Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

current name   (tên thật)

The current name Elit Vetlanda was adopted in 2007.

In December 2008, the channel got its current name.

The party renamed into its current name in 1998.

current location   (vị trí hiện tại)

The museum moved to its current location in 1971.

The Catalyst moved to its current location in 1973.

The campus was moved to its current location in 1985.

current affairs   (công việc hiện tại)

BBC current affairs show The World Today is broadcast every day.

Crick's hobbies include music, cycling, football and current affairs.

CRHK provides updates on current affairs as well as news and weather reports.

current building   (tòa nhà hiện tại)

The current building was preceded by two temples.

The current building dates from the 15th-century.

The Royal Danish Theatre's current building (No.

current president   (Chủ tịch hiện tại)

The current president of the FAHB is Said Bouamra.

The club's current president is Nguyen Hong Thanh.

Martin R. Bridson is the current president of CMI.

current state   (tình trạng hiện tại)

The current state constitution was written in 1921.

All teachers hold a current state license.

In its current state, the game supports 1-8 players on a server.

current events

News News is information about current events.

Satirizing and educating on current events and politics.

It is the first time Ma has taken current events as the subject.

current form

In 1998 the party changed the name to its current form.

Its current form belongs to Safavid era.

The current form of the square was designed by Turgut Cansever.

current site   (trang web hiện tại)

Middle Fork School moved in 1895 to the current site.

The current site is the third Fort Qu'Appelle.

St John's moved to its current site in 1912.

current and former

"For details of current and former players, see ."

Researchers affiliated with the Center include (current and former):

The feedback for this survey is given by current and former employees.

current head   (người đứng đầu hiện tại)

The current head of the family is their son Urbano.

The current head, since 1952, is Queen Elizabeth II.

The current head golf professional is Brendan Walsh.

electric current

These served for switching the electric current.

No external electric current flows between the terminals.

Every latex condom is tested for holes with an electric current.

current mayor

The current mayor of Carpineto is Matteo Battisti.

Tenby Powell was elected and is the current mayor.

The current mayor of Florence is Dario Nardella.

current version

RFC 5531, published in 2009, is the current version.

The current version is 1.6.4, released in August 2019.

In its current version, it is part of the PSA World Tour.

current research

His current research deals with the Holocaust in the USSR.

Sympatry has been increasingly evidenced in current research.

It includes an introduction to SPS, current research and future prospects.

current owner   (Người chủ hiện tại)

The current owner of the station is Eurozet.

She was the mother of the current owner Vincent Lampkin.

Morritt, an ancestor of the current owner.

current members

The founding and current members of Deolinda are:

Some of the current members of the academic staff are:

The current members are Ted Clarke, Liz Parsons and Jon Tandy.

alternating current

It converts direct current to alternating current or the reverse.

They produce alternating current in the radio frequency (RF) range.

The system chosen was single phase alternating current at 12 kV and 16⅔ Hz.

direct current

An old name for direct current was "galvanic current".

They were designed to operate on 110 volts direct current.

The first cables were direct current impulse transmitters.

current position

His current position is associate professor.

He assumed his current position in 2015.

It was later moved to its current position for health reasons.

current home   (nơi ở hiện tại)

Their current home winning streak stands at 7.

The club later relocated to its current home near Clondalkin.

In 1928 they moved to their current home at the Iveagh Grounds.

current church

The current church was built between 1859 and 1866.

The current church of St. Mauritius was built in 1636.

Established in 1592, the current church dates to 1929.

current principal

The current principal of the school is Lydia Royce.

The current principal of ESA is Gabrielle McLaughlin.

The current principal is Simon Fuller (2018–present).

current director

Stefanie is the current director of a model school.

The current director of the museum is Sue Shave.

The current director of the DDMI is Jan Ruzicka.

then current

He then offered to find a role for Koenig on his then current series ("$#*!

In 1282 the European explorer Marco Polo described the Chinese techniques then current.

Following then current American styling trends, the windscreen pillars sloped backwards.

current situation   (tình hình hiện tại)

He wrote several books on the current situation of Africa.

Kent finally confesses his past and his current situation to her.

They spoke about their experience of the current situation in the UK.

current head coach   (huấn luyện viên trưởng hiện tại)

The current head coach is Ljubiša Tumbaković.

He is the current head coach at Idaho State University.

The current head coach is Sergei Bazarevich.

current structure

The current structure was built in 1929.

The building was replaced with the current structure in 1872.

In 1856, he replaced the gristmill with the current structure.

current manager

He is the current manager of Austrian club Wels.

The club's current manager is Richie Wellens.

He is the current manager of Super League 1 club Lamia.

current route

The current route was designated on October 29, 1998.

RM 2398 was designated on June 12, 1968 along its current route.

FM 2316 was designated on July 28, 1955 along the current route.

current member

He is a current member of the SMP Racing driver programme.

Premachandran is the current member of parliament of Kollam.

current system

It is separate from the rest of the current system.

In 1935 terms were made three years, the current system.

These two units make the motive power on the current system.

current coach   (huấn luyện viên hiện tại)

The current coach of the Varsity Boys Indians is Josh Arey.

He is the current coach of the Adamson Falcons in the UAAP.

The current coach for the 2016-2017 season is Bryan Schoonover.

current through

This table is current through the 2008 Wimbledon.

a heavy copper bar to carry current through the core.

"This table is current through 2013 Wimbledon.

current status

Its current status according to the IUCN is endangered.

The current status of the species is unknown

General Voll's current status and whereabouts are unknown.

current station   (trạm hiện tại)

The current station building dates to November 1979.

The current station building was built in 1907.

The current station opened on August 13, 1991.

current format

The switch to the current format was made in 2002.

It will be the fourth season in its current format.

The current format was introduced on 21 August 2017.

current and future   (hiện tại và tương lai)

Past, current and future projects:

It is designed to explore the current and future landscape of storytelling.

Advances and new developments are shaping and creating current and future trends.

current alignment

Prior to 2002, NC 136's current alignment was known as NC 3.

SR 339 was built between 1960 and 1963 on its current alignment.

SR 352 was built along its current alignment between 1960 and 1963.

current population

Its current population in 2016 stands at 1,201.

As of 1 June 2019, the current population is 398,215.

Amerindians account for 7% of the current population.

current owners

The current owners took over the diner in 2010.

It was acquired by the current owners in January 2008.

Burden later resold it to the current owners.

current title   (tiêu đề hiện tại)

It was renamed again to its current title in 2008.

The name was changed again in 1995 to the current title.

It obtained its current title in 1971.

no current

There are no current plans for a continuation.

The counties have no current administrative relevance.

However, there is no current plan to establish the U10.

all current

Almost all current mussel rafts are located there.

Almost all current CPUs with caches have a split L1 cache.

The graph below shows the participation of all current and most former clubs.

current year

The figures in these tables have been adjusted for inflation to the current year.

In 1998, the first year of the awards, awards were given for that current year's work.

Next, the amounts allocated to prior years after 1986 are excluded from current year taxable income.

current chairman   (chủ tịch hiện tại)

The current chairman as of 2016 is Alassane Ndione.

Oberoi is the current chairman of The Oberoi Group.

Former Kiwi Kevin Tamati is the current chairman.

current day

None of the parameters of current day movie-making prevailed.

The current day club came out of a long string of mergers of predecessor sides.

If so, the patient is asked for name, current location, and current day and time.

adopted its current

The network adopted its current name in 1984.

China adopted its current constitution on 4 December 1982.

The PRC adopted its current constitution on 4 December 1982.

current issues

International co-operation can facilitate debate on current issues.

There was also coverage of news and current issues relevant to children.

The program focuses on the current issues in the Australian Football League.

most current   (nhất hiện nay)

Thus most current GUIs have largely common idioms.

The most current estimate was in 2006.

Here is the most current member list.

current political

He is the current political editor in the newspaper "Dagsavisen".

His witty jokes often pertained to current political or court matters.

The current political situation in Kohalpur is tied to the country's status.

current world

He is the current world record holder.

The defending champions went against the current world number one.

* indicates current world rank no.

list of current

This list of current companies is incomplete.

"For the list of current and former players with Wikipedia article, please see: ."

List of airports in Tasmania This is a list of current registered airports in the Australian state of Tasmania.

current season

The 2020 Malaysia Hockey League is the current season.

This voting process is also used in the current season, Big Brother 2013.

"Teams in bold are competing in the Formula One championship in the current season.

player and current   (người chơi và hiện tại)

Paul Dailly Paul Dailly is a retired Scottish-Canadian soccer player and current coach.

He is the father of former top ranked high school basketball player and current Arizona Wildcat, Nico Mannion.

Ante Vitaić Ante Vitaić (born 7 June 1982) is a former Croatian football player and current coach of NK Omiš.

current account

This is to be contrasted with enormous current account deficits.

As a result, Djibouti's current account balance has been in deficit.

The current account grew from 0.7% of GDP in FY2002 to 3.3% at FY2005.

news and current

There was also coverage of news and current issues relevant to children.

The station broadcasts regional news and current affairs television and radio programmes.

He fought against the BBC’s interpretation of balance in its news and current affairs output.

s current   (hiện tại)

Mizoram’s current power demand is now only 115 MW.

The Club’s current Chairman is John Grant, since 2012.

Ryan’s current workers’ compensation moderation rate is .75.

current school   (trường học hiện tại)

William Bishop is the current school principal.

The current school name was adopted in September 2004.

The current school building was built in 1973.

current use

This oath is in current use in the Polish Armed Forces.

Its current use is as a WeWork space

The current use of the refurbished castle is as a block of luxury one- and two-bedroom apartments.

s current   (Hiện tại)

Mizoram’s current power demand is now only 115 MW.

The Club’s current Chairman is John Grant, since 2012.

Ryan’s current workers’ compensation moderation rate is .75.

given its current

In 2003 the festival was given its current name.

The station was given its current name in 1871.

The company was given its current name in 2017.

current density

This way, vertical information can be extracted from the current density images.

A magnetic field image can be converted to a current density image in about 1 or 2 seconds.

The Scanning SQUID Microscopy (SSM) data are current density images and current peak images.

current campus

The current campus in Gimhae was acquired in 1996.

The current campus was opened in Winona in 1967.

The old Shadowbrook farm is now the current campus of BCD.

current leader

Their current leader is Chief Kenn “Grey Elk” Descombes.

The current leader is Syed Shibli Faraz.

It is also home to current leader of the Opposition Lenox Linton

current government   (chính phủ hiện tại)

The current government is led by Prime Minister Fadil Novalić.

Mai Ahmad Fatty is the interior minister of the current government.

The current government is a coalition of seven parties led by the PDIP and Golkar.

current editor

The current editor of the journal is Harsh Trivedi.

Rudi Maxwell is the current editor of the newspaper.

The current editor, W. Curt Vincent, assumed the position in July 2018.

current law

The current law excludes women from the succession.

The current law defining illegal drugs in Slovakia is Law No.

Appraisal Independence is current law.

current city

He moved the kingdom's capital from Segou-Koro to Ségou-Sikoro, close to the site of the current city.

The current city councillors for the ward are Azra Ali (Labour), Ben Clay (Labour) and Bev Craig (Labour).

The original audience hall built by Charlemagne was torn down and replaced by the current city hall in 1330.

when the current   (khi hiện tại)

It was then called Monte Bajo from 1821 to 1898, when the current name was adopted.

This remained the case until the 1980s, when the current development was constructed.

Two significant trends become clear when the current religious landscape is examined closely.

current record   (kỷ lục hiện tại)

The current record for domino computers is a 5 bit adder.

His current record is 47-17-1 with 30 KO's.

Melbourne holds the current record attendance for Rugby Sevens.

current incarnation   (hóa thân hiện tại)

The third and current incarnation was established in 2014.

and "Live with Kelly and Ryan" (the current incarnation of "Live!

This is widely accepted as the current incarnation of dueling pianos/sing-along.

current terminus   (bến cuối hiện tại)

The line was extended by a further to its current terminus in 1938.

It was further extended to it current terminus between 1973 and 1982.

through downtown Bennettsville to its current terminus at US 15/US 401.

current work   (công việc hiện tại)

Her current work can be seen at her website.

His current work focuses on the correction of auricular fibrillation.

Her current work explores new media such as installation and video art.

near the current   (gần hiện tại)

However, some people found a picture of Our Lady on a tree near the current location of the church.

The Baron of Eschenbach owned a castle and the village, near the current municipality, at that time.

Traces of this period can be seen in the remains of a Roman maritime villa near the current seaside hamlet of Bocca di Magra.

current club

where he then went off to current club Worksop Town F.C..

The current club was founded in 1976 as Shinnik Bobruisk.

Her current club is Yenisey Krasnoyarsk.

current level

However, current level of relations in tourism and education remains as weak.

This incident occurred during the highest tidal current level in the summer of 2017.

From 70,000 to 12,000 years ago, Lake Lisan's level was to higher than its current level.

current bishop

The current bishop is C. Andrew Doyle (born 1966).

The current bishop is Rudolf Voderholzer.

The current bishop is Guy Claude Bagnard, appointed in 1987.

current lineup

include: Other projects of the current lineup of Tarakany!

The group's current lineup is composed of Soohyun, Hoon, and Jun.

Their current lineup consists of nine-time world champion Valentino Rossi and Maverick Viñales.

current national   (quốc gia hiện tại)

The latter is the current national record.

The first is the current national record.

former and current

13 former and current Formula One drivers participated.

It has many former and current BNP, NF and British Ku Klux Klan members.

"For the list of former and current players with Wikipedia article, please see ."

current generation

It asks what the current generation owes to its forebears.

Despite this the current generation of cars can reach speeds in excess of at some circuits.

In 2010, the current generation of AC regenerators was launched and carry the model PerfectWave.

current students

Box often returns to Tintern to speak with current students.

A vast majority of the DJs at WUSC are current students at the university.

Zhuk and Svinin's current students include: Their former students include:

current bridge

The current bridge is the third at this site.

The current bridge was completed in 1955.

The current bridge across the Brule River was built in 1988.

current time

Other clocks show the current time in several time-zones.

The taskbar display the current time as well as the volume level.

At the current time, language shift is occurring all across China.

received its current

In 1947, the station received its current name Mehringdamm.

It received its current name in 2006.

It received its current name in 1963.

current champion

Riho is the current champion in her first reign.

Keith Lee is the current champion in his first reign.

current holder

The current holder of these titles is Conor Myles John O'Brien.

The current holder is Ballynahinch.

The current holder is Virgil van Dijk, who won the award on 28 April 2019.

current champions

The current champions are Sporting, from Lisbon.

The current champions are GDS Cascais, from Cascais.

The current champions are Eddie Kingston and Homicide.

current or former

Two other current or former classmates were wounded.

Other notable alumni include nine current or former U.S.

Notable current or former residents include: Photographs:

current chief   (giám đốc hiện tại)

Mawlānā Tahir Mehmood Ashrafi is its current chief.

Its current chief is Agusto Cardoso (as of 2009).

The current chief of police is Nick Metz.

current size

The refuge's current size is 6,642 acres (27 km).

In the 1960s, the cemetery was expanded to its current size of about 15.4 hectares.

This stipulation permits Russia to increase the current size of the fleet which has fallen below those numbers.

current capacity   (năng lực hiện tại)

The current capacity of the stadium is 4,500 seats.

It has a current capacity of 12,000 spectators.

The current capacity is between 1300 and 1400.

current role   (vai trò hiện tại)

The following year, it activated in its current role as the 490th Strategic Missile Squadron.

Prior to her current role, she served as CARE USA’s Chief Operating Officer beginning in 2017.

On 17 March 2017, she was appointed to her current role as Minister for Transport, Planning and Lands.

current trends   (xu hướng hiện nay)

The Jaimes-era Nancy also relies heavily on current trends and technologies.

At current trends the population will increase to 9,158,000 in about 46 years.

There are current trends in computing that can be seen today that will shape the future of computing.

current affairs programme

In February 1997, Thornton was given her first TV presenting job, on the ITV current affairs programme "Straight Up".

In 2017, Grant joined the ABC as editor of Indigenous Affairs and fill-in host of nightly current affairs programme "7.30."

d'Arby won a Royal Television Society award for her work presenting the current affairs programme "Inside Out" for BBC West.

current headquarters

The current headquarters is Buffalo Grove, Illinois.

Its current headquarters are in Toronto.

The current headquarters are on West Bliss Street in Chicago.

current main   (chính hiện tại)

The current main sponsor is Pearson plc.

The Whitgift Centre is the current main shopping centre in the borough.

The current main entrance, facing north, did not exist in the Middle Ages.

current flows

No external electric current flows between the terminals.

If the current flows in the opposite direction, the variable has a negative value.

The current flows at a rate of about over the Macquarie Ridge south of New Zealand.

current town   (thị trấn hiện tại)

The current town mayor is Marco Lopez.

The Nuraxi Fenu is located about 3 km from the current town near the train station.

The current town was however founded in the 5th-6th centuries AD as Massa di S. Ambrogio.