İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

ice dancing   (buz dansı)

They finished 4th in the Olympic ice dancing event.

There was no compulsory dance segment of the ice dancing competition.

singing and dancing   (şarkı söylemek ve dans etmek)

Everyone would get up and start singing and dancing.

The film ends with the Greek chorus singing and dancing.

The acting style is singing and dancing.

dancing and singing   (dans etmek ve şarkı söylemek)

They create the world together by dancing and singing.

It was just cool to see a female dancing and singing."

In early years of dancing and singing, she discovered musical theatre.

ballroom dancing   (balo salonu dansı)

The fifth grade takes ballroom dancing classes.

The party in the novella consists mostly of nude ballroom dancing.

Their roles were primarily dialogue with intermittent bits of ballroom dancing.

dancing around   (etrafında dans etmek)

The representative dancing around the harbour areas is “Makotaay”.

Shot in Havana, Cuba, it features Soler and a group of people dancing around and having fun.

The video shows Andre and the band playing in an old house during a thunder storm, with people dancing around him.

music and dancing

Young Laima was fond of music and dancing.

Balalaikas are often used for Russian folk music and dancing.

The festival is hosted along the Danube River, with streets filled with music and dancing.

began dancing

He began dancing Argentine folk dance at the age of nine.

Hawk began dancing at the age of five.

She grew up in the suburbs of Sydney and began dancing at the age of two.

tap dancing   (Step dansı)

Harold was known for his tap dancing performances.

He also took up tap dancing.

He began his performance by tap dancing and inviting more performers onto the stadium.

seen dancing

Meanwhile, Dixon is seen dancing alone in studio.

She is also seen dancing with other dancers.

He is also seen dancing at the Morris Day and the Time concert.

folk dancing

In his off hours he enjoyed hiking, camping, and folk dancing.

Tap Dance or American traditional informal freeform solo folk dancing.

In folk dancing, the waltz and the polka are in a different form to standard ballroom dancing.

started dancing

She started dancing, bouncing, moving all kind of ways."

At 6 years old, she started dancing, specializing in ballet, tap, and jazz.

In February 1505 she started dancing lessons with a drummer called Guilliam.