questions of political, linguistic and cultural allegiance and identity are highly complex in Navarre.

In the Basque Country, "Francoist repression was not only political, but also linguistic and cultural".

cultural value

They also maintain the cultural value of a subsistence lifestyle.

Also during antiquity, the aurochs was regarded as an animal of cultural value.

In 1995 the ancient monument was listed as a cultural value of national significance.

cultural sites

Many of the city's cultural sites were celebrated in 2009 when Baku was designated an Islamic Culture Capital.

In addition to environment conservation, they also work to preserve and maintain historical and cultural sites.

They specialize in small group tours which access to major historical and cultural sites without waiting in line.

cultural rights

It was a liberal piece of legislation, and offered extensive language and cultural rights.

Not only did Sahaidachny fight for control, he also fought for the religious and cultural rights of the Ukrainian people.

It also includes condemnation of killings and executions, torture, arbitrary arrest, and deprivation of economic, social, and cultural rights on those grounds.

cultural historian

Hume was an early cultural historian of science.

She is an author, a critic, and an art and cultural historian.

Philip F. Gura Philip F. Gura (born June 14, 1950) is an intellectual and cultural historian.

cultural scene   (文化シーン)

In the 1990s, Baarová re-appeared on the cultural scene of the Czech Republic.

cultural scene.

The area has since been subject to gentrification, and now exhibits a vibrant cultural scene.

cultural changes

The Sican culture is divided into three major periods based on cultural changes as evidenced in archeological artifacts.

These changes occur in the form of policy changes, cultural changes, and improved relationships between the employees and employers.

Recent genetic studies conclude that these cultural changes were introduced to Britain by farmers migrating from the European mainland.

cultural factors

The effects of these commissions were dulled by cultural factors.

gender, genetic predisposition), social and cultural factors (e.g.

Religious, moral, and cultural factors continue to influence abortion laws throughout the world.

cultural monuments

Astara district has ancient historical and cultural monuments.

Today these buildings are cultural monuments under the Bavarian monument protection law.

It was finished in 1643 and is one of the most important cultural monuments of the late Renaissance.

arts and cultural

The West Kowloon Cultural District is the largest arts and cultural project in Hong Kong to date.

"Talk", or "Talk of the Townships", a weekly television, arts and cultural insert, appears every Friday.

It contains a balanced array of entertainment including informative, educational, arts and cultural programmes.

several cultural

The Aberdeen area has several cultural organizations.

There are several cultural institutions in and around the city.

There are also several cultural and touristic interchanges between both nations.

strong cultural

The Alpine region has a strong cultural identity.

Armenians have a very strong cultural connection to the Armenian Apostolic Church.

There exist a strong cultural connection exists between Kayalpattinam, Adirampattinam and Kilakarai.

ethnic and cultural

Its ethnic and cultural diversity comes from the many European and other immigrants attracted to the area by the mines.

Part of the country's leadership emphasized the need for the ethnic and cultural homogeneity of the state in the long term.

Mutual distrust also promote ethnic and cultural and religious differences, where most Dayak people practices Christianity or Kaharingan.

cultural activity

He was engaged in intense cultural activity during this period.

In 1983, South Philadelphia-based ODUNDE Inc. was formed to support local cultural activity.

Read locally promotes most unique bookstores that carry out unique, proprietary and bottom-up cultural activity.