İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

damage caused   (verilen zarar)

The damage caused by crop pests is considerable.

The damage caused forced an immediate return to base.

In 1298 there was further damage caused by an earthquake.

significant damage   (önemli hasar)

They can cause significant damage in cereal fields.

No significant damage was reported in the state.

Due to the attacks, it had sustained significant damage.

severe damage   (ciddi hasar)

In 1995 Hurricane Luis caused severe damage on Barbuda.

Suffered severe damage during the Civil War.

The 1838 earthquake caused severe damage.

extensive damage   (geniş çaplı hasar)

Satellite images show extensive damage to villages.

Dean caused extensive damage in northern Belize.

The castle building suffered extensive damage.

minor damage   (Küçük hasar)

Later refloated, the vessel suffered only minor damage.

The building received only minor damage during the wars.

Keselowski’s Ford suffered minor damage.

brain damage   (beyin hasarı)

Shoham died of severe brain damage on 11 June 2001.

It can be a result of left or right brain damage.

Doctors said Brown had "global and irreversible brain damage".

serious damage   (ciddi hasar)

Counties in Transylvania and Dobruja showed no serious damage.

One bomb caused serious damage to the Victorian glass and steel roof.

The fire was discovered and extinguished before causing serious damage.

heavy damage   (ağır hasar)

The hotel where they stayed suffered heavy damage.

He inflicted heavy damage on the forts and town.

Strong winds resulted in heavy damage in Saint Croix.

property damage   (maddi hasar)

In 1979, the total property damage was estimated at .

These amounts are separate from any property damage claims.

An estimated $12.5 million in property damage was recorded.

major damage   (büyük hasar)

The main churches of Padua all suffered major damage.

No major damage or injuries were reported.

It was strongly felt in San Francisco, causing major damage.

damage during   (sırasında hasar)

The area suffered much damage during World War II.

It again suffered damage during the Second World War.

The building received only minor damage during the wars.

no damage   (Hasar yok)

He said that no damage had been done to the vessel.

There was no damage done to the temple during the war.

The second incident caused no damage to persons or property.

considerable damage   (hatırı sayılır hasar)

There was considerable damage in Palmerston North.

Foxes cause considerable damage to the local wildlife.

The schooner suffered considerable damage and three men drowned.

structural damage   (yapısal hasar)

It caused some structural damage, breaking the front door of the Sheahan's home.

The structural damage was significant, and the central temple suffered the worst.

Landfalling storms of Category 3 intensity can cause significant structural damage.

damage done   (hasar verildi)

as compensation for the damage done by his troops.

There was no damage done to the temple during the war.

The damage done to unionist farms and farmers was frightening.

million in damage   (milyonlarca hasar)

In all, the tornado inflicted $12.1 million in damage.

The aircraft sustained $4 million in damage.

Two deaths and $12 million in damage occurred in New York.

cause damage   (hasara neden olmak)

Tropical cyclones only rarely cause damage in Cambodia.

Can cause damage to roses, raspberries and strawberries.

They are gregarious and can cause damage from minor to severe.

suffered damage   (hasar gördü)

It again suffered damage during the Second World War.

Parts of another 14 wards suffered damage.

Two hundred libraries in Belarus suffered damage during the war.

much damage   (çok hasar)

The area suffered much damage during World War II.

The tsunami caused much damage in Maui as well.

A severe earthquake in 1500 caused much damage.

further damage   (Daha fazla hasar)

In 1298 there was further damage caused by an earthquake.

The squad pursues Haggard to stop him from causing further damage.

Health regenerates over time if the player does not take further damage.

little damage   (küçük hasar)

The next shot hit the walls but did little damage.

On Montserrat, very little damage was reported.

All of the Roman ships were captured, most with little damage.

more damage   (daha fazla hasar)

This invited a second Japanese attack that did even more damage.

His ships next sustained more damage in a storm off the coast of Cuba.

Mobs moved to Peters Street and related neighborhoods to wreak more damage.

causing damage   (hasara sebep olan)

German fire intensified on the 20th, causing damage.

The tornado moved across a citrus grove, causing damage to trees and shrubs.

Subsidence can occur above tunnels, causing damage to infrastructure or cropland.

environmental damage   (çevresel hasar)

Poor mining practices have led to environmental damage.

Agent Orange also caused enormous environmental damage in Vietnam.

As CEO of the , he organised a reduction of the environmental damage mining had caused.

caused damage   (hasara neden oldu)

The tornado caused damage to a warehouse nearby.

These floods caused damage, especially from 2008 to 2012.

On 28 February 1969, an earthquake caused damage to the church nave.

water damage   (su hasarı)

Additionally, a few homes sustained minor water damage.

It closed in 1997 due to a leaking roof, water damage, and a lack of funding.

This depends on the amount of water damage and mold that grows after an incident.

damage occurred   (hasar meydana geldi)

Two deaths and $12 million in damage occurred in New York.

Although potato fields were inundated by water, minimal damage occurred to that crop.

Strong winds in the Florida Keys downed a few trees, but minimal damage occurred otherwise.

damage due   (ödenmesi gereken hasar)

Conversely, it helps protect tissues from damage due to low blood supply.

Further damage due to debris caused the bridge to be closed for an extended period.

Wildlife in the area has suffered significant damage due to the on- and off-shore garbage.

collateral damage   (tali hasar)

This was described by the IWF as unintended "collateral damage".

Soldiers embraced it as a valuable tool, especially to reduce collateral damage.

Close air support takes time to arrive, is expensive to conduct, and risks collateral damage if in urban areas.

due to damage   (hasar nedeniyle)

The Waffle House had power, but remained closed due to damage to its roof.

An accident in 1962 left Sykes unable for carve due to damage to her hand.

It has been closed for years due to damage caused by vandalism and financial problems.

sustained damage   (sürekli hasar)

On 6 September, she sustained damage to her propellers.

This time the boat sustained damage.

Seven hundred trees were blown down and another 1,600 sustained damage.

damage was reported   (hasar bildirildi)

No significant damage was reported in the state.

On Montserrat, very little damage was reported.

No damage was reported in the Lesser Antilles.

flood damage   (sel hasarı)

In Volusia County, 1,236 buildings reported flood damage.

After 2002 the routes became impassable due to flood damage.

It closed in 2017, due to flood damage from Hurricane Harvey.

caused extensive damage   (büyük hasara neden oldu)

Dean caused extensive damage in northern Belize.

The 1980 earthquake caused extensive damage to the building.

The fire caused extensive damage.

nerve damage   (sinir hasarı)

Her left arm has nerve damage from her birth.

Boston suffered lingering nerve damage from the accident.

In fact, her Olympic dream as a wrestler spoilt due to the nerve damage.

damage control   (hasar kontrolü)

"Chandler"s damage control party led the struggle.

This should not be attempted in the damage control setting.

This is referred to by some as damage control ground zero (DC0).

amount of damage   (hasar miktarı)

There were no casualties and only a small amount of damage was reported.

Both techniques greatly decrease the amount of damage that is received from attacks.

If the earthquake had occurred elsewhere, however, it may have caused a larger amount of damage.

damage was done   (hasar yapıldı)

Little damage was done to either side.

Approximately $3,000 worth of damage was done to the bicycles.

Some slight damage was done to one of the plates at the water line.

physical damage   (fiziksel hasar)

Salts promote and cause physical damage.

In such cases, it is Olive Oyl herself who steps in and does physical damage to her.

Inevitably, the zinc coating becomes breached, either by cracking or physical damage.

tissue damage   (doku hasarı)

Its purpose is to stop bleeding and repair tissue damage.

Intravenous administration produces fever and local tissue damage.

and focal neurologic brain tissue damage (hemiparesis, aphasia etc.).

bomb damage   (bomba hasarı)

The removal of all bomb damage was completed in 1940.

The historic centre did not suffer severe bomb damage.

The "bullet holes" may be bomb damage from the Second World War.

repair the damage   (hasarı onar)

Silvestre subsequently had surgery to repair the damage.

It is also able to repair the damage produced by space environment.

The cost to repair the damage done to the "Phipps" was around $5,000.

prevent damage   (hasarı önlemek)

This turns the kiln very slowly, but enough to prevent damage.

Jewelry has to be removed before cremation in order to prevent damage to the crematory.

These rules are meant to prevent damage to buildings from the shock wave a sonic boom produces.

caused significant damage   (önemli hasara neden oldu)

The 2011 Virginia earthquake caused significant damage to the school.

The resulting explosion caused significant damage to "Alma Mater's" throne.

Outside of Lexington County, a few other tornadoes caused significant damage.

widespread damage   (yaygın hasar)

The collapse of Giraldo tower in 1902 caused widespread damage to the cathedral.

Michoacan suffered widespread damage with some buildings also affected in Mexico City.

The earthquake caused widespread damage in south-eastern England and in the Low Countries.

storm damage   (fırtına hasarı)

Then yet more early storm damage curtailed training of the crew.

They also knew infections happened within 48 hours of storm damage.

Reinforcement works were undertaken in the 1980s following storm damage.

fire damage   (yangın hasarı)

Remaining fire damage in the area is minimal.

However, the surviving manuscript shows no fire damage.

It also suffered some fire damage in 1991.

crop damage   (mahsul hasarı)

The rainfall caused heavy crop damage in the region.

Damage is mainly confined to pasture, although crop damage can occur.

On the Japanese mainland, there was light crop damage and one serious injury.

substantial damage   (önemli hasar)

There was no substantial damage to the cruise ship.

The aircraft sustained substantial damage.

He suffers substantial damage to his hands but escapes the crime scene unnoticed.

worth of damage   (değerinde hasar)

About £20 million worth of damage was caused.

Approximately $3,000 worth of damage was done to the bicycles.

The fire caused hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage.

liver damage   (karaciğer hasarı)

Prolonged daily use and may cause kidney or liver damage.

Long-term use by ingestion can result in serious liver damage.

Hepatotoxicity (liver damage) can be caused by many cytotoxic drugs.

damage when   (ne zaman hasar)

In 1977, Mouthcard sustained damage when the Levisa Fork River flooded.

The river divides the valley city of Najran into two parts, causing extensive damage when it floods.

It suffered great damage in the earthquake and further damage when a tsunami struck shortly afterwards.

battle damage   (savaş hasarı)

However, another 34 Japanese aircraft landed safely with battle damage.

During that time, she went through frequent air raids, but suffered no battle damage.

It is likely that much of that equipment suffered battle damage in the war with Eritrea.

damage sustained   (kalıcı hasar)

Even so, the damage sustained needed 13 months of repairs.

The damage sustained was serious enough to cut the patrol short.

Due to the damage sustained, the boat was compelled to abort the patrol.

damage inflicted   (verilen hasar)

Nor was property crime the extent of damage inflicted upon the Native American populations.

The damage inflicted was so serious that scuttled the boat with a torpedo the following day.

She was scuttled following damage inflicted by US carrier-borne aircraft in mid-Atlantic, in May 1943.

great damage   (büyük hasar)

At Mogadishu, João de Sepúlveda "destroyed the city and did them great damage and injury".

The storm resulted in two deaths and caused great damage to the infrastructure on the islands.

The riots caused great damage to local businesses, severely crippling the business district there.

wind damage   (rüzgar hasarı)

In most areas, wind damage was minimal.

In the southern portion of Palm Beach County, flooding and wind damage was also reported.

Galveston suffered primarily wind damage in the form of unroofed structures and broken windows.

without damage   (hasarsız)

"Kempenfelt" survived the battle without damage.

It should be able to negotiate rough terrain without damage.

Only 33 bombers landed without damage.

permanent damage   (kalıcı hasar)

The lightning strikes had caused no serious permanent damage.

All this can be removed without permanent damage to the building.

In 2008, the roof was set on fire, but no permanent damage resulted.

caused severe damage   (ciddi hasara neden oldu)

In 1995 Hurricane Luis caused severe damage on Barbuda.

The 1838 earthquake caused severe damage.

In localized areas, the flooding caused severe damage to roads and houses.

damage was caused   (hasar verildi)

The damage was caused by an alkali–silica reaction.

About £20 million worth of damage was caused.

Nobody was injured, and no irreparable damage was caused.

damage was estimated   (hasar tahmin edildi)

Overall damage was estimated at over $125 million.

In 1979, the total property damage was estimated at .

The damage was estimated at more than one million pesos.

damage to property   (maddi hasar)

The photos show the extent of the erosion and damage to property which occurred.

Gangtok has witnessed annual landslides, resulting in loss of life and damage to property.

There was extensive damage to property and a prisoner was shot by one of the staff but no prison staff were injured.

moderate damage   (orta derecede hasar)

Along the coast, large waves measured up to caused moderate damage.

The earthquake caused moderate damage, and was defined as intensity VI on the Mercalli intensity scale.

Overall, the flooding on the island killed four people and left moderate damage of around $1 million (1952 USD, $  USD).

not damage   (hasar yok)

Another property is that it does not damage paint.

The bomb craters from these tests did not damage the ruts on the trail.

This meant that officials had to ensure the renovation would not damage the site's historic value.

minimal damage   (asgari hasar)

This process shears the flap with minimal damage.

However, the exterior suffered minimal damage.

Haiti's capital received minimal damage.

only minor damage   (sadece küçük hasar)

Later refloated, the vessel suffered only minor damage.

The building received only minor damage during the wars.

When Neville struck the islands only minor damage was reported.

suffered extensive damage   (ağır hasar gördü)

The castle building suffered extensive damage.

Bombarded several times in August, the city suffered extensive damage.

The building suffered extensive damage during a bombing raid on May 8, 1944.

caused considerable damage   (ciddi hasara neden oldu)

In 1954, Hurricane Hazel hit the city and caused considerable damage.

The Japanese invasion during the Second World War caused considerable damage to the rail network.

On their part, the Indians recoiled, splitting into small parties that caused considerable damage to outlying homesteads but abandoned the major attack on Nashville.

suffered severe damage   (ciddi hasar gördü)

The building suffered severe damage from an earthquake in 746.

The island of Dominica suffered severe damage from Hurricane Omar.

Several of the Union ships were hit, but none suffered severe damage.

ligament damage   (bağ hasarı)

During his recovery, he sustained ligament damage to his foot in a reserve match.

As a result of the injury, Wright was ruled out for the rest of the season with cruciate ligament damage.

On 15 September, however, Silvestre was stretchered off with knee ligament damage that would rule him out for the rest of the season.

economic damage   (ekonomik hasar)

It additionally infests stacked timber, where it causes economic damage.

They eat plant leaves, flowers, and fruits and can occasionally cause economic damage.

The economic damage caused by the earthquake was estimated to be around USD 120 million.

most damage   (en çok hasar)

Freeport sustained the most damage, totaling about $150,000.

The rains caused erosion and the most damage on the island of any storm in the season.

The epicentre of the first shock was near Verona, the city which suffered the most damage.

billion in damage   (milyarlarca hasar)

Collectively, Category 3 Atlantic hurricanes caused nearly $100 billion in damage.

The typhoon caused an estimated $1 billion in damage and killed thousands of people.

By 2001, "Time" magazine reported that the "notorious bucking Bronco II" rollover lawsuits had "cost the company approximately $2.4 billion in damage settlements."

criminal damage   (Suç hasarı)

He lured the officers by claiming there had been an incident of criminal damage at his house.

Another 14-year-old, Daniel Leahy, a friend of theirs, was arrested for criminal damage at the same time.

The police arrested 10 people before the protest began on suspicion of conspiracy to cause criminal damage.

roof damage   (çatı hasarı)

The combination of the winds and storm surge flooding damaged 70% of the buildings in the territory, many of which with moderate roof damage.

Two hotels sustained roof damage, downed treed knocked down power lines causing scattered power outages, and the rough seas caused severe beach erosion.

Blackwater, near Emerald in Central Queensland, was hit hard by the third storm, with 20 houses sustaining roof damage and up to 100 more were damaged in some way.

irreparable damage   (Onarılmaz hasar)

My acts have caused irreparable damage to the party.

Nobody was injured, and no irreparable damage was caused.

They have repeated their call for Canada to take immediate action to avoid irreparable damage.

war damage   (savaş hasarı)

The Heusweiler transmitter was destroyed on March 17, 1945 by war damage.

In 1952, contributions for war damage commission was dramatically increased.

Bulgaria suffered little war damage and the Soviet Union demanded no reparations.

massive damage   (büyük hasar)

The bus sustained massive damage, particularly at the front.

For a good reason: An ancillary copyright would mean a massive damage to the German economy.

Every year an average of 12 semi trucks hit the bridge, usually causing massive damage to the trucks.

causing extensive damage   (geniş hasara neden olur)

In 2012 a storm battered the harbor, causing extensive damage.

On his ride, Dorgan strikes another vehicle, causing extensive damage.

A tornado struck the building on April 3, 1974, causing extensive damage to the cupola and roof.

repair damage   (hasarı tamir etmek)

The storm disrupted work to repair damage from Chataan.

One estimate put the repair damage cost at £20 million at the time.

The probes maintain the Borg cybernetic systems and repair damage to the organic parts of a Borg.

other damage   (diğer hasar)

This can lead to subsidence, and other damage to such structures.

"Orleans" lost her mainmast and her foretopmast, and had sustained other damage.

"Lord Cathcart" had lost her foreyard and jib-boom, and had suffered other damage.

less damage   (daha az hasar)

The more DEF you have the less damage you will receive.

The laser is more accurate and typically results in less damage to the surrounding tissue.

Coyote kills can be distinguished from wolf kills by less damage to the underlying tissues in the former.

damage assessment   (hasar tespiti)

A Shahed 129 was also used to provide bomb damage assessment for the 2017 Deir ez-Zor missile strike.

Additional to reconnaissance missions to plot bombing runs, he also flew missions to photograph damage assessment.

Combat assessment/battle damage assessment is mentioned as not a standalone LRSU mission but inherent to all LRSUs.

suffered heavy damage   (ağır hasar gördü)

The hotel where they stayed suffered heavy damage.

However "Strashny" suffered heavy damage by mine on 9 July.

Residential areas suffered heavy damage.

oxidative damage   (oksidatif hasar)

However, this hypochlorous acid may also cause oxidative damage in host tissue.

A typical human cell contains about 150,000 bases that have suffered oxidative damage.

The AhpC protein functions with a 55 kDA flavoprotein to protect the cell from oxidative damage.

avoid damage   (hasarı önlemek)

"Unity" crew managed to avoid damage and pulled alongside "Margaretta".

Under international treaty, it must avoid damage to the surrounding ecosystem.

The vault is situated deep enough that it can avoid damage from nuclear and EMP weapons.

potential damage   (potansiyel hasar)

This would require a range of at least 8,000 yards to escape potential damage from the underwater blast.

Nixon spoke out adroitly to avoid potential damage, but the matter permanently alienated the two candidates.

The vehicle would be protected from potential damage, because the charging station would not close its internal relay.