dam was built   (ダムが建てられました)

The first dam was built in 1946 by Michael Bakes.

The dam was built as part of the Rio Grande Project.

The reservoir's earthen dam was built in 1912.

hydroelectric dam   (水力発電ダム)

It was the sole hydroelectric dam in East Pakistan.

Here it widens and slows behind a small hydroelectric dam in Starks.

The reservoir was created with the completion of a hydroelectric dam in 1912.

gravity dam   (重力ダム)

It is the first concrete gravity dam in Japan.

The earthen gravity dam was completed in 1925 for hydroelectric power and for flood control.

It is an earthen gravity dam with concrete saddle spillway at the border of Purulia and Bankura district.

dam wall   (ダムウォール)

A 131m high and 700m wide dam wall is under construction.

To commemorate the visit, a carved stone has been set into the dam wall of the Yeoman Hey Reservoir.

It was this configuration which allowed a relatively short but high dam wall in the gorge to impound a large quantity of water.

dam was constructed   (ダムが建設されました)

Records show the dam was constructed prior to 1868.

Records show the dam was constructed before 1860.

The dam was constructed by Kalingarayan king.

embankment dam   (堤防ダム)

Prospect Reservoir was the first earthfill embankment dam in Australia and was completed in 1888.

Council Grove Dam is a rolled earth-fill embankment dam that stands above the streambed and long.

The embankment dam, located on the Ichi River, measures tall, wide, and is built with of material.

earthen dam

The reservoir's earthen dam was built in 1912.

The Dam of the Hydel Project is called an earthen dam.

It is an earthen dam that plugs the river flows through.

dam construction

They then kill the boss of the dam construction site.

Ravi finds his father as a worker on a dam construction site.

They telephone a dam construction site and offer themselves as prostitutes.

dam was completed

The dam was completed in 1940 and in 1942 it failed.

Construction on the dam was completed in 1928.

The concrete dam was completed on Crowdy Marsh in 1973.

dam across   (ダムダム)

He constructed a dam across the Vaigai.

He founded the town of Ansonia, and built a dam across the Naugatuck River.

A dam across the Chasha has created a substantial lake, which is now surrounded by specially planted yewtrees.

dam began

In 1984, construction on the dam began.

Construction of the dam began in 1956 and was completed in 1961.

The construction for the dam began in July 1963 and finished on December 1965.

dam site   (ダムサイト)

A catchment area of lies above the dam site.

With the cofferdam in place, an rail line was constructed to move earth and rock to the dam site.

The dam site was handed over to the contractor, Zhon Gan Engineering and Construction, on 30 April 2010.

arch dam

Gibraltar Dam is a constant radius concrete arch dam high and long.

It has a 94m high concrete arch dam; the dam's hydroelectric plant generates 220 Megawatt of power.

Jordan Dam is a concrete arch dam, 125 feet high, built for hydropower generation with a 100 megawatt generating capacity.

dam located

Little Beaver Dam is a historic dam located in the park, near Crow.

The Burqin Shankou Dam is a hydroelectric dam located on the Burqin River at .

Jawa Dam (Pakistan) Jawa Dam is a dam located in Rawalpindi District on Jawa River in Punjab, Pakistan.

dam built

Gajanur is well known for the dam built across the river.

It is the earth dam built to restore water from Kra Siao Stream.

It is formed by a high earth-fill dam built across Bear Creek for irrigation purposes.

below the dam

The Neosho River channel below the dam has a capacity of .

Just below the dam is a second city park, Lake Atalanta Dam Site, constructed in 1987.

The City of Wichita operates a pumping facility below the dam which pipes water to a treatment plant in the city.

dam project

A hydroelectric dam project in the Bala Gorge has been proposed (about the year 1998).

The dam project was assigned to Knight Piésold by the Botswana Department of Water Affairs.

Additionally, the dam project would be directly above the main area of biodiversity in the reserve.

new dam

In 2014 Tempe began construction on a new dam west of the current dam.

It was determined more economical to build a new dam rather than rebuild the old one.

The new dam will also include a low head hydropower plant providing about 40 Megawatts.

dam is located

The dam is located near the village of Mmadinare.

The Dharoi dam is located on the main river.

The dam is located a few kilometers north of the town of Bicaz.

concrete dam

The concrete dam was completed on Crowdy Marsh in 1973.

The concrete dam was in its implementation stage as of 2011.

The concrete dam is 8.2 metres high and was completed in 1995.

earthfill dam

The earthfill dam is 1.5 metres high.

The earthfill dam is 1.82 metres high and was completed in 1931.

The earthfill dam is long and high.

dam and reservoir

The dam and reservoir regulate runoff from an area of .

Both dam and reservoir are owned and operated by the Bureau.

The dam and reservoir control runoff from a drainage basin of .

behind the dam   (ダムの後ろ)

The reservoir behind the dam is called Medina Lake and is a major recreation area.

Upon completion the gates were closed at 10AM and the reservoir behind the dam began to fill.

The reservoir extends 4.5 km (2.8 mi) behind the dam, holding approximately 200 million m³ of water.

dam above

On 14 January 2020, two large avalanches hit the avalanche dam above the village.

The maximum height of Jari dam above the core trench is 274 feet and the length is 6,800 feet.

Sacramento County officials continue to lobby for the construction of a flood-control dry dam above Rancho Murieta at Michigan Bar.