İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

imminent danger   (yakın tehlike)

Sensing imminent danger, the narrator quickly exits the building.

Anointing need not be associated with grave illness or imminent danger of death.

But as the summer draws on, she begins to use the power even though there is no imminent danger.

no danger   (Tehlikeli değil)

Because of its size, this shark poses no danger to humans.

The radioactivity of these isotopes are so weak that they pose no danger to life.

Although mussuranas are rear-fanged and produce a mild venom, these snakes pose no danger to humans.

great danger   (büyük tehlike)

Cargo shifting poses a great danger for bulk carriers.

The existence of Nepal was in great danger.

“Therein lies the great danger.

danger of extinction   (yok olma tehlikesi)

It is centered on the conservation of the red macaw, which is in danger of extinction.

Hadzane is an entirely oral language, but it is not predicted to be in danger of extinction.

However, this species overall is not in danger of extinction, despite this use of pesticides.

real danger   (gerçek tehlike)

It has also created real danger.

There is a very real danger of Jewish citizens emigrating, as has happened elsewhere in Europe unless there is radical change."

Most Arab countries were skeptical about the "Eisenhower doctrine" because they considered "Zionist imperialism" the real danger.

potential danger   (potansiyel tehlike)

This is another potential danger to the sangai habitat.

The wind effects also created potential danger for the cast and crew.

Another potential danger is the UV production of ozone, which can be harmful to one's health.

danger of losing

If the forger had used italics in addition, one might be in danger of losing one's composure."

Critics also argue that the creative city idea has now become a catch-all phrase in danger of losing its meaning.

The Superintendent, criticized by his superior for having bungled the search for Mangan, is in danger of losing his job.

immediate danger   (acil tehlike)

It was not considered to be in immediate danger early in the 20th century.

The last of the messages causes Holmes to fear that the Cubitts are in immediate danger.

Traumatic amputation of a human limb, either partial or total, creates the immediate danger of death from blood loss.

serious danger

Earth is threatened by a serious danger — the galactic virus RZ, causing a "glass disease".

Farmers with low grades were in serious danger of penalties, or even total loss of their farms.

General Harlet brought up the 4th Grenadiers and the Anglo-allied centre was now in serious danger of breaking.

grave danger   (ciddi tehlike)

However, she becomes pregnant and her reign is then in grave danger.

She enters her bedroom and finds Angel waiting to warn her of grave danger.

Yet soon afterwards Anwyn appears and Rhapsody finds herself in grave danger.